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Bishop Of Sokoto Diocese, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.)

Kukah offended many with his anti-Buhari remarks —Presidency

Kukah has offended many with his anti-Buhari remarks -Presidency

1/13/2021 10:02:00 PM

Kukah has offended many with his anti-Buhari remarks -Presidency

Kayode OyeroThe Presidency has cautioned an Islamic group, the Muslim Solidarity Forum, to be mindful of its utterances against the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah .The PUNC...

Kayode OyeroThe Presidency has cautioned an Islamic group, the Muslim Solidarity Forum, to be mindful of its utterances against the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah.The PUNCHhad reported that theSokoto-based group asked Kukah to vacate the state or tender an apology over his comments on Islam.

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Reacting in a statement on Wednesday, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said though Kukah has offended many with his anti-Buhari remarks, under the Nigerian laws, groups or factions must not give quit notices to anyone but must tolerate religious and ethnic differences.

Kukah, in his December 25 message, had accused the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), of nepotism and failure to protect Nigerians. His message riled some nerves, especially in the camp of the pro-Buharists.ALSO READ:Amotekun after criminals, not witch-hunting Fulani, says Makinde’s aide

The cleric had said, “One Northern Imam after the other have posted videos of lamentation on the social media asking why, with all the cards of power in the hands of northern Muslims, everything is bursting in the seams. How come our region has become a cesspool of blood and death? Why did President Buhari hand over a majority of the plum jobs to Northern Muslims? Was it for efficacy and efficiency? What was the logic? President Buhari must pause and turn around because his policy of nepotism has been rejected by the gods.”

The acting Chairman of MSF, Prof Isa Maishanu, had in a rather belated statement reacted to the cleric’s Christmas Message but Shehu urged the group to uphold the country’s multi-religious principles.He wrote, “The right for all religions to co-exist is enshrined in this country’s Constitution. The duty of the government, more so, this democratic government, is to ensure that the Constitution is respected. But all must respect the rights and sensitivities of their fellow Nigerians.

READ ALSO:“Father Kukah has greatly offended many with his controversial remarks against the government and the person of the President, with some even accusing him of voicing anti-Islamic rhetoric.“On matters such as these, responsible leadership in any society must exercise restraint.

“Knee-jerk reactions will not only cause the fraying of enduring relationships, but also the evisceration of peaceful communities such as Sokoto, the headquarters of the Muslim community as beacon of pluralism and tolerance.“The Sultanate has historically had good relations with followers of all faiths. That is why Father Kukah was received on his arrival in Sokoto with friendship and tolerance.

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[YOU MAY ALSO LIKE]Varsities closure: Students threaten to beat up lecturers, says UNIBEN VC“Under our laws, groups or factions must not give quit notices, neither should they unilaterally sanction any perceived breaches. Where they occur, it is the courts of law that should adjudicate. Unilateral action is not the way to go.

“Groups such as the Muslim Solidarity Forum must be seen to share and uphold the country’s multi-religious principles. And individuals like Father Kukah must respect the feelings of his fellow Nigerians in his private and public utterances.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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Go to hail, Kukah has not offended anybody rather the clueless government is destroying Nigerians Like Trump like Buhari. Presidency has offended many Nigerians with their poor style of governance. But has he offended God? 'Anti-Buhari' remarks. Is Buhari God or what exactly? The man sees things going for worse, he refuses to be a coward or sycophant and voiced out, all you now talk about is some stupid Offences. Garba Shehu and the entire Presidency is sick.

I plead with the presidency to sheath their sword. Thank you & God bless us. Amen. EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA WeAreRemovingADictator Kukah did not offend anybody. Does that mean there's no freedom of speech anymore in Nigeria? Those who feel offended should ask whom the speech was directed to, to put the nation in order Pls. Any critic presidency will be raising eye bra. Too bad for them.

Say the truth in Nigeria and die ditatorshipinNigeria It appears The cat is being let out the sack. Yes the cherry doesn't fall far from the tree. It may be as rumored, that the apple does not fall far from its tree that Government may be the maker and stokers of the unfolding Bishop Kukah unfolding saga. Hmmmm, the pig's grunts

Offence is nothing if we remember that this government has caused the death of so many Nigerians, increased poverty among Nigerians, insecurity, debts, etc. The government should apologise to all Nigerians for the complete failure and stupidly of the current leadership. The Presidency is very shallow on thinking and unwise in handling situations An unknown Northern Muslim group made an unguarded statement yesterday regarding Bishop Kukah; and the Presidency jumped on the news, gave it oxygen only just to make irrelevant assertions...shame!

What about MBuhari that has offended millions of Nigerians with his anti-people policies and bad governance? Kukah said the truth about this government. It’s sad that this truth is being turned as hate speech by some groups even the presidency. This’s why there’s little or no growth in Nigeria. Maybe he should have clapped for him on the subject matter.

He only offended Islamic community who sees buhari as god......not ppl with like mind as me He'd said the mind of most anyways!!! Saying the truth n stating the obvious, the last time i checked is never n will never be an offence. True.... How can a clergy make such remark about the president of the State and a particular time religion (Islam), how does he want the Muslim and the Christian faithful to take this... That is insightful

What kind of nonsense rhetoric is this Buhari's govt pushing.. First was Garba Shehu inciting religious violence... now its presidency... These people know that the Mumu button of many Northerners is religion... that's why they are giving a wrong interpretation to Bishop's speech Why cant our government hear the voice of its people not forcing the people to hear them.

Lies! Who and who is the many... Can we have a vote The many could have some names thou! Presidency. I hear you Who n who is d stupid Presidency self. We voted for president n wen did he turn to ligion of doom called presidency. Set awon wehre Why can't this administration take critism is peace. Is this not a democracy again?

Gbogbo presidency is mad I am not offended by Kukah's remarks. I am a true Nigerian. Kukah's statement only offended the criminals who are looting our Commonwealth under Buhari. They want to use Muslims as cover up. Pls and pls presidency that man didn't do anything wrong for speaking out Methinks Mr President should be happy to have someone who is still blunt about the truth......and these truth if accepted will help You Mr President to be a better Leader.

Kukah offended no one niether he speaks for the people Touch Kukah and u set the country ablaze Only those who love lies were offended, Please deal with your wicked heart, you were only offended by words, you've not thought of those who you offended by killing their loved ones? Those saying that Kukah should apologize for his homely are evil and idiots.

'Who is the Presidency'? -Babachir Bishop Kukah has definitely not offended me in any way by his utterances. The only people greatly offended are MBuhari, his minions plus yourself GarShehu and nefarious Nigerians who do not have national interest at heart. I hope we learn from our mistake before 2023

It about time A Clergyman ⛪🕌 stands up and says something to shake this government. leave the other one's waiting for you to come to ⛪🕌, collect your offerings whilst in the comfort of their 🕌⛪ Castles and push out to go get more without a care how you are surviving daily! Likewise buhari with his most unpatriotic appointments.

To apologize is a stupid thing to do. Every democratic government is meant to accept criticism. Excuse you the Presidency What is the meaning of Anti-Buhari remark Does it mean nobody is allowed to criticize the President Buhari has failed and keeping quiet will be hypocritical of anyone. Buhari is a failure

Presidency wey no sabi him work na swegbe You can't tell lies to please people? The truth can never been pleasing to a government that is built on lies. Bishop Kukah can’t offend any Nigeria with his Reality comment he made about the incompetence of a President I think the word the presidency is looking for is impressed. “ Bishop Kukah has IMPRESSED a lot of Nigerians”. Nonsense presidency.

Who Presidency epp in this country 😏 Offend Many for saying the truth...? The so called fanatics nation? Or the Buhari follower cannot say the truth in the Name of a misleading Religion Group or what?.... May Jehovah have Mercy on this Nation. 2023 go soon reach, APC with there devilish ways will stop, we need new and not all those old cabal or there family to rule us again I will support any new God fearing candidate as for is ZERO cause they all failed woefully

Taaa. Bishop kukah has impressed many Nigerians with his remarks about the insensitive terrorist Who is Presidency Lmao this is the most ridiculous thing I have seen this year, like Buhari have not offended the vast majority of Nigeria with his style of leadership You dey craze.. Name those offended! Whoever is saying that is an enemy of this nation. Period.

To say the fact I havnt seen anything kuka said that is anti Islam and mind you he is also a citizen in this country who has the right to criticize any government governing him Mad and inhuman presidency! Is that so ? Next customer please... If only Fulanis can see the hand written on the wall...... So the presidency talks, well that's interesting, 20-10-20 the presidency could not talk, now your ego has being told the truth, and it draws your attention to talk, well if the message touches you, then change, these could be the change you promised us🤔

Who did he offend ? Fulanis? The haters of peace in nigeria And MBuhari has offended 190 Million Nigerians with his Fulanisation conquests.. there can never be equity without justice. EndFulaniHegemonyInNigeria Mumu presidency that has failed in flying colors! Mumu presidency that has borrowed & borrowed & longer credit worthy! Mumu presidency that can even boast of one thing that it has done for its citizens! Mumu presidency that are so dumb in all ramifications! Useless presidency!!!

Tell the presidency that, I say it is a big lie, rather there respond is offending Nigerians Thunder fire this stupid presidency Khalifa did you actually make the comment? I'm really sorry for you and your unborn generations Once I see a write up like this with the Author as 'Presidency' The Words of Babachir rings in my head at once, 'Who is the Presidency'? 🤔🤔

Is he the only one who has criticized Buhari the most in this country? The Muslim clerics that criticized Buhari the other time is not a human I guess? This suppression of truth, tribal sentiments and dictatorship from the presidency is the major reason why this country has been in this mess for years, while proper run countries does the opposite. It is a shame that no one can challenge the president

Is it not clear now to us that this country is being dragged up North to become like turkey?..I blame the SW and SE that formed up with this APC in 2016? Who is Buhari? The nation has benefitted him more than he has offered. He’s been a liability to the office. Kukah said the truth- the North will Never tolerate a “Buhari” who is from the south.

U people are mad ProtectBishopKukah now A political government that takes no PIKIN HEAD NO BEND FOR MAMA BACK MAKE ELDERS NO TELL YIN MAMA MAKE SHE DO AM WELL' And he has bring joy to many with his anti-Buhari remarks. Not anti buhari anything but anti lie and nepotism . Who cares GarShehu you and the many who feel offended by the honest criticism of your principal You no get job.

Many peep were against Jesus christ n prophet Mohd. So who d hell is Buhari dat nobody shud not speak against him. So dis statement confirmed wat d bishop said. The presidency spoke after a senseless group gave a stupid order. Made people everywhere! Shameeee....a regime dt says to its pple 'sidown look' or....

They are the set of people that hate the truth You mean audio presidency The truth is always bitter. This is hate speech coming from presidency I really see nothing bad in his word's he only expressed his feeling and it's a free world Well, I'm sure some insensitive naive elements will always feel pessimistic hence it comes to the issue of a leader portfolio

Nonsense and presidency. Islamic presidency . Muslim brotherhood in disguise. The life of Kukah is worth one billion of your blind supporters who can not stand in God's presence to defend Failure Buhari Criticism should be welcome in every civil makes us better people not bitter people...He is entitled to his opinion... plssssssssss Arewa group and presidency, LET HIM BE... I'm out

Offended? And has also gained the love and trust of many Nigerians for his doggedness in saying the truth without fear or favour! That's not true, the man have just spoke billions of Nigerians mind. Muslim religious of terrorist Kukah never offended anyone when he stoned GEJ. Nigeria. Foolish Presidency, Foolish Supporters

No way. Father Kukah didn't offend us, but for you in the presidency he may have offended you because you hate the truth. Some body spoke the truth and then he is condemned. Come on Nigeria. Where are we heading to Follow me I follow back for more entertainment. Why can truth just a say in this country,,,,,

What is our issue with people's opinions,,,,, He should apologize or else leave Sokoto state.. relocate to South that's where your evil comments are welcome And telling Kukah to leave Sokoto is more offensive than the truth said by him Follow me, I will follow back immediately. Let's build our audience ✌️. Cheers🥂

Kukah only offends d presidency ! Which many? After privately sponsoring Islamic hate against Kukah, these shameless failures have come up with this ridiculous statement. Rubbish killer fulani herdsmen and bandits haven't offended anyone but is humble kukah that has offended many abi.? confused cabal with islamic agenda.

Trust me, there are many more very serious problems that anger the everyday Nigerian about survival than some remark made against the President MBuhari . The issues I have to deal with as a Nigerian citizen living in Nigeria are a lot weightier than the remarks of a cleric. He only offended those who wants all Nigerians dead. He offended those who wishes Nigerians nothing but miseries. And believe me, we don't give a shit about those people or the presidency for that matter.

Thanks punch. Some fake news outlet carried a shadowy headline. And so? AChijioke Shameless people Offended many for speaking the truth? Truth is always a bitter pill to swallow. Speak more Bishop... Thus says the Lord! It mustn't be pleasant to the ear of the King. 'Who is Presidency?' - Babachir Lawal Who are the many ? Or u mean to say many cows?🤷‍♂️

See NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING!!!!!! MUST happen to that man or his family members.... Who offended who in this matter. The people that have died in kaduna only last year did not offend you the presidency, Abi Thunder fire Buhari and his offended colleagues by Kukah. They're all cows with BambiAlaMentality

Who is the presidency? God purnish una !! Saying the truth is now a sin in today Nigeria.. But presidency didn't offend youth when they gave order to kill peaceful protesters. Now someone speak truth presidency get offended. Nawaoooo. Who is Buhari? It was all about Bubu... I seeeeee So ? tough, the country slowly sliding to a shadow of itself.

Presidency. Where is it from? And how many has buhari offended with his leadership? The presidency has many times offended millions of Nigerians through their bogus lies, unfulfilled promises, unable to protect the lives and prosperities of Nigerians, hike in food prices and many more. Kukah has no apology to offer for speaking the truth.

Speak more Bishop... Thus says the Lord! It mustn't be pleasant to the ear of the King. It's only a fool that finds criticism offensive These name presidency are group of comedians, bigot set of human...worship him (buhari) na tym b every thing You have been offending the whole country with your anti-people and anti-progress policies since the inception of your tenure.

I ain't one of them. He did not offend me sha Yes, he has really really offended the baboons, the brainwashed, the sycophants, the bigots. He has absolutely offended the offenders. Nonplusses me why the Presidency has a vile predilection for always spewing up absolute balderdash. The only people offended by the Bishop's remarks, are corrupt, inveterate hypocrites, demonic haters of truth & reprehensible enemies of progress in Nigeria.

I'm not one of them sha It has now been confirmed, everyone in the presidency are daft. AChijioke We know the kind of trouble we are in when pro Nigeria and Patriotic statements are termed as Anti-Buhari. Na ogun go kill all of una for presidency. and who are or is presidency? Who exactly are the many? You mean the bandits and the boko haram? Because he just spoke the mind of the majority of Nigerian people who are tired of direction less and poverty driven govt.

Saying the truth is now a Sin in today Nigeria. I hope this statement will not incite insecurity. This is coming after a Muslim tell the Bishop to apologise or leave So koto. This shouldn't have come out from the presidency Is only a fool will link his xmas message to Islam or seeing Buhari government as a responsible government.

This sounds to me like a threat NGRPresident he did not said any anti MBuhari comments, but the rots in the NigeriaGov & it is high time you MORONS begins to institutionalise issues & not personalize them. PMB is only the head of government & not the government. Bishopkukah said it they way it is The same way father Mbaka was offending many with his anti-Jonathan remarks. Is it ruffling the feathers of the presidency?

For Sale 4 bedrooms bungalow with modern finishes, all rooms en suite, visitors toilet, fenced and gated at Olorunkemi estate, Alaaka area, Elebu, Ibadan. Asking Price: ₦13M Buhari is offending many being alive.... Shame dey catch me seriously Which of the idiot said this? like for Adesina retweet for Lai Mohammed

Follow me first. I’ll follow back first 77 that follows 🔥 Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right which is what Bishop Kukah who has always been vocal has exhibited, Presidency should stop acting biased & learn to accept criticisms irrespective of which religion it's coming from, he's a Nigerian and shouldn't be criticized

Who are the Many? Una dey craze And the presidency has not offended anyone in their negligence and what have you, pls come of it,you guys should keep playing games with people's lives and property you can only deceive those that wants to be deceived. Presidency sent their agents in Sokoto to speak first, then they second. Bishop Mathew Kukah is untouchable, saying the truth is not a crime.

Count me and my family out. BishopKukah spoke our views. This administration has offended more Nigerians with your anti-people policies and programs Can you imagine what these moron in the presidency is talking. How did we get to this in this country? This is the only country in the whole wide world where saying the truth hurt more than lies, APC is tired ,the centre cannot long hold.

Which yeye presidency What's up guys ya'll need to watch this video Babys & little kids addicted to smoking cigarettes👉🏽it's crazy😲 Who are the many exactly? Mention them abeg. The Truth must be told, he's an elderly stateman,he can't be silent when things are abnormal.moreover his action was for the safety and development of the country. But the Wicked Sentimentalists,and religious bigots won't accommodate the truth.

Who are the many he offended, Buhari loyalists? The man spoke the truth and hate filled your heart Deal with it. Not everyone enjoys being a sycophant. Only those who feel entitled would take offence with what Bishop Kukah said. And if they do, who cares? This same bishop attacked Jonathan and made him look into the Ogoni oil crisis. But now that the sword of his criticism touched their sacred cow, they are stirring up hostility against him. But that don't have such harsh stance for jihadists.

Me when I remember that there is nothing like presidency na Cabal we get for naija 😂 The presidency has offended many with their anti-people remarks. In as much as he didn't offend God, we move! So it is anti-buhari remarks now not anti Islam? Just to say you will not do anything to protect the man. The world is watching.

You and be many🙄...una dey ment ni😏 Really? This coming from presidency? You support these statements that a citizen should leave a part of a country? Oh, it's a pity. So Person no go talk truth again But when he was attacking past President he was not offending many abi? All this nonsense in the country must stop if we want to move forward.

I don't know that saying truth in this part of the world is a sin. Because person talk truth una nor like who be this presidency sef? The truth can indeed be bitter! Offended the foolish Islamists in the freaking northern Nigeria Buhari has offended millions with his incompetence Who did he offend except Buhari loyalist who hate the truth.

'Kukah has offended the arewa with his anti-Buhari remarks' There, i fixed it! Has the president and his govt not offended Nigerians with his failures? Nothing,absolutely nothing must happen to Kukah. As they say in the Bible ' Not one strand of his hair must touch the ground'. His criticism is the reflection of the reality we are going through. It wasn't meant to massage the ego of the presidency.!!

The government should know that 'its not every bird you can put in the cage'. He has not offended anyone It's left for the presidency and government to change for better and make Nigeria better again Not to condemn a man who has the freedom of speech Presidency way know wan listen to the truth Ifb Ifb