‘EBUBE AGU’: South-East Governors Establish New Outfit To Tackle Rising Unrest

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Governors from the South East of Nigeria have established a security outfit called EBUBE AGU as part of plans to checkmate the rising unrest in the region, stemming from an increase in criminal activities. According to a communique put out by governors of the Southeast, the agency is to oversee and monitor the … Continue reading ‘EBUBE AGU’: South-East Governors Establish New Outfit To Tackle Rising Unrest

Governors from the South East of Nigeria have established a security outfit called EBUBE AGU as part of plans to checkmate the rising unrest in the region, stemming from an increase in criminal activities.

COMMUNIQUE ISSUED BY SOUTH EAST GOVERNORS AND HEADS OF SECURITY AGENCIES AT THE END OF THE FIRST SOUTH EAST SECURITY SUMMIT HELD IN OWERRI ON SUNDAY APRIL 11th 2021 2. That the five South East states are on the same page with the federal government on the issue of security challenges in the country. To this end, the meeting makes it absolutely clear that the South east will stand resolutely with the federal government to fight terrorists and bandits to a finish

5. That the heads of all the security agencies in the south east have resolved to exchange intelligence in a seamless, effective new order that will help to checkmate crime in the zone. 8. To applaud the initiative of the South east security summit and to make it a statutory summit that will convene every quarter while its hosting shall rotate among the five south east states.


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This is long overdue. They should it the ground running🏃

This 5 four years contractor seat down and create their regional security out fit. This is the problem with the Igboman. Ojukwu. Uwazurike, Nnamdi and now the famous 5. Igboman is just schooled not sophisticated. Ok

Security is whose business? FG is in charge but we employ maigard, community vigilante and olode, now each geopolitical zone is setting up it's own outfit. Please who's in charge of Nigeria? It seems to have been divided.

See them !

Akuko... just for show off

Gradually............if u know, u know oo

The South East Governor's just wake up from their slumber... Nomenclature

These government will never stop disgracing Nigeria.

They would have adopted ESN.. popularly accepted by majority of south east population, which is already on the ground...it takes them almost one year to establish a security outfits to protect their people,if the Igbos are attacked within that gap , the entire race will finish.

Pls who will declare Free Education for d people of Anambra? Be wise o! Vote for who will give ur d benefits of democracy. Anambra people want FREE EDUCATION OO!!!!! Any candidate who will give them Free education shld be voted for. Also,provision of good hospital, good road..

Medicine after death

ESN members should register as ebube agu or whatever because their cars and guns are needed for the smooth functioning of great ESN.

I see this AGU and ESN clashing in the future .. they suppose to discuss with ESN on way forward since they started this movement.. “dem go fight each other oh “..! Over superiority or who is legal or illegal .. this governors have created more future problems.

I will not shout 'Uhuru' yet cos S/East governors r d worst set in Nigeria.Their inaction led to d creation of ESN.I wudn't hold hands & sing 'kumbaya' just yet if I were u.The question is what happens now?Will d political Ebube Agu replace ESN which was borne out of patriotism?

See okezie the puk meat .its took Ambode just one tenure to change airport road and oshodi terminal.. but this puk meat okezie has been building one centre table he called bridge for the past 5/6 years now .. Iberiberism


They are just waking up.

Igbo shouldn't trust South East governors and their ebubeagu security bcos, they are terrorists from fulani herdsmen. Their plan is to kill Igbo people.

If after this week, nothing comes out from IMO jailbreak, policeHQ attacks investigations, simply means nothing will ever come out of the matter. Records have shown that issues like this always die a natural death in naija. Jokers I hope the Ebube Agu works


This only shows the incompetence of the police

Rising unrest? Esn ga eme unu jaja...

Regardless all that's happening... POWER your Monday with this 👇🏾

See willy eyes 👀 like who wan do bad tin...💯🤣

Igbo people, this is a scam on you. Government cannot control ESN, that's why they created what they can control -- EBUBE AGU. Use your heads! Why can't they stick with ESN ? Read carefully: The Police will be in charge of EBUBE AGU. You can't trust Governors coming together.

To fight ESN and not kidnapers and killer herdsmen. They should come directly and stop decieving themselves.

Errand boys , after flexing in owerri during the weekend 😁😁😁😁

Must they use Lion on their naming, because yoruba used lion in theirs? This shows that these governors lack creativity. All five of them cannot think of a better name. Yet the ipob was able to get a wonderful name for its security outfit. ESN sounds different and creative.

Willie always looking Uninterested.

What MNK said about these governors sleeping with the FULANIS is pure truth. They don't know what they are doing, their FULANI husbands are the ones telling them what to do. The early we do something fast about these demons the better.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 we are ahead of them

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Bunch of efulefu.

This are clowns. Nobody should take them seriously

None of them is looking fresh. They are all looking hungry beggars


They better do

EBUBE AGU MADNESS OF DAVE UMEAHI UMEAHI in a statement last month stated that THEY KNOW SECURITY CHALLENGES OF THE REGION THEREFORE NO NEED OF REGIONAL SECURITY. MEANWHILE, EBUBE AGU isn't launched yet. Chances are it may not be.. What else to be certain UMEAHI isn't MAD 🤔

Why are you people like this?,why must you insist on being the public enemy number 1,have you not realized that you are on the short end of the stick. The minds of the people are not with you,and your masters don't care about you.. justice is coming

They better pay a d train them well. We dont need to breed more monsters. The ones we have dealing with us is already enough. With a standard training school and attractive welfare.

See there faces; foolish lots. Let's see if the security outfit won't be politicized and compromised like Amotekun.


Some PR guys don collect money pocket, I can see most of them aggressively campaigning for the Ebubenonsense, hopeless people everywhere ready to sacrifice even their unborn generation just for a nickel, these set of leaders are the biggest problem of SE, but no campaign.........


Fulani no go fit call am 😂

Helpless beings.... very myopic and callous. South East Governors please wake up from your slumber.

Here we go!

Who ar this people... What make them to come out... They should hide themselves,

Papper security outfits who gave them training? and for how long are undergoing training? This just a joke because3security issue is not rocket science

'According to a communique put out by governors of the Southeast, the agency is to oversee and monitor the activities of vigilante groups in the region'. Imagine. These governor's stupidity is second to none. Only ESN we know and they fight and protect our lands. EbubeAgu

These men looks like ritualistic entities


Jokers. They are just deceiving the people. Why are they not challenging the document that brought the problem. A document signed with no Igbo representation? Can there be peace in a nation where some birth children they don't train? There was a country indeed.

We are tired of these empty press statement

It's about time to deal with traitors within

If they are going to rely on Intel from police or they are going to take those Fulani Herdsmen to police station then it's as useless as the police

Likely to fail cause they dont trust each other and no respect for each other in the East. It will be turned into another arm of ipob. They have done it before and it had failed. Until they love each other, it will beba mirage to make it work.

Dead on arrival, only ESN can secure south east region

On ESN we stand ✊🏿

It's not yet uhuru, no one should take these leaders serious. Let wait and see the full details of Ebubeagu operation and where there loyalty lies. We cant trust these SE governors

Waking up late shame on you guys

Ndi mgbu

Since all regions are forming security outfit, what then is the function of the PoliceNG

UchePOkoye See obiano face

Noo they should fold their hands and allow the she goat to deliver in thither

Finally. Una for wait more naa

Nigeria is slowly devolving. The only good thing that has come out of Buharis junta. What sovereign national conference couldn't accomplish is happening organically

Good move, drastic problem needs drastic solution. Without security business cannot thrive round of applause.

Fools and jokers...ESN all the way

Still in slumber not yet awake. Islam califate slave nonsense

AfamDeluxo hope they will not play politics with this one?


EBUBE AGU group of companies

South south won't emulate this now o.😔😔😔

Is south south next?

This governor's are group of selfish cowards. No braveness, no fear factors, no commitments, no responsibilities, They don't just have anything to be proud of. Any leader that can not stand for his people is not a leader.

Why is wilberforce always looking weird

Na now day break?...ndi ara

Good morning

Security outfit with Nigeria Terrorists military? 🤣😂 Childish elders in the East.

Buchyogba Idiots now waking up

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