Coronavirus Fight, Covıd-19 Fund

Coronavirus Fight, Covıd-19 Fund

I’ve fears COVID-19 funds will be looted –Olaniyan

I’ve fears COVID-19 funds will be looted –Olaniyan

4/2/2020 1:05:00 PM

I’ve fears COVID-19 funds will be looted –Olaniyan

In this interview with OLADIMEJI RAMON, Legal Adviser at Amnesty International Secretariat, London, Dr Kolawole Olaniyan, speaks about Nigeria’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the right of N...

Dr Kolawole OlaniyanIn this interview with OLADIMEJI RAMON, Legal Adviser at Amnesty International Secretariat, London, Dr Kolawole Olaniyan, speaks about Nigeria’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the right of Nigerians to quality health careWhat is your thought about the handling of the COVID-19 crisis by the Nigerian government?

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President Muhammadu Buhari government’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic has been unsatisfactory. The government initially failed to come up with a communication strategy about its plan to limit the spread of the pandemic in the country, and failed to impose travel restrictions at a time these measures would have been most effective.

Then, President Buhari failed to provide the leadership required, his initial measures were limited only to issuing press releases; he didn’t speak to Nigerians directly or provide any leadership in terms of direction, strategy and coordination of responses to COVID-19 pandemic. In Buhari’s absence, some governors like the Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu have taken the space because, as the saying goes: ‘Nature abhors a vacuum’.

Buhari’s lethargic approach to the virus has undermined public trust in government actions, and Nigerians are now asking if his government truly has the capacity to combat the spread of the disease or address its corrosive impacts on the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people. The address by the President has not helped much, as it raises more questions than it answers. In short, his leadership style and government’s approach to coronavirus is one big let-down, which is also one reason his oft-expressed commitment to the fight against corruption has remained more rhetorical than real.

The President has to raise his game, and he has to do that now. He needs to see this as an important opportunity to improve the country’s weak and corrupt health systems, push for constitutionally and legally enforceable human right to the highest attainable standard of health for every Nigerian, particularly the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people, and access to clean water, among the basic rights that have been denied people for many years. The President has to do something special that would help to position the country to confront health challenges like COVID-19 in the short, medium and long terms.

For example, Buhari can immediately increase resources to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control to establish presence in the 36 states of the country, which would, among others, improve opportunities for testing for Nigerians in general, and not just politicians, their families and friends who are reportedly taking multiple tests for COVID-19, thereby diverting critical resources away from those who need them the most. There’s absolutely no reason why Buhari can’t do this straightaway.

Many think the COVID-19 situation has exposed the failure of government in the health sector over the years. Do you share this view?Absolutely yes! Nigerian health care facilities have for many years been mismanaged, underfunded and understaffed. The country’s health system has been diminished by years of corruption, and it’s as a result poorly equipped to handle the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The situation has shown the government’s abject failure to ensure that our people, particularly the country’s poorest and most vulnerable people, enjoy the right to health, as required under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, to which Nigeria is a state party. For example, the Covenant, which is the most comprehensive treaty on the right to health, guarantees to everyone the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. It also obligates the Buhari government to take effective steps for the prevention, treatment and control of epidemic, endemic, occupational and other diseases.

Will government failure to provide quality health care for Nigerians qualify as human rights abuse?The short answer is yes! The Nigerian Constitution of 1999 (as amended) does not provide for legally enforceable right to health, but as I have noted earlier, Nigeria is a state party to several international and regional human rights treaties such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, which obligate the Buhari government to take steps to prevent threats to public health and to provide medical care to those who need it. In fact, the African Charter has been domesticated and is now part of our national laws, meaning that it is directly applicable and enforceable in the country.

The right to health simply means that health facilities, goods, and services should be available in sufficient quantity, and accessible to everyone without discrimination, and affordable for all, even marginalised groups.By failing to ensure the effective enjoyment of the right to health by the people, the Buhari government, and to be fair, every government since the return of democracy in 1999, have undermined people’s other human rights like the rights to food, housing, work, education, human dignity, life, and non-discrimination, because the right to health is closely related to and dependent upon the realization of these human rights.

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The government should increase investments in the health system to improve primary and preventive health care that would benefit a far larger part of the population, not just the politicians and the wealthy.If Buhari government can do just one thing, I would say it should be to vigorously push for constitutional review to make all of these human rights legally enforceable under the Constitution. But will he do it?

What line of redress is available to the citizens in this regard?Yes, citizens have the right to pursue legal action against the Nigerian authorities under some of the human rights treaties that I have mentioned. While it may be difficult to seek redress for violations of the right to health under the Nigerian Constitution, citizens can rely on the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights for example, to seek redress before the ECOWAS Court of Justice in Abuja or the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Banjul, The Gambia. They can also use the provisions of Chapter IV of the Constitution dealing with fundamental rights to enforce some of the policy statements contained in Chapter II dealing with Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy, particularly the provisions requiring the authorities to ensure adequate medical and health facilities for all persons, and to abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power.

Government has earmarked money and donations are being made towards the fight against the COVID-19 scourge. Do you have any fear that these funds may be looted, giving our past experiences?Yes, I do. There is strong evidence to suggest that grand corruption under this government has not reduced, despite Buhari’s perceived anti-corruption credentials. The latest global corruption index from Transparency International and findings from local civil society groups like Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project show the level of grand corruption in Nigeria and the entrenched impunity of perpetrators.

So, transparency, openness and accountability are required to track the spending of these funds before they are looted. The country’s anti-corruption agencies, particularly the ICPC and EFCC, should not wait for any directives to investigate and prosecute any allegations of corruption in the use of COVID-19 funds, they need to begin some monitoring and tracking activities and if there is any credible evidence corruption, to take action to promptly, thoroughly and transparently investigate and effectively prosecute any such cases.

There are strong reasons to be vigilant! Corruption is still a major problem in the Nigerian politics, with various government agencies becoming deeper and deeper involved with the widespread use of political appointments even at the highest level of government. Just two examples to buttress my point: first, the Auditor-General of the Federation’s reports are routinely ignored. And President Buhari and his Attorney General see nothing wrong with this.

In 2016, 323 agencies, ministries and departments didn’t submit audited reports to the auditor-general, as legally required. 265 MDAs didn’t submit report in 2017, so the volumes of public funds allocated to these MDAs or how the funds have been spent remain unknown and unaccounted for. President Buhari is doing absolutely nothing to address this.

Second, under Buhari’s watch, a governor is pushing to pocket a portion of recovered Abacha loot. Mr Buhari’s Attorney General sees nothing wrong with this! Recovered loot should be used to provide redress to victims of corruption and not for political patronage. But this says something about diminished expectations for a country that has witnessed grand corruption for decades.

How will you rate the Buhari government on transparency regarding recovered assets/loot and their management?I will rate the government very low. I think Mr Buhari’s record in this respect is symptomatic of his record in the fight against corruption in general, meaning that he has failed to back his expressed commitment in 2015, when he rightly declared: “If we don’t kill corruption, this corruption will kill us.”

He has taken some good measures like the Treasury Single Account but nothing ground-breaking as far as the fight against corruption is concerned. Apart from a few examples, many high-ranking corrupt officials still rarely end up in jail, as suspects continue to exploit the flaws in the justice system and the anti-corruption programme’s legal and institutional mechanisms, to the point where individuals are profiting from their crimes.

Part of the problem is the government’s disdain for the rule of law, as illustrated by the tendency to pick and choose which court orders it complies with. This selective application of the rule of law implies an agenda to delegitimise the judiciary, and perhaps, inadvertently, render it incapable of contributing to the anti-corruption fight.

Mr Buhari has put the rather slow pace of his government’s fight against corruption down to the ‘lack of cooperation by the judiciary.’ But while the judiciary may not as yet be up to speed in terms of accelerating the hearing of high-level corruption cases – consistent with the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 – and adopting an activist-cum-public-interest approach to such cases, judges can do very little if the investigation and prosecution of grand corruption cases continue to be poorly handled.

Mr Buhari cannot on the one hand blame the judiciary for ‘failing to work’ with his government in the fight against corruption, while on the other be disobeying judgments by the same judiciary. Yet, obeying court orders is the bare minimum required of Mr Buhari by his constitutional oath of office.

Mr Buhari government can improve transparency and accountability in the spending of recovered funds by immediately implementing the ground-breaking judgment by Justice Mohammed Idris, in a case brought by SERAP, which ordered the government to publish details on the spending of stolen funds recovered by successive governments since the return of democracy in 1999.

This judgment provides the government with an important opportunity to improve transparency and accountability in the spending of recovered. Buhari should ask his Attorney General to implement enforce that judgment.Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.


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Fear ke. Nigerians are used to that now, it's not today, e don tey. We are not expecting much form Covid-19 fund, it will take the usual path. Mr. Olaniyan no fear, that one na sure banker nah 🙄 You echo the fears of every NIGERIAN citizen.. If anybody can loot COVID-19 fund, that person is worst than the virus itself. The person is PANDEMIC criminal: complete threat to humanity.

It has been looted already Your fear is not misplaced. You don't need to be afraid of what is CERTAINLY GOING TO HAPPEN If looted, they will certainly see the wrath of Almighty Allah. Fear. The money was already shared before it came Already looted..especially the south-south..stealing covid-19into their house and thinks it's masses money..

Me too. Too late! It is happening now. If na dat one Sir... Save ur fear for ppl who are infected with Covid-19. The money that has been looted B4 looting started. Will or already been looted? Nigeria!!!! I has been looted not it will be looted Something that have been looted, even before it was donated... I fear my country... I believe someday God go heal this country

That's for sure.Nigerian factor No doubt Already looted Indeed this is true The money has been looted since 1829. PrinceDeeTP It has been looted already sir. A. Law should be enacted for death warrant on looted COVID-19 funds. Or what else do you think? Before nko......some will kill theirselves over it That is a must.

Will be Lol Money Mk dem do die tay tay so bro You should know that for long. No surprise, really. By the time you hear the amount some state Governors would claimed to have spent on COVID-19, you will offer Nigeria for sale online Go to court when you have evidence...You are just misinforming the public.Nonsense

You are not in Nigeria! Your fears are well founded. Absolutely ! It’s already looted, this government is the mot corrupt in the world Your fear is real My brother fear is understatement oh. The looting has started before your fear oh Everyone knows that already Rest assured that the money is already aloota continua... Be of good cheer.

It has been looted already... That's a normal thing! W shouldn't expect less. That's a no _harbie_ For sure? They already loot them,. Bros ni vex we all know that it’s time for all of them to cash out 😂😂😂 The fear is general. Looting the health of Niherians... Itz_iyisam We all know the concluding part of this movie in Nigeria

This is not news. Looting in Nigeria is like entering a bukka to eat eba. I praise those donor, but at the same time you no try, you know the kind leaders we have, why don't you make the masses happy and stop all the crying in the country by giving them the money. Some people can't eat without going out, and you stop them without any provisions.

Before nko Mtchewww Will be or already looted. Westin be tour own taa Sorry your fears are misplaced. These funds are not being managed by the known rogues OfficialPDPNig PDP_2023. The economic team that brought us out recession are on top. They don't disappoint. They'll never disappoint. MBuhari will succeed and triumph over this virus.

They’ve finished spending it already Na reality wey dey happen already you just drop The wrath of God Almighty will visit those people that will loot Covid-19 funds. Plague that is worst that Covid-19 will attack them. What do you expect from this administration? They are group of looters.... How much did you contributed?

Your fear is late! I've seen it my dream before the Wuhan virus blew in December, 2019. When N52billion has already been shared in the last 24hrs? Edionseri_Joy Lol...something that's already happening 😂 True talk If we want a better Nigeria,then we all have to shun corruption n any form of prejudice! U don't come here throwing tantrums,when u have also benefited from the proceeds of looting... And now that u are no longer at the table where the largess is shared,u turned a town crier!

There some of us here commenting and casting aspertions, that have parents n uncles who looted too as civil servants, local government workers, Army Generals, police officers etc Even those whose parents used looting money to train them abroad are here throwing stones! Na today! That is for sure It has been looted

Ask them to give account now is story for the gods.. Ooiinn!!!!!! No b fear ,na d truth I say dy shld sell this country nd play bet It's been looted Fears not unfounded We know bro Will or have We had the fear before you conceived the fear. How many of you noticed that Buhari's foot soldiers who nicknamed themselves General on Twitter has been quiet for some days now?

It's being looted as we tweet Or, it has been looted already😢 We're ruled by kleptomaniacs Already started. Whoever loots the covid-19 funds shall die painfully of the disease and shall be passed to his family. And i am not apologetic about it. So shall it be for anyone that takes advantage of having access to the funds for treatment of the infected...

Welcome to Nigerian! Even if that money is lodged in d belly of a lion our disgruntled politicians who've sold their souls to d devil will still embezzle that money. D problem be say we no get SHAME! what about coys amassing billions but lack cooperate social responsibilities? The funds have been looted already 🤷🏾‍♂️

Something that they have already shared before it got to their hands. You are here fearing. So sad Yes you are right I think as well Na assurance Lol I'm surprised someone is still having fears because of things that happen every day! No need to fear. Its reality. All the donations local and foreign might be wasted and most will end up in private pockets. StaySafeNigeria IfollowBack100%

B4, na today animal kingdom! It isnt fears, it is what will happen. Yes just like the funds for military equipment was swallowed They have loot the funds already. How on earth the FG share 15bn to poor households in one day. NG liars I have and I’ve are not interchangeable in every context. Nigeria politicians Deserve to be Giving medal of the most corrupt country in the world, They should even make them pendant and Engrave it on their cars and passport

That’s very certain as we Dey talk am so , Am very sure they are planning to steal the money , they will proabably say I rented tent for 1 billion , just like they use hundreds of millions to clear bush for Abuja , Yeye people True talk Nothing dey ground for looting again. And you are here saying you fear the funds will be looted.

It is already looted man and you know Before nko🚶 Nigerians lave loose trust and confidence in our leaders People are already millionaires! And their family dies of Coronavirus And the cause of the virus will forever follow that person and family who eat from the loot So its not looted?story E sure me share dem go share an

Same fear we all have It's not a fear, it's the truth. Is it remaining? Sorry o something that have lost That's Nigeria for u. Ashe o ki she wo ninu ole ji ja. It's in their blood. This man don't know that PDP is no more . The fear is palpable from here. Looting and diverting public funds into private pockets is the only thing Nigerians leaders are known for.

Fear if you want to fear.. It has been looted. It's akrwst looted... Are you just getting into the country for the first time Nigeria system of government are greedy Covid-19 fund is only for APC elites. After all, they are the carrier and the distributor. If you do not want to be infected with the virus, then distance yourself from the fund. Buhari led APC government will rather distribute the virus than the relief funds.

Sure! What else do you expect? If it already hasn't Hahaha..... Your feelings ain't lying sire. The money that been shared already abi which one? This is hammer season for a few.. Sumtin that’s bin looted immediately it’s announced. 🙄 PremeditatedLoot You fear? We know. We all have that fear Even the donors don't have fear, so why are you bothered?

It has already been looted... Tun yaushe We all know that sir U fear or u know.. Una never see anything.. Instead of bank doing the ultimate neeful,they have fish to cat to distribute how is that possible.? Money that has been looted? 😄😄😄 It has been looted already Looted already. Nigeria is a terrible country to live in

Before nko? Dem don block you? Another covidiot! It has been share sef Before nko? 🤔 Not only you sir That is the reality. It has started. To run a covid19 test cost 10,000.(ten thousands naira). Shame!. Looted already sir Done deal. It has already been looted... Once it enters their hands forget it... Nigerians always with negative thought. I don't share that sentiment.

That will not surprise anybody, it will be an abnormal if leaders don’t steal in NIGERIA. Dey ve already started d looting. Did u c d ridiculous quantity of foodstuffs shard 2 d poor in Lagos State? Do u no health personnels were told 2 buy protectiv kits lik nose mask, etc 4 demselves? Wher r ol d sanitizers,nose masks etc being donated?no sanitizers in markets too

Them don use am do bailout The blank truth. Your fears will be confirmed,is this not Nigeria again. But this time it will be their deaths. I think it has been. For sure Whoever loots COVID-19 money , will carry a transgenerational curse. Won't you be surprised if it's not looted? Sho mo wa mo ni? Water is wet

Old news... you should know this from the beginning Guy no fear... The funds has been looted already... 3B naira shared in a day in Abuja to ghost people they can't give account for is looting phase 1. AmtimT With a face like that? The future can be seen without a microscope Please and please , this CACOVID is to support government effects in equipments and logistics and not to pay direct cash transfer to any Nigerians . So don’t expect a Kobo paid to you .

I totally agree with your statement. It’s his time to shine, prove he is a good leader for all Nigerians. Time to come out of hiding and address the people of Nigeria daily. 'will be'? It's looted already. How can finance minister be begging for ventilators if the money was still available? Think of it!

U have fears it’ll be looted or it’s already looted since ....1747 You Say What..🙄 Money That Has Been LOOTED Already.. 🤔😒 They have already been looted man Will be Abi it has been...😒😒 Money wey don finish Has been looted not will be looted. It has already been shared And i seriously wish death upon everyone that dares it!! being looted already. 😒😥 Looted ages ago already Exactly That's same fear I am having. Let there be a serious transparency on how the funds are being used. We it not naija again? No fear because we know That’s a norm for Nigeria Politricians I will be surprised if not looted The funds will be looted. What govt should do is to order the custom to release all edible items like rice etc to be distributed to the people during this period of lock down. This is better than sharing money to the poor. Most Nigerians are thieves.

Don't have fears, known its a reality, it won't be the 1st time Will be looted? Or has been shared They’ve shared it since day 1 Na you day Talk small small.. Is there any money in Nigeria related to the government that was never looted before? I have the same feelings too, the rich in nigeria dont have the mind to help, they just want to show off and show support to politicians, you have better platform to reach the needy you decided to put the money in the pocket of the looters.

It's not COVID-19 funds its LOOT-IT funds For me I don't think there is any fund called covid-19 funds, bcos they have already shared the money so we are the one still thinking there is fund Money don fly Before it's certain that they will loot the money They have looted it already. Fears? I'm certain it'll b looted.

The funds have been quarantined. E don finish ooo If Ebola outbreak money could be diverted in Congo.. Nigerian politicians who are the top stealers in African politics will steal this one It has already been looted even before it was released, we to stone these criminals and shame them. Wetin we dan know since😂😂

The only honest Nigerian Of course, the COVID-19 funds will be looted. You don't need soothsayers to tell you. Be rest assured that some people are already thanking God for this coronavirus, for their time to make big time money is here. God bless Nigeria. It had already been looted, not it may be looted sir.

No need to fear bro, it's already done. Looting started even before the money came. When it finally landed it was kill and divide Too late , it’s already looted 👨🏿‍🦽👨🏿‍🦽👨🏿‍🦽 they already looted it before it landed. Man's inhumanity towards fellow man would only get worse There's no doubt about that

Fact oga Have been or would be looted Swittiwa Trader moni Something they have looted since I can place a curse on them if they don't loot the money. They don't need to tell a blind man that it's raining. He'd feel it himself. You are absolutely right. Our fears also.. What a joke.of a country Definitely Already looted

It has already been looted You speak reality... your fears will be confirmed, the present government have not conscience and they are not accountable; at the end of it all they will play the blame game... Please stop lying and say it as it is. The funds are already looted! Me too Already being looted Before nko!! It's a business opportunity to Nigeria leaders

You stopped at fears? We sure die It will be looted because nobody is in charge of the country now as it stands. Before nko Of course it NO news! It's no longer new. So dont fear, it will surely be looted. This is Nigeria for you It has been shared among themselves not looted. NB: This Govt doesn't loot, they share. 😏

Your fear is well grounded, Sir. Matter of fact, the looting May have happened well before your premonition. Will be looted or it has been looted.... Your fear is well grounded, Sir. Matter of fact, the looting May have happened before your premonition. Don't be scared it's already been looted...Nigerians leaders are cursed

No need for that fear,its a usual thing that happens in Nigeria. The only thing is if the people will really be ready to hold their leaders accountable. Lol. It has been embezzled already b4 d donation self You still dey fear for money wey them done already loot finish. Nigeria my country They have started already

This one will be Covidgate .....thieves including the self acclaimed Mr integrity Dats for sure... If not that most of our donors are looking for national recognition only, how would you donate money and give to this sets of old layers to establish a fight against this ailment. I called it a waste of donation.... The govt will all waste and loot this fund. They are all...

billzcollecshun Will be or has been looted ? SMH This is the time for EFCC to work effectively without anyone requesting to go abroad for treatment. Abroad is now a taboo because of Covid-19 that knows no rich/poor, old or young, Saint/criminal. What a leveller ... 😄 It has already been looted mbok Will be looted or already gone?

I am using this avenue to appeal to banks, financial institutions and private individuals to give one quarter of their donations directly to the less privilege in the country rather than giving all to the FG. Money wey don finish? Before nko? you don't even need to have the fear but rather have the certainty...

They should invite you to handle it abi? You are not afraid the fund will be looted rather you are afraid the fund will be looted without you having a share. Will be looted abi it has been looted. Its obvious it will be looted Fear not for the looters will quench ur fear once u realize the whole money was looted on arrival 💰💸💸. After all Kano state govt. has disinfected the whole of Kano state, that cost billions 😁

Sure now, even some will be praying it shouldn't end bec they earn huge amount from it. If you loot you die of Corona Let them keep looting . in two weeks when riots start to breakout them go know how far.. they will know how vulnerable they really are NMmaduabuch Chop and die Before nko Money that has disappeared

Infact let me just die and go to another country abeg. Fear not! Looting has already taken place😁 Am just praying the looters survive to enjoy it, we never see anything yet, death rate in Nigeria go reach 1k per day...useless people. Fears?! I'm sure of it. ephraimvictorp It's already looted U are right Mr Olaniyan. I could recall vividly under Goodluck government when we had Ebola & Lassafever cases hw some governors & their commissioners team up together to report fake cases to collect Federal allocation all in d name of equipping their hospitals, yet nothinghappen

so much for 'anti-corruption regime' DNT mind them if na street boy's nw. Dem go get power Funds are meant to be looted in this clime, like it or not. Fear ke. Nigerians are used to that now, it's not today, e don tey. We are not expecting much form Covid-19 fund, it will take the usual path. Fund looting galore 🤣🤣🤣

The fear is real It is not 📵 untrue. Your expression of fear 😱 is not 📵 out of place 🕋. It is real. 'Will be' or 'is being' looted? No words because there will always be a story wait and see but am praying with all my heart that they will surprise us all and use the funds for what it's meant to be used for.......

This one that FG is begging barely two weeks after donation, don't you think it has already been looted? That's if they have now finish looting 😒 It as been looted already... We know that. NCDC can send message to we the citizen witout anyone given them our digits but for the govt to share 1b Naira out of the money being realized to help us at this hard time it's very hard.. Nigeria is a joke. Even wen were nt up to bili

And they will all die before their time in Jesus name Exactly it’s opportunity for some people God bless you sir, people are suffering but now they account is getting fat. No be fear, that is exactly what is already happening.... Na true you talk sir, i have been saying since. Snake and monkey will swallowed the money. Useless people .

Money that has already been shared among themselves that is only the scrap that they're sharing for the citizen We all know wat to expect wen you put nigerian government and money together It's already been looted. It’s already looted Is already looted ooo Will be? Something that’s already looted Fear of the unknown or fear of the obvious..... Abegi leave matter for Mathias. naira COVID19 TECNOxWizkid Ukraine Nigeria Muslims YourViewTVC StayAtHomeChallenge StayAtHome StaySafeNigeria coronavirus COVID19Pandemic

It has already Been looted. I have fears? We know oooo Before nko...Oh, you want those greedy Lords to be looking at the monies. 🤣🤣 Not that the funds will be looted but that it's being looted. Tha manners and ways things re now escalated indicating something amazing is happening except there is urgent interventions to rescue the funds for the only genuine purposes.

It's not in Nigeria system it has been looted already With KPMG_NG as coordinating partners and with TeamTegbe as Supervisor, be rest assured of proper accounting Will be looted or It has been looted already. You fear? Me I strongly know ni. We join our faith with you in the fears This ppl knows what they're doing (politicians) beware election is coming and they'll use all this there donating cash for campaigns

Before nko u no need fear we know the level aidy It has been looted already and its quite unfortunate No fear. It will be looted for sure. People that have sold their conscience to the devil. The process and master plan for fund utilization and monitoring was default from on set. No well outlined process to ensure proper monitoring and accountability.

must definitely Money when don fly away since That is if they have not started or looted it finish. Already looted 😂😂😂 Something that is already chilling in private accounts somewhere. U are wasting ur fears o! Be strong, the money is already missing. It's not a fear, it's already been looted. The Best is no one should promise whether audio or not, just invest it your self to the health sector. I don't trust all these rubbish

It has been looted sir Apc government is the Most corrupt in the world Will be looted or has been looted? Abi it has been looted already baba wake up Already looted Really? Whoever looted it, CORO will not stop visiting them and their generations. D fund have been looted already It's ' ALOOTA CONTINUA' something, looted on arrival

Wetin dem do loot finish Dappy_52 We know sir 'Will be' or 'has been' ? I have same fear too. Wonma ku bi ewure ni 💀 Already have been looted and poor people are still suffering. Before nko? Covid 19 will visit them one by one. Haha, the reason why the borders were not closed until numerous confirm cases of covid 19 is to use covid 19 to loot of fund. But this time if we die they too will die.

Somethingng that they are looting already It's only Hod that can rescue our country Before nko Nemesis will befall them Gerrrrout That one is confirmed. Can you make eba and eat without soup in Nigeria? The funds don enter voice long time. Not a question of fear. It's a certainty. Funds donated for flood victims could not be accounted for.

I wish your statement could be further from the truth You are absolutely right,this our leaders are not trust worthy and also top officials Very true, they will definitely loot every Kobo. Bunch of selfish leaders. Will be or is already being looted. Have you not read they've disbursed 3b to poorest Nigerians.

Fears what? Oga do no worry.. The money is gone already 😂 Money they have shared finish We all know Not only you fear sir, all Nigerians are fear too Why u dey fear, na ur money,money wey dem don chop... I already said, frog is going to swallow it this time, so no need to be afraid All Nigerians are selfish. Maybe the should have channeled that fund to improving the hospital infrastructure

Something that started since..... They are stupid if they take this time to steal money when people is dying from Covid 19 Sharing formulas have took place over the money ... If this is true, then the fear of God has really disappeared from our midst. May God have mercy It has already been looted not 'will be looted'

Will be or is? It has already been looted It has already been looted before you say it or don’t you know your country people? same here big bro Everybody knows Already in motion sir You did not donate a pence and preoccupy yourself of the funds being looted. Think positive Will be looted or has been looted Buhari and his men are already looting them.

You can say that again... Unfortunately it is the only thing you can be sure about with this pandemic in Nigeria It's been looted before arrival UgoFynface Wey some ppl don oder 2021 Benz already Will or has Don't fear anymore, they have looted it. That's if it hasn't been looted Nothing works out good in a clime deeply infected with selfishness and greed as ours.

They are already looting it I've that fear too. Its already being looted and here they have pictorial evidence to cover up the looting. Fear no more, it has already been looted. Nigeria is now begging Elon Musk for ventilator. Nigeria naira It's not will be, it's has been looted since 🙄🙄🙄🙄 mayurisaac Nah you know

I'm not surprised. Covid opens and closes corruption I other breaking news, we expect dogs to bark at some stage 🙄 Has it not been looted already? It’s no longer a “fear”; it’s a “fact”! Hmmm. Na today? Even fear self they fear the looting U can't have fears for what has already gone. They've looted it immediately

It's a clear and present danger It's already looted You'll hear that Anaconda has swallowed it. My fear is not that the funds will be looted my fear is that snake should not swallow any of the funds. Corona_Biro pandemic Fear not for it is real; looting That is sure theprincekey We fear tooo oooo we fear Looted under statement, use d word disappear

Funds that has been looted already! SERAPNigeria officialEFCC come and see something 🤭 Na so na. Trust Naija politicians na. Before nko Stupid fear...imagine, we accuse people based on personal fear. This is just madness. U dey fear ? Bro has been looted Looted already. Now begging for ventilators Anyone caught with the looting should be infected with Corona virus and Ebola.

The donors made a very big mistake by given the money to the FG, they would have bought covid 19 related materials and food stuff to share. Like this, people like Lai Mohammed and other Ministers and people involved will Loot the money. Corrected: Has been looted. You mean the money that has been looted already...

Definitely now don't you know before? Especially my thoughts sir That one nah today If course it has been looted, see what our ministry of finance doing. Pleading with Elon musk to support them with ventilators with all the billions donated. When one ventilator is not up to $10,000. Buhari government is more corrupt than last administration.

You are not far from the truth. This people have no conscience and love for the country anyone that will loot the money will catch covik one nine It's already looted SERAPNigeria They are already looting those funds. I was more terrified cos I have that same impulsion that many of these officials are just involved to loot every Naira at this precarious moment. A closer case was Yesterday' hand sharing of funds (untraceable) in FCT by the lady minister.

You have fears or you are sure? It's a certainty. Anyone that want to donate for the masses should have a personal plan on how to deliver it directly to the people. ...not just you sir...that's if they have not finished it already ...this one the govt is asking for more funds....and pls on fast question, are the poorest of the poor in the north alone, are there no poor persons across Nigeria ?

HonAyodele It has been Looted since. SERAPNigeria Looted already Of course. Shey something wey dem don dey loot already abi which one again?.. Stay there and be having fears. Something is being done on a daily basis, Uncle is saying he has fears. For every 1m spent, it’s been recorded as 10-20m. Funny thing is we ain’t surprised. Na 9ja we dey.

People are dying in other climes all you can think of looting of donations? The loot and the looters are going to die, eventually and UNLESS you have evidence of looting of the donations, then stop unnecessary misinforming the public. You should influence social distancing. Not that will be looted, it has already been looted by dose who are in care of the funds

Surely, Certainly! Already looted since we now beg as a nation on Twitter SERAPNigeria You're still at 'fears'? I'm all the way down 'certainty avenue'! Your fears has been confirmed The possibility of this is very high. Already looted. Is it not Nigeria? I ave fears too Not only you No fia. Already looted!

is not about the fears.. it's about the fact that you know it would and would benefit somehow Before nko this is Nigeria Buhari won't like this. Why should the Chadian army try to decimate his boys instead of capture, rehabilitate and recruit them into the army? This is unacceptable. Definately Fear of the known

Normal na That's not strange to us in this country. Don’t be afraid. It will be looted. That one na norms now💔💔💔 SERAPNigeria The caba use this season to make money, but God is watching D money has already been divided Before nko,dey will only loot it,dey will bury it.its deir selfishness DT lead us into dis mess.

Abi its already looted Say the truth,it has been looted already.😂 Looted already Homeleopard We are all scared bro Fear ke, me I know it will be looted. It is not a matter of fear but reality, all of our leaders are looters hiding behind the covering or bar of leaders. It's been looted already. Will be abi has been

I blame the donors though Money were don Waka tay tay Exactly what's going on, I just hope the virus brings it worst in time.. I too think about it why are they not started use and share the money Will be looted ke? Abi it has already been looted. Truth Homeleopard Tele nko? This is the time for efcc to work but they will not work ooooo they will not work now oooooo

I have fears that tomorrow will be Friday Normal💯 Who knows the kinda animal that will do the work this time🤔 His on point but it has been looted already. They should stop giving fund instead they should donate materials like pastor Paul Enchie of Salvation ministry and Bishop David oyedepo of Winners chapel with donating materials and others no one can loot.

if you fancy A Camon 15, go follow playcube_tv they are giving out Camon 15 Please retweet so others could see. Funds that have already been looted Money wey them done loot finish.... How does FG identify the poorest of poorest familes? People that don't even have the means of opening an account ND are living in slums ND villages...

Will be? Or already looted? Abi is looting That money is already in someone's backyard. I have same feelings Why is he scared? We are used to it already. Next news abeg. We all do my guy. We juss dey wait for them make them come whine us Not only Covid funds looted, the use of force by the Armed forces trying to make sure people stay at home, The heads in the HQNigerianArmy and NGRPresident BashirAhmaad wouldn’t educate this soldiers! Now the virus don’t kill!!! Nigerian government kills faster! More to come!

It has already been looted....wicked nation🤦🏽‍♂️ Something that is already happening Before nko,this is Nigeria. Abi it has been looted ? Always It has already been looted Money wey don go 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trust Nigerians Money they have shared or which funds is he talking about 😂 Already looted and they are beginning to beg for ventilators.

You feared but ME I knew they will Conner it. We know that for sure DONJAZZY for President 2023. He has done more than MBuhari. Instead of donating (video money) in fight against COVIDー19 he is directly impacting the lives of Nigerians. Give him your support to do more. Kindly Retweet and drop your account details

Well, oloribu ni awón eyan. So we are all scared.

CSO tasks govts on transparent disbursement of COVID-19 funds – Daily TrustThe founder of Follow the Money, a civil society organization, Hamzat Lawal, has urged the federal and state governments to ensure transparency in the disbursement of COVID-19 donations by corporate and individual donors nationwide. Giving the advice in a television chat on Wednesday, the civil activist noted that lack of transparency and accountability from government … my point you are giving this job to the wrong people... which way Nigeria

Plateau to get Covid-19 test centre - Gov Lalong - Premium Times Nigeria'Thankfully, there is no recorded case yet and we pray that it remains so. However, we must work hard to keep things this way,' the governor said.

Congo's ex-president dies of COVID-19 - Premium Times NigeriaThe family said that he had underlying health conditions prior to contracting the coronavirus. How did you know that he died of covid-19 ? Come closer oh Lord There’s a Neighborhood called Nigeria begin with their exes Blaqprincz

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COVID-19: 'Not all hand sanitisers can kill virus'A pharmacist, Mr Ayobambo Fajuyitan, on Tuesday cautioned Nigerians against using hand sanitisers with low alcohol content in preventing COVID-19... This information is not for SARS-COV2 ie the COVID-19 because the alcohol or ethanol that will prevent its virulence or infection is 65%alcohol not 40%.

Water cart pushers, open sources, vendors can spread COVID-19Water is life, goes the popular saying. However, in Nigeria, this might not be completely true because it has sent many out of this world into ... How So we should start bullying them abi? Nonsense