Coronavirus, Iran

Coronavirus, Iran

Iran’s vice president infected with Coronavirus

Iran’s vice president infected with Coronavirus


Iran ’s vice president infected with Coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic in Iran has cost 26 lives, the health ministry announced Thursday, with a vice president becoming the latest top official to be infected as the spread appeared to accelerat...

Health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour told a news conference that the tally of infections had risen to 245 with 106 more cases confirmed, the highest number for a single day since Iran announced its first infections on February 19.Mojtaba Zolnour, head of parliament’s national security and foreign affairs committee, also contracted the virus, appearing in a video posted by Fars news agency saying he was in self-quarantine.

The announcement by Zolnour comes two days after another top official, deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi, head of the government’s coronavirus task force, said he too had contracted the virus.

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USA how far? This is sleek God have mercy Oh why not buhari and the entire APC members ..😡😡 E don red Lol this one off me🧘🏿‍♂️ Can't you see our president don't want to travel anymore because of corona virus This is alarming. The Iran govt is taking this case with levity hands and sweeping a serious issue like coronavirus under the carpet. Are you waiting until it kills all your top officials before something can be done?

IzuOgbeleje Is this true? God we see what you're doing for other nations when is Nigeria turn E don cast

Iran reports 22 deaths from coronavirus; 141 infected – IRNA22 people have died so far from the new coronavirus in Iran , the official Iran ian news agency IRNA reported in a chart it published on Thursday. end of the world is here Sigh I don't think they have the medical facilities to contain the widespread of this deadly pestilence

What a pity chuzzy_official akpan_ndidia Give her chloroquine This is end time drawing near when strange sickness and diseases will be heard and seen in the world. May God forgive our sins Baba can now travel any how abeg, infact we are not bothered go and spend our money travel nyaga nyaga abeg. O ga o

Now nobody need to travel anyhow anymore because you travel anyhow u see koro this one no be diseases no de kill Africa man ooo.Its time to be watchful. Aaaaah. God pls help us with a cure fast pls forgive us Lord. Although u can direct it to Nigerian leaders only I hope Nigerian officials are watching, coronavirus does not care if you are a powerful government official

This coronavirus is moving too fast. God save Nigeria because we have viruses here already. Both Boko Haram and the recalcitrant herdsmen are still with us.

Iran Accuses US Of Fear-Mongering As Deadly Coronavirus Spreads Iran Accuses US Of Fear-Mongering As Deadly Coronavirus Spreads

Ouch! When a fish drowned and even died of thirst. This is a scary news. Yeepaaaa! MrRArabi Lol. Never heard of Iranian VP before What a bombshell 🙆 Please help me beg this coronavirus to go infected our leaders because we are not enjoy them... lobatan oooo Beware! Coronavirus can be sent to someone through an infected gift.

This one na war! Wow!!! Fake news Naso we see am ooo... make she no die sha

Iran's deputy health minister tests positive to coronavirus Iran 's deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, has tested positive to coronavirus, the BBC has reported. Iran , like others, is battling the scourge of the... Corona no get respect the_ngozi We are told man had close contact with the mullah-military establishment leadership....gan...gan Yesterday I watched him coughing while making a statement on coronavirus. AljazeeraNews

This country's leadership is terrible to say the least. To think they were trying to cover the fact that the have a Corona virus problem is just sad. Now both health minister and vice president are infected. These guys think everything is politics. wow That’s nice How true is dis info What a pity I think this judgment on countries sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria and the world.

Oghene bikor... ifeanyiokoye04 Water don pass garri JA_Anva Is well

Coronavirus: U.S. issues travel warning as South Korea reports 505 new cases – Daily TrustThe United States has issued a new warning against travel to South Korea as the Asian nation reported 505 additional coronavirus infect...

Oh my God. This isn't looking good, the virus is out for all. If it gets to Nigeria, Hehehhe.. 🤐 Hmmmmm Mss_XerrahAhmad Make dem no bring am come niaja ooo Church agbasa!! Now it has become amply clear that Corona virus is a Biological Weapon I heard Iran deputy health minister is the one infected are you saying the vice president now has the virus also please clarify before you add this to tomorrow's headline

She is vice president on woman affairs UmarZubyr This is getting out of hand. 0necoolJB Yen yen yen Enyi go sleep

Coronavirus: Pakistan shut down schools, suspends flights from Iran - Daily Post NigeriaPakistan on Thursday closed down schools in several areas and suspended flights to and from Iran following the spread of coronavirus Pakistan, bordering

I told you it's a biological weapon May God heal him 🧐 The cure to coronavirus in this case will be manufactured ASAP Mad oo!! How manage? Is this true Wow Oh dear!

Iran confirms total of 26 coronavirus deathsTf When did they test positive Omg!

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