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2023 Elections, Nigeria

12/4/2021 6:22:00 AM

Nigeria may split before 2023 electionsOnaiyekan - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

4 December 2021As preparations for the next general elections gathers momentum, a former Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, has raised fears that Nigeria may split before 2023 because of the sad realities in the country, including security challenges.

He said Nigerian leaders would always want to remain in office even after their tenure because of “greed, wickedness and stupidity”.The cleric stated that one of the obstacles that had been threatening democracy in Nigeria was that incumbent governments did not want free and fair election.

Onaiyekan stated these in an interview withSaturday PUNCHin Abuja.He said, “There is no reason why the spate of insecurity should continue like this till 2023. There is no reason why we should not be able to finally settle this problem before the year 2022 is over.

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“If it is not over, it means we have failed as a nation and the question will no longer be whether we can have election or not, but whether it makes sense even having an election because we don’t have a country; the matter is serious.

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That's our prayer so that thing will change for better, there's no future here A zoological republic for 61 years they still talking about unity,to tell u the contraption will fall,imagine after 6 years after independent the ZOO started a war against themselves it's shows they're not meant to be one Separation is the only solution to Nigeria's problems.

Our prayer point. Amen!! Why are people so afraid of splitting? Why don’t they see that this will serve the best interest of people? Like we’re so different from each other the north is totally different from the south east and south west, it’s even surprising that we’ve been trying to force the unity.

Let the separation come even now, before 2023. Better…malumalu can go their way to Niger Thank God you use'May' not Will nor must..... AkonPrince4 Sometimes I wonder why people are afraid of splitting 🤷‍♂️ I pray it does before 2022

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Iseeeeee Hmmmm They’ve started again! 2023 is very far. Amen That has always been our prayers Good news praise God for this brave message coming in this festive time. God's Good They will keep trying to split it cause Nigerian masses are getting stronger and wiser. Nigerians must not fall for the so called IPOB,Oduduwa and other sets alike cause its same set of people. Thats how they deceived us with democracy. Democracy my$$

Gone are the days when this projection/prediction/saying comes with lot of tension, fright and uncertainty...but now eeehn can it just happen already cos we are just forcing this our co-existence. The sooner it happens the better! ✌🏽 Let the will of God happen For me Nigeria should divide because the country was assembled fraudulently and it's has been a problem to the world

That’s a guess sir! Drop prophetic words not you guessing or a yes or no thing. Don’t guess! Let the Holy Spirit minister through you not you cutting corners for the Holy Spirit.

Moral imperatives of power shift to South in 2023 - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria If the Southerners take the position of presidency we will hold power for 18 years and we will deal with Fulani. The Nigeria nation needs southern presidency to cause unity and solidarity in d nation where opportunistic ethnic extremist are pushing different disunity narrative and ethnic bigotry to disunite the nation

Paul2586048833 So help us God for it to happenfaster than anticipated. Iseeeeeeeee Iseeeeeeeee Iseeeeeeeee Iseeeeeeeee Iseeeeeeeee Iseeeeeeeee Iseeeeeeeee Iseeeeeeeee Iseeeeeeeee. 2023 is two far. What Buhari have done makes the continuation of One Nigeria absolutely impossible Nigeria is dead and must split

How come every one is now talking about split all over again,, even Osinbanjo the vice president? extension001 Nigeria must break up some day. Whether before or after 2023, the truth is that Nigeria must break some day. It's a known fact, even the one who claim to love Nigeria are the ones that will break with their wickedness and hatred against their fellow citizens. Injustice everywhere

Amen to that!!! extension001 Let it be so because that will be the best experience for the citizens. The best thing that will happen to the ordinary citizens will be the complete disintegration of Nigeria I pray so oh. Nigeria is suff€ring zone. If That is what they're praying for, it will certainly start from their homes

Amen Now you know!? There is nothing bad about everyone going back to their mam house no matter how shabby it is; No place like home.. Time is up..

Atiku has accepted to run for 2023 presidency – N/East groupThe group said Atiku, the presidential candidate of the PDP in the 2019 general election is the best man to win the 2023 poll in view of his wealth of experience in politics, governance and business. Which group Abeg make dem go park dia face for 1 corner Again? Mstwww. Can’t you rest for once! You are too old for the kind of President Nigerians want for now. Keep distributing the money, they will always tell you what you want.

Ask your gods again: but never ascribe it to the living God AMEN Amen Our Christian leaders though... Fake Prophet This is not God will These ppl re running out of lies We've heard this silly statements b4 & it's disappointing that some clergymen who should have seasoned words are the ones joining bitter hypocrites to say what's not. What a shame!

It must split 😠 Awon fake prophet oshi. This religious leaders are the major problem of Nigeria. Wicked scammers

Fuel Subsidy Removal: A Tricky Policy Response to Win 2023 By Dr Nasir Aminu | Sahara ReportersThese challenges show that the government can't efficiently dole out N5,000 to those who need it, and I don't doubt they already know that. The policy is cleverly designed to trick Nigeria ns to vote for the government's continuity in 2023 while the money goes elsewhere. It is that mythical promise that never gets delivered, and we have all been there before. We sef know but we are waiting for them to come

Then that will be so good for all, since na like that the ruling class is currently pushing it to be We've heard this nonsense before, come up with something else. Since 2015, Nigeria is always splitting every election cycle. These ones are another major part our problems in this country Hhmmn if it is the WILL of God; and I believe it is HIS WILL. 🙏

Good 👍 Another fake coming in... Our prayers everyday. We've heard more before, though he said 'May' however, 'May or Not' it won't happen. NEVER One nigeria agreement is over, Biafra or nothing let's watch the full movie to the end😎

Ex-minister tasks PDP, APC on ceding 2023 presidential ticketElder statesman and former Aviation Minister in the First Republic, Mbazurike Amaechi, yesterday, said the only way an Igbo man This is the political modus operandi EVERY young person that has been denied a great nation should adopt going forward. Party Manchester United Auba Tierney Burna Omicron Martinelli DJ Tunez Tavares Odegaard Justiceforsylvester Arteta Dowen Tems Evra Ambode Ronaldo Selense What’s Rotimi Ameachi’s photo doing here

With the way APC is playing politics and with Buhari's nepotistic and despotic leadership, it's very possible. A leader whose ego and tribal dominance is more important than the unity and progress of multi-ethnic and religious nation as Nigeria shouldn't have been a president. I love it that way abeg. Make we split

Very funny ,members of the disunity group predicting doom because they believe barbaric militants in the south east are now bigger than the Nigeria nation because they control their region by barbarity and assassination,well the militants are already falling apart Ameeen naa yha Allah 🙏🙏🙏 Na so we’re praying 🙏🏿

Better! Evil men

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