Atiku Abubakar, Ben Nwabueze

Atiku Abubakar, Ben Nwabueze

Judgment day for the Bench | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

“They interpret the law, assess the evidence presented….” #Nigeria


“They interpret the law, assess the evidence presented….” Nigeria

The bedrock of democracy is the Rule of Law and that means we have to have an independent judiciary, judges who can make decisions independently of the political winds that are blowing.

The eminent professor of constitutional law and senior advocate of Nigeria, SAN, had, at one of the sittings of the tribunal, told the judges that their adjudication of the petitions before them called for courage and resistance to the temptation to hide behind tedious judicial procedures and obfuscating legal technicalities. He said they should focus on the merit of the petitions and strictly apply the laws as they relate to them. He reminded them of their sacred duty to give their loyalty to the country, pointing out that their verdict would not only define the extant state of the judiciary but also the future and destiny of the country.

The rebel Conservatives have aligned with the opposition parties to thwart the prime minister’s plan. But they have paid the price of being denied the opportunity to run in the coming parliamentary elections. Meaning they have effectively been expelled from the Conservative Party. Among them is the grandson of Winston Churchill, Britain’s Second World War prime minister and hero. For the rebels, their country first before their personal interests and comfort. That is the true definition of patriotism; the courage and sacrifice of people who recognize when their country and people are in grave danger from the vaulting ambition and reckless agenda of political demagogues. And they chose to stand up for Britain.

And when it was time for the commission to defend its serial lies about the central server at the tribunal, it opted to not enter any defense of its controversial conduct of the elections and the voodoo results it used to declare Buhari the winner. The petitioners’ legal team conclusively proved the existence of the server, validating their claim that Atiku Abubakar won the presidential election by a 1.6 million-votes margin. If the commission was sure of the results it declared, the most effective way to discredit the petitioners’ claim was simply to open the server for scrutiny. If, indeed, there were no results there, or they could no longer be traced, that would have damaged the petitioners’ case beyond repair. That it failed to do the needful to, at least, burnish its dodgy reputation and restore the public thrust in it, is thoroughly self-indicting and speaks eloquently to its mendacity and gross incompetence.

And let the judges be clear about this like the rest of us: While Buhari is the country’s chief security and law-enforcement officer, that doesn’t make him to be above the constitution he swore to uphold and defend. As a matter of fact, that obliges him not to commit any infraction against the constitution and break any law. If an ordinary Nigerian lied about his certificates, he would either be expelled from school, sacked from work or prosecuted and jailed if found culpable of perjury. And they ought to know that the judiciary, already decapitated by the orchestrated removal of Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen by Buhari and the executive’s disdain for it by illegally disobeying court orders and judgments, is actually on trial in this presidential election matter.

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