Nigeria At 60: I Disagree With A Bleak View Of Our History, Says Osinbajo

Nigeria At 60: I Disagree With A Bleak View Of Our History, Says Osinbajo

10/2/2020 12:45:00 AM

Nigeria At 60: I Disagree With A Bleak View Of Our History, Says Osinbajo

Nigeria At 60: I Disagree With A Bleak View Of Our History, Says Osinbajo

 Updated October 1, 2020The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, gives a speech virtually at the NBA Annual General Conference on August 27, 2020. As Nigerians, including public commentators, reflect on the country’s journey to nationhood over the past 60 years, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN has called on the youth not succumb to the challenges confronting the nation, noting that young Nigerians hold the key to a more united, peaceful and prosperous nation.

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Prof. Osinbajo also expressed disagreement on comments reflective of a bleak view of Nigeria’s history noting that “despite the onerous challenges we face, we have endured as a people and there is still so much that I believe should give us reason to face the future with hope.”

The Vice President made the remarks Thursday at the virtual edition of the NASFAT Global Youth Seminar themed: “A Unified, Peaceful and Prosperous Nigeria”.According to him, “I urge you to guard your hearts and protect your capacity for idealism and creative optimism. These are the tools with which you will build the Nigeria of our dreams. We have a future worth fighting for.

READ ALSO:It Makes No Sense For Oil To Be Cheaper In Nigeria Than Saudi Arabia – Buhari“Your generation has what it takes to move us away from the destructive and unproductive rent-seeking attitudes that engender conflict and on to the terrain of enhanced productivity.

“Your generation has the tools to usher in a new age of abundance and wealth creation that will lift our society beyond the hunger-induced and poverty-inducing squabbles over a national cake that has ceased to exist. As Nigeria seeks to find her proper place in the world in the 21st century, you are our nation’s most important resource. It is because of you that a united, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria is very possible.”

Speaking about overcoming the challenges confronting the nation, Prof. Osinbajo said the youth’s capacity for innovation would come handy in an era of scarcity and unequal distribution of resources.He said “Much of the discontent and tensions that we have are distributional conflicts ignited by the struggle for access to tangible and intangible resources. As resources become scarcer, identity-based claims to a share of the national patrimony become more aggressive and lead increasingly to conflict. Under these circumstances, we are liable to see each other as competitors and rivals instead of compatriots and eventually we begin to demonize each other as “enemies.

“With a population of about 200 million, and with our country on track to be the third most populous nation on earth in a few decades, the challenge for us is creating opportunity for the huge number of people that increasingly need education, food, healthcare, and employment. This is where your capacity to innovate comes in.”

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Recalling efforts made in the past to promote unity among Nigerians and progress across different sectors of the economy, Prof. Osinbajo said Nigerians must not relent in striving for a progressive and united country.“Inspired by constitutional imperatives, we created institutions such as Federal Government Colleges otherwise known as Unity Schools and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to foster cohesion and solidarity amongst our diverse people. And we instituted the Federal Character principle to govern the democratization of opportunity, participation, and representation in our public institutions.

“We are therefore alive and here at a time in history when our society must complete the unfinished tasks of resolving issues of structural poverty, entrenched inequality, disparities in access to social and economic opportunities, fractured access to justice, and the diminishing faith in governing institutions – all of which create profound radical discontent with the social order,” the Vice President added.

Osinbajo then noted that “those of us who desire a united peaceful and prosperous Nigeria must confront the everyday injustices that mock our aspirations and erode our confidence in a shared future.”His words: “It is important that we do not raise our voices only when we perceive the rights of our own group to have been violated. We must make common cause with other groups when they are injured because our rights are rooted in universal principles that cannot be selectively applied.

“We must also reject the idea that some Nigerians have to lose in order for other Nigerians to win, and that some Nigerians have to be deprived in order for some Nigerians to prosper. We can all win and we can all live in prosperity. Nigeria will work for each of us only when it works for all of us.”

Continuing, the Vice President said “we must resist the temptation to demonize whole groups by judging them by their most extreme fringes. We must resist the urge to portray communities in caricatures.“As citizens, there are moral choices upon us. Are we using our influence to promote measured voices of reason or are we amplifying the voices of divisive hate-mongers? The choice before us is clear.”

The event featured presentations by Islamic scholars including Sheik Nurudeen Lemu, Mufti Ismail, Imam Abdul Azeez Morufu Onike, among others. Read more: Channels Television »

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ProfOsinbajo YOU ARE A MUMU MAN This country ah Of course you would disagree when you sit in wealth and the masses are suffering.why would you not believe in your illusion that all is well until the masses wake up and take back what is rightfully theirs Why would he not disagree... The history must be bright from his point of view. I would disagree too if I was the current VP.

Osinbajo photoshop, Nigeria where is the VP president of the zoo called Nigeria Some are even giving myopic view. They are trying to rewrite history to fit their narratives. Nigeria is bigger than all of them. And our generation can really move this nation forward with unity in our diversity The next 60 years..... is BRIGHTER. Please I’ve see the-future in the eyes of our youths. Nigeriaat60 AfricanGiant NigeriaAt60 abikedabiri MBuhari

Pastor!! pastor!!! This guy go just dey blow grammar upon grammar with nothing positive to show for reality Sir abeg go seat 💺 down for one place abeg You are a mumu man Nothing last forever. He has lost his sincerity and doesn't deserve to be listened to NotYetIndependent Can he just rest?

Osinbajo disagrees with bleak view of Nigeria’s history | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsVice President Yemi Osinbajo has expressed disagreement on comments reflective of a bleak view of Nigeria’s history. He said that despite the onerous challenges Nigerians faced and endured as a people, over the past 60 years, there was still reason to face the future with hope. 2020

Osinbajo disagrees with bleak view of Nigeria’s history | The NationVice President Yemi Osinbajo has expressed disagreement on comments reflective of a bleak view of Nigeria’s history.

Tell us more Sir! It seems you guys have the full details Okay sir. We hope it happens for real this time 🙏 Are you sure sir?

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