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Endsars, #Endsars: Cnn

#EndSARS: CNN dares FG, releases second report on Lekki shootings

#EndSARS: CNN dares FG, releases second report on Lekki shootings

11/24/2020 11:29:00 AM

EndSARS: CNN dares FG, releases second report on Lekki shootings

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaAmid threats of sanction from the Federal Government over its investigative report on the shootings at Lekki toll plaza during the #EndSARS protests, CNN has released a...

TheCNNreport also highlights the fact that Brig.Gen Taiwo’s claim is at variance with the minister’s who had claimed last week that the army fired blank bullets.The fresh report also shows protesters running as soldiers open fire at the tollgate.The National Broadcasting Commission, which is overseen by the information minister, had last month slammed hefty fines on three Nigerian television stations for daring to use some of the footage which CNN has also used.

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The Federal Government has been receivingand Amnesty International over the killing of protesters.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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nawaaa o Well done. It won't go down just like that! They had luck thr massacre took place during US election. The heat they would be packing now would have been tremendous. Punchnews, where is your report on the lekki massacre? Show it and stop only looking for headlines because the more you the media keep acting as if nothing happened the more things are getting worse and you guys are part of the bad govt in one way or the other

Buhari Administration and Sanwoolu Administration mess of the messes. No matter how many times a snake will shed its skin,it will always be a snake..the SARS will forever be the SWAT that the mass stil wants Guys if you’re asking for the video with dead bodies, it’ll be chaos if released simply, intelligence wise for the Army to report conflictingly means things went down. we better hide our ignorance and stupidity because we can’t control the reaction 300k 👮‍♀️ against 300million 🕚

FGN hahahahaha CNN is not your mate ooo, let us shy small and respect ourselves oooo because CNN, Washington Post and their likes are Powerful Nations on their own ooo - ask Mohd bin Salman and Trump hmmmm ignorance go kill una CNN has nothing new to show the world, except they have the videos or where the acclaimed dead bodies are. Outside of that they are equally our enemies.

We don't have heroes. Awolowo and co can't be referred to as hero. They were just bunch of opportunist who crave for independence when we were not ripe for it. I tell you they did it for selfish Intrest ''CNN dares FG'' is an over statement. If CNN can crush the occupant of America's Whitehouse, the FG of Nigeria has no stamina to go into fight with CNN.

So many families is yet to see or hear from their loved ones since the Lekki massacre because most of the bodies must have been thrown inside the lagoon This county dey shock me This struggle will not end until justice is served Can someone repost the video here please But Mr. Lai will still talk rubbish

Who are this peter idoma and yahaya Ahmed or what do they call themselves, well they don't have friends and relations among those youths, they are not ours, they belong to them. They can continue, tomorrow they will carry ballot boxes! the only type of truth or dare that turns me on endsars ...perhaps lekki massacre truth is what will destroy oga Lie and this government. Is an invitation to outside world to beam more searchlight in Nigeria

😂😂😂 na d CNN were 9ja wan prob b Dis .😂😂😂 Y d matter pain DEM reach dah level.. U know how many times DEM don enter UK,us,England,Germany,China,Japan,Israel and other mighty countries matter with even more deep secrets? This one Una do openly, Una still dy para for DEM tf .b . .. .¹ Shame on this govt wallahi 🙄

Reflections of the endsars protest from the diaspora perspective. Join the conversation live on Facebook as we discuss some of the challenges facing the youths and suggestions on WHATNEXT Date: 29.11.2020 Time: 1pm SA Time I'm here for the violence Lie Mohammed will put Buhari I'm trouble if he is not cautioned

Oje_simps Do we actually know WHY we don't have 24hrs POWER SUPPLY in Nigeria? Don't tell me it's corruption, I want a 2 page explanation!! EndSARS Sharptemba1 Do we actually know WHY we don't have 24hrs POWER SUPPLY in Nigeria? Don't tell me it's corruption, I want a 2 page explanation!! EndSARS Which on is CNN dares FG... Who the f**k is FG, do they think they are dealing with NTA or AIT

eji_org0 O bela chao bela chao bela chao chao I love the caption tho🤣 Poverty is a bitter thing; but it is not as bitter as the existence of restlessvacuity and physical, moral, and intellectual flabbiness I'am loving this game biko play on. That's good. Sometimes I just wonder wen d people u think are supposed to be knowledgeable jus speak without thinking with their brain. If u think u can kill the freedom 2 information n truth in Nigeria, wat gives u notion and effrontery dat u can do such 2 foreign media houses?

Is high time we remove this old fools from power with all the strength we have...because 2023 is to far...we move to end bad government in Nigeria MartinLewis CNN wey no send those modafaackers 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lair Mohammed, come and sanction CNN. Werey how far have you gone on this same investigations? Sure after CNN finish producing the videos, Alaba boys will start marketing it

My own b say if I catch lai Mohammed ehhh D beating no go funny Because that old fool is just so senseless Anyway this woud be a great lesson to the tyrannical government in this country don't mess with this generation ,they thought it was the 1966-1967 generation of biafrans they massacred and went away with it,this is the computer generation a tech savvy generation.

The big question is what will happen to the perpetrators of this great crime against humanity? hope it wouldn't end with rants and rants till it this case fades away. It's really a pity that Nigeria🇳🇬 as a nation is ruling under dictatorship of so called Muhammadu Buhari with his clueless counterparts in the guise of leaders with no positive effect to the citizens of Nigeria🇳🇬.

CNN is not NTA. BBC is only serving the interest of their government, which is to protect their company called Nigeria. Nigeria govt have had it easy with Trump in the helm of affairs, with Biden you guys will get scrutinized because that’s what the liberal stands for. All Of Una Way Dey Shout Fake News Na Ogun Go visit Una

CNN be giving Lai Muhammed a hard time. He would soon come out with his big mouth to spew trash. Lai Mohd will still look for some lies to counter this one too I trust Lai, lies no dey finish for his mouth Congo of garri is now 400, FG should continue flexing muscle with CNN ooo cool. I take CNN's words over that of the aggressor who switched off lights and camera before shooting. Who shoots in the dark if not demented gun wielding vampires?

This is the only report that CNN cnnbrk cnni CNNAfrica need to validate . Name ID and coroner report of 38 dead. A public apology is still pending . Reinforcing lies and cosmetic make up of unfounded conclusion is hog wash. It noble for CNN to apologies but RACISM puts it Hi! My name is Maryanne Clement, I'm a Real Estate Broker. I'm committed to bringing you extraordinary service whether you want to buy or sell a house anywhere in Lagos, Nigeria. I also manage properties. Connect with me today on - 09028581061 (Business Only Please). Thank you!

Oya game on Won ti je gbese CNN vs FG🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good. If George Floyd's case was covered dauntlessly without fear or favour for any institution, how much more a Nigerian case that's grim, provocative and worth lucrative for being 'incriminating' as a reportage of the decade? The type of violence I love to see😂😂😂😂😂

PololisWang We want another one. Keep 'em coming! Punch is a fool. This is called justice not darling do we even have FG Someone needs to tell Lai that he's not dealing with Reuben Abatti or Doyin Okupe. He should learn how not to take the bullet for someone else. 2023 will soon be here and he needs to enjoy his retirement in peace.

Things I love to hear Lai has embarked on a fight he can't win a round cnnbrk THAT'S NIGERIA. Well, I guess that's what our leaders assumes Nigeria looks like 🤦 Please stop making our govt look bad. 'E dakun🧎'....😁 I'm here for the violence I trust CNN, said earlier that another video will soon be released, and this time all mouths would be shut...

It's nonsensical. What have they done about Donald Trump's stupidity in America? Wahala for FG o😂 CNN may God continue to bless you people voiceofthevoiceless They can't do nothing to CNN CNN carry go. Tell the world how wicked this naija politician are. Na so They probably thought they were threatening Arise TV and co. Nonsense Government

I wonder is any body still watch NTANewsNow. I and many people too that i don't watch that station that's controlled by the govt. So u you go advertise your goods and services or even upcoming events on that station no body will see it. Cos their viewers have reduced drastically So Ogbeni Lai letter don enter dustbin be that.

DSTV knew why NTA is on channel 419 Weldone CNN cnnbrk cnni People that even Donald Trump couldn’t fight. I watch when WHPressSec stripped Acosta of his WHITE HOUSE press pass. CNN still filed in news from ‘reliable source’ We don't need all these reports if they like let them release last report what we need is the family of the dead body

This wahala don dey resemble keke napep ooo🤣😂 CNN una weldone oo CNN be pressing their necks. Lai Mohammed how far with ur sanction? CNN doing what coward journalist and media couldn't do..this country need international intervention and those gov need public recognision and disgrace. Nigeria is under dictatorship.

The lying mohammed oh...... sorry, oga Lai Mohammed , your lies has surely taken you to international level and will also land you into international troubles and problems. God shame those who want to shame us Who da fuck is the content creator of Punch? Who's FG that can't be dared🤷🏽‍♀️. You people must be high on some cheap weed

Useless government This govt should be careful d way they re handling this issue cos more they released these videos they more people re provoking cos d second protest that will come will catch fire more than d first one. A wise person will leave CNN alone because if you dare them and they come after you, your story won't be the same.

This is prove that Apc led by Buhari are way over their head, all this individual we be destroyed, like those before them that have challenged the peace of the world. Buhari ship 🛳 is capsizing the wise know when do run out. I predict there will be mass exodus of decamping soon. This is how CNN and UK parliament will drag FG

The FG of Nigeria ain't see nothing yet. They will dance Naked in the market square soon. 'How soldiers HQNigerianArmy got away with the massacre of 348 Nigerians, including children in school uniform, in 2015 and how the same playbook is being used on Lekki.' IntlCrimCourt As in Zaria, so at Lekki elrufai ProfOsinbajo FemAdesina

'They just arrived and they started shooting on the crowd.' How elite soldiers HQNigerianArmy turned a religious march in Nigeria into a massacre. IntlCrimCourt NigeriaGov DefenceInfoNG CNN MalamiSan zmbuhari aishambuhari ProfOsinbajo elrufai There's no independence yet in this country Wetin government wan do? Awon association of losers.

The govt said nothing happened, so why are they threatening everyone that is saying the truth. This govt is in no way Democratic they are oppressors. Just so you know Nig govt not everyone can be threatened not CNN not even Nigerians any longer. Enough of your threats you killers CNN are just dulling around. Please we need rest from this lies. If you read the whole thing you called second report you will see there is no substance in there. You are being hypocritical too by reporting this. CNN is not in Nigeria! Why do they care dis much and a biased care

IFb In sec Good They have bought cnn CNNAfrica market Me: I follow back Report cards CNNAfrica needs to do a thorough report on corruption amongst our ruling class in Nigeria.. we need just 10 scapegoats across the whole country. O. S. G. MOTORS Exclusive Deal. Patronize and enjoy comfortability, authenticity and quality with our services in our most trusted car plug brand. Lexus IS 350 🔋✨✨ Year: 2015 (July/2014) Price: 11.5m (slightly negotiable) Kindly help retweet

Need the FG be reminded that CNN isn't NTA Toothless bloodsucking FG EndSARS EndNigeriaNow to avoid more bloodshed And Lying Muhammad lied to the world that there was no massacre at Lekki Toll gate.... kaluunga We need to change the national anthem Mscheww CNNAfrica, a voice for even d Nigerian media who have been emasculated... CNNAfrica, we already know the truth...We thank you for being brave enough to stand up for Nigerians and speaking up with proofs....Thank you

Nigeria don turn Egungun oo. Me: Egungun be careful, na express you dey go Lai Mohammed: Lemme na, na your express i dey go? BBC: An Egugun has been hit by a hit and run truck. pls be ashamed of yourself that CNN has to do your job... Funny enough, this is your handline... 😫😫😫 CNN is a more organised institution compare to NTA

We buy used diesel Generator Perkins Cummins Lister Peter's Danyo Don't let them just lay there, they don't add value but depreciate. We sell used Generators too 20kva -2500kva WhattsApp pictures 08038236695 Retweet/like & I will follow U pls follow back FG should stand for fiddled goons. Bunch of lying dictators and looters

Don't be foolled CNN is a failed Media. They have done more worse than Good since January first with Covid, different organization have been using CNN to spread their agenda pls let's be guided. At this time we can't trust any international media organization. I love it hot, FG is in trouble they wanted trouble by threatening to sue CNN for exposing them now they'll eventually get the trouble

If I'm Buhari I will just go to CNN head quarters at Atlanta and sort each of the staff working there even if is just 2k each at least is something, everywhere hard o.. Cos if they allow CNN continue, they will expose even dead bodies o... My advice sha Very soon, these people will unmask the masquerades of Aso Villa. Let's wait. CNN

Zoological Republic of Nigeria ENDNIGERIANOW If the foreign communities are tracing other issues in Nigeria as they are doing on this one, I will no that they have transparency. When it comes to other issues they used to be quiet If I were lai Muhammad, I will just shut my mouth and say nothing till all these blows over, because the more he reels nonsense, the more cnni calls out his Bullshit. Now to cnni CNN just when I thought you stole my heart away with good investigatives, you steal it again 😭♥️

Omah lay omah lay omah lay,oluwa comfort me Wicked government. FG are a bunch of idiots, When Nnamdi Kanu told them FG to Bring Buhari live on TV, that he will give up Biafra, that was Nnamdi Kanu DARERING the rubbish FG to do there worst. No CNN have done the same thing to FG, they should do there worst. Everybody knows that the FG is DEAD

FG should stop embarrassing their self . They should accept the wrong which they did and find a solution . Okay Naaaaa🙌🏻🙌🏻🤣🤣shit is getting real💪 If they could dare the President of their resident country, who be FGN?😂 They think this is Kakaki on AIT😏🙄 endSARs Season II loading... Wahala be like bicycle 😂 😂.

This is getting really interesting Dare! To do what? Nigeria government right now 😆😄😆😆😅 CNN nd violence Very good🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼. I love CNN. Is a proof that the government can't do them anything, only to talk, person wey pass you,no matter what,em pass you, that is Nigerian government with CNN EndSARS ....to MBuhari and Lai Mohammed. We must learn to hold the military, police, politicians, and people in leadership positions accountable for their deeds. They cannot decide to eliminate people they don't like by extrajudicial executions. I am with CNN in this.

Mr Lai Mohammed, this is what you get when you threaten a first class, US world renowned media house as CNN.... more investigations, more indictments. Nigeria media houses should also claim their independence and help build a viable nation. Loyalty should be to Nigeria not..... Amateur journalism about pros

The party is getting hot At a point. God hardened the heart of pharaoh, till he followed the israelites with all his chariots and warriors. They all perished and was never heard again. May God hardened the heart of our corrupt govt more than this till, when going back won't be possible. Oya Lai Mohammed over to you. NBC should fine them $3million

Even if am paid 1b as a lawyer to defend this case between Lai Mohammed and CNN,I will turn the offer down,E get why this case can kill a lawyer's career a swear😂😂 The minister for information and culture of a third world country threatens CNN a media house with sophisticated technology Lie Mohammed and co are toying with the tiger’s tail. Other atrocities previously not known to us will be revealed now by CNN. The dog that the gods want to destroy they first make deaf!

NIGERIANS has suffered a lot from its government, The people cried and cried. And the lord has listened. When it’s time for GOD to strike he will strike without mercy. PiusDan05231765 Tiri gbosa for CNN. FG don buy market. Nigeria youth - 3 FG - 0 tonygold_77 Watch the trend FGN vs CNN FGN vs UK Parliament FGN vs US Dept. Of State FGN vs Amnesty Int'l FGN vs ICC EndSARS

EndSARS Watch some of the crazy stuff politicians have done on camera 👉🏽 and also Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more interesting videos Where is the video CNNAfrica cnni is a goal U don't mess with CNN. People that fought Trump to standstill for 4 years and won. Are they the ones FG wanna try? Laughable. CNN if provoked can open a lot or can of worms of this Government o. FG should thread with caution here.

Nigeria government don buy market with CNN, FG is final gone, CCN will frustrate them by focusing more on Nigeria government Affordable Car Prices. 🔥🔌 Toyota Camry SE 2013. Neatly used in perfect condition 👌 Full Duty 3.3M Only✌ Central District Abuja DM for Business Following everyone back 💜 oflondonn

I hope UK do something...UK that I know only know how to talk This headline wan cause fight😭 Say na dares Definitely, Sanwolu, Burutai and President Mohammadu Buhari has a case with International Criminal Court of Justice in Hague. I love to see it. 😊 This table you are shaking! FG: This CNN sha, somebody cannot play with you🤨

This CNN vs FG movie is just getting started. While Nigeria govt is barking without facts. One can tell from the script it's gonna end in tears for mumu lai mohammed & fg 😭. Lmaooo, so NigeriaGov thinks it can scare CNN , lmaoo, abeg know your mate before you issue threats next time, or maybe NigeriaGov was just trying to look stupid as it so often does

We still await the FG proves against CNN claims tonygold_77 Watch the tend FGN vs CNN FGN vs UK Parliament FGN vs US Dept. Of State FGN vs Amnesty Int'l FGN vs ICC EndSARS We're here & we're not following each other, na wetin we come gain nah?😳🤷‍♂ We still dey below 1k followers, oya make we grow 2geda!!!💪🤝 Follow me & watch d speed of light I'll use 2 follow back.. Pls alert once done incase of delayed fb!✌👍 Also on Instagram valscostuff

Make una get some balls, report as undiluted and shame the devil. Stop clapping for tyrants. CNN is not NTA The fear of CNN is the beginning of wisdom. CNN should have done better to locate the families. It's not 'dare', they are just doing their Journalism job without bias or brown envelope. Simple Oh!! did CNN finally show how the dead where taking away and where?

Good one, let CBN go and blood CNN Account na or arrest them ,ndi ara 😂😂😂😂...CNN wants to give Liar Mohammed heart attack. Where can I watch the second report? MBuhari don buy CNN market. EndSARS They've all gone into hiding. Na now 'confinement' / 'lockdown' go make sense to dem! Liars!! EndSars EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

Pls where is lie lie oo, have not seen him since yesterday. FG don go buy international market. Elemi lo ma last. We love you CNN keep telling the world the truth about the crime against humanity our governments( Nigerian Government) perpetuated Abeg wey the video? 😪 Like I said FGN will end in tears if you doubt as Trump how far 🤣🤣🤣🤣

CNN is not NTA 'CNN dares Federal Government' that leads this caption is manipulative in information delivery, even though it is your trade in stock in recent past. CNN only advanced further in its mission to expose the propaganda version of the ENDSARS. realDonaldTrump netanyahu PMOIndia JapanGov CanadianPM BrazilGovNews BorisJohnson_MP MFA_Austria KremlinRussia_E SpainMFA EmmanuelMacron EU_Commission FinGovernment SwedishPM govsingapore ScottMorrisonMP UKParliament PressSec WhiteHouse

That's what it means to be independent as a media organization Omuurh!!!x100000😂 We never had democracy. What we had was a setup. An advanced monarchy where power revolves round a set of criminals. Military or civilian, we av had d same govt since 1960. Dey shuffle & reshuffle like pack of cards. Building d same govt in different bodies. ItsTimeALREADY

Nigeria dey mess with cnn 😂 CNN God bless you Lai Mohammed and his band of shameless zombies thinks CNN is a media body they can threaten with DSS or fine in order to shut out the truth.CNN will continue to expose their wickedness. Finally they bought cnnbrk market Block head liar government ...Please I need the video. Anybody?

omotolanilizzyy This is wonderful These our leaders believes that we are in the stone age. In this jet age, whatever you are doing even in your bedroom is no longer a secret; how much more about Lekki incident. The CNN knows more than we can ever know. The whole world is no longer in a cocoon. Nigerian government are just a bunch of liers we want this external bodies to help us out oooooo. EndSARS EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

koyinsolaaa_ E no go better for FG. IFB Instantly We are supposed to be praying for the safety and protection of our soldiers for defending us and our father land. But here they are killing us when we did nothing harmful to them. We are not persuaded to pray for them nor wish them success in sambisa forest.

🤗🤗🤗FG versus CNN... Interesting I love this, CNN giving them tough time Oshisco FOR ME OOOO FUCK CNN, FUCK THEIR INVESTIGATION, THEY ARE ALSO TOOL OF SLAVERY TO HOLD US BOUND. Are you not TIRED only the wise will understand. Nigeria government think they can decieve Nigerian citizens and the whole world, even our minister for information that cannot address the nation without reading the letters jotted down for him want to sue CNN

Drag them oooo CNN thank you o JaziminAaay God I love this Liar Mohammed will be amongst those to be sanction by UK, he should be withdrawn from that position as minister for information, he is a disgrace. EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA If nimaelbagir is on ur case, till d digs out d last body, omo no peace oh. Our govt has entered one chance

Wahala...wear kokoshoe...they can't bring out any evidence...I think they should be good with Photoshop The shit is about to go down! Now CNN to soro soke.Make FG go FEM When is time for re-election you we see them running after CNN for news coverage You can pass the IELTS exam in flying colours and get a permanent residency to Canada. DM for details on the high score formula for the IELTS exam

The outside world is not Nigeria. We have been taken too much for a ride. I still wonder why the youths can't take hold of this country. We should learn and change 2023 Lai Mohammed close CNN now, foolish Minister. They are doing what our coward broadcasting cooperation can’t do... y’all should be proud

We wait I love to see this. International disgrace! Nice one. They should please release all. Oh I love that I love this🤣🤣🤣🤣 Let the fight start I bet on CNN to win Who go end this war like this? FG na dead dog, they can't bite!! New in from OG Authentic! 😍 Cop this beauties at a discount price of 4k! Discount valid till Friday Dope quality, dope designs 📍Lagos DM to order Please RT n follow to see more 🔥

Yes, it's been said that when an elder took what belongs to a child and race up his hands.......one day his hands will get weak and tired then he will bring down his hands and the child will take back what belongs to him. God has his own way of doing things, more to happen....... Disgrace them Abeg I need a small pin charger for iphone.

CNN cnni pls increase the Volume.... let them boomboclaat hear .. CNN choke the thieves n oppressors,let them know d generation they are messing wif Wahala be like bicycle. FG don't buy CNN market, make I sit down with my popcorn dey watch this movie FG vs CNN Sanwo Olu should resign FG dares CNN Place ban on them again🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I pray Lai write another letter ,so we can see another video. Stepping on them niggas Keep pressing their necks mobilePunch I love this Wahala for who no like CNN🤣🤣🤣 This thing report released by cnni is giving me joy oo😂😂😂 BashirAhmaad adamugarba Where is Mr. Lair Mohammed? It's time to bark again in front of camera.

ayemojubar CNN to FG Ghen ghen... Nigerian government don match line. CNN Be Like: 'Tell me who is mad now. Today today we go do the smackdown. Sebi we go kuku enter one Trouser. Shey u say u no go calm down'😂 Falz_ It's getting hotter, at this point lai Mohammed should calm down or else CNN fit release his nudes.

BashirAhmaad was compelled to cross the line and write trash, countering CNN Investigative video of LekkiMassacre here is another one. My people says 'When water flows into the mouth of Iguana, he drinks it.' This time is for Nomads to destroy Nigeria. You think it's local station you can threaten You wan fight station wey drag POTUS for straight 4yrs without backing down...this violence is just getting started 🤣😂😂

CNN is relying on the same CCTV footage that the end Sars lawyers are watching at the judicial panel and punch is masturbating on that? Men to he movie is really becoming so interesting.... End of the road for all the nigeian old despicable politicians.... KARMA Dear Minister of lie, how market, when are you sueing this people that are so Bent on dragging the good works of this administration to the mud?

The just shall live by faith, fear not the ranting of the old foolish blood suckers they must surely pay for their sins Nonsense adamugarba how market, when are you sueing this people that are so Bent on dragging the good works of this administration to the mud? CNN no Dey joke Mad ooo. I'm liking this Abeg watin dey worry that old fool call lie lie Muhammad nah Must he always speak or write Lai, a man with clueless speech

Forward ever, backward never CNNAfrica. cnni Please, do that fast. It will be of great help to we Nigerians. I pray lai Mohammed sues them so they can embarass this useless leaders “The labour of our heroes past...” Who is the hero? Gowon? Obasanjo? Abacha? Babangida? Buhari? Who exactly? See ehn. Let’s not deceive ourselves. There was no labour. There are no heroes. None at all. Just a cycle of hoodlums who have been looting us dry since 1960 till now.

Pls who has the full video So General Yakubu Gowon left Nigeria for London in 1975 after ruling for 9yrs with half of the money in Central Bank of Nigeria. Returned back and set up Nigeria Prays, a Prayer Group. See how thieves hide under God! This problem be like bicycle em no go finish till this foolish govt pay..ThankGod for CNN if not they would have shut our locals up and also ThankGod to Arise that started it up too

UK Parliament is already doing justice to that. Another term paper to be release soon FG you better write love letter to CNN More from CNN More like itCNN Can someone supply us with popcorn and drinks, this movie is a blockbuster! sirblinxz Oya Oga FGN, fine them N3m nah 😀😀 Where is the video I need it anyone with the link cnn the best

CNNAfrica we are solidly supporting your report...the government must go down. For the first time in history of Nigeria. More are coming Sha 😂😅🥴 I am ashamed on behalf of Nigerian leaders, since they are not ashamed I volunteer to be ashamed for them. Pro bono shame now. I love the statement CNN dares 'FG' what cam those bastard government do. Nonsense.

Omo na gbas gbos for nigeria government face o Interesting season film Episode 21: CNN vs Federal government of Nigeria You can't avoid to miss this 😀😀😀😀😀😀 In other words NigeriaGov do your absolute worse... CNN is sweeting my tummy... FG will sweat blood. Endsars Lai think this is a Nigeria network

Simply put, Nigerian government don buy CNN market Jaiye_Benson We love to see it If FG does go to court, I will drag cnn to ICC on behalf of FG. How dare CNN dare FG, we will challenge d 1st & 2nd report Wht happend on 20-10-2020 LekkiTollGate LekkiMassacre ,wl never be covered or swept under d famous carpet Those involvd must persecuted IntlCrimCourt

Thank you CNN we are with you Another cruise This is sweetening me 😂😂 mr Lie try sanction CNN na, u go rotten for atlanta cell Buhari, Lia Mohammed, Tinubu and Burutai Samn olu abi whatever he's called right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Season Film CNN dares lair Mohammed not FG. CNN right now CNN to Our Minister of Lies😂😂

They not like punch, vanguard, sun, TVs news, etc. Integrity is what goes with true journalism MBuhari, you thought it was like Shiite massacre. You can rule your homo erectus and get no evidence but you can’t rule Homo sapiens without a run!!!! nassnigeria NGRPresident You see what your mouth have caused.... Hold your mouth, hold your mouth you no go gree. Who else loves CNN

Virtual FG Nigeria government think the youths of this generation is playing jokes with them, they think they can oppress the youths and get away with from Canada to CNN now UK. Ah ah. I just they laugh. cnni is doing wat every nigeria media can't do, dis is true journalism. cnni pls be d pain in their ass by exposing d lie lie government.

Let follow each other Wahala for who no like CNN ooo dey no belike channels TV wey dey show covid 19 update instead of protest Omo x45 🚶 CNN be like, one more word!!! CNN Drag those old men they call leaders in Nigeria to thier doom. Heartless sets of old fools I love to see it 😆 'Igberaga ni'siwaju iparun, agidi okàn ni'siwaju isubu.' Somebody should tell Lai Mohammed that 'the arrogance of power' he is displaying at the international level against CNN will humiliate this govt beyond any form of redemption.

Yes ooo. O shele! CNN sorosoke jooooo. They can't intimidate you. I promise to follow back I no be Nigerian government wey dy promise and fail I stand with CNN. God bless CNN Buh you're stupid with d headline sha CNN testing testing, pls off the mic off the mic. I warn them before if they dear CNN they will be shocked at the unfold revelation on the Lekki shootings.

Thank you CNN & Since FG have power over Nigerian stations they don't have that over foreign stations 👍 Good move They ain't joking when they said this 👇 cnni Abeg drag them like generator. Na here gangan i dey go Oya drop me Wahala upon wahala for diz govt. no peace for d wicked 🤣🤣😂😂 What can FG do?

I love the headline, CNN dey give me joy Fol0w me&ama folow bck imidi8ly m onlin. D UK Parliament as decided 2 sanction Nigerian GVT& d ARMY wu participated in d EndSARS human rites violatn. UK Parliament Memba as jst exposd d stealin by our leaders. Dy sed Gowon left with HALF of the CBN &ran 2 London(back in d 70s).

They’re not Darin FG. They’re doing justice to a glaring truth that begs to be addressed. CNN you guys must not relent in your resolved to expose the dirty side of this despotic regime. There must be no hiding place for those corrupt charlatans till they bury their rotten heads in shame. Truth, like smoke or water, cannot be silenced. No matter how long the night, day must always dawn. EndMilitaryAndPoliceBrutality RevolutionNow

this is getting more interesting Lai don buy market Am starting to like this CNN organization more oo👏👏👏 I love this drama 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lie Muhammad has put FG into trouble with his careless speech😀 Those who can't properly identify the bee will ignore the buzzing hornets to their disadvantage. I'm just waiting for FG response😂

CNN thanks for u support.... LaiMohammed1 u have only make mockery of yourself and perhaps this govt. that u guys defends always without facts. when GEJonathan was there u are the spoke person of ur party and made all manner of promises that never came to fulfilment. Is that not enough to keep u quiet

Ajibola_AD I love CNN Because they showed the same CCTV video that everybody has seen already? Punch should be ashamed that a fore8gn newspaper is lying and you are egging them on, how many bodies dropped in the CCTV video? CNN from 38 to 'at least' 1 body, even nimaelbagir is jittery,she goofed daring FG is like pouring water into a basket. Pls help us tell cnn that the Nigerian political elite are shameless being. WeMove

zainab__tiamiyu See headline 😂😂😂 Did FG think that cnni is just like NTANewsNow that they can control. I lost interest in watching NTA when protests were going on and they can even read any news about it, pretending as if they didn't heard anything of a such. CNN don enter the same Agbada with FG like this🤣✌️

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They don’t know how deep the well they dugout will swallow them Lai Mohammed over to you. You dared them, now they have come gun blazing. You think you are the King of propaganda, this one will DROWN you and the government. Where is the cnn second video? CNN there's more to be revealed. Wahala for FG. CNN please lead our leaders to their doom, their hubris shall expose them..

This is getting interesting, am so sure that for ones lie Mohammad will bury his head in shame of lies, falsehood of public information and misleading the nation with is childlike lies. Awon shenanigans dede!!! I love the headline, CNN dares FG. Wheres the new report link o ejoor Cool.. Read before signing let be careful

Violence 'ear and dear'' I love the headline 😂😂 CNN dares FG so sweet 😂 600years of enjoyment for CNN if it havent been them... they would lie and lie till case close.. this old men are so heartless in heading any position ... Lol Drop the video let's watch please... Thank You. Only a kid will think DNigeria govt is concerned about insecurity when they actually created d problem. All our security agencies heads knows a vital truth about this & that is d reason Buhari can never sack dem bcus dey know a very deep secret. Nigeria not safe under dis regime.

Lai Lai 🙃 Fact how Boko Haram bcame so violence during GEJ tenure was bcus d Norther elites wantd power by all means as dey felt cheatd afta d death of Yar'Adua. D plan was use dem as tool & den grant anesty 2d terrorist afta Buhari bcame President wich dey've started in form of repentance