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Bolu Okupe, Okupe Gay Son

My son’s gay status, a spiritual challenge –Okupe

My son’s gay status, a spiritual challenge –Okupe

1/22/2021 9:12:00 AM

My son’s gay status, a spiritual challenge –Okupe

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaA former Presidential Spokesman, Dr. Doyin Okupe, says his son's decision to openly declare himself a homosexual is a spiritual challenge.Okupe said this in a series ...

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaA former Presidential Spokesman, Dr. Doyin Okupe, says his son’s decision to openly declare himself a homosexual is a spiritual challenge.Okupe said this in a series of tweets while reacting to a viral photo showing his son, Bolu, wearing rainbow boxers with the caption, Yes, I am gay”.

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Okupe, who served under former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan, said as an evangelist, he would never accept homosexuality as it is at variance with Christian values.READ ALSO:Cairo-bound girls nabbed in Lagos with tampered passports

He, however, said he was hopeful that God would intervene, adding that he had been aware of his son’s sexual orientation for quite some time.The former Presidential aide tweeted, “I have been aware of this his new orientation for a while now. He knows that as a Christian and a witness for Christ (an evangelist), I am vehemently opposed to homosexuality as it runs contrary to the avowed precepts of my Christian faith.

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“For it is written: Behold, the hand of the Lord is not shortened that it cannot save, neither is His ear dead that he cannot hear. Isaiah 59 vs 1.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

We have forgotten God in Nigeria. He punishes every evil. He used assyria to punish isreal but they went too far with the destruction. You as a leader I dont know the role you played in destroying Nigeria. Wait for your reward Oh no sir. Not spiritual at all , it’s a mental disorder that can be corrected. A lot of these generation have mental disorder issues and are all confused because they lacked parental care and guidance. Parents are in denial and have failed them all. They need attention.

Ur brain status too na spiritual challenge 😪😂 No, God didn't created him that way, he choose to be that way. That's God for you, he will not force you into his will but will let you decide, the he will be coming to speak to you to change your mind after you've done your worst. Hmmmm Shame U pass the judgement , so pls face the rod

They will soon say he was just catching cruise 😂😂 That's part of God's punishment on your family Supposing is a son of nobody, Okupe will be among dozens who will put down degree to crucified d guy. Challenge ko Ibadan challenge ni ...and it is not that much a problem, just take him to one agba cele in one ori one, if they flog am two times the demon will run away.

Have been putting folks through *Forex Fx* lately so, I’m creating another group for a new set.. Group’s the least I can do and it’s been really helpful. This is the link for group 4😇💃👇 I REPEAT ITS ABSOLUTELY FREE..LECTURES STARTS SOON JOIN NOW Lack of parental responsibility...... It's his choice, why must religion and culture infringe on our human rights. albeit i'm agnostic, I'm homosexuality is a sin/abomination, not a crime. Sinners aren't criminals, no one should play god here. If truly there's a god somewhere, he'll punish them himselve

This is not peculiar to this man, many of them go through traumatic things like this as their rewards for being agents of deprivation to nigerians whose rights have been denied on the alter of greed and wanton looting. May the lord have mercy on you, having spoken out Ok naa, maybe Buhari's government distracted you

Shebi ur son gay status better pass as dis country de abi?😏😏 When you failed to raide a child up through parental car,guidance and nurture, you get this 💔 This reminds me of Marvin Gaye This is parental failure.The son of Evangelist a gay! It's never a spiritual challenge but NEMESIS. Wicked people. Some of you rich people are going through hell but shame will not let them tell the world. Bad leaders

No is a political challenge.. May God answer his prayers amen This is to tell you people (politicians) what tax payers money can do 💴 💰 💴 💰 This one don dey align That's how God punishes greedy politicians who send their Children overseas for education at the detriment of our own system Or the sins of the father?

𝗚𝗼𝗱 𝗻𝗼 𝗯𝗲 𝗻𝗮𝗻 How does this news change the price of onion in the market? Its your load oga, carry it!🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Carry am go scoan You can't just eat this country's money and go. Something must bite you, in this case, a beloved son. Your punishment never finish. E go reach everybody 😂😂😂😂

Why do old pple choose to embarrass themselves all the time. What does he mean spiritual challenge🤦🏽‍♀️ I'm curious, beyond his anti gay stance, what fruits of the spirit does Doyin display? Naaaa.. he sure got it from daddy 😅😂 That’s what the Yorubas will ATUBOTON We have alot of MEN of God send your to them for deliverance. And confess all the money you have stolen. Think fast

Go do ìwẹ̀ odò to ń ṣàn for him. okbye 🏃🏾‍♀️ So help you God Use hot slap to reset is brain. Omokomo, your boy is not doing well. Nonye421 May God help him. So unfortunate. He will overcome. Twitter is better when you have a good number of followers, so what are you waiting for like this tweet and I will follow you but make sure you follow back, u can as well follow me and I will follow back in seconds

All ur son to be. Upon all the money see where ur son go land. Na wao which Kain life be this.. big man big trouble There is nothing like a spiritual challenge. While you were busy acquiring wealth for them, you forgot that there was a need to make time to train them. All the money and power couldn't train the children. Learn to leave with your misery. God is faithful, He will answer you.

Oga all these comments just cos someone made a simple statement to quote the government.. EwrlukwaF don't mind them... I think government should start the 14years with okupe's son jawe God won't intervane, you have raised him as a father and done your part. His a grown up man now who can make his own decision. Please leave the boy alone and let God be the judge.

I don’t like ur political ideology,but on dis very issue. I feel for u sir. May the hand of God touch ur son. The earlier y’all start to realize that Queers are born like that the better for y’all. Only God has the answer to us being Queer if truly it’s a curse he has the answer to that. Every living things has there own punishment. So, maybe that is your own punishment. Face it

Lol. Una say Nigeria no go see better...una generation sef no go see better I wish I can marry him, the guy is so cute, can't wait to be your son in-law Dr, Everything in Nigeria is spiritual problem except corruption and looting!!! Now that tje Dems & Biden have taken over the US, it's time for thoae who want to go or take theeir $ to start their game. Yeye

Flog the devil out of him When a child is not trained in the way of the Lord, he will definitely depart from the Lord when he is old. What a shame Bastard Father When he dey chop(steal) govt money no be spiritual problem ooo? Take it to family quarter and stop disturbing the public. Okupe looting our treasury was more a spiritual challenge than his son being gay.

Hhhmmm Lolest 😅😅😅😅 God is wonderful and supreme... The rich also cry. Doyin Okupe, a name that was so powerful during IBB.... GOD I bow for you! I'm sure that's his wound... Nigerians & spirituality.. somebody has chosen, his life- path.. u are now, blaming. The devil. 🤣🤣🤣 Don't U think we should cast the STONES at him? 🤔🤔🤔

Blow for Blow ✌️✌️ Bryancologist78 IFB 💞💞💞 Since it has been established, what is PoliceNG doing about this ? Lol spiritual challenge indeed You can pass the IELTS exam in flying colours and get a permanent residency to Canada. DM for details on the high score formula for passing the IELTS exam You didn't monitor your son when he was young. It is not spiritual. It is psychological.

Thank God you know. Mr okupe has shifted the goal post This is why African (Nigeria) is a big mess we enact laws we can’t implement that definitely lead to impunity. The White men knows the consequences of enacting laws that can’t be implemented, this is why there is rule of law in the white man country.

Curse won't allow thief's son survive. Epe ki je ki omo ole ko ye NB: On a general note, Every evil politician that has supervised the evil unleashed on Nigerians in this country will forever have something to weep and pray about. Something money can never change. Amen You can only be a father to ur son. What he decides to do shud not change ur love for him. Just keep praying for him.

Bush meat don catch the hunter. 🤣🤣🤣 Na Buhari fault na .... Dont Blame it on spiritual na Buhari cos am Blame buhari If being gay was a spiritual problem Nigerian government would have gone spiritual instead of enacting laws against it. Stop being delusional and deal with the fact that your son is gay and most likely in a country where you can’t do anything about it.

His posses ni The rich also cry When you refused to train your child their young.. these what you get when they get old.. stealing public funds and usd it inappropriately on your kids.. this what you get.. Donald Trump has so much wealth but all his kids was train base on the fear of God not Gay Friends..

When u loot our money to train ur children abroad this is the best result u get, for the girls Lesbians or drug addict... doyinokupe this is the punishment for your misdeeds. As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women,Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00).Contact Hon,Adams on +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program).

Pikin weh don sell him soul since. He just came up openly to start enjoying the favours from Satanism. It's a shame on your part sir Spiritual challenge Is a relative term.... It depends on ur definition.... I see the 'gay' as a choice... Smh. Typical Nigerian That’s just the best response. Una never know anything 😂🤣 gbogbo owo teh gbemi lawon Omo yin na bi IN DAGRIN VOICE😂🤣 before 2023 una go hear am Na God doings

backward mentality of linking gays to spiritualism Which spiritual challenge? Abi an evil that men did that came back to live with them Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents], Even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Amplified Version). Mr. Okupe should know that this requires deliverance, and not press release.

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 indeed GRADUATES OF ALL FIELDS Wahala God will deliver him. Spiritual indeed Lies..... Idiot Anyone can have a child and call themselves a parent. A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants. A parent would never say 'as an evangelist, he would never accept homosexuality as it is at variance with Christian values.'

He should be jailed then T.B. Joshua can go there and deliver him Face reality and leave spirituality of this. Spiritual challenge or poor home upbringing! Adedejo1 Oga, It might be 40% spiritual challenge as u say but u as the parents u also contributed cos most of u in Gov't send ur children abroad 4 their educations that's what u get when u depend on school to train them 4 u and this behaviour is mostly accepted in abroad

A spiritual challenge? The psychologist probably thinks it's psychological Let him serve 14yrs ... The spiritual challenge go commot for prison Forth generational curse. Remember?. 😂😂😭 Spiritual ke you there You Wich it's a spiritual challenge, you better accept the way God created your son so you won't die of depression... Thinking the gods are angry at you.

Nah e wahala be that WHICH SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE?, MOST PEOPLE LEAVE THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES AS PARENTS TO GOD AND THIS IS LIKELY TO BE THE RESULT. Nigerians like to spiritualize everything This is a confessional statement voluntarily made by your son and his sanity is not in doubt so, don't buttress it with spiritual challenge. You were part of the govt that made laws against gay. Let the law begins to work now.

They hardly have time for their family,busy stealing money up and down. All their mind tells them is if I have money, everything will be ok now the reverberation is here. Money answereth all things means it can also answer to negativity, it can sponsor evil. I feel your pain and I know that for those that trust in the lord, all things work together unto good, trust in the lord and keep reminding Him of His promises. Hang in there.

Abii hereditary challenge sir We know and understand. As a father be closer to God so that you are not accountable in Heaven Its not spiritual its a choice. God made him and he has the same abilities to change him if He (God) wishes. So the father should accept the fact that the son made a choice. Becos here i see sinnerz judging sinners who sin differently. Na thesame hell we go meet

Oga is a habit nothing like spritual Spiritual what Slap the spirit outta his body. A delinquent spoilt irresponsible urchin. doyinokupe bàbá BobriskyNG Your son together with BobriskyNG should be serving in correctional centres serving 14 years jail term. Bàbá bastard, ọmọ gay, spiritual attack to sure.

All these Agbaya were there when that silly anti gay law was made o. For Sale A standard plot of land measuring approximately 588.161sqm with courses of fence around it, meters away from the express way at Power line, Oluode street, opposite 1st Richbam filling station, Akala express, Ibadan. Asking Price: ₦8M

👏 I am in total agreement with you, Dr. Okupe. This will end in praise. God is faithful. Your son will be an evangelist to homosexuals very soon. The hand of the Lord will perform it in Jesus name. PR. Ile ti a ba fi Ito mo....... Oga no worries we understand God created man for woman . He didn't make any mistake about that . The moment we as humans decide to ignore the Creator and acknowledge him as God,he left us to our own desires . Lying, stealing , homosexuality and all. God frowns at all this . We need to repent and turn to God

Lol,,, Is God not wonderful. In Nigeria, appealing to the spiritual is a way of evading substantive issues and shutting down conversations on matters that need to be discussed. You were the media aide of a govt that slammed 14 years on gays, but you didn't realize that your son was one of them. It's ya punishment oga

Just bring him back here let's test the laws with him You raised him with looted funds You people should calm, the worst is coming They will soon start introducing /Enforcing it fully in Africa. Then you will know why it was only diehard lovers of uprightness loves Trump We blame everything on religion They have come again..,which one is spiritual, allow the young live his life

May God deliver him in jesus name I wish all the children of all the criminals in power will put all of them through hell like this. More of them should go into drugs too. The wicked shall not go unpunished. God in his mercy will intervene Spiritual challenge my foot the need to flog that nonsense comot for him body

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Who is his son? Genuinely asking. You have failed as a father. Since anti-gay law was passed in 2014, I have not seen someone that is serving 14 years jail term as a result of this menace. Spiritual!! loading! loading!! Nothing spiritual about that decision. You gave him the freedom to do that. Taaaar.. So your son no fit see guys respect himself..... O boi. Ota pia pia still dey market oo

Don't worry, Joe Biden is in office already. That’s how devil will be dealing with all of you that have looted the common resources of this nation! Lol it's the reality sir Not a spiritual one but a mental challenge. Even looting is a mental challenge. Spiritual keh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.....take him for Deliverance.

Spiritual ko. the dude is gay . Hmm! Okay, but am afraid he has made his choice 07039211657 that number is for order