Hushpuppi: Why we want Abba Kyari arrested, detained – U.S. govt

Hushpuppi: Why we want Abba Kyari arrested, detained – U.S. govt

7/30/2021 1:57:00 AM

Hushpuppi: Why we want Abba Kyari arrested, detained – U.S. govt

The U.S. government says Mr Kyari is a “serious risk defendant” wanted for charges relating to a $1.1 million transnational internet...

The U.S. government’s ‘Notice for Request of Request For Detention’ signed by an Assistant Attorney of the U.S government, Anil Antony, highlighted the reasons for asking for Mr Kyari’s arrest and his subsequent detention.“Plaintiff, United States of America, by and through its counsel of record, hereby requests detention of defendant,” the document read, in part, and further gave “material factors” necessitating the request.

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It said, the government “is entitled to detention hearing under § 3142(f)” because Mr Kyari as “serious risk defendant will flee”.It also said the pretrial detention was requested “because no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure: the appearance of the defendant as required”.

Case against KyariA special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Andrew Innocenti, who detailed how a Qatari businessperson was swindled of the $1.1 million in a court document, said Hushpuppi brought Mr Kyari into the scheme to arrange the arrest of a rival ringleader, Chibuzo.

PREMIUM TIMES’previous reportcontains Mr Innocenti’s account of how Hushpuppi and Mr Kyari met in Dubai in September 2019.Mr Innocenti said Chibuzo, displeased with his cut of the proceeds of the crimes he was getting from Hushpuppi, had discouraged the victim businessperson from further making payments to other ringleaders in his bid to hijack the scheme.

The FBI agent revealed that in line with Hushpuppi’s instruction, Mr Kyari, a Nigerian deputy commissioner of police, arrested and jailed Mr Chibuzo for about month.Mr Kyari sent Chibuzo’s photograph in custody to Hushpuppi, the federal agent said, adding that he “also facilitated payments from ABBAS to the Nigeria Police Force personnel who arrested CHIBUZO.”

ADVERTISEMENTThis, according to Mr Innocenti, was “to ensure CHIBUZO’s continued arrest, thereby preventing CHIBUZO from notifying the Victim Businessperson of ABBAS’ and JUMA’s fraudulent scheme and preventing CHIBUZO from hijacking the scheme for his own benefit.

The decorated Nigerian cop was also said to have told ABBAS that he would not allow CHIBUZO’s girlfriend to pay money to get CHIBUZO out of custody as he would have done for a ‘normal arrest’.After Chibuzo’s arrest, the special agent said, “JUMA and ABBAS convinced the Victim Businessperson to make the payments of $299,983.58 described above.”

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“KYARI’s knowing involvement in the scheme allowed ABBAS and JUMA to continue defrauding the Victim Businessperson undetected and receive money obtained from the Victim Businessperson after it was laundered,” the document added.Mr Kyari has, however, denied any wrongdoing concerning the case.

He said he only responded to a ‘distress’ call from Hushpuppi who claimed Chibuzo wanted to kill his family members.He said Mr Chibuzo was arrested by his team and later released.According to him, it was found out that Chibuzo had no such murderous plan as alleged by Hushpuppi, but that the duo only had disagreement concerning money.

He said no one demanded money from Hushpuppi in handling the case. Read more: Premium Times »

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Have u read the 65 page well detailed report indicting him The investigation had been on since 2019 & they have every evidence of conversation & wire transfers. The FBI won't come for you without any concrete evidence. They're not the PoliceNG ,DSS, officialEFCC America can collect the full nigeria police force, we dont mind, they are not serving any good purpose in nigeria

If the Nigeria government refuses to give up Kyari for proper investigation, the international community can now see the Nigeria government have a role to play in some of its citizens scams allegations. FBI ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow ArrestAbbaKyariNow

The dog has been let loose, nkan ti baje!! Will Buhari do the needful by ordering his goons from the DSS to whisk Abba Kyari away to the US and hand him over to the FBI? It would have been done by now if his name is Bayo Famuyiwa or Nnanna Nwosu, Buhari is a very sectionalist man.

‘Why I helped Hushpuppi’, Super Cop Abba Kyari breaks silence“Later, he saw some of my Native Clothes and Caps on my social media page and he said he likes them and he was connected to the person selling the clothes and he sent about N300k directly to the person’s ... Somebody should tell this cop 👮🏾‍♀️ that Hushpuppi don’t wear native 😂😂😂😂 Simple police lies. A. Man of Abba Kyari's standing cannot undertake such an assignment without collecting heavy tip from Hush puppi. If we open all the files of these officers, you will see a lot of dents. So Abba kyari also carries out delivery services in addition to his dealership in native attires. Oga police I beg keep quite.

[BREAKING] Hushpuppi: My hands are clean, those celebrating my indictment’ll be disappointed –Abba Kyari - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Unclean hands not just with curruption but with blood. Diezani is smiling at you, welcome to the party of guilty untill proven innocent Oga you collect

US court document exposes link between DCP Abba Kyari, HushpuppiAbba Alhaji Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, has been accused of collecting a bribe from embattled social media celebrity, Ramon Abbas, popularly 🙏 So all this while na today then know?

Abba Kyari speaks on relationship with 'fraudster' HushpuppiMr Kyari, a deputy commissioner of police, was mentioned by Ramon Abbas, popularly known as Hushpuppi, as receiving part of the proceeds of fraud. AbbaKyariIsAFraudster What is super about this man. The allegation to his name from the police brutality in Lagos make me nothing super about him. The woman that alleged him lost pregnancy in detention. He also obtained them. What shocked me was police lawyer saying she's related to Evans? U be thief I no be thief..

Hushpuppi: 'Nobody demanded a kobo from Abbas' - Abba KyariAbba Kyari says he facilitated a business transaction involving Hushpuppi but never took money from the fraudster.

[BREAKING] Hushpuppi: US court orders arrest of Abba Kyari - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Very unlikely Kyari will be arrested in Nigeria. The super cop! 😂 Wahala be like Hushpuppi