Governor Bello, Others Hold Special Prayer For Security In Niger

Governor Bello, Others Hold Special Prayer For Security In Niger

5/9/2021 10:48:00 PM

Governor Bello, Others Hold Special Prayer For Security In Niger

Niger State Governor, Abubakar Bello, and some stakeholders in the state have held a special prayer for peace across the eight emirates in the state. The prayer organised to seek God’s intervention to end insecurity in Niger held on Sunday at the Central Mosque in Minna, the state capital. Shortly after the prayer, Governor … Continue reading Governor Bello, Others Hold Special Prayer For Security In Niger

 Updated May 9, 2021Niger State Governor, Abubakar Bello, attends a special prayer session at the Central Mosque in Minna on May 9, 2021. Niger State Governor, Abubakar Bello, and some stakeholders in the state have held a special prayer for peace across the eight emirates in the state.

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The prayer organised to seek God’s intervention to end insecurity in Niger held on Sunday at the Central Mosque in Minna, the state capital.Shortly after the prayer, Governor Bello reiterated the need for the people not to relent in fervent prayers to God.

He, however, gave an assurance that the government at the federal and state levels would not leave any stone unturned towards ending the security challenges in the state.The governor noted that significant progress has been made towards restoring normalcy to the troubled areas, stating that the prayer session would continue even after the Ramadan fast.

“We encourage everyone, every stakeholder, every person to support the effort of the state and Federal Government with prayers and with God, I believe anything is possible,” he said.On his part, the Director-General of Religious Affairs in Niger, Umar Farouq, believes the insecurity in the state requires divine intervention.

He said it was time for people of the state to come together to ask God for mercy and be of good conduct.Farouq, who is also the Secretary of Niger State Imam Forum, called on the criminals to repent from their act, surrender their weapons, and return to God.

He stressed that engaging in criminal activities was against the teachings of Islam, especially in a situation where innocent people were the ones being targeted.The special prayer led by the Chief Imam of Minna Central Mosque, Ibrahim Fari, also featured recitation of some verses from the Holy Qur’an.

Some of the other dignitaries in attendance included top government officials, traditional leaders, Islamic clerics, and other Muslim faithful in the state. Read more: Channels Television »

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Knowing what to do and not doing it is hypocrisy. Israel is the most God favoured country in the whole world but yet they do what is needful to curb this menace called insecurity in their land. Here in Nigeria we embezzle funds meant to arm our security agents, then go be praying Fools pray for security, while the wise do the needful

Take a good look at them and their mood of prayer...lolz this country nawah ooo Now I knew our government is confused, all we could do now is pray for solutions? Smh This is ridiculous. If the people needed prayers to make them feel safe they have the worship centres. As chief security officer of the state if you don't know what to, honorably resign allow people who know how to tackle insecurity.

Faith without works is dead faith. You were elected to secure the people and improve their livelihood and you are there praying and doing nothing Well, God na real God of mercy fa. He could have literally told some people' don't even call my name again o' Nigeria govt officials and prayers ....please God's glory has departed from Nigeria Pray less and do more . You guys steal all the money in our coffers . Bank them abroad. You cant fix school, healthcare , roads and infrastructures and create jobs yet you want security. How?

They blame past administration for the current woes. I suppose they are blaming God now. Now they are holding special prayers for security but when it was the time of GEJ, they were amongst those that took to the streets to protest and call him all sorts of names, and even asking him to step down for someone who's capable. Una hypocrisy and bigotry dey smell

Very funny.

30 dead after boat capsizes in Niger StateThirty people drowned when an overloaded boat capsized in central Nigeria's Niger state, an emergency official told AFP Monday. 💔💔 Even the waters I'm the north have started committing atrocities too. I have never heard of north and boat in one sentence.

Yes, this will cure the insecurity in the nation, Nonsense. God is not a man that should lie, neither is he the son of man that should repent. What you pray for in 2019 is what you are getting now. Prayer doesn't change God, and God doesn't change prayer. What the hell is wrong this is people, they know the solution and now they wanna go spiritual when u have the power to stop it....fuck all yal

Mad people If prayers really solves problems Nigeria would have been the best and most developed country in the whole world, but go back and check the poverty statistics and the under-development of Nigeria today. I still repeat that prayers and religions are useless in reality. Prayer or action... What is Africa turning into, instead of you guys to do a strategic meeting on how to conquer insecurity una dey pray. Will God kill all the bandits and Boko Haram?

Wow! I hope the unknown gun men are seeing this and are shivering with fear right now! Wow! Chai 😭😭 this country nawa Incompetent religion sycophants moving around as leaders. Prayers can't fix our security. Equip our forces pay the well, with good insurances. Be there praying, u won't get ur people the Walking sticks they need to protect themselves 😡 be like ona never die enough for ur eye 🤯

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Prayer without action is dead, stop mocking your God, though' he can do all things... They should keep deceiving themselves. Even the bandits and bokoharam prays more than these rogue thieves You people should take decisive action to end insecurity or talk to your bubu, your own people are dieing on a daily basis and leave prayer alone

You people should stop praying and act! Like this is the solution abi , religion the opium of what again ?. E be like say dem want arms prayers the way dem arms bandits and BH. Super eagles will pray before 1st half kicks off , pray half-time, pray before 2nd half kicks off , still Argentina always beat super eagles ... heaven help those who help themselves

Who you people are deceiving? Is it God Almighty or yourselves This things can be done online,why always stress the citizens because you don’t want to upgrade? Prayer no dey work for naija, pls leave prayers out of insecurity, President, Vice President, Governors, senators and House, need to sit up n take control of our nation b4 naija burn down.

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God does not hear the prayer of sinners... they pray in futility. Prayer kii u there. Stupid leaders way we get for this country ehn Prayer warriors, don't start thinking n acting Price for electing dullards Confused set of people Is that the next thing to do? Is read of the congregation should use their brains and think of better things to do in order to put the nation back on track, they're there doing the right thing at the wrong time! Na wa for this country oo

Fake, they will kill soon Lol If God answer their prayers make them know say no more money for insecurity Another Millions gone 🧐

BREAKING: 15 die in Niger boat mishapMay their souls rest in peace May their gentle soul rest in peace

Smiles 🤣 Ndi ara ndi ara Don't do the right thing, be there holding prayers May Almighty accept Hayanas! Imagine fooling urself praying to God over what u have solution to but will rather choose greed and wickedness... Abeg God no be security personnel They need to work first before praying ooo Mr. governor, u dey pray so? I thought dis is zaa time 2 be called a 'contractor' by presidency -- sorry, state government-cy even when one comes in, to advise. SO-SO SAD! BadGovernanceInNigeria

Dem go pray till thy kingdom come 🤣🤣🤣 Keep fooling yourselves

8 killed, 5 injured in lone-car crash in NigerMay Almighty Allah have marcy on the departed soul, grant shifa to the injured . This May Allah forgive those that has gone aljannatu fridaus and ill those that are in the hospital quick recovery aamin.

Have never heard that d Israelites and Saudi Arabians ever held a prayer sessions against insecurity but here in Nig. our leaders always make a mockery of themselves thinking that they are deceiving us by hoping that prayers is a solution to what is d result of their incompetence God will not honour nor answer their prayers. May their prayers become sin.

Prayer! It is effort/hardworking then prayer