Experts seek increased border surveillance as Ebola spreads in Uganda

17/10/2022 11:56:00 AM

Experts seek increased border surveillance as Ebola spreads in Uganda

Experts seek increased border surveillance as Ebola spreads in Uganda

With the recent outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Uganda, LARA ADEJORO writes on the need for the Federal Government to heighten awareness and surveillance systems at the borders to prevent the deadly virus

Ebola death toll in Uganda hits 29 “The fatality rate of COVID-19 is about two per cent while the fatality rate for Ebola is almost 50-80 per cent.keeping food on Nigerians’ tables.[FILES] Miss Curvy Africa The beauty pageant would usher beautiful plus-sized women in Africa to Miss Curvy Africa Reality TV show.U.

If there are 10 people with Ebola, at least five or eight of them will die.But if it’s COVID-19, the fatality rate is between 1.This was contained in a statement issued by her office yesterday to mark the UN-designated International Day of Rural Women.8 per cent and two per cent.Also speaking, official producer and founder, Miss Curvy in Uganda, Annie Mungoma, explained the show modalities.“That is why we need to be very careful and start to be on the lookout for it from all suspected cases and there are laboratories handling viral haemorrhagic fever which are located in the geopolitical zones of the country.Women have always provided labour on our farms and in other areas of food production and processing, and they must get the recognition due to them.All they need to do is to support the staff and supply all they need to detect Ebola on time.Newsmen quoted unnamed sources as saying that oil companies, oil bunkers, NNPC, and security officials jointly steal crude oil.

” Also, another medical virologist at the Adeleke University, Ede, Dr Oladipo Kolawole, said, “The government should set up a good surveillance system at our borders.ADVERTISEMENT “It is key that we take a close look at the agricultural value chain and identify more opportunities for rural women.We want the world to watch out.“Flight from areas where the virus has been reported should be well monitored.Travel advice should be made available to Nigerians.RELATED.” Corroborating Kolawole is a virologist at the Department of Virology, College of Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Dr.Olamide Silver disclosed that the show would be staged annually in different African countries.Moses Adewumi, who said, “We don’t have to wait for alert.“There are many reports of crude oil theft in the Niger Delta, but we are particularly interested in the theft of crude oil from the Forcados Terminal,” Harrison Jalla, the executive director of the victims Vanguard, told reporters in Warri.

We are already in a belt.Uganda is a neighbouring country and we all know that infectious diseases can’t be stopped by boundaries.Sunday Ibraheem, said the potential winner will outshined other contestants from other countries at the event to become the 2022 edition of Miss Curvy Africa Reality TV show Queen.So we must take proactive measures to ensure that the surveillance rate is heightened.Our government should not relax on surveillance.It’s almost certain that it’s with us, so we should do everything humanly possible to improve surveillance to nip it in the bud.She noted that the requirement include ladies with size 14 and above with age prerequisite ranging from 18 years to 40 years.“We do not know if other areas where pipelines traverse the region are involved.

“There is not enough awareness.There is no boundary when it comes to infectious diseases.Somebody could sleep in Nigeria and in the next six hours, he is already in Europe, and within 12 to 13 hours, he is already in the United States.The camp will help the contestants to interpret our rich African culture to the world.We can strengthen our surveillance as people are coming in by ensuring that they are well screened.” An epidemiologist at the Viable Knowledge Masters, Dr Olusesan Makinde, stressed the importance of the government to tighten the surveillance system in the country.We want to take them to a proper court of competent jurisdiction to unravel what is happening in the trunk lines.

“People coming from those areas should be properly screened and quarantined or monitored in a specific location if need be.Second runner up, 3rd runner up and, fourth runner up.How serious is the Sudan virus? The fact that the Sudan strain of the disease is lethal and has no vaccine for treatment is a serious cause for concern.According to virologists, plans to mitigate such threats need to be robust and ‘ready-to-go.’ “We should be concerned about the Sudan strain.” Production Director, Mr.The original Sudan strain was not as deadly as this but what we are hearing now is that it seems to be causing more fatality, which is not impossible; maybe the virus has changed and mutated from a milder to a more severe one,” Omilabu added.

Relying on COVID-19 success Using the incident management approach to COVID-19, experts say Nigeria can prevent the virus in the country.“At least, we are yet to relax from our preparation for COVID-19, so I will say we are ready because we are going to use the preparations being used for COVID-19 to tackle Ebola if it should spread to the country.Pageant Manager, Miss Rita Osusu said the show is not just a pageant but a TV show to entertain the audience and as a means of self value as the show preaches moral, peace and unity, stating that the contestants also had the opportunity to meet with celebrities.“NCDC has been procuring diagnostic kits because Ebola is the viral haemorrhagic fever, and already we have Lassa which is common here and we have kits to screen with if we have any suspected case.“We can rely on the successes of COVID-19 in tackling it because we use a public health approach to tackle COVID outbreak and we still need health education, public health approach, surveillance.We need the government to support, and of course, we have the community and private company responsibilities.In this article.

Those are the ones we will refer to should we have a case.In addition, the Ondo State Epidemiologist, Dr Stephen Fagbemi, stated that people must look out for international travellers, especially from Uganda.Fagbemi said, “Nigeria has been on high alert and experts are already doing the risk assessment and having done that, they have increased our level of alertness.The surveillance is tightened at the airports because that is the easiest route for people coming from Uganda.Also, they are working on strategies for the screening of travellers.

“Beyond that, if anybody is detected, we already have treatment centres and isolation facilities in all the states we have international airports.“For the rest of us, we need to create awareness and people need to be conscious.If you know anybody who is an international traveller, especially through Uganda, you have to be on the lookout for such a person.“With our experiences with COVID-19, then we will be able to deal with it.” Dr Chris Isokpunwu, who is the Director/Senior Technical Assistant to the Minister of Health, Dr.

Osagie Ehanire, said, “The port health services are at high alert at our land borders and airports and vigilance has been increased.Details of passengers coming in from Uganda are being collected and sent to the NCDC in case there is a need for contact tracing.” Kindly share this story: All rights reserved.This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.Contact: join the conversation ONLINE FOREX, BITCOIN AND BINARY MANAGER.

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