000 Youths, Employ 774, Gutters, Nigeria

000 Youths, Employ 774

Nigeria to employ 774,000 youths to clear gutters

4/7/2020 5:01:00 PM

Nigeria to employ 774 , 000 youths to clear gutters

Eniola Akinkuotu, Abujathe President, Maj.Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has approved the temporary employment of 774,000 people who will engage in sweeping of streets, markets and clearing of gutters for a period of three months.The initiative will be funded from the N60bn Covid-19 Intervention Fund and will last from October to December 2020, according to the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed.

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The government of Nigeria had announced on its officialTwitterhandle in February that the initiative, known as the Special Works Programme, would target rural communities.The tweet read in part, “The SPW beneficiaries have been engaged to carry out clearing, cleaning of streets, markets, schools, drains etc and also maintenance of rural feeder roads. No skills or formal education are required for the SPW programme. The target areas are rural communities.

“The eight states in the pilot phase of the National Directorate of Employment-managed SPW programme are as follows: Ebonyi, Borno, Edo, Ekiti, Adamawa, Kwara, Katsina and Jigawa. The SPW is a three-month paid initiative aimed at engaging young unemployed Nigerians in rural areas during the dry (non-farming) season.”

However,Special Assistant to the presidenton Digital and New Media, Tolu Ogunlesi, said onTwitteron Monday that the initiative had been extended to the 36 states of the federation.He tweeted: “President Buhari has now approved that this programme be extended to all 36 states and the FCT from October to December 2020. It will result in the employment of 774, 000 Nigerians (1,000 people per LGA). Funding will come from the new Covid-19 Crisis Intervention Fund.”

Ogunlesi clarified that the fund that would be used in funding the initiative would not be the same as the Coalition Against Covid-19 Fund administered by the private sector.Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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So to say that, these youths are the future of tomorrow clearing gutters to leadership. How many of your own children will be clearing gutters too? Thunder locate you? Okay Na wa o! One of the Conspiracy Theorists claimed in one of his write-ups that 1000 youths will be employed per LGA in Nigeria to see to the administration of the 'special vaccine' that will come from China in the wake of the Covid-19 containment. Is there a correlation here?

Funny leaders! What an irony! 😂😂 As the Minister supervising the NDE that is executing this program, this headline is patently misleading. The program is designed to take care of critical services in terms of public works that are peculiar to different LGAs. It’s not strictly designed to ‘clear gutters’, Keyamo

Since Ogunsola left punch, you guys have become idakuda smh Smh..After doing tbh,MTN,Till candle off...Then becoming a full graduate of Federal Uni of Nig. am expected to join my aboki friend that envyed me because I was opputuned to attend a university I pity those waiting for government to give them work in this country

A bi, na dem papa and mama for dey clear gutters for dem in their local governments? QuotedReplies I pray I see a bastard come to My house to call me!!!! What have you Guys As a Citizen Ever Done To please Your individual Citizen that would make them Want to help out Those 774,000 youths are part of those that throw plastic containers, cans etc in those gutters that the Gov't wants to clear by paying them money in order to avoid erosions and flooding in communities where those youths live. Which if left uncleared, PUNCH will blame d Gov't.

Just because we're no longer in a military regime. Just because we're blessed with democracy. Some set of people decided to become senseless. editors are senseless. Let the employment to clear gutter,starts from our president,lie Mohammed,all Apc ministers,and governor's children. First.. Youth empowerment hmmm.....

How long will the employment Las? I hope it's a civil service job. Pls hurry up. Big youths need work urgently It ok for dem Cus am ok in organisation 33k is too small b4 i can go for govt work,atleast dey must pay payed me upto 80k Poor journalism at its peak .. Nigerian Youth = toilet paper 😆😆 y'all docile AF😂😂🤣

Come and carry me This newspaper is finished, nothing reasonable about PMBuhari comes out from them. Woah this is wonderful, this government has created 774,000 jobs for the youth again. Who is taking up the appointment plz. ?coz as for me ..... However, is it the reporter that is confused to report this way or indeed the gov created gutter cleaning jobs

, let’s be patriotic & fair in our reporting. fkeyamo said it’s a misleading info.Clearing gutter isn’t bad u know.Not stealing God is watching ! They clear gutter without educating the community in hygiene, tidiness and environmental care/awareness. The gutter fills up again in a few months time. In a country where people throw trash on the street, and every where, nobody uses bin!!!

Thank you for exposing them with this beautiful headline, I thought I already got a job but not clearing gutters job OLORIBURUKU ni yin. What a country Then of what use is our military? Just to intimidate nd kill innocent civilians..! What a confused nation. This is the Job creation Apc promised the youth, i hear nothing about the traders money, the citizens need the money now because of the lockdown. They know they were distributing it b4

Punch, the Gutter journalism hub thats 1000 youths from each local government, plans for rigging the 2023 elections underway. I guess they want to go the Tinubu way of rigging You are talking the rubbish... See another COVIDIOTS God will punish Nigerian government on behalf of the youth, why aren’t there children to clean the gutters, I think the youth eyes should open by now

Useless media house Something for local party leaders... Punch you no go kill person🤣🤣🤣 If you don't want to clean, then don't apply it's simple. I'm sure there are a lot of Nigerians who needs d money. joshdegenius how far nah, work de o😂 Please what about the untied streets in main land, had it been street are all tied it will be easy for you to disaffect everywhere

If you complain about this job yet don't have a job but drop account no for giveaway online...You are a lazy Nigerian youth! After spending our time and money in school ....this is what this country have to offer ...damn This Punch ennh, Is public works all about cleaning gutters? What of fixing of local roads, renovation of public buildings and other things, Forget about 'GMB' and think about your credibility nau.

The pay better be higher than the minimum wage. Misleading headline from a partisan and junk newspaper Good idea from the Government, it will reduce unemployment and if they really do their job, it will have positive effects on our health Punch ur usual stupid headline May thunder locate your office Punch Newspapers... Amen.

Watch out how people will rush the job. You might need to pull strings before you get sef. Until MBuhari start putting SOMETHING in 'Ghana must go bag' or envelope for our media houses they will not stop maligning is administration with misleading headlines. Imagine spending time cleaning smelly gutters only for the govt to pay you only half of what was promise or not pay at all

E be things smh Funny, every nation of the earth invest in their youth, for brighter future, can all the ministers, governors allow their children to join them in cleaning, if you support this then bring your first child to Clean. Leadership inefficiency! As the Minister supervising the NDE that is executing this program, this headline is patently misleading. The program is designed to take care of critical services in terms of public works that are peculiar to diff. LGAs. It’s not strictly designed to ‘clear gutters’, - fkeyamo

If it’s above your level don’t apply. Nigerians always grumble over everything If the pay is up to 100k am in ,but if e no reach thunder fire una dere For how much please? Is this true? I usually take your stories with a pinch of salt. 🤨 3. We should do better than just sit and allow Punch to turn reasonable pple to robots by just reading headlines and throwing insults. Why is it that it is only Punch running wt such headlines. I guess dey hv dere cults on SM n Dey are wired to believe watever punch puts out

Even if its clearing of gutters am ok with it as far am paid monthly,,at all at all na witch,,its better i do it and get paid than staying at home for eight years without employing This is classic example of bad journalism Government don't create employment, private sector do. Build out the infrastructure and small business loans with low interest rate, enact business friendly policies and shrink this government. It will unleash productivity and entrepreneurship in us and you see this economy soar.

Maddoo.😂😂 oh.... so this is the job offering they have been proposing.. 'fg to employ 774000 youths after pandemic'. The colour of our problem is not a primary colour its a mixture of many many. After that what will they do Who will pay them? Mastar15922931 Employ ke. This cantry The headline is senseless and the writer is stupid senseless, let's says that the objective of the employment is to clear gutter but do we really need to clear our drainage nation wide?

Stupid and useless newspaper! Why are you guys so useless! Ordinary report what you HEARD na big challenge! Good Lmao 😆😆😆😆😆😆 This can be advertise, but Nigeria Port Authority job cannot, so as recruitment underground for parastatal and organization Una father It does not matter the kind work the want to give them to do, what matters is they must be pick from every part country, not that Large number will come from northern part

If you no employ Nigerians to clear Gutters let them employ Togolese, after the headlines will change. FG SELLS JOBS TO FOREIGNERS fkeyamo sir did you read this post before liking it. It's mocking your govt. Keynes 101. A welcome devt; during times of impending recession, the Govt should employ someones to dig up a hole and someone else to cover it. The logic is that with increase in Govt spending, aggregate national income will increase. Good policy I must say.

🤔 Evidently PUNCH MEDIA OUTFIT is an ANTAGONIST to this govt! They are nothing but WITCH HUNTERS by all standards! Govt intended to employ 774,000 youth from all constituencies in the country! Punch came up to twist it! I ask, who dirty the gutters? Chinese? USELESS PUNCH! When is the kick start date? Brisin (Basic Registry Information System in Nigeria)of which more than 10k youth were shortlisted after payment of 1.5k for registration and exam has been abandoned. Here is another scam by yeye government.

What a sad Narrative! It's a good idea, but trust our politicians, ghost workers will be many Hahaha funny government So before, who should clear gutters apart from the youth? Their parents? They're even lucky someone is ready to pay salaries for that.... a generation of Nigerians cleared gutters for free every last Saturday of the month.

If not because we are lazy as Buhari once said. we go sell this country Las Las Gutters? Or other social services? Bubu see them as lazy youth and what to get them busy.we are the clown of highest order Nothing bad in this once we're going to be paid well Nigerian youth rejecting it now and when the application is open, 3m youth registered in 6hrs. Nigerian youth that applied for police recruitment despite the hate for police. Smh!

7 Now I know the meaning of this employment, because I have been thinking which job they have for us. They've not paid npower volunteers and they want to employ 774,000. They can't maintain it. Sadiya_farouq is the worse minister ever Rubbish Lord, have mercy on Nigeria o Did u just say employment? Lol....... Oh my

HhahahhHh Chale Collect your money first or else nothing go enter Pay them N130,000 a month. Still less than $13 an hour. will they be well paid ? Ghost workers! Another 'security vote' in Nigeria parlance! Why can't FGN pay the ₦60bn electronically as palliatives to all citizens as it's done in other part of the world during this pandemic/lockdown? Seunsanmi Yẹ̀yẹ́!

I hope the 774,000 will include their children and relations? Because when comes to cleaning the gutters they employ Nigeria youth but when it comes to jobs from oil companies they employ their children. They better use their children to do the cleaning. God will punish Buhari and his Generations Did I just read that the money will be taken from covid-19 funds to pay the youths? 😳

Until it is done. It is a word of mouth. LoooooooooooooooooooL Let's see to the amount they gonna give people Lol God why did you send me to Nigeria? Please come and see for yourself biko lol. MBuhari you dey fuck up big time. The see finish no be here o lol so clearing gutter is what you have for the youth of Nigeria MBuhari ? You need medical attention chale

Someone is ready to take them to the cleaner Really Lol. Man__Of_Faith Come pack am for Aso rock Lolzzzzzzzzz. Unserious people.... Someone said they should sell the country and give us our share and I'm inclined to agree Chai 9ja youth don suffer oh Please who knows/has the link? I want to send in my application.

That's the Nigeria of their dream so the youths are only getting Offers to clear gutters.....not getting a real time jobs... To be used like slaves🤦‍♂️ Hahaha, that's z y our president calls us less people With Bsc to clear gutter. Are you ok..,😂😂😂 Nurudeen_Yousuf Sv1iM you people should be ready sha 😂💔

disgeneration Audio Employment as usual Wen i look nija water commot 4 eye. Damburauba shege dam ban za to that person (s) answering Nigeria in this context!!!🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️😠😠😠 This is a welcomed development, we thank God they are off the labour market now and to next level. See I no wan hear pimmm for anybody mouth. It is what it it.

Affliction shall never rise again🙏🏻 No be small thing Ajatz02 Ajatz02 Finally That was redecuLOS😳😳😳😳 Ogun o kee una papa.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 anything goes with this government 😂😂😂😂 youths with different professions to clear gutters? Is this government alright? This toilet paper wants to employ Americans to clear gutters in Nigeria.

Chad President made Nigerians more happy in few days than MBuhari in 5 years. 1000 per local government well done 1000 per local government area. I saw what you did there FG 😭😭😭😤😤 Aiye yin o ni da 🤣🤣🤣 My country, my country.. To employ youths to clear gutters, What a shame!! And this youth will eventually be graduates...

mensahfemi Buhari's son is a youth too abi? Instead make e dey drive bike dey get accident kiri biko add am make e clean gutter too ojere. Most of those gutters needs to be reconstructed. You guys do nothing to maintain infrastructures. It is well, how long shall we live in this place, What's the renumerations

Nothing Musa no go see for gate! Is it on contract or permanent basis? Kileleyi bayi🤦🏽‍♀️ Dirty! melody_queenn Rough place 😂😂 So Ridiculous They wouldn't even recruit 20,000 youth in a year for each armed forces. 774,000 to clear gutters including degree holders. Hahahaahhaahhajajaajhahahaaaa How much Dem go fit Pay?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This caption must come from a mad man A thousand naira to 774thousand people amounts to over 774million. Are 'they' that desperately greedy? Ha! Employment show by force Are we a joke to them? By the time they say they pay 70k or 50k per month even bankers might want to quit their jobs Give it to Buharists.....they are worthy patriots. Idiots.

🤣🤣🤣 Useless government Next level... their kids must participate too For a good pay.... students can even do it as a summer job or something. The gutters won’t clean themselves nor machines here. So it’s us humans that have to So, you mean all the leaders of tomorrow will join LAWMA Who will lead us now

Ogun go kill una generation You don't mean...Their sons work in NNPC so clearing gutter is good for the Citizens If una hear say the pay na 120k per head nko Haba!!! How did we get to this level in Nigeria? Lmaooooo out to Nigeria Youths No more leftovers to eat, they say you should manage gutters Una suffer never reach una bones

KingShyner This should be a charity work for our dear country (Nigeria). Politicians should involve all their children and families to join us clearing gutters. After two weeks of engagement, some people will be forced to understand the difference between Job and Work. Not a bad start at list this is change we voted for.

Hahahahaha 🤣🤣 This govt is the worst ever! How can we apply? No problems....when will I start Biko is urgent Lazy Nigerian youths.. Oya fall out 😂😂😂 Princezo25 Godwinfyoung jobinaldo ___Temilolu The whole local government of Nigeria? Nice things.. What does this says about us as a country... and you guys too had the gut to post this in your news? Will you call this employment opportunity or what This is a shame to us and to the FG.

They are mad for this country sha 10 from each local government , una try. Their daddies Professor: it was part of the plan How much be the salary? Why do I feel like punch wants to be instigating with their headline?🙄 For how much? Don't think it's a community service. Even senators don't sit for FREE Seriously?

So much for a nation plagued with savages as leaders No stay at home? At least with this opportunity, the jobless people on this app will be busy and at the end of the month they afford common sense too. And the prisons are filled with young men for two fighting Chaiii chaiii chaiiii Hahahahaha this headline yaff killed me o

Wonderful country This had better be a joke Painfully painful This is where to employ so called repentant Boko Haram fighters Malam Covik19 President said Nigerian youths are lazy. So I am not surprised the govt is deploying them to clear gutters You are mad Laslas if the pay is reasonable enough many here will go for it

Make it hourly Job Anyone who can do this type of work I admire, as this is not work for the faint hearted. Thank you for offering to do so thisisNigeria Whatttttttttttttttttttttt Na the people we go clear the gutters be this?😂😂 But Buhari's daughter is a youth like wise atiku and all other let them first take the Job then the idiot youth like them will take it after them. The craziest country i ever see in my life. Infact the heavenly thunder needs to strick them all to death anywhere they are.

The covid-19 intervention fund is not to be used to clear gutters. Wow... Nigerian Government creates 774,000 jobs in one sweep... While US is losing jobs amid COVID19 crisis, Nigerian Government is busy creating jobs😂😂😂😂 SO NIGERIAN YOUTHS VOTE FOR APC TO CLEAN GUTTERS...SO CLEARING OF GUTTERS ARE CREATING JOBS THIS GOVERNMENT PROMISE THE YOUTHS...🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😳😳😳😳

Give us better jobs As waste managers... How can one apply? Audio recruit The kind thunder wey go strike our leaders still dey do meeting with Spain and Italy corona victim. Gutters kill them all If you can pay 100,000 per month, work na work... Chia is this a joke? LMFAO! 60bn to employ 774,000 Nigeria youths for THREE MONTHS?! 😥😥😥😢😢 3 months pere to clear gutter?! Please, you guys should have mercy on us and our unborn generation naah. This money will build big companies that will require the services of graduates.😉

Na really big scam How many Local Govt's do we have? Do you mean I person ,1 local govt? Hope they will be well paid? Atall Atall nahim bad pass I hope that includes recycling of non-biodegradable wastes. It's too important. 90% should go to North as usual..... No disappoint Nigerians please..... Na their family members them go employ for that. Ndi uchu! Their family works! With nnpc and co while others should clear gutters! Ndi uchu!!!

As they will clear the gutters, they will also clear all politicians.... Useless people....... As long as they will pay them good money and give them good health insurance cover. Huh? 😄 That's the empowerment from Buhari and APC!!! Can Buhari and Tinubu employ their children to clear gutters! Nigerian youth don don chop shit!!

I don apply o, una don apply Maro2Longe EzaKome Oloriburuku lawon leaders wa se😅😄🙄🤣🤣😂 they must employ their children too dem be part of us shaayb Well, me go work See the kind of job this zoo want to create for youth. O my God who did this to us. Oil work for there children then cleaning the gutter for the youth

Na thunder go fire them wey team together to say that thing. Una welldone punch !!! What a country!!! Pathetic! Gutter extricators!😃 OK, just make sure you pay and don't owe them. For those that'd be willing to register. And so what..... Tissue news paper 1000 for each local govt. Stupid government with stupid idea

This government is so funny. What happened to N-power employees which you stopped paying their monthly allowance? One of your ministers even said that she doesn't understand what N-power is. The gutters they will clear are they federal, state or local government gutters? Biko what we will be doing. 🤣 Someone should tell me this is a joke

What an Insult! you people are a disgrace to journalism. Your reporting remains unethical and unprofessional. 😂😂😂😂 Wow!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 am tired of this country 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣 kaii With so many years some of them spent in school Worst nation It not the government fault they voted Them in. Aye iyayin mabajeni Your children will suffer it for life

Is the salary or allowance thick? If yes, Tell BashirAhmaad to dm let's discuss other conditions 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 na this one off me pass 😂😂😂...choi! Scam, scammer, scammest! Lol And this is supposed to be a good news The people that voted this APC government deserves them Most of dem hv employed demselves already.....in evry community nw....boys are collectin frm motorists

Uneducated youth's? 😄 Youth don suffer for una hand o chai!!!!! Can you give this kind of employment to your children? This job is not for tweeter people Punch are becoming more useless by the day. Junk journalism at it's 'best', useless toilet paper There children should be the first on the list. Wicked pple

The first concern is if the process of selection will be fair to all concerned. They should simply say they have shared the covid-19 intervention money amongst themselves and stop making fool of themselves like this😒😒😒😒 We are in trouble o with this present government... First Nigeria youths are lazy.... Now this....

All this one is for media. What happened to prisoners on life and Hard labour. You guys can't make heaven. Punch should rather employ the youths. Uhmmmm.... For how much first I want to check something. 🤔🤔🤔 🤣🤣pls manage that token I regret been a Nigerian honestly am ashamed of this country God please help us the Nigerian youth to make it in life.

Hahahahaha... This country Their Papa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What’s bad about clearing gutters to start with. If the uproar is about the political intrigues, perhaps that would make sense to me. Besides people do more menial jobs than that while many others look for give aways. It’s not as if it’s for graduates though

Make their own children go clear am If they can share 20k to 2.3million households in 48hr, there is no need for all these youths because it will take them 4hrs to distribute 150 trucks of rice. Isn't this government wonderful and hardworking ? Oyinbo citizens and Nigerians in abroad are looking for gutters to clear. Y'all wanna kill this country with wailing

I yoot per LGA. AjadiHumar gdayabass you two were saying you needed money, here's the opportunity.😁🏃🏃 The buffons at mobile punch knows that most of our youths are too lazy to open and read news content except is related to entertainment or show biz. The 774,000 will be employ frm 774 local govts across the 36 states to be absorbed into ministry of Works/Housing and Environment.

theModurotoluwa you were saying? 😂😂😂 Na their children go clear gutters I don't think it's a bad idea as long as you're not forced. This country has been dirty for decades and it's caused by Nigerians. If the wage is worth it, I'm sure some youths won't mind especially during this period. Who bewitched us?

How much dem go pay TobyfromJupiter sleek_Olusam Work done de for una o I guess A BSC holder with 20 years experience as normal? 😏😏 I no follow Senseless Nation !! With senseless Government . Another Job Creation by Visionless Government of APC !!! Abi thunder wan fire una ni headlines lately You mean gutters

Each local govt will have 1000 workers. Shey una dey see dis people Uhokirihuo They should give this job to all the Buharist and there WhatsApp group members Is alright 😂😂 God please come to and rescue youths in this country... thunder fire the person whe pass the bill Issa lie Just inn things getting worst for youth every bless day

The guy on the far left be looking like, he's smellng the gutter already. Lol Na Aboki work be that nah Just look at the way this unfortunate news firm presented this News. I swear we are our own problem in this nation. If have not been following this update, I would have just believed. BashirAhmaad how true is this sir

Well nothing spoil 1000 youths per local government..... Work don start Foreigners come to do our roads, build airports. They take all the resources and leave. Our gvt can create partnerships to train Nigerians to do these jobs. Set requirement for minimum skillset to enter the job stream. The future is not too far.

😂 checkmatecastle What of septic evacuators?🤣😀😅😭😭😭 Confused Govt, you stopped all employment due to Covid-19 and it's economic implications, now to employ thousands, yet there is lockdown. Lmaoo dis type of job won't go to some certain ppl so vacancy ma yapa.... Tiyin ma baje nih Their father ! Their sons and daughters do that once ?

Cleaning vehicles will do the job better and at less cost. The youths can take learnings to build home made vehicles. engageOurYouthsInBetterPursuits Is it the old women and men that will do the job. Are u not feeling for those old women sweeping the roads. Dear Buhari, lead by example by employing ur children first

Ghost workers, politicians money, diversion loading....25% remaining. In REMA'S voice, Another scam! 😂😂😂 Even some Nigerians will lobby to get the job Imagine Ragsheet! They should start by first clearing you, the worst gutter to ever come into journalism. To do what? Really🤔🤔 Thank God ooo Lmao 😂😂😂😂

All those BMC bot and buharideen.... it is better to be clearing the gutter and get paid for work done than getting stipends to spread propaganda and be foolish in life. There's dignity in labour here. 👇 Gut.......ters? Who do us this thing? How much b d salary? And you sure say our govt dey serious . What's wrong if govt can embark on resuscitation the half dead industries across Nigeria to build our GDP rather than claiming of giving huge amount to 774k youths and they will tel d world dt dy provided job

work from home, sing up bonus President son Yusuf buhari must be among the people that will clean the gutter and all politician son and daughter should follow too. Nigeria Youth Empowerment Service NYES 😂😂Nigeria is cursed indeed God punish them all🗡🗡 Gutters that are in front of people's houses. Why no just mandate house occupants to clean their gutters

Dont mislead us punch just say :FGovt to employ 774,000 youths to clear gutters 😆😆 Useless leaders...They'll remember poor youths for jobs like these..But for CBN, NNPC and top positions, only their relatives..Awon Olofo! Let them employed their son and daughter chai who we offend for this country? This headline is second to nothing. 😂 , media will do us a lot of damage in this country , pls read before u comment

The fact that they are employing over 700k youth to clear gutter is good but the pay can never be good maybe 30k with all the sufferness and stress I was waiting for this,to be sincerely I’m not surprise. This how the money is going to go that the purpose the donors donated the money. Nigeria is a joke but I strongly know that one day all this people will pay for all this.

That is best fit for prisoners, as their community service. And the government should ensure tight monitoring on them during the course. The federal government is busy recruiting, engaging more individuals were the previous sets have not been paid their stipends for three months. Ncreative under the NSIP has not been paid their stipends for three months please punch newspaper help us we are suffering.

hope Buhari's children would be among those youth to do this community work ? The buharist from the SW & their family member should start applying At least Lagos go benefit Seriously? OladejoIsraelA Kilzy_kings07 GodwinEbito see work ooo FG wan employ us Let all the chairman, governor and cancellor to do the job

Ahhhh lol wow!!! Finally they found one, the funniest thing is you will absolutely find some set of pot belly men embezzling the money to be paid for those one who eventually turned in to the offer wickedpeople This should be around 25k per month The article says FG to provide temporary jobs for rural unskilled young people when farm work is no longer available. If you are unskilled and unemployed and you are paid to create value, is this a bad thing?

Eion7 I000/LGA The SPW beneficiaries have been engaged in 8 states to carry out clearing, cleaning of streets, markets, schools, drains etc. It will be extended to all states. 'Funding will come from the new N60b Covid-19 Crisis Intervention Fund.” There goes the intervention funds🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ What the heck’s been wrong with Punch lately? What’s it with this sensationalism?

They should engage the Northerners who are specialist Another looting move ... Please let we youth forget this ooo na scam What a headline! Punch is saying it as it is. If they can pay 100k monthly, then no wahala 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We can't stop disgracing our self.. Like Npower are cleaning in schools, hospitals, Ministries, agriculture extensions services etc. would soon apologize. It's normal

And I was even planning to call my local govt chairman to epp me with a slot, mcheww. Nesheshepeters dera_andra Aminaa07 thekelsxn yvonnedinduu wf_kinglee Finally, Something to cure boredom And so what? Is it now or after the lockdown? Laugh wan kill me finish. Incompetent govt Nice one Lol. dammygrace1 🤣🤣🤣

Punch😹😹😹 I hv nothing else to say on this matter 😒😒...Nigeria is alrdy in a state of discombabulation. Clowns. Whereas in Ghana the military are taking care of that . Good I don't get what the wailing is all about, are we expecting aliens to clean the gutters we littered for us? It's by choice, government won't force you to apply for it. No need to cry if u think it's a bad idea, don't apply for it.

The same lazy youth. 😂 😂 😂 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ 😲From working in farms to cleaning gutters. What next for this Lazy youths? This a disgrace... And our govt still has the guts to announce it. shamelessgovernment We have 774 local governments in Nigeria; are you thinking what I'm thinking? 😶😶 But if Nigerians are asked to come and clean gutters in abroad it's fine?

jidesanwoolu TheNationNews MBuhari IF ONLY ONE OF YOUR CHILD will join in clearing the GUTTERS Nigerian Youths job done full ground 🤣🤣🤣 To clear gutter? Tissle papers must report rubbish 😂🤣😂🤣 Nigeria is a joke... When the rains are already here. To clear gutters? So Nigerians Youths belong to dirty places? So we are so low...wow I can't believe this

This govt nor rate us at all 🤣🤣🤣🤣see country Is it graduate work, I tire oo, or is it only to months work. Money thats meant to build one standard hospital, you guys want to tiff it again. I give up on Nigeria In as much as its a job some ppl will apply and some ppl will miss out and later find a way to cast those that applied. If u like apply n enjoy free money if like dont apply one thing i know will not feed u and they dont do give away.😂

🤔🤔 Many are called, few are chosen 😂😂😂 My beloved country at it again. This is not a permanent job biko, after clearing the gutters wetin go happen? Jokers republic this Government lack sense of humour ooo... chai i pity this nation, there's no assurance of better future for dear youth brothers n sisters. this old fools does not have good intentions for us. can you imagine creatin job for us only to come and wash/clean gutter.

Another source of COVID! Run Run Shebi them be lazy Nigerian youth 😂 I know One day This Government Tenure Will Be Over.... Get Your Children On The List To Do The Same Nonsense 😂🤣😂 That’s word of wisdom The masses will surely get the job, this time they won't sneak their children to this one... If they can pay awesomely, it's gonna go along way

What’s the pay and how many hours? They should start this recruitment from the politicians children, the once that has recommended letters from senators. They are the once that get all the geniue job around, they should get this one too. As for me, I love to respect my government sit at home order. Good salary will attract a lot of youth

lawie__las ibrah33mbala daddyzaks arabs_quraish That guy doesn’t mind though. Eleribu nii eni so bee ati eni post eee What is a laudable achievement from a government that promised to lift 10M Nigerians out of poverty. Our Youths cleaning gutters, I don't get please help me here. BashirAhmaad AyanfeOfGod olushola_shola chosensomto OfficialPDPNig AishaYesufu

Iam_Abiola_ Who should they employ instead? New dramas unfold itself in this country every day Kwantry po sale!! I’m only wondering why is it the same as our number of LGAs. We have gutter cleaning reps now? Are we submitting CVs too? Apparently 1000 youths per 774 LGAs in Nigeria. 3 months temp employment. Motive?

Jesu..... is that all that they can offer the youth ? Lol employ indeed if dey we be pay as federal government workers no wahala I pity you if you just find out this country is a joke bcoz it as always been 😂 Scam! Lie. Deceit. From the pit of hell.. Is this a joke? Ours governors Senate's family will supervise including president daughter😂😂😂

Hopefully everyone will care to read the whole article. as much as you want people in curiosity to read your article, please help project good headlines. You can pass your message without some iota of bitterness or insinuating what is not. Work is work 😁😁😁😂😂 There should be some other ways the APC govt can create jobs other than this 'OYES' thing. It may require indept thinkering, but its achievable. Stop sharing money or asking graduates to clean gutters. Do something new! Think, re-think or ask for help.

iamJubaz 😢😢🤦🤦 dis government is clueless, hw on earth will u use money meant 4 covid19 intervention 2 employ youth who will clean qutters? Wat is d work of those health workers who supervise sanitation? Bring them up let them enforce sanitation nation wide then use d money to develop hospital. Lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Audio Recruitment... Audio work . Employment at dis trial/lockdown time? Why can't you empower Nigerians financially BVN with same wisdom you guys use to text Nigerians via NCDC. Rubbish!!! 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒 Why not expand and fund the already existing waste organizations to the the job efficiently.

Is FG whining us or what. Because I don't seem to understand 🙄🤔🤔 If pastor ? See una opinion 🙄🙄🙄 Is it a permanent employment or contract employment? What is the salary structure? Lolxx😂😂torr!!! This tissue paper and it’s stupid hatred The job should be given to Buharists. Why this mischievous headline . This is unprofessional. jimidisu FMICNigeria toluogunlesi BashirAhmaad should clarify

What category of the people to be employed I hope they are not our graduated sons and daughters . DeleMomodu jidesanwoolu how can I participate, help us with details. Eni Ku re One hundred youth per local govt abi Which way na what's the meaning of this? Is that's what Mr president MBuhari mean by creating jobs for the youths?

They want to fund this from Covid-19 intervention fund? This is really crazy. To clear gutters ken,are u whinning us when we haven't seen the bag of rice n all the food stuff they promised the youths should now clear gutters,Y'all must be joking What a job! Joke ni joh Lol, isn't it time? We are lazy ooo! Do we even have the gutters to be cleaned?

Probably tag them environmental workers. Anyway job is job as long as it puts food on people's table. Hope the pay will be attractive enough Lol Nigerian Government get mind die aswear Chei !! Nigeria... nothing wey u no go hear oo... make them put their children na... What a country Like seriously I hope they get them all fully kitted with appropriate the PPE so we don't start another pandemic. Regards

Which kind of embarrassing news is this........ We play too much in this country😂😂😂😂😂😂 Will their (Polithieficians) son be also employed to wash the gutter? Lol I think Nigeria is one of the most unserious govts in the world. What a joke Agbako federal govt. 😂. Hello 774,000 Nigerians hon_ags biggy_orobo iAm_MEdAL Atis_TM

I haven't read the details yet but just to clear some minds based on the HEADING here... We have youths here in the US who clears gutters and get paid handsomely. If you're gonna start cussing on 'Nigeria' according to , then your first question should be the wage... What kind of savagery is this? 😂 That's 100 youths in each LG

Going rate is gonna be a mess 😂 JEEEEEESSSSSSUUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!! Very good 😂😂 How many billions was allocated to it? Really 😂 Hahaha For only 2 months Nigeria my country u beautify ur name with this? Omg Lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣 Tab lalle kullin abin gababa yake Kara yi ba Cigaba So nah youth go dey clear gutter... Hmmm

Audio employment Where is d link Lol Una done see the employment 😂 😭 😂😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😂 In which location How much is our share This govt is a joke President Buhari's daughters must be among applicants of gutter ckearers. How much are they paying The caption tho😂😂😂

COVID-19: Buhari approves recruitment of 774, 000 Nigerians – Daily TrustThe Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, says President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the engagement of 774, 000 Nigeria ns on Special Public Works programme in the country to cushion the effect of COVID-19 pandemic. Ahmed disclosed this at a press conference on fiscal stimulus measures in response to COVID-19 pandemic and oil … Long live the president Mr president make u dey fair God Ohhh😂😂😂 Into ...

COVID-19: President Buhari approves engagement of 774, 000 Nigerians | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News“This will help to finance the Federal Government’s Interventions to support states in improving healthcare facilities, finance the creation of a Special Public Works programme and Fund any additional interventions that may be approved by Mr. President.” 👹👹👹👺🤕 our president when to get head to think This Nigerians they always call, where are they.. Do we have Nigerians in the sky.? Is now that you know that the health care need facilities because there is no more going to abroad for treatment right?

Covid-19: Buhari approves recruitment of 774,000 Nigerians - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari on Monday approved the engagement of 774, 000 Nigeria ns on a Special Public Works programme in the country to help reduce the That means One from each Local Government of the federation. For what kind job? Put it right, MBuhari approves the recruitment of 774,000 Northern Nigerians. Why cant they utilize the Npower benefitiaries who have so far been underutilized !!!

Fed Govt to hire 774,000 Nigerians - The Nation NigeriaNo fewer than 774,000 Nigeria ns are to be engaged by the Federal Government as Special Public Works Programme officials as part of its measure to cushion the effects of COVID-19 pandemic . Is it engagement or employment? Good effort from the FGN. I Volunteer. How do we get the job!

COVID-19: Buhari approves engagement of 774,000 NigeriansMrs Zainab Ahmed, Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, says President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the engagement of 774,000... So what next Good one. President has approves it but they will engage only the northerners,just like intervention funds that are being shared in north. Nigeria 🇳🇬 is not a country!!! No government exist there

NEITI: Oil Sector Employed 0.03% of Nigeria’s Workers in 2018 - THISDAYLIVEChineme Okafor in Abuja The Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) has disclosed that the percentage of Nigeria ’s 69.54 million labour force working in the country’s oil industry as at 2018 was 0.03 per cent. NEITI stated this in its 2018 audit report of activities in the sector released recently. It explained that only 19,820 …