Fresh pressure mounts on PDP to change name


Fresh pressure mounts on PDP to change name

Published Kindly Share This Story On File copy: PDP and FEMI MAKINDE Fresh pressure is being mounted on the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party on the need to change the name of the party in order to win the 2023 presidential election, Saturday PUNCH has learnt. The pressure is said to be spearheaded by some members of the former ruling party who believe that the party must change its name in order to drop what they referred to as its moral burden. A similar pressure was mounted on the party before 2015, but was resisted by the party’s caucuses, which argued then that the period for the agitation was too short for it to be considered. Succumbing to the pressure then was also seen as agreeing with those accusing the party of endorsing corruption which some of its members were being accused of by the All Progressives Congress. A former Presidential spokesman, Dr Doyin Okupe, who is spearheading the name change campaign, told one of our correspondents that the PDP should consider the option if it plans to win the 2023 presidential election. He said he had started mobilising members of the party with the aim of putting pressure on its leadership to agree with the position. Okupe said, ‘‘You know that the APC controls 21 states while the PDP controls 15 out of the 36 states in the country. The PDP in its present state and form cannot win comfortably the presidential election in 2023. ‘‘To defeat the APC in 2023, I want the PDP leaders to think of changing the name of the party. They must also make the party itself the arrow head of a national movement to oust the present administration. We should not forget that this is exactly what the component factions of the APC did in 2014. ‘‘I think that if we engage the APC, as presently constituted, in a straight political duel, with 21 state governors against 15 combined with the possible reckless use of the power of incumbency, victory becomes a pipe dream. ‘‘It is the residual power of the populace and the electorate when massively mobilised and unleashed that can bring overwhelming victory that will render power of incumbency and superior executive state control irrelevant. ‘‘As far as I’m concerned, the PDP with its socio-political baggage and insurmountable moral burden cannot muster the moral rectitude, political strength and integrity to lead such a mass movement. READ ALSO: Enemies of democracy plotting against Rivers –Wike ‘‘Therefore, a new party, birthed by former ruling party, with new people, younger elements in society and politicians of other tendencies from various existing political parties, including powerful but dissatisfied elements from the ruling party, is the only formation that will effectively neutralise and overrun the incumbent party.’’ Already, Okupe said he had started collecting names, phone numbers and details of those who agree with what he considered as noble idea. ‘‘The idea is to use the names and the phone numbers to lobby our members and the party’s leadership to give this a serious consideration ahead of the next party’s mid-week convention in May this year,’’ he added. Okupe said the idea of changing the name was considered before the 2019 polls but was dropped because the South-South and South-East geo-political zones rejected the idea. He said the APC had destroyed the image of the PDP with lies and half-truths since 2015 when the party ousted the PDP. Due to this, Okupe said it would be difficult for some politicians to want to associate with a political party whose name had been disparaged. He, however, stated that with a new name, the party would attract more politicians especially those that might defect from the APC due to the looming implosion in the ruling party. Okupe said, “We started this before now. We started even before the 2019 elections and out of the six zones; four geo-political zones did not oppose the proposed change of name for the party. The zones are: South-West; North-West; North- Central and North-East. “The South-East and the South-South vehemently opposed this. There was a committee set up for this and former Governor Liyel Imoke was the chairman of the branding committee, this matter was tabled. “The two zones which rejected the plan to change the party’s name are emotionally committed to the PDP. If you look at it, the PDP is totally entrenched in these two zones. ‘‘They did not understand why anybody would want to change the name of the party while nobody was thinking along that line in their zones. It is understandable but the situation is not the same in the South-West and other zones. ‘‘But things are getting better for the PDP now because the APC has messed itself up. “We will continue to push for it. We will continue to consult and see if it is going to be possible.” In its reaction, the national leadership of the party dismissed the call for the change of name, saying the former ruling party was well accepted across the country. The National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Mr Kola Ologbodiyan, who spoke with one of our correspondents, also wondered whether Okupe had formally returned to the party. Okupe had joined the Accord Party before the 2019 general elections. Ologbondiyan said, ‘‘Has Dr Okupe formally returned to the PDP? Let him first answer that question. Then on the issue of name-changing, there is no need for that. This is because the PDP did well in the last general elections. ‘‘We believe that we actually won election in many states and at the federal level. ‘‘As far as we are concerned, there is no need for a change of name. The APC is very damaged now and we must also be careful of elements that are not PDP in both character and mind, coming to sell ideas that are meant to polarise us and cause confusion within us.’’ Meanwhile, the National Executive Committee of the party is meeting in Abuja on Monday to deliberate on congresses that are said to be due in 26 states. The states, according to a document, are Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Benue, Cross Rivers, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) and Gombe. Others are Imo, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Nasarawa, Niger, Ondo, Plateau, Rivers, Sokoto, Taraba and Yobe. New executives are also expected in the six zonal chapters of the party. They are North-Central North-West, South-West, North-East, South-South and South-East. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: APGA expels Araraume for anti-party activities Before the NEC meeting, members of the National Caucus and Board of Trustees would meet to approve the draft that would be present before the NEC by the National Chairman of the party, Prince Uche Secondus. The Monday NEC meeting is conveyed in pursuant to Sections 31(2)(j)and 50 (1) of the party’s constitution. A programme of activities set out by the party’s leadership made available to Saturday PUNCH also indicated that the party would release ‘‘notice of congresses to its state chapters and end of tenure of executive to all affected states.’’ The party, according to the document, will also begin sales of nomination forms, including ad hoc forms to aspirants on Monday, January 22. Though there are other activities, one of our correspondents gathered that the state congresses would hold in the affected states on Saturday, April 4, 2020. The outcome of the congresses is expected to be ratified by the National Caucus, BoT and NEC on April 29 and 30. Ologbodiyan, who confirmed the party’s programmes, said the Edo State congress would hold first. ‘‘Yes, we are going to have congresses in 26 states, but that of Edo State will come first because of obvious reasons. The tenure has ended and we are also going to have a governorship election there soon,’’ he said. Copyright PUNCH. 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The name change is not the problem is your party and your corrupt media friends attitudes to corruption is This will not solve their problems. Let them learn from the Power Sector. and other that changed their names. They should begin to strengthen the party ahead of 2023 instead changing name cause I know APC will stop to exist come 2023

Be the real opposition and canvas for good governance by condemning bad government policies n recommend good policies, Nigerians are not fools, should we see genuine commitment to Nation building, we will support you otherwise, forget political ambition. Changing name not as important as changing attitude....the best legacy is a good name born out of great attitude.

There is no pressure anywhere.Those setting up this trap will be entrapped by it.The party is too strong and experienced to fall for another Modu Sheriff trap. It's a fact that PDP needs a change of name. PDP means so many negative things to Nigerians so, change of name will help the party a little. They need to bring fresh and genuine people on board.

A native doctor who dresses like a catholic priest, carries a bible and goes into a church, automatically becomes a Christian. Change of name without attitudinal change will be meaningless. Your best new name can be 'Empowered Democratic Rubbers' (EDR) If PDP decides to change name, they should do it now. This will enable them have a solid 2 years to ensure voters get educated on their new ideology and manifesto before the 2023 polls. They should not miss this window and wait for last minute ( as the always do )

Edo, Plateau, Bauchi, Ogun record 85 fresh cases of Lassa feverSeems this is getting out of hand. This reminds me of late Dr. Adadevoh & other health workers that have died in this type of outbreak, ensuring it doesn't spread. I expect d minister of Health to have 24/7 update on this devt. via media house! FreeAgbaJalingoNOW This is tragic Mss_Fai Subhanallah may Allah protect us

When APC was the major opposition, their SW governors were all outstanding. From Fashola to Amosun to Aregbe and co. But such can't be said of PDP now. Change name, people and apologize to nigerian. PDP should be held responsible for the deteriorated nigeria in all sectors. If changing name is the solution, let's start with Nigeria. But name is not the problem. The problem is attitude and good leadership. But for rigging, PDP did better than APC in the last election.

Unwelcome idea. Like name is to blame. I wonder why we always do that. NEPA to PHCN, Prison to Correctional, etc. But nothing else changes. Same corrupt, incompetent and wicked fellows would still run them in their new names. Yes change the name b4 the party eventually goes into extinction. Rebrand the party and become a party with constructive criticism then Nigerians will have a viable opposition party n not the shit we have right now. I totally support the change of that name wit sincere intention

If PDP dare to change their name, hmmmm that will be the beginning of the downfall of PDP. Pls the leave the name the way it is And also change its chairman. If Una like, make wear masks,we still know say Una be thieves,abi una go change individual names too?😂😂🤣🤣 Change your character first

PDP, APC allege plot to rig Akwa Ibom senatorial rerunHas fr Mbaka announced the winner? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's a normal thing now Apc has no candidates for the election, you can be a minister at the same time be a candidate's in an election that amount to double standard

Change the character not the name Yes let change the name Amedoreports 🤣🤣🤣🤣If una like, wear Monkey bow tie and suit,...... Monkey go still be monkey😂 So changing the name will amount to what? 😂😂😂 A goat will remain a goat if you like name it a Lion. People Democratic Movement. People Deceiving people will go well

😂 changing of name or changing of cultures and ethics, the logo of : I eat, you eat and let others suffer will never work again Changing name is not the only problem PDP have. But same people and the same ideology. Nothing changes. Na de same people Change name? I tot they ought to be talking of changing strategies. They are doing very little as the main opposition party. They allow APC to go away with so many impunities and absurdities.

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Changing name would be a great mistake for them Changing of name is not way out, but changing attitude is the way out. You can change name but can't change people . It can’t safe them they only need change attitude of governance Change name or not it still remains a party of thieves Better, I said it in 2015. That name na curse now.

PDP should not attempt to change name. It is ploy to destroy the party. PDP is giving other parties nightmare. PDP is a brand. The first political party that hand over power to opposition party in a democratic era in Nigeria. And this is the same party my people are protecting and insulting every other person for 🚶🚶

PDP is dead. Dead brains everywhere Strategy to destroy PDP finally has come in disguise

Akwa Ibom rerun: Blame PDP for Essien LG violence, says Akpabio

That will be their doom. It will kill the party and mockery The PDP have learnt nothing over the yrs, even from their defeat.The fact that they think a name change will change what we think of politicians in general, is very telling. They should start communicating what changes they could make, and how (including budget) they would do it

The name (PDP) Don Expire 😁😁😁 Change your name to whatever but it doesn't stop the fact that the party is a useless opposition. I've said this times without number, the problem with Nigeria is not any other thing than this 'Constitution' imposed on us by the last military regime. Not name change or all what not. What happened to the new electoral law proposed by the 8th assembly? OfficialPDPNig wake up.

Change name to what....POT......Party of Thieves... ? Old wine in a new bottle is still the same wine . The taste would still no change . We are waiting Like they will change all people in the party PDP remains our party,we're not like other party that doesn't ideologies. Remains PDP no amount pressure.

Not now. Wait till 2022.

APC vs PDP: Kwankwaso breaks silence on Ganduje, 2023, Supreme Court Kano verdict - Daily Post NigeriaFormer Kano State governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, says Governor Abdullahi Ganduje and his allies would regret their comments and actions by 2023. Ganduje and

So OfficialPDPNig is this useless to think that name is their problem Changing name wont do anything as long as the people there refuse to change Will changing name equal changing the attitude of the politicians in the party? They should change, first, their aims and objectives of becoming a politician, and plan well to better the society. Rebranding comes with restrategizing...

What's it in a name please? The name is contamination with looting industry of Nigeria. Change your inner style and inner conscience to good governance. If you like change your secretariat,your DNA still remain KWARRUPTION... old fools gbogbo... 😁😅😋🤣😂😋😁😋😀😋😋😋😁😀😂😋 You can change the frame but the picture remains the same .

Uncle DokunOjomo have you seen this. 👆 Whether you change name ooh or you no change name ooh, the people are still the same. If there should be any change, its you that have to change. Change of name isn't necessary only impact of good governance & basic ideology, not everyone scheming to amass wealth defecting left right & centre at the slightest opportunity hence they're equated with other parties. Market your party with good governance & dividends.

Rerun: PDP Candidate Defeats Ousted APC Rep Member In BauchiRerun: PDP Candidate Defeats Ousted APC Rep Member In Bauchi. It's only a fool that will continue to vote or support APC with all the suffering that they put us in. If Nigeria decide today without military support, PDP will win 80% of the election across the country Hmmmmm. None of the political parties will pay us as Nigerians. They are all thieves at the corridor of power.

As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women , Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00). Contact Hon, Adams ON, +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program). Disband PDP and start all over again.

Fresh blueprint and change in leadership will be a practical thing to do. 😁😁😁To what? FeeDFee... Changing a product name does not mean you have changed the content. That will be their final burial 😂😂 Nigeria's political sepulchre is about to get a white wash. Lol. 😂 Dear OfficialPDPNig Please consider ADA..... Amotekun Democratic Alliance. You’re welcome. 😊

Dumb idea I strongly disagree not to change the name of our grate party I totally disagree. They should not but work more harder to sanitize d party from enemies within. PDP as a party stands out. 21years, it's not easy. They gave us GSM we can't forget that. You don't change a childs name overnight for any reason . Pdp is a household name👌

How will changing the party's name change the members of the party Don't do it please Changing name won't change their DNA of how corrupt they are. PDP remains PDP and not leopard that change colors. Ad to ac to Anpp to cpc to apc to shame. PDP only need to change bad influence and character The name don cast and cannot win a presidential election anytime soon

PDP, the party of frustrated Southern ethno-religious fanatic hatemongers. Take PDP to your dead ancestors. PDP does not need to change their name PDP needs to change their attitude towards internal governance, how hard is this. At least PDP should build a strong political party that can stand the test of times. History will be studied about this party.

Let them change from stealing to corruption. Not change of name but change of attitude and shop for credible candidate is required. The party won in Oyo largely because of sellable candidate in the last general election. Even if they change their name, we know their faces and won’t allow them to come back, not saying APC is any better though! PDP finished this country when they had the chance to make it develop to a force in the world!

Change the name to amotekun. What they need to do is sack Secondus and kola ologbodino... these 2 know nothing about communication and ability to connect with the people! Even the shortest speech they will always read from a book!!! What stupidity? Change name to what Will that make them to stand up and fight the buhari regime as they should

IDP ( Internally Displaced Politicians) I suggest, if it could be! Don't change any name, so that APC will continue having sleepless nights The only name that needs to be change is Nigeria. Pressure Party Congress. Since everytime you always face pressure.

😆😆😆😆 NEPA changed name too. PDP should rid the party off criminals. Mad idea I am not a politician, however I would not subscribe to that. PDP has become the oldest party in recent history of Nigeria 🇳🇬. Though Nigerians are not good party men. They are what I call 'Fair weather' politicians. That's why decamping or cross carpeting is common.

A thief will still be a thief! monteesamuel come and see your people. 🤣🤣 Can a leopard change its spots? As long as the same people are there its gonna be the same. OfficialPDPNig have turn out to be scammers, Fraudsters. Tufiakwa. Can a leopard 🐆 change its skin? Will that also change the members and their mind set .? Same change of corruption to APC is what brought us to the point we found ourselves and I don't think Nigerians will make such mistakes again.

If una lyk make una change d logo also, Una DNA still remain corruption 😜 Change of name is not the major problem but change of party ideology. Seeing governance from another angle, not blaming and castigating other parties for every problem that arises in the country. Jokes on em😂 A leopard can't change its spot. PDP or whatever name, they remain corrupt just like APC.

They can change name, can they change their personality? * holds laugh * Name change would be a grave mistake. New strategy is what the party needs. Name change not required. PDP = APC That will be a great mistake if they do! Change of name not equal to attitudinal change. Looters would still loot our national coffers dry. Scamers would still scam their voters. So who the change of name ep?

What will the change name to? Strategy change is what is needed jor! 😴 Name and leadership of the Party.

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