Nigeria leads Africa in asset recovery, can't be second most corrupt - ICPC


Nigeria leads Africa in asset recovery, can't be second most corrupt - ICPC

Published Kindly Share This Story On ICPC spokesperson, Mrs. Rasheedat Okoduwa The Independent and Financial Crimes Commission said the Transparency International report on Nigeria was unfair and untenable. Spokesperson of the Commission, Mrs Rasheedat Okoduwa, in a statement on Friday, said TI has consistently failed to recognise the efforts of the present regime to tame corruption in the country. She added that these efforts included the increasing number of cases filed in court and jail terms secured in several convictions against corrupt persons across all levels of society, including hitherto ‘sacred cows’. According to her, in reality, this regime has put in place several mechanisms to ensure transparency in the management of its financial affairs. Among the mechanisms she mentioned are the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System, Government Integrated Management Information System, the Treasury Single Account and more recently the portal treasury. “ICPC finds it necessary to issue a statement on the 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index released recently by Transparency International, the global anti-corruption watchdog. “The report ranked Nigeria 146 out of 180 countries with a score of 26 out 0f 100 and painted a dismal picture of the country’s anti-corruption efforts by placing Nigeria as the second most corrupt country in the West African region, ” she said. “More importantly, the strides of government in relation to corruption prevention measures appear to have been totally ignored. “Perception is one thing, the reality is another. To lend credence to perception, it may be helpful to match it against reality especially when information on perception is coming from a source such as TI." According to her, Nigeria currently leads Africa in asset recovery. She further stated that it would be helpful if TI would publish its research parameters so its data could be disaggregated rather than build its rankings on a few issues such as political corruption. “No doubt we are not yet where we ought to be, but we have not been stationary either. “The country has moved well away from where it was a number of years back in terms of enforcement, prevention and citizen engagement against corruption. “ICPC is firmly persuaded that the silent majority of Nigerians appreciate the anti-corruption efforts of the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari even if TI does not." (NAN) DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

... After the recoveries, comes the RE-LOOTING! Corruption does not only involves properties, any person or government that see white and call it black so it can match their evil thinking is corrupt , intact more dangerous than Aids What's this one saying? Nigeria is not corrupt o, we r just smart in corruption generally.

Have you accounted fir the recovered assets ? You said lead in recovery which then justify the corruption ranking of TI then!!! I beg please face Realities So that you can re-loot it. Is it asset recovery or victimisation of opposition? I beg to disagree. What happened to to stopping corruption before it happens so that we don't have to recover stolen assets.

Why not? This same Nigeria government who recovers loots in trillion and still borrows? Asset recovery that is going back to the pockets of other politicians🤔🤔

Nigeria emerges 4th most corrupt country in West AfricaHow are we not first?!!!!? Toilet newspaper Who removed us from first? Please return us to number one that's our rightful position

Even women are among them. No hope. Recover and re-steal it Kudos to your elbow! Most of these people are ignorant. You can recover assets which was previously confiscated but if d new wave of corruption supersedes the old ones how would that be justified that asset recovery is tantamount to fighting new corruption?The new rating has to do with new corruption

This is the most corrupt administration ever, that is y he kept bringing in his people in govt so that they will all ways back all is fake lies ... After the recoveries, comes the RE-LOOTING! ... and after the recoveries nko? Una still come dey re-loot am again! That's where these guys are missing it. Asset recovery is not the same as fighting corruption. Corruption prevails when we have weak institutions.

How is dat relating wit corruption. Asset recovery is just a faculty in d institution of corruption. Is it d Abacha loots dat d Americans are willingly returning now dat we ain’t even seeing & we don’t know wat happens 2 dem afta they’ve been returned these ppl are talking about wen dey say assets recovery? Wat about d police, power company, judiciary, politicians?

UPDATED: Nigeria emerges 2nd most corrupt country in West Africa2nd or 4th? Source pls? Who dey pass us?

This Buhari’s government is a joke This government is fantastically corrupt MizCazorla1 What sort of logic is this? Can you differentiate asset recovery and relooting? Can you account for the recover money Perhaps, DSS should arrest them for hate speech Lmaooooo 🤣 That's another mouthpiece of corruption speaking to defend corruption, pretending to be fighting against corruption. With all the recovery assets, FG or bubu still borrowing billions irresponsibly. We can't be decived except for those who deliberately permit deciet.

The assets you are recovering came from heaven abi? When they see how huge and unlimited your recoveries are, they'll rate you as ogbontarigi in corruption. The recovery is even a reason to say we were super corrupt. Vacuum head mumu Still the same story, make one naira to one dollar as you promised. Nigeria, you mean the country where President MBuhari on National TV defended a governor caught on camera pocketing Bribe money inside his Babariga? Asset recovery? Yeah right!

Buhari Returns To Nigeria After UK-Africa SummitBuhari Returns To Nigeria After UK-Africa Summit He's on a three day resting visit to Nigeria, he would soon leave for his base in the UK. What is our gain now on the summit...? Am just confused In this visionless government Ok, so what?

Recovered and relooted. Recovered purposely and intentionally for relooting. Recovered for cabal's relooting. One result of relooting among several others: the president's son is now the 4th richest sitting president son in the world. Lol See sister wet mumu, so yard stick to measure corruption is recovery. OK where is the recovered loot? Why borrowing almost amount recovered?

Una wey dey deceive unasef mtcheeewwww Brain dead adults. (a) You lead in recovery stolen stuff. (b) I have no stolen stuff to recover. Who would you say has thieves in her country ? Ode! Redeeming a lost cause is futile Keep defending your clueless pay master She's among the recovered assets under APC...

you are right simply the first 9ja still first Asset recovery to some isn't fighting corruption in itself. They're two seperate things, when within your government there's much secrecy such that you don't want transparency especially elections, procurement, asset declaration. You've no reforms in public sectors.

Corruption: FG kicks as Transparency International rates Nigeria first in West Africa – Daily TrustThe Federal Government has rejected the 2019 report on Corruption Price Index (CPI) released by the Transparency International, which stated that Nigeria is now the most corrupt country in West Africa. According to the 2019 report released on Thursday, Nigeria scored 26 out of 100, and which is a slip in the 2018 report, which … I don't even know how many presidential spokesman naija get again. Sometimes you won't understand this international agencies

ICPC should probably do an opinion poll to measure Nigerian's view of them When the report goes in their favor, they will be everywhere on social media. But when it goes against them, instead of working on their failures, they will spend millions of naira to cover their dirt. Madam which school did graduate from? Can you read at all? Or you rely on aids to read and tell you the summary of what they read? Did TI said one of the parameters for judging is ASSET RECOVERY? Or you just want to speak so that oga at the top will see that you are for him?

2)..of any organisation. The UK, USA, Switzerland etc all harbour criminal from Africa, yet they set up agencies to score us? Nonsense!! They are all idiots. Don't be discouraged. These foreign morality agencies are only there to discourage us. They don't do as much but want to be scoring us as if we add in a school owned by them. We should do as much as we can for the sake of our country and the future of our children not because...

It's pathetic how this government see themselves about the fight against corruption. Recovery assets from past govt personnel who are currently in opposition is not fighting kworuption, when you are not doing anything to stop the current govt from stealing U are try to convince n tell ur self that . Ur problem. U can fool ur self and ur foolish followers but can fool us or the world. Simple fact

What are the asset being recovered use for. If the money and asset recovered are used wisely, Nigerian will not suffer this much. Who told you that Madam? After recovery

Photos: Buhari returns from UK-Africa Investment Summit - Vanguard NewsNigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has returned from the UK-Africa Investment Summit. Peace Please, can someone in this platform educate Nigerians the kind of speech he made while he was away? Welcome back Mr President

What are we going to use it for? Stupid talk. This govt can be so petty, always defending what is obvious, funny! You guys need to tag ICPC when you talk about them so they can read what we are tweeting. Where’s the asset you recovered? That’s where corruption entered the chat! Our leaders are painfully delusional

Keep deceiving yourselves, while in your heart of hearts you know what is true. Haha. These people opening their mouth to yap that government is trying its best look like corruption themselves. I laugh in Chinese,only you believe what you are saying! Asset recovery that is again corruptly relooted or reallocated.

Go and reverse it Na😏

FG faults Nigeria’s rating as most corrupt country in West AfricaThey should take their L in peace. 'Faults' or 'BLAMES'? It is the truth

After recovering the assets what happens to them next ? Everybody say after me, re-looted With this bleak notion of corruption coming from ICPC in the 21st century, Nigeria should be the most corrupt and not second. So we should be cut the slack for lagging in some indexes just because we are recovering assets?

You are only telling us stories. In fact, by denying that Nigeria is the second in terms of corruption qualified us to the be the first. They failed exam and then re-wrote their own report card😂😂😂 nothing we no go see for this apc mumu government This is so elementary. That's because you people are so fixated on cash corruption while the bigger corruption festers on right under your noses.

Asset recovery that will still be relooted? Jokers One country is on that no one list. If you want to climb there, fix your Nigeria and stop disputing transparency international report . There not frauds like you. When it favours you, you sing their praises but when it doesn't. It holds no basis of facts awon weere! 😒

One country is on that no one list. If you want to climb there, fix your Nigeria and stop disputing transparency international report report. There not frauds like you. When it favours you, you sing their praises but when it doesn't. It holds no basis of facts awon weere! 😒 Will you guys please stop embarrassing yourselves b4 the world. What's it with this transparency international report that you guys are having sleepless nights over. So it bothers you, then fix your Nigeria to meet their number one position standard NGRPresident

Idiot Noise makers! Bunch of jokers! Nigeria should be leading as the most corrupt! Cos there were ‘recovered ‘ and ‘relooted’ which is actually a worse of corruption You recover and Reloot. Corrupted people Ode, corruptions beget assets recovery. And where are the assets you have recovered? Even your recovery na politics. Thankfully Amnesty international does not take bride

Where are all the assets recovered If all there is any.. Who's GRAN MAMA BE DIS WAN It sad that the Nigerian government cannot accept assessment from neutral bodies, such as, Transparent International. The assessment ought to have offered her an opportunity for introspection and best ways going forward.

Umu ewu

The loot re looted mbok Audio recoveries and you have borrowed from pension funds and still preparing to borrow another $30 billion. Keep deluding yourself. For the first time in the history of NIGERIA that I know of, looths were recovered yet na the same period NIGERIA still take bi the Poverty Capital of the world! ABI NA LIE?

Somebody help me remind the .. ........., That Nigeria went down 2 places in corruption perception index, despite her media recorvery As you re recovering it you re looting it. only a fool argues with independent assessors. Shebi una think say na every body Dey blind like your supporters 😏 go and sue them now

Na only asset recovery and u still wan collect collect loan. Please if I may ask where are the assests recovered You have to be currier enough to have assets yet to be recovered.

Comparison of asset stolen against asset recovery is minute on a scale of comparison to other African countries.Take the criticism in stride and find a way to do better instead of wasting positive energy on a factual and correct criticism. Is it by asset recovery? PHCN - estimated billing Police - extortion/killing of civilians Politicians - Treasury robbery Judiciary - “Apian” judgements Legislature - Rubber stamp Presidency - Medical tourism etc...

Asset recovery in Nigeria ain’t transparent Animal talk don start again felakuti Tell that to the Federal Executive Council meeting when next you meet up with them. Not us out here. Yeye dey smell. 😕 Equating asset recovery to corruption fighting? Daft woman! Yet no list of recoveries or identites of owners has ever been published despite court orders. common go and sit down somewhere

Bunch of hypocrites. Recover and swallow, chapter 1. They positioned Nigeria where it belongs. Corruption and nepotism still exist at every single department agency and ministry likewise military police and paramilitaries they can say that again.

You see how daft they are? Shut up! Una no dey una problem be that . Be deceiving urself. GRANDIOSE DELUSION See students arguing with exams marking scheme Nigeria anti graft only targeted high profile politician, not minding those at the grassroots, which seriously affect people's daily conduct, such police with their extortion, lecturers with their I moral conduct, NEPA and their crazy bills,

Recovery, hmmmm, we're are all the money recovered, you recover in your pockets Audio recovery The nonsense the Nigerian police do everyday in this country is enough make you Nigeria the most corrupt in the whole world. How can you be fighting corruption without cleaning up the police force and all government parastatals that demands for kicks backs?

Where is the recovered money, stolen again

OK, first will do. If we don't want second place. Where are the recovered assets? Tell us how you reloot the asset you recovered. Ẹyin OLE. Maybe you should look at the indices used in ascertaining the most corrupt nations Ma’am accept your claws and work on it How many of the owners of those assets are behind bars?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..... 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 It's possible to lead Africa in asset recovery and still be the most corrupt. It means asset recovery is not a deterrent. Are you just waking up from slumber. Better go back to bed. Your anti corruption crusade is one sided, it cannot score you anything at the International community

Shameless people will do anything to cover there ass

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