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Endsars, Lekki Shooting

#EndSARS: We are ready to show Lekki shootings footage, LCC tells panel

#EndSARS: We are ready to show Lekki shootings footage, LCC tells panel

10/30/2020 4:17:00 PM

EndSARS: We are ready to show Lekki shootings footage, LCC tells panel

Sodiq Oyeleke with agency reportThe Management of the Lekki Concession Company has expressed readiness to show the footage of the shootings of #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki toll gate by sold...

Sodiq Oyeleke with agency reportThe Management of the Lekki Concession Company has expressed readiness to show the footage of the shootings of #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki toll gate by soldiers.The Head of the Legal Department of LCC, Mr Gbolahan Agboluwaje, made this known when he appeared before the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry for Restitution for Victims of SARS and related abuses and Other Matters on Friday.

Agboluwaje noted that the footage of the October 20 shootings of the #EndSARS protesters by the soldiers is available.He said there are hours of recordings on the CCTV footage.He said the LCC received a summons from the panel on Wednesday, to appear before it, present the October 20 footage, an investigation report and any other document.

He clarified that while the “LCC is prepared to air the footage before the panel” but no investigative report or document is available.“We have the footage. We do not have an investigation report because we know that investigations are ongoing and we have not been able to provide any document.

“We had a very short notice and we brought what we were able to lay our hands on,” he added.Agboluwaje also told the panel that due to the short notice of the summoning, the Managing Director of LCC, Abayomi Omomuwa, would not be able to testify.He explained that this is because the company was yet to hire an external counsel to represent the MD.

However, Omomuwa had been sworn-in to give evidence before the panel.Responding, the Chairman of the nine-man panel, Justice Doris Okuwobi (Retd.), granted Agboluwaje’s request for a short adjournment.Okuwobi noted that the programme of the day for the panel was to visit the locus (scene of the Lekki Shooting) and to have proceedings based on their findings from the visit.

“We were initially to take note of what we see at the locus and today’s proceedings was to be subsequent to what we see there.“The panel will arise very shortly to visit the locus. The panel noted that it is required of the witness to have a counsel of his choice. We will not take the proceedings of the visit of the locus until then,” she said.

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We are waiting to see their best doctored shop. prodigal_guy everyone sit back and watch another Government magic! By who?its only when u know who shot.for now,no one is known to b responsible.and don’t forget,d protesters shot at tvc before setting ablaze we are told. Surgery is done and successful 🇿🇲 EndPoliceBrutalityInZambia 🇿🇼 ZimabweanLivesMatter 🇳🇬 EndSARS 🇨🇩 CongoIsBleeding 🇨🇮 EndChildTrafficking 🇿🇦 AmINext EndHumanTraffickingInSA 🇨🇲 AnglophoneCrisis 🇳🇦 ShutItAllDownNamibia Africa is bleeding. Ya Allah 🙏🏼 Intervene💔 CongoIsBleeding EndSarsNow

Disgusting! A lie will always need a lie to stand. Footage that have been edited. How many years will your madness be? After over 10 days? Then show the fucking footage!! upload it online. ppll around the world want to see it jidesanwoolu WTF?! Dont be unfortunate It should have time stamp Hope is not the guy that usually edits Bubu's acclaimed live broadcast videos that edited it. That guy is a quack editor 😕

I believe we are now in the era of photoshop where everything is been photoshopped Kai, when will the stupidity end. I we really this foolish Had better be the real footage o Hmm.i pray they don't photo shop it If that’s short of what happened e no go beta for who show the footage endsars I trust LCC, they will never try rubbish, they av learned their lesson from Desmond Idiot's video

All lies After editing it? Why take so long as though we are still in a stone age Let wait and see if they can Photoshop more than the West😂 Waiting seriously for the Photoshop 🤔 What ever it is... I hope we haven't anointed LCCs version of events as the hallowed and sublime version? Hope the editing was great. We'd love to see it👌

How come camera re-surfaced How? Place that was burnt down Lie no go kill these people. So they want to display 'doctored' video. Gather here if you're tired of seeing 'you're on twitter and we are not following each other' 🚶😪 follow me sha... 😂 Lol , after them remove camera what else do you wanna see again . Anything they will show you was doctored , d main question is who gave d order ? D soul lost at d tollgate no kuku concern d so called leaders

Godisdegreat Kindly follow me, ifb immediately 💯 EkwuEfa We are waiting Video they have edited...omo forget this people. We are ready we are ready,show us the footage now, after they have tampered with it😏😏😏 I hope the Panel has a video forensics expert Maybe the is not shooting but fireworks. Let's see how a microscopic matrix of saints would question our collective sanity and intellectualism. It sure promises to be an interesting show

Ghen ghen Nigeria my country..smh🤔 After 1 week + Una weldone!!! LCC, Hummmmm LCC hummmmmmm, LCC hummmmm, hope you will tell us the the truth cause even there spirit are watching you people . if you fuck up hummmm if you fuck up. Ok Footage way Dem don edit na him dey won show us , dey no go show us the real one , awon scam , awon eleribu

Any footage without a forensic experts vetted must have been doctored cant be trusted. After series of Photoshop workings.. EndSARS After how many days, we're waiting for the trash you people are bringing.😡😡 I guess the Cameras were not dismantled 🤔 After cutting and sewing the footage right? It wont be well with you'll at LCC.

The ile don dey come wait for it The CCTV footage tape cut? 19 days to hit play make we see? Is the CCTV analog or do they wind it round and round for it to play? What footage can be more correct than the one shown to the world on the day of the shooting? Like do these guys think we’re stupid I hope it has been edited by a world class editor, before they come out and starts fooling themselves again.

Why announce readiness like we should 'PREPARE FOR IMPACT' mtchewww... dey should release their lies Why is it taking long to release Bubae12 Manipulated footage that was arranged by detective fashola... this country nawa oo I hope it has not been doctored. Can CCTV get good videos in the dark? While we pray justice would be served everyone should remember a day when all u see is dark soil some feet underneath

After over a week of editing. Awon criminals. Drop d shooting footage,we have already gathered a team of local and international experts to analyze it. Experts from Google Oracle, Siemens, Phillips,U S pentagon, Israeli Mossad, Russian KGB etc. I hope you people won't embarrass yourselves All eyes on you. LekkiMassaccre

After editing? Our problem now is to make those soldiers that did the shooting at the toll gate known to the Nigerians and to the youths,,,it all Don't give them the footage. post on social media first or else they will switch it You are done with the editing? 🤣🤣 they've finished editing. Well, we're waiting

Please you guys should do🙏 After how many days?. legooo After editing it ABI We do hear If our president's live broadcast can be photoshop. Nothing wey our govt no go photoshop for this country again. Show us the video, we're waiting for the cruise I expect to see a doctored footage. 😏 U mean the edited footage from LCC camera? Okay show us. A smart video editor like me, will know.

We are ready too... 'Ope you people will not come and disgrace yourselves more. Cos we have already seen a live stream videos. After u have 'photoshopped' it abi, we have enough evidence Rehearsal over! Now the play begins... Take 1,Take 2,Take 3,.... Camera rolling and action!!! Manipulated footage that will destroy LCC image. You better don't play Nigerian youths, or else, you've yourself to blame.

That footage must be from detective agent Fashola camcorder 🤣🤣🤣 If doctored, guess we're hitting the streets again Izit d edited ND photoshop version u ppl wantu show? Cuz I no trust una at all Lols, i won't be surprise, this people can't surprise me 🤣🤣🤣, lemme not talk sha Yes!!! After it has been edited EndSARS

BREAKING: A Solution To Nigeria’s Problem That Is Hardly Ever Talked About Kindly Retweet and Follow Let's see their lies,if you like Photoshop everything there..sorosoke generation will findoit Awesome It’s about time all the lies are dispelled ENDSARS Indeed they are ready. It took them more than 8days to come out boldly to say this, it will still take them another 8days to possibly show us what they have been able to doctor on for the past 8days and still counting.

Follow me & I will follow back ASAP. After all this while now you are ready. After it has being doctored After how many weeks?...should a CCTV video take time to view?... From FASHOLA camcorder ? Abi from the camera way una remove ? Una dey confuse my confuse ooo🤔.... Endsars Don't tell us you are ready. Show this thing. Ready kii u there

Punch have too much nonsense Headline.. by now we should have the footage .. not showing the footage today shows that they are not ready . Hope una never doctor am ? Only if it has not been photoshopped like the president's speech. This is Nigeria, where anything can happen. We know you would've doctored the footage! E Pele!

So the announcement is for you to get a shut up call from godfathers? After editing awon weyrey Are u sure,, with the way the military are dragging with the journalist and refusing them from going in..... Hope is not audio.. hiss This should be fun! After una don edit am lol We dey wait!!. We are waiting, hope it won't be manipulated?

We want to see We hope it’s the way it happened 🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️ Show us

#ENDSARS: Group Warns Against Sweeping Lekki Case Under Carpet | Sahara Reporters ENDSARS : Group Warns Against Sweeping Lekki Case Under Carpet | Sahara Reporters LekkiTollGateShooting Which group abeg endsars If they try this we move EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA EndSARS Guysarenotsmiling madeinlagos Thanks for the correction. You keep to corrections. I love that ✊✊✊

Lekki Shooting Has Left Me Heavily Burdened, Babajide Obanikoro Tells ConstituentsDeputy Chairman House Committee on Steel and the federal lawmaker representing Eti-Osa federal constituency, Honorable Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro, has Is this guy still a politician😏 Another werey!

Bring To Justice Those Involved In Lekki Shooting, Amnesty International Tells FGBring To Justice Those Involved In Lekki Shooting , Amnesty International Tells FG Tcheeewwww In a sane country that chief of army staff should have been sacked and tried for murder They'll never go Scot free

Lekki shooting: Fish out shooters in 15 days or risk another protest, Group tells FG, ArmyWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. Follow me and I will follow u imidi8ly am online..! Why would Thrump and d US rejects Iweala really.!! Sth is wrong somewhere... He must be scared of our corrupt systems. See where our leaders as brought us oooo...! EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA EndSARS LekkiMassaccre Dare them to go on protests again. God punish you and Thunder shall strike all members of that group: if you dont fail to protest again. Bunch of rogues causing mayhem in the name of protest. Come forward with the name any person that is deceased and his or her family to come forward but none

Timeline of Lekki shootings, by Amnesty Int’l - The Nation NewspaperAmnesty International has offered insights into what possibly happened during the shooting of ENDSARS protesters You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed 🛩️ You people should stop speaking grammar. Provide the list of the causalities.

Amnesty releases timeline of Lekki shootings, warns govt against cover-upEniola Akinkuotu, AbujaGlobal rights group, Amnesty International, has released the timeline of the October 20, 2020 shootings at the Lekki toll plaza.Amnesty, which stated last week that a... EndSARS endpolicebrutalityinNigeria 💔💔💔 Justice is imminent Follow for followback