Is the North Nigeria’s burden?

Is the North Nigeria’s burden?


Is the North Nigeria’s burden?

I love three types of women: the bespectacled ones; I have the idea that they are intelligent, and have found this a generalised untruth many times; I love gap-toothed women and lastly women with r...

This lady in a public place had none of these traits but she is tall. I love tall ladies but she seems to talk too much, I don’t like talkative women. She is a lawyer, many lawyers love to talk.

But she shouldn’t have been fed up; after all, there was an alliance which should have brought in change. Wasn’t it an alliance that ended the First and Second World Wars?

The alliance truly became a marriage of convenience to win an election only; they seem to have settled to be rulers and not leaders.

Leadership for me is a choice between wanting to lead people or rule them. We are being ruled, not led.

The corruption fight focuses on people in opposing camps only and the fighter celebrates the “hero character” instead of setting up a stakeholder organisation in the fight against corruption.

A leader should know what to challenge and the proper time to do so, he cannot succeed without engagement, dialogue and consensus, all of which are absent in this alliance. The alliance isn’t even obsessed with the needs of Nigerians. One of which is a culture of community and the other helping each other to succeed.

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Nobody from the north on this tweet Every Nigerian leader is our burden North is not problem to Nigeria. Our main problems are tribalism and religion. If we handle these two problems Nigeria will be a better place for us to live The restructuring confab must face Who na sabi b4. They have a complete philosophy from almost the rest of the country. Rape is not sin. Western education is abomination. They are born to rule. Terrorism has a price in heaven.

Biggest burden The north is not Nigeria's problem but our tribalistic views on issues and we still being under slavery(religion,tribe,corruption) even after 59 years of independence You don't know before Quite well the burden of Nigeria is the North. North is Nigeria’s burden because they are part of the country. The country is as strong as its weakest link. We should learn to harness the strength in our diversity rather than clamor to be ethnic champions.

88% a burden

Bandits tax us before allowing us access to our farms – North-West farmersBandits now collecting taxes under PMB's government 😂😂😂 shittu10 check if this is fknws Insecurity on the Next Level

101% problem of Nigeria. South Easterners saw this way back, but other regions decided to fight South East people. Now we are all tangled in the web. Definitely YES Yes it is yes.... You mobilePunch Should be ashamed of this bigot caption. Instigating division and hate for no reason. Nigeria belongs to all of us. We're 1 Nigeria.

An obvious burden. Its visible to the blind Wait o Ain't no northerner here ni? Why is everyone saying 'yes' There is God o But, I also think they are Big One.. Anytime!!!!!!!!!! Yes, their leaders do not want them educated because they use them as foot soldiers , the classrooms are empty and they prefer to call their students Almajiri the same name they call destitute. You can only imagine the level of brain drain going on there.

North believes it’s being targeted by restructuring – Prof. Bolaji AkinyemiIn this interview with MUDIAGA AFFE, a professor of political science and an ex-Minister of External Affairs between 1985 and 1987, Bolaji Akinyemi, who is also a former Director-General of the Nig... North believes no one else should rule other than them... 😃 If the think so with these enormous potentials lying fallow up north then some ppl simply don't want to think and be creative it's a choice though you choose what you are it's nobody's fault Yes, that is correct. The 2005 and 2014 National conference is an evidence to support it. The SS position is on resource control while the SW position is about regionalism. The SE is position is getting additional State. What about the North?

Yes I can say that thousand times Let's hear from them it's not North perse but the few educated leaders there use religion n ethnicity to enslave the majority, mostly uneducated A curse to South Nigeria. The relationship is not working Yes too backward Absolutely. The north is this country's dead weight, dragging the rest of the country into the abyss of desperate dissilussionment.

rotimiobe Simple yes The best question from in yrs No. Just a part of the burden Yes pls

North Korea Demands Release Of Coal ship Seized By U.S.North Korea on Tuesday demanded the release of a cargo ship seized by the U.S. on suspicion of breaching UN and U.S. sanctions, the official Yonhap news agency cited Pyongyang state media as saying. The U.S. government on Thursday seized the North Korean ship which was being used to export coal, the first time Washington […]

Yes ooooo Headache .. ,excess load The excesses of the legislature and executive is the type of burden we need to get off our country’s shoulder... The answer is certainly obvious. And they are procreating at an alarming rate Big Problem YES! YES!! YES!!! Very big problem. Where else is? Yes I will say. What we clamour for as development eg good roads education sustainable system and economy has no meaning to an average northerner. They are interested in their cattle and many wives in poverty. It doesn't ring a bell to them. Infact development is a treaty!

No, it's Hausa, lbo and Yoruba.

Let’s bring peace and development to the North! – Daily TrustI am deeply in pain over recent happenings in Northern Nigeria. In the past, Northern Nigeria was known for peace, tolerance and love for each other. We used to adore and respect one another. We lived with one another happily, providentially and contentedly. We were harmonious, symphonious in coherent and cohesive manner. That is why the … Now It seems you guys want to start getting sense small small.!!! Northern leaders know every single truth. They are just greedy and envious. So narcissistic. Though some of them do their bests, while some of them want to contribute but they are ignorant.

Yes QED Their leaders are selfish and self centred... They have refused to develop that part of the country 💔💔💔💔 And with that picture you believe the North represents terrorism. Just like the mass media depiction of Islam, well you are only replicating what you were fed. No! The answer to the question. We all are burden to Nigeria, bcos only when it benefits us we claim it....

No it’s the North’s problem. Let them dealwith it 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣 YES That will be a wrong conclusion, majority of the local food we eat come from there. Our leaders need to make use of the human and mineral resources in that area to develop that area I don't think Lord lugard would make heaven..The north and south into the fussion called NIGERIA is a wrong marriage

Not only a burden, the North is a big cancer that is impeding Nigeria progress. They wear religion on their head like a cap using it to attack a secular government policies. If the oil we have in the south is in the north, north could have separated from the south a long time ago.

Farmers in North-West seek lease of FG grains silos – Survey – Daily TrustFarmers and stakeholders in agriculture in some states of the North-West have advised the Federal Government to lease all its existing grain silos in the zone for better management and utilisation. A News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) nation-wide survey on the state of silos in the country reveals that the few grain silos in the …

Not just burden... It is the Nigeria problem. Yes UchePOkoye Is this not obvious? too much burden we need to go regional six geo political region with each region with there constitution that will solve lot of problem yes Kinda obvious. Sorry Yes and it is slowing the other regions down Remove the north and everything will be just fine. They've been drowning us back since independence.

Yes of course Yup... The north is the bedrock of hypocrisy.

Kidnapping dislodging more farmers in North – Traders – Daily Trust…say members from other regions now fear to visit north The President of the National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS), Barrister Ken Okaoha, has warned that the nation’s economy is speedily losing grip as farmers are being dislodged from the North, which is noted for its large farming activities. In his message to the participants …

Be asking stupid question...u don't know before...😠 This is not a question...I think you know what the problem is... Of course not. It's moronic enough to even suggest this, but very dumb to make it an HL. 👎👎👎 What are they bringing to the central govt? Just do the analysis and the clear picture will come. The south east, south south, south west, north east and central.

RealOlaudah Yes Yes I agree. Divide the country into North and south and see the difference in 4 years. The North is a burden on Nigeria. They have an advantage, their number and because of this, they are the 'determining factor' of who rule this country. Education which is the only tool that could force them to think was taken away from them replacing it with Almajiri

Good question No! Southwest is It is understatement if you say North the burden of Nigeria, North has destroyed,killed and buried Nigeria

Eradicating poverty in the North – Daily TrustNigeria is said to be the poverty headquarter of Africa. It is also reported over 90.8 million Nigerians are living below poverty line. In another shocking report by brooking institution, every Nigerian becomes destitute or poor each passing minute. With these glaring nay convincing reports, we need to worry about the high rate of poverty … How come and in what way are u going to eradicate it

I was thinking, the north is the Nigeria? The north is not Nigeria's burden. It's Nigerians that are the north's burden. We make the north seem handicapped from the other regions whereas they are not. Divide Nigeria and you will see every regions prospering. Most tribes of northern Nigeria were conquered during Jihad after which their rulers became Fulani. Fulani sold them as slaves or took tribute from those lucky to be left behind. That culture of preying on the people persists in northern leaders till today.

If there is anything stronger than YES Yes!!! The device you used in posting this, did you charge it with NEPA light? Burden is an understatement, they are spoiler. Yes very well! The north is dragging Nigeria backward. They should have been a separate country. Huge liability on the south. NewsPulseNG ... The image you use speak volume .... this report is biased

Re: Hopes run high as North-East commission is set to rebuild – Daily TrustWhen I read the story titled, ‘Hopes run high as North-East commission is set to rebuild’, on the pages of your esteemed newspaper’s edition of Saturday May 11, I honestly was not prepared to feel any emotion. This is because it discussed the cold aspects of the whole thing, the official lingo, if you will. …

Dat na question? Northern Nigeria is a curse to Nigeria... That region of the country has been the bane of our existence. Poor, weak and greedy leadership, poor, myopic and lobotomized followership. The north can do better by projecting the few good, liberal and enlightened elites amongst them but too bad they are incapable of such.

Are you supposed to be asking this? Or you're supposed to provide a solution.. Can't believe there are still dummies that work in companies like this.... Yes, it is. Yes, But when the burden becomes too much,you live it for the original owners to carry. We can't come and die for them na. More than burden

Suppose to be a blessing but a huge burden due to lack of education.... Must you always ask what you know it's the truth? Even a big man confirmed it to me last 2 weeks here in Adamawa State... Yes yes yes yes yes yes................... Yes!

Dangote’s Sound Warnings To The NorthAlhaji Aliko Dangote, President of the Dangote Group, needs no introduction, as the world’s richest black man alive today. He is the richest African, being the world’s 65th richest man according to the Bloomberg billionaire’s list. He is also the world’s 66th most influential person. In recent years, he has proven to not only be […]

Most definitely YES!!! Why asking this type of question. Media should not fuel civil strife and war rather mending walls and profer solutions. Please be objective! Seeing them begging all over the country, they're burden Shaking the table But it affects everyone No, Africa's. BIG TIME A very big one I must say, and we carry them as if we've sworn never to disengage.

98% of Nigeria's burden We've allowed their (North) metal poverty determine out faith our fate.

Hopes run high as North-East commission is set to rebuild – Daily TrustIt was the day that President Muhammadu Buhari assented to the bill that established the North East Development Commission (NEDC), a child of necessity meant to give a new lease of life to the people in the region who have suffered from debilitating attacks from the Boko Haram insurgents for nearly a decade. Even from …

North has always been Nigeria’s Socio-Politico-Econo and Religious problem. Yes yes and yes. It's like saying, did MBuhari rig the last presidential election? Yesssssssss They should carry there cross Of course yes since before independent they'd been our problems. YES! Yes,even the north knows Just reading comments and laughing 😂


Ejike Asiegbu, others protest killings in Zamfara, North-West - Vanguard NewsNollywood actors, under the umbrella of “Concerned Actors and Seasoned Nollywood Stars”, have condemned the killings and blood-bath going on in the North-Western part of the country, especially Zamfara State.

Noo..its Southern Atlantic Ocean that is the problem. Yes Never ever Wrong title IMO. North is the sick man of Nigeria 🇳🇬 a region that has consistently produced the president and high stake politician in the country and yet remain the bane of poverty and insecurity Rhetorical question Isn't it obvious?

North is the real Nigeria, but if you see us as a burden to you, you can split if you want. Yes, I think Yes!!!! Heavy one

Yes, and they are aware of it 80% of nigeria's burden Y E S Y E S Y E S Y E S The North is not the problem the politicians at NASS earning $25000/week are. 108 Senators annually cost the treasury N46,656,000,000/yr or $129,600,000/yr. Add the amount for MDAs head, what is left for the 100s of millions of Nigerians?

No...nigerians are 50% of Nigeria's burden Yes i agree Burden + Overload = As it was in the beginning Yes. Terrible burden. With the region in the map, Nigeria is going no where.

YES!!!!!!! if you say so .. The prevalence of extreme poverty and backwardness of Northern Nigeria is a disgrace to humanity YES Finally we are asking the right question! the whole of Belgium is like Lagos State now imagine the whole of the North. So they should go and stand as a country Capital yesssssssssssss

Of course Yes Yes

Burden to themselves 🖕🖕🖕They should go to hell Very true Truth be told, maybe. I think so Yes and Yes. Yes Excess burden Yes it is ooooooooo🤔 Yes ooooo

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