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Many youths identify with #EndSARS to be fashionable —Shagari's grandson

Many youths identify with #EndSARS to be fashionable —Shagari's grandson

10/21/2021 12:50:00 PM

Many youths identify with EndSARS to be fashionable —Shagari's grandson

Bello Shagari , a grandson of... has said many youths who identify with the #EndSARS protest are doing so because it has become fashionable

He said, “A lot of the young people who identify with the#EndSARS protest are doing so because it has become fashionable. It has become a thing of show off; that everyone is now an activist. Whereas most of them have little understanding of the socio-political system.

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“However, my advise has always been that we should not focus too much in protests when we can do better by mobilising young peoples’ votes to achieve a change in the entire political system, or to change our present realities, or at least to be in charge of them.

“We must adopt a more progressive and strategic approach rather than the usual disruptive one which hasn’t yielded any meaningful results. You can’t be doing the same thing and expect a different result. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Nigerians In Dubai Hired To Cheer Buhari Say President Is “Not Feeling Well”

Thankfully they r not that way inclined in d North they r just happy with whatever d govt is doing. Northern Muslim believes protesting is Haram so it’s easy to interpret Southern protests to do with fashion. SecureNorth failed as they r not fashionable so rather die quietly This one is looking for attention. Please ignore him

Madness is really genetic both autosomal dominant and recessive Olofo omo Oloriburuku ni gbogbo yin ..Pikin wey cow born Na wetin MaLu we called them..cows region Ode Omo See who is taking? Grandfather was useless, so's the grandchild Go and do sense transplant werey boy 👦 People will never see anything mating in a dysfunctional corrupt and cancerous system just as long as it’s benefits they own selfish tribalistic intrest🤡🤡🌚

Fashionable? Omo nawa o

#EndSARS: Nigerian youths have many reasons to demand better life ― Sanwo-OluBy Olasunkanmi Akoni and Nelson Alu Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has said that heightened inability to live and prosper due to the existing

He was never an intelligent folk. Almost all of them from the good for North-ing region think alike. To them and their darling father, MBuhari the endsars movement was intended to topple the unproductive government of the day. Mumu megworo, get out parasite The caption is misleading. He made sense. Read the article.

Duns! nothing upstairs!complete Duns. His grandfather is part of the reason why we are here. Definitely, this son of a gun can not relate. “Silence in the best answer for a fool.” YouCantRelate It's a mental illness. People whose entire lineage should never show their faces in public in this country are still coming out to give hot takes? Must be ment. Why doesn't he start something fashionable like traveling to his home town by road & confirm that his people can sleep with both eyes closed.

A juvenile

INTERVIEWS: One year after, Nigerian youth speak on why they supported #ENDSARS movementSome of those that supported the protest share their experiences with PREMUIM TIMES, one year after.................................. EndSARS was a very good effort! Now they should key into the NINAS Movement to Decommission the 1999 Constitution, source of Police brutality and all other miseries. End1999Constitution PartiesCloseShopNow NINASReferendum NINAS_SelfDetermination

Must you even talk? This one dull pass him papa papa It’s a shame that many won’t open the link before commenting this guy made so much sense… What would you know? The name insulates you. He can now be invited as a Guest Speaker on EndSARSMemorial 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Punch self dey cease to make the one popular

Fashionable? Wrong word! 'Favored son of a favoured son' Fool Oponu bi ti baba eh . Shioor

#EndSARS: North-East Youths Join Memorial Protest, Demand Justice For Lekki Tollgate Victims | Sahara ReportersThe youths converged on Yola, the capital of Adamawa State and took to the streets in a peaceful procession, chanting solidarity songs with the departed. What changed? Invest in yourself such that you can build wealth to travel anywhere in the world ...jump into Affiliate marketing and build your income! Uhmnn....🤔

Everyone has a right to be stupid, but you are abusing the privilege. Idiot And jorgeramosnews posted him🤦🏼‍♀️ ada_okigwe If calling for institutional accountability and an end to systemic extortion and brutality means 'being fashionable' that makes it a great thing! Something above his estate He made sense and he didn't make sense

Which rotten sperm produce this mugu? Comot here with ur garri brain . I don't blame him 'Fashion is a form of self-expression and autonomy at a particular period and place'. Hence, our self-expression at this period, and place, that is, Nigeria is, EndPoliceBrutality SavvyRinu. You are RIGHT, bro! By their fruits you shall know them

#EndSARS: Youths Stage Memorial Rally In AdamawaNo fewer than 30 youths led by Mr Tony Sudan Gompwel have demanded for immediate release of over 300 youths allegedly remanded at the Kirikiri maximum

He is from Sokoto State where Terrorist and Buhari's Fulani brothers are killing them on a daily basis but the idiot is in Abuja and bothered about EndSARS His likes make statements like this to be on d side of the oppressor but end up being oppressed cz it's enuf to go round Shagari grandson wey no get brain🙄

Too much of tramadol This guy talks alot of nonsense. Perhaps you believe being the grandson of a failed president qualifies you as an expert on the country's social political issues. Who be this? Fake news Remove shagari from his name and he's a nobody whose opinion is just one out millions. He has profited from the loots and maladministration of the Nigerian system by virtue of his grandfather.. So he is basically oblivious to reality

Ogun kee ur father ashagari. An idiot begot idiot

EndSARS memorial: HURIWA demands immediate release of arrested youths, names protesters as heroesThe Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA has called for the release of some Nigerian youths who were arrested at the Lekki Tollgate on

He's irrelevant, dont know what yall publishing Another FFK Remember the so called President echoed this particular sentiment. These are the deluded disconnected creeps the north always donate to the rest of us. Exactly how we landed the crap we have on our hands now. Another Mumu Aboki This lazy youth will not support endsars because he likes to remain a dinosaur.

There are two Nigerias. He obviously exists in the other one. It's a family thing... One more evidence why we Igbos want out of Nig. (Others seem to want Nig ok) but we Igbos honestly need to go. Our values are not same, we don't see things same way. I don't blame d young man bcos policemen do not rob people up north. So he's saying this based on his understandng

I know say e go be from one particular tribe Fool

#EndSARS: Keep Moving To Fulfil Nigerian Dream, Pastor Sam Adeyemi Tells Youths | Sahara ReportersAdeyemi said this while commemorating with Nigerians one year after the EndSARS protests ended in a brutal crackdown by security forces. sam_adeyemi Dear Pastor Sam, Sorry to disappoint you. Nigeria is a failed project. We will move, yes, but for ourselves. Thank you