Election losers sponsoring kidnappings, banditry – Buratai – Daily Trust

Election losers sponsoring kidnappings, banditry – Buratai


Election losers sponsoring kidnappings, banditry – Buratai

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Yusuf Buratai, says there is strong evidence that those defeated in the 2019 general elections are trying to revenge by sponsoring kidnappings and banditry. Buratai spoke in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital yesterday while receiving chairman of House of Representatives Committee on Army after laying wreath in honour …

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Yusuf Buratai, says there is strong evidence that those defeated in the 2019 general elections are trying to revenge by sponsoring kidnappings and banditry. Buratai spoke in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital yesterday while receiving chairman of House of Representatives Committee on Army after laying wreath in honour of fallen heroes.

Buratai called on members of the House of Representatives to prevail “on some of these politicians to really look at national interest first before any political or sectional interest. We have some strong evidences, but we are still being cautious so that we don’t get it wrong. But the best is to advise these politicians.” He said all criminals would be dealt with in accordance with the law of the land.

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Super story Why can't u arrested them after u knew them? No sir! Is it until the country completely disintegrates? Which?2015 or 2019 election . Idiot!!! You should be more matured Mr Man If that’s what you people say, then it means that you know people who introduced Boko Haram just to win elections Lazy people also complain

Yes is true Sir. Supporters General. Nigerian s wild want to see justice on who ever is found wanting. So you know them what are you waiting for? Go and arrest them now

We have strong evidence of politicians sponsoring banditry, kidnapping - COAS – Daily TrustThe Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Yusuf Buratai on Wednesday attributed the spate of criminality in the country to... What are You waiting for? Arrest and prosecute them. How many had been arrested, prosecuted Paper tiger talk. Why are you even telling us if you cannot act

Is Kidnappings and Banditry not happening before the election?...abeg So tomorrow atiku will be alleges of kidnapping and banditry, welldoneeeeeeeeeee Then we should remain steadfast, and resolute, beware enemies of the state. TKBuratai fear only Allah Is this not an unfortunate statement if it is true? The question then would be: Sir, how many have you and your men arrested?

Then election riggers should fight the kidnapping, banditry period Buratai be ready to defend every single sentence you are putting across. Then who sponsored boko haram as of then? which of them sponsored buhari to office when he was also an election loser? Your The Chief Of Army Staff and With The Resources at Your Disposal You should Be Dealing With Them Not Grumbling.

JNI to FG: End kidnappings, banditry now – Daily TrustThe he Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) has urged the Federal Government and the security agencies to brace up to the challenge of kidnappings, armed banditry and other forms of social vices bedevilling the nation. It said the use of technology and intelligence gathering should be improved upon, imploring Nigerians to give credible information regarding those …

This is a serious statement. Buratai should make it known to us who those people are. Something serious should be done. We don't expect him to make this kind of statement without a proof. Balderdash! Shame on Nigeria arm, we expected better from general. Nigeria arm, EFCC and INEC are working for every ruling parties very bad for our society.

Hey! Oga Buratai focus on ur business and stop the blame game. Don't relegate your self to the corridor and act like a politician. Securing Nigeria is your constituency project. Arrest them if u re sincere Nonsense, this is absolutely a nonsensical statement,these criminalities is seriously going on before the election.If you don't have any major way to prevent these atrocities as one of the chief security officers,just keep your mouth short.

Nonsense Hmmm Mr. GENERAL please 🙏 u have to respond the questions since buhari is still innocent & have nothing to say as usual sentence Nonsense Sir if you know them by name call them and also drastic measures should be taken on them.because we can't continue like this,people selling their country out just because of their selfish interest. May Allah continue to uncurtained their plans.

Politicians Fuelling Kidnapping, Banditry – BurataiThe Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Tukur Buratai yesterday accused some defeated politicians in the just concluded general elections of being responsible for the current deterioration of security situation in parts of the country. Buratai leveled the accusation in Maiduguri when he received the House Committee on Army led by its Chairman, Rep. Remande Shawulu, […] this is how Nigerian's are facing much problems Stories for the gods like before the elections there were no Herdsmen and Bandits, even if self. How far with the fight against Boko Haram u rose up the rank to witness? are they still tactically defeated seems they gaining more grounds lately

Has he surrender to failure and lack of tactics? This is wild accusations. If our security operatives are overwhelmed by d security situation in d country, I think d best option is to admit that rather looking for excuses. As if it just started. I agree with you sir,because before the election the is not issue of kidnapping or bandit or perpetrators, but now some nefarious politician sponsored them with vehicles and guns.

Definition of clueless Ostensibly, he's trying to set up those who have grievances over the last election for a crime they know little or nothing about. Sir, Please face the reality and stir clear of politics. That is true talk Let justice prevail

'Defeated Politicians In 2019 Elections Sponsoring Bandits, Herdsmen As Revenge' Says Buratai | Sahara Reporters'Defeated Politicians In 2019 Elections Sponsoring Bandits, Herdsmen As Revenge' Says Buratai | Sahara Reporters 'We have some strong evidence but we are still being conscious so that we don't get it wrong but the best is to advice these... READ MORE: Why not fish them out and prosecute them. Are you sure he really said that Spare us that trash ,as if they where not there before election.

This is beginning of this violence in this country, stop supporting your failure it's the high time you understand that you have nothing to offer this country security wisely, you no if you say this the president will retain you for another four years despite in failure. Sir since you know them, why are you wasting time to arrest them and face the wrath of the law.

Get them, bring them to justice wonder4ulworld But the killings have been going on even before the election...this is a proof of how dumb the heads of this country's security agencies are. Ignoramuses! The military has so much drag themselves into Nigerian politics till the lose the support of coming Nigerian in times like this. Why speak for politicians

Hmmmm....losers ! And the winners that want increased security vote nko. Mumu Not that way oga soldier What do u expect from the piper,songs that sweetens the ears of the payer... Nigeria is a failed community When they run out of ideas, they say rubbish. Oga go and arrest the election losers and stop being a mumu

Perhaps it's appointment extension moves!

Banditry: Bagudu warns Kebbi residents to be vigilant – Daily TrustGovernor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State has appeal to residents in the state to be vigilant and report any suspicious characters...

Idiot They are looking for ways to indict and arrest Atiku. Very shallow thinking. I expected better from a General. That's too cheap from a General of d nigerian army. Disappointing Have u arrested any if u have evidence aganist any of them hand dem to d police. Oga no come dey make noise here. If you know this election losers ,,,why can't you arrest them and let them answer these question,,,,, not just to say this in social Media

Like they did during their time right? Please we are begging Nigeria security to to stand true and protect people of the country, any body dat has hand in dis killing of people kidnapped of people, Insha Allah all the plans are going to destroy,, dere secret will be open, we will start Alqunut for dos dat are killing

All claim without proof leaves you with empty threats. Do something about it!

Banditry: Security in my LGA is deteriorating Katsina Chairman cries out – Daily TrustThe Transition Committee Chairman of Batsari Local Government Area of Katsina State, Alhaji Mannir Muazu, has decried deteriorating security situation in the area, saying inhabitants were unsafe. He told newsmen on Tuesday in Batsari that the level of insecurity in the area was compounding by the day in spite of presence of security personnel deployed … Am sorry I can't help now!!👌 May Allah secure us against any bad condition I thought the MBuhari led fed govt ws saying all is well including the govs too. i have come to the conclusion that this present structure we run as a country is extremely obsolete n the leaders see nothing wrong because they are feeding fat on the bad situation. May God deliver

So....? Why haven't any arrest been made? And who was sponsoring it before the elections? You should arrest them immediately since you know them Yes....since the beginning of elections kidnappings have been prevalent...losers like Evans in Lagos who was a presidential candidate who lost U know this and u are telling us. Why not go and shake their hands for doing a wonderful job sef. I hate nonsense ehn

you guys should get them arrested. And what are you doing about it? Do not tell me what i already know, hang them!

Banditry: The police hold the key – Daily TrustProbably nothing had been so extensively discussed nationwide in the last fortnight than the issue of security, or to be more precise, lack of it. Other momentous issues ranging from the delayed budget to what is trending in the transition matters such as the appointment of new ministers, etc., have all been quietly tucked away … 😍

Banditry in Hausaland: Another monarch down – Daily TrustWhich kind security improvement and intelligence-sharing in our country are you talking about if a District Head can be slaughtered easily without challenge or protection in his domain, while some policemen responsible for the protection and ensuring security of lives and properties are running to save their own lives? Which improvement of security are you … Your almajiri has grown and has metamorphose into banditry, comfirming the saying 'as you make your bed, you will lay on it'. Accept my sincere condolences of the departed soul.

Banditry, kidnappings are no tests from Allah, Shehu Sani tells Aso Rock imamShehuSani thank you sir for always speaking up Collecting N14.5million monthly is not charity from Allah. ShehuSani et-al should stop robbing the people and let's channel these funds to serve the people justly. ShehuSani losing his reelection bid is a test Allah

Buratai: When reason deserts a critic – Daily TrustI least knew the concept of the book “The Legend of Buratai,” authored Dr. Abubakar Mohammed Sani would elicit excitingly robust attention. It is a fictional narrative of the daring escapades of Nigerian soldiers led by the irrepressible and craggy soldier, the incumbent Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai against the Islamic … Are you looking for brownie points cuz you ain't going to find them here Pls u should do something delighted!

Killing of officer, 2 soldiers “wake-up call” for new strategy against terrorism – Buratai – Daily TrustChief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai, said the death of three military personnel on Monday in Borno was “wake-up call’’ for the army to further strategise to defeat terrorists. He stated this at the burial of Lt.-Col. Ibrahim Aminu, Cpl. Jibril Ahmadu and Lance Cpl. Tijjani Mohammed, at the Maimalari Cantonment Cemetery in Maiduguri … How may strategies will these guy have to put in place in order to win this fight?. U mean they are not yet defeated?How come Mr. President is celebrating the defeat of the terrorist? Continue fooling yourselves

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