No Going Back On Getting AK-47s For Amotekun Security Outfit In Ondo, Governor Akeredolu Replies Buhari Presidency | Sahara Reporters

29/09/2022 8:37:00 AM

No Going Back On Getting AK-47s For Amotekun Security Outfit In Ondo, Governor Akeredolu Replies Buhari Presidency | Sahara Reporters

No Going Back On Getting AK-47s For Amotekun Security Outfit In Ondo, Governor Akeredolu Replies Buhari Presidency | Sahara Reporters

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State on Wednesday replied to the presidency on the use of automatic weapons for regional and state security outfits. The presidency on Tuesday said it had not granted approval for the use of arms and ammunition for any state or regional security outfit. Garba Shehu, Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, stated this in a statement, adding that no state has been authorised to procure automatic weapons for their security outfits.

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With you Amotekun, All the way! Enough of Fulani deceit! Powerful Go ahead is not one man business Very good. Wahala I agree with him. He is the chief security of the state and the state must be protected I love your firmness on the security of your people and your state. They turn blind eyes on mass armaments of the fulanis while going against those who struggle to protect their people. Ride on Governor!!!

My question here is, who and who signed the act in NASS, what are our NASS members doing in the assembly house? we need to play this card as intelligent as we claim to be most educated in the country. Oga, you are creating too much drama on this issue, when masari got AK47-9, it was not on national television If you want to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

If HE Governor Akeredolu is serious about equipping Amotekun with AK-47 riffles, he should support OBIDATTI2023 the team with sure commitment to restructure Nigeria. He have a hundred %right to protect life and property of his state, For me you should go ahead and arms the amatekun of your state No need of telling the presidency

He makes a lot of sense. But he should be circumspect, smart and intentional. He should act within the ambit of the enabling laws. He should not freely give himself up to those seeking his head. Take action, stop being a toothless bulldog I think very soon every one of us will realize all these abokis agenda

May god help this man ,this is the type of governor we need in the east,sorry in east we have governors with menstruation I’m 💯 in support of you Sir, get the gun n protect your people. Don’t mind Buhari, get the gun n let’s see what he’s up to, enough of this nonsense Stop this marginalization, Gov. Akere was the first to ask for the weapons for amortekun and FG denied. And now you have armed your own people with same... Are we not in the same country?

I love that spirit 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 ChikaUdekwe Na man you be! That's the Way to go. ODUDUWA FIRST. The British Grave Yard called Nigeria MUST END this time

DocOmeiza Baba no gree oooh.... protect your state oooh....PMB doesn't care oo My dear Governor, the people that elected you must be protected. They did not give you their mandate to watch over their annihilation . BenHundeyin watin you get to talk for this matter, make I hear from you... 🤔 Great move governor Rotimi 👍👍👍what's good for one is good for all👌

We all most pray for Nigeria, arming a security outfit isn't the final solution. Because the etate government might end up not being to account for every fire weapon in there possesion . What the hell business does the fuckin.... president have wit Yoruba securing dia own land Let's join hands together and vote for someone that will change the situation of this country, we all have suffered enough, please don't vote for who will forget you tomorrow and leave you to suffer for another 8 years,We all need Mr Peter Obi for the betterment of Nigerians.

It’s shocking that with the level of insecurity overwhelming the nation that the presidency is resisting state help. Let’s not allow issues to degenerate further. State police has forced itself on us and if it’s not taken, it may degenerate to individual help. Bravery

Mr Akeredolu is enjoying solidarity. If he is a Northern Governor, he will be tagged as sponsor of terrorist. This is what we called governor not all this efulefu in South East Good What Akeredolu has done for the Yoruba people is more that anything Tinubu has done ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 Yes oooo This dog has already proven that it can BARK, what we aren’t sure about is if it can BITE.

That's the Chief Security Officer of Ondo State speaking. Stand strong and enforce your rights as the CSO who has responsibility to ensure the security of life and properties of Ondo people. Kudos your Excellency. Buhari knows that getting weapon for southern vigilantees will stop fulani jihad mission in Nigeria

Carry on oga governor, and make sure none of the Buhari's zombies are left untouched with the bullet. Send them all to hell. It's time for anyone to take hold of his states security and protect lives and properties at all cost.

This apc abi na scata Go get the AK47 with immediate at once. Go to court and get perpetual injunction against the mada.... kas. RotimiAkeredolu Be very swift about it, you have the fundamental human right for self defence. SoroSokeWerey EnoughlsEnough Yes speaking the mind of ordinary people of South west, why is Nigeria government saying no, the lives of people are not secure because of bandits Bokoharam,why partially give some securities in a state gun licences to operate and refuse ondo state governor do so for his state

fulanis and their terrorist govt want to disarm Nigerians first and then kill them, it won't work Fulani herdsmen have AK-47 Boko Haram terrorists have AK-47 Bandits have AK-47 Kidnappers have AK-47 Ebubeagu has AK-47 So why not Amotekun? Greater Move, I love this and this is becoming even more interesting…

Absolutely Correct We need to be seriously guarded before they turn the South West to another war zone.

Good Omo Oko ni e Baba Aketi....🤏🤏🤏🤏👌👌👌 That is the best way to go. Just control them, nothing AK can't push people to do.. before you will later have a state like bokoHaram which you can't manage.. Vigilantes are known to latter become terrorists or insurgents You’re what the masses need at the moment sir,someone to defend it people from harm

The question should be why is the presidency bothered about ondo state government acquiring ak47 for there security outfits. There is more to this, the great Mazi Nnamdi kanu has never been far from the truth. Nigerians should be observant and encourage other governors to do same Abstract democrats Let the masquerades hiding behind the office of the president to utter nonsense come & give the world good reasons why states should not have police/armed security outfits for the purpose of securing their territories considering current situations & failure of FG & it agencies.

The no noses governor. Every securities that's in the North operating has machine guns, AK47/AK49, rocket launchers, so why are you waiting for Buhari, by what Fulanis are doing in nigeria today, do you suppose to ask Buhari before arm your people to protect your people and their properties. This is where akeredolus problem will start

At this point I believed Garba Shehu know something deep about the people that are causing this insecurity problems. The way he fight any one who want to deal with these people need to be studied RotimiAkeredolu is a man of masses; kudos to him Stand strong Aketi, you are the heart of the south. That's a nice move

I wonder why the remaining south west governor is not emulate the idea of this ondo governor?, are they afraid of their Fulani master?; we'll I do agree that some of them is been handpick by the power at the top A king I stan So far you are not looking for guns to intimidate people during elections, I support you.

Kklazzique Please don’t buy AK 47 for amotekun, it is only Fulani militias & herdsmen that can bear arms. Buhari made it clear from day one that there was no way he would treat a region that gave him 97% the same way he would treat the one that gave 5%. Reject APC & know peace! If Yoruba governors can be sincere to them selves, let them come out openly and tell the world that PMB is not the one in charge of the niggerian affairs, that what holds this contraption called niggeria now are fulani cabals and British government, then thank me later.

Nice one 👏… This is the only APC governor giving me so much joy Tinubu is busy shouting 'emi lokan' at the detriment of his people,what a shame. Thank God the youths are wiser now. They are always quick to defend and protect terrorist and attack anyone who is opposed to terrorism. The governor doesn't even need to say anything; just let your action speak. Katsina did not announce it, we just saw it; that's what Nigeria needs now.

Things happening now should tell u all that Naija is about to experience something extraordinary nd that man in that seat called Buhari is not the real Buhari,all this polTHIEFcians knows what’s happening in this govt nd that’s why none of them is taking orders frm this Buhari Akeredolu This man seems to be a little bit different from the APCs, with the way he talks. But all of una still the same 🤣

My in-law is fearless Supported. The most courageous governor in security issues.

Why not pistols? Odogwu ana akpa nzu na anya In addition to lending his actions and utterances a deeper thought, the Gov.(Akerelodu) is portraying a sign of frustration. Because, to me, he is supposed to by now be busy with the Tinubu campaign. Instead, is here wasting his energy on finding Pres. Buhari's faults. Chaotic.

ayemojubar Is not to get them AK-47s is the problem the problem is how to control and maintain the AK-47s in the society If only your boys (Amotekun) will not misuse the AK-47 weapon. Protect your people sir Oga do the needful and stop listening to those Terrorists called garbage shehu. We will change our minds about tinubu and obi

That’s right! 👍 Akeredolu I like your balls. Keep it hard.

I like the sound of this..... Cook Mr Governor Stop talking too much buy them guns and defend your parents Why do they want to start the war from Ondo? Benue is now hot for them,East as whole is a no go area for them, now they have to come to the softest part of this zoo (West),they will Fail & go back to their home land,we are not one. EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives FreeMaziNnamdiKanu

Same way Buhari told the army not to go after bandits. Buhari govt is for the Bandits and territories Actions governor ride on ..Nigeria.youth dey ur back Protect your state If only my Yoruba brothers will wake up on this... They gave their Fulani herdsmen brothers AK 47, and they are killing you with it. But they are against your won security carrying the same AK 47 to protect you. Who is fooling who here? Make una wake up.

As u approved for Mr A then still approved to Mr B Let the war begin.... herdsmen should not be allowed to wield confiscated weapons... Let's all go back to the days without guns and weapon.

Please do the needful without hesitation.. This man dey talk too much, Surprise that dead man in Aso Rock with heavy, automatic and chemical weapons, deliver them to the indigenous security men in the west, Let the fight begin. How do you fight crime with baton when those coming after you have AK47 and even AK49.. this is a job of life and death and you expect the gatekeepers not to be armed ? What should happen is that the security outfits should be properly trained ...or we follow Peter Obi formula

U have nigerians support That is final All party affiliations must be put aside and every hands must be on deck to ensure Ondo State HoA pass the bill. We can't continue to fold our hands while our citizens are being butchered by some uncircumcised fellows. Pls, enact the bill Aketi So it is now that Akeredolu's eyes have opened, or he's tired of playing Nigerian politics. Useless people in government.

Another security threat These are the thugs tinubu (Mc oluomo boys) over empowered in lagos, he uses to rig election. If you don't stop him, he will take them national, is this what you want your state. Think smart for yourself and your children. Do not vote for bola tinubu and apc. Stand What do they want again .

If we keep ONE NIGERIA SCAM FULANIZATION OF ALL THE NATIONS inthe country is INEVITABLE.Fulanis believe that Nigeria is their INHERITANCE they want to take over all the NATIONS in the country Fulanis want to replicate what they did in AREWANATION across the NATIONS in the country This is not my problem,my own is FREE NNAMDI KANU HE IS INNOCENT STUFFING FOR NOTHING.

Na this kind man fit talk say him fry fight for Yoruba Who is the presidency? My kind of man You know RotimiAkeredolu, you will not have to be begging to defend yourself in a standalone country? You will take back control of your security. Confident is silent insecurities are loud. Have you asked yourself why fulanis are always against any suggestions that would protect the INDIGENOUS citizens in the country. Amotekun they said NO. Ban on open gracing they said NO. THEY HAVE AGENDA

Full support Sir God will bless your father,i don’t even think is necessary for your to reply that cow,because he is not the one writing you, is also a cow from the North that reply you, so don’t give a damn of whatever they want to say,do as he please you to save and secuythe life of Ondo people Ghenghen!!!

Correct man. If you leave yours people at Buhari's government mercy, they're as good as dead. Because the bandits weild weapons more lethal than AK-47 and the government wouldn't want to approve AK-47 for a regional security outfit You guys should continue fooling yourself with ONE NIGERIA SCAM. What else do you want to see in the country for you to know that ONE NIGERIA IS A SCAM. SHARIA LAW in AREWA NATION secular state in YORUBA NATION & IGBO NATION. There's a CULTURAL IDENTITY CLASH we aren't ONE

Chiebuka1JP State policing is very important... due to the persistent increase in insecurity and that is was PO said he would do.. You want to use them for Politics? That’s it I love this man. West should borrow us this man . Where is tinubu? Tinubu brought buhari... ISWAP terrorists is in Ondo state. Amotekun needs AK-47.... Southern Nigeria is not safe.

RotimiAkeredolu God will bless you. gbas gbos, all we need now sis to support PO, so we can set up state security Those of you saying tinubu is not speaking up or lending his voice for the Yoruba people regarding this issue are not serious 😏. How can a man in comma currently receiving treatments abroad lend his voice Abeg shift😩.

This look like a setup.. what's wrong with the Presidency ? Why this double standard? Problem for problem. How do you manage them after handing them AK-47? That’s a very good one. Confirm ....please go on I like your courage sir, Keep it up This is a great man. He sees further than his northern counterparts who couldn't see beyond their pockets until insecurity became the worst nightmare of the northern people.

How can u fight Fulani terrorist,so called bandits , ISWAP and Boko harm terrorist with den gun ? The president is just playing with Nigerians lives. No going back on state police Government should b careful about decision making, this particular action might b catastrophic to d state in future. Akeredolu , it's your duty to protect your ppl . They don't want you to protect your citizens from their killer herdsmen. Their killer herdsmen are solely authorised to carry AK 47 & to kill freely unchallenged.


Have u done thorough checks on them b4 they bear ammunition. There must be control of arms and so your State cannot be in exclusion Southern politicians talk too much and that why north don’t rate them. When Katsina government equipped their vigilante group, nobody heard or read about it in this dramatic manner. So if you want to equip your Amotekun go ahead. Heaven will not fall. No need to air it.

The only leader that think of his people Yes! Do it. It is ethically and morally fitting to do so in 'this nigeria' now. Morning gains☕☕☕, be among the first 200 likes and retweeters drop your handles to gain massively....follow follow each other We are solidily behind you. Get those weapons! So that bandit can attack any how they like, without protection This Buhari has a plan

Oga, please pay AAUA lecturers so we can resume Governor Ortom of Benue State did it without much talk, why not just go ahead and do it without much drama. The back and forth is becoming irritating.

The way those guys harass hausa people in Ondo state is becoming unbecoming. How many hausas have been arrested in Ondo forest on account of kidnapping? Correct man So Alakorin wants to dare brutal Buhari!! Aketi is a lawyer he challenged Obasanjo during his tenure as NBA president then he hasn't forgotten his root more so he is my able governor and God will keep him.

Egbon adugbo🙌🏽🙌🏽 Dear Ondo Indegenes ensure ur governor gets the Ak-47 and train people with sense, who are fit and without drugs in their system to handle the security issues of yoir state. Tinubu no send una. Buhari no send una. If u ve started loving condolence messages n money don't ensure To protect the life of your people, God bless you we are behind you go ahead.

If common herders are using AK47 guns in the name of guarding cows and with no persecution from the government, I see no reason why state security groups should not be allowed to use AK47 guns. A man with the balls Way to go 🚀🚀🚀

I just hope they will know how to use it He will do no such thing. Akeredolu is part of the problem not the solution. He is stringing people along. He does not care and will never care. He is part of the political establishment that introduced terrorism into this geographical expression. This man is always on point

Garba Shehu's defence is very weak & unacceptable. Why're the Katsina vigilante training with AK-47 if they aren't planning to use it? It's obvious we've 2 separate rules in Nigeria - 1 for the North & the other 1 for the South. Governor Akeredolu should go ahead with his plan Brave governor Carry go! Each state in Nigeria is autonomous to its own security apparatus, so the governor have the right to protect his people in whatever capacity he deem it fit!

This is where Tinubu is supposed to be seen the loudest. Fighting for the South and Yoruba race. But never. U only see him shouting emilokan during election time. Very shameless leader. Sir we are with you This ethnic bigots wants to create an ESN in the south west that will be used to take down Yoruba people bcos of oil

Haaaa what a nation

State police is the key to Nigeria security issues. Peter obi is coming with it... all we need to do now is to support Peter obi. I hear you sir, just make sure your slate is clean. Going against the establishment like this may make you a prime target for independent organisations like ICPC Ride on papa

Then every state should get theirs too