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Do we need foreigners to fight this?

4/9/2020 6:28:00 AM

Do we need foreigners to fight this?

My little head has been assailing me with questions – questions that give me goose bumps, questions that make my skin crawl with worry… like there is a riot under my skin threatening to erupt a volcano in my head… the lockdown isn’t helping matters if you ask me, to stop this train of thoughts… …

A group of Chinese medical doctors arrive Abuja, Nigeria on Wednesday. PHOTOS BY: Chris AgabiMy little head has been assailing me with questions – questions that give me goose bumps, questions that make my skin crawl with worry… like there is a riot under my skin threatening to erupt a volcano in my head… the lockdown isn’t helping matters if you ask me, to stop this train of thoughts…

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The agitation started when I saw theCable Newsreport that the government would be inviting some Chinese experts to come and help us with COVID-19…I do not think it is the way to go. I know that crisis situations are the best times for us all to take a back seat, re-evaluate matters; critically searching inward to generate homegrown solutions for the greater good.

This life-threatening situation can make or mar us, which may change the entire landscape of our world afterwards and this isn’t the time to think that foreigners can help us. I mean, not the same foreigners that the whole tragedy emanated from for that matter!

ADVERTISEMENTHOW OVER 5000 NIGERIA MEN HAVE PERMANENTLY OVERCOME TERRIBLE BEDROOM PERFORMANCE DUE TO THIS RECENT DISCOVERY BY MEDICAL CONSULTANTSWe do not need anyone as we don’t even know the whole story about coronavirus and we are not sure who to trust and who not to. This is the time that we must trust our own people rather than invite people who most do not trust…we cannot afford to make ourselves vulnerable to anyone. Now that we have less than 10 deaths, we do not want a situation where their meddling would aggravate the problem.

I feel we can do this; we have done this before but ‘we need to have confidence in ourselves and our people’ we have Intellectuals that can look inwards and research homegrown materials that can cure this virus.We have seen Nigerians already taking precautions playing around with plants and herbs…this is the time our intellectuals can properly verify these herbs and plants, if they can be used to cure COVID-19 or not. Why can’t we get proper research carried out to prove or counter these beliefs?

From the little we know of the virus it is a weakling, it is weaker than SARS; a virus that feasts more on people with low immunity or aged, we have a variety of trees and plants…are so rich that we have been too relaxed to lift a finger to harness the bounties of our land, yet we see foreigners come and go carting away our raw materials and we look on, this is the best time for us to start researching the richness of our resources .

This Government should leave politics aside and ask the right people. For example, ask the former President how they were able to combat Ebola effectively. The team that helped to combat that crisis are still alive and well I’m sure at least most of them are.

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A COVID-19 think-tank/ Committee must be set up to research solutions to end this menace ASAP; consisting of members of the old Ebola team, the NCDC (who are overwhelmed by now) and all those who would be able to proffer solutions to end this.This committee should be the one looking for our own medical scientists, pharmacists, chemists, researchers and much more; this is the time our brilliant professors can be of utmost help for the greater good of Nigeria, this is when their certificates can be utilised effectively.

A compassionate, proactive government should take immediate action. Just like the American President gave an executive order to great companies like GE to stop the manufacturing of other items and focus on producing ventilators as a proactive item needed for the survival of their people, our own government can do the same and give executive orders to all these scientists in the country. There were once pharmacists who were said to have come up with drugs that treated HIV, where are they now? We need them to report for duty to save the Nation.

With every sense of responsibility and good conscience this administration must be aware that some day this incidence would pass, when the story of COVID-19 is being told a decade after, what will they want to be remembered for? What kind of role did they play? What executive conscience above everything, were they able to muster to bring everyone on board to fight this?

This is the time that all the moneys put together can be utilised effectively to generate a homegrown remedy or even a manufacturing plant that can be used to make homemade ventilators.Maybe this is the period Nigeria will “blow” we just have to try, we have to search deep inside of ourselves and tap into our own resources!

Do we truly need the Chinese now or any foreigner for that matter? With all the conspiracy theories flying around? NO!Please our government should not open our doors to any Chinese government or any government. We have very good people in the country that can take care of this.

This country took care of the Ebola outbreaks and we can take care of this!We should also be very concerned and be on our toes that this pandemic does not degenerate into other conflicts. Following the news and seeing that medical supplies are being diverted from one country to another. Other countries are banning export of food. If this pandemic is not resolved quickly, we may have other issues to contend with. An import-dependent nation like ours will be in more trouble.

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Actually, South Africa is already dealing with increased looting and general criminality.Let’s have various plans ranging from an A-Z toward successfully ending this nightmare. I know we would wake up without it pretty soon and as we do we would overcome all pending and even unforeseen issues.

Meanwhile, dear reader, what part are you playing to stop the spread? Or done to add your voice?Khadijah Abdullahi Iya is publisher SI Magazine Ltd.RelatedDownload Daily Trust News App Read more: Daily Trust »

No Godforbid not even China useless people Chinese are the coronavirus itself No we don’t they should just leave us with out malaria please No need plz Even though we see person who can do it we just underrates his efforts Yes of course, what we can do by ourselves in this country It's became up to this level ?

Well since they are in the country, wishing them a happy stay and hopefully, the Govt should pay them same thing they the Nigerian health workers, including the hazard allowances of 5000. Remove the log in your eyes, before removing from another. E tú ilé yín ṣe. Nigerian govt must have been a big fool to have allowed them in the first place

No. We are fighting it already No everyone stay were you are No we don’t need them our doctors can try there best Nothing Nigeria will do on her own they always seek foreign's help for everything. To me it means God didn't created us like others We don't we need all the help we can get to end this soonest.

We need more dan Chinese Dr's. Even the Chinese doesn't fight d pandemic along in dia country. 79 countries and 10 international Orgs. have provided medical supply and support in China. In short, 13 inter. student + one Nigerian (Olatoye Babatunde) partake in Wuhan saga? Nigerians are being chased in China and our government is so foolish to welcome them to Nigeria, to do what? How many cases do we have that warrants their help..they have the rest of the countries like Italy,Spain etc..why didn't they go there?!..who we really offend for NIGERIA?

Why not••••• I need more doctors from abroad The Dr are Not was maintaining social distance Nooooooooo Hell No We need even foreign president to help us win boko haram Even powerful countries in the world seek for help, if they can help no Problem. We'll still blame the govt if they decline the help and the outbreak escalate.

NO YES!! I thought the minster said we have more than enough doctors in Nigeria...confused man Yes, we do! In transformational leadership and Management system, You are advised to scan your environment inside and out get feedbacks, and also hire experts for you to arrive at workable and sustainable decisions in achieving you mission and vision.

No Not at all These men look like special forces on a mission,they don't look like doctors Don't We? Shouldn't We NO we don't need them No We completely do not need foreigners to fight Coronavirus. Nigerian doctors are have done well and are doing well. We have recorded only six death cases since the virus allegedly entered the country. And the six deaths includes patients with previous serious health challenges .

In what I am seeing in this picture show this Chinese people have their plan by brought their camera man this covid 19 show how weak our health apparatus are and it's show the government doesn't have interest in improve it, in Nigeria May Allah help our government officer Yes we need so. Do we know anything about it?

We need foreigners in everything in Nigeria: political leadership, business leadership, security, education, health because we are not a serious people due to the following problems: corruption, tribalism, lack of patriotism Whatever we need to end this pandemic This is not time for politics but it the right time we unite and stand as one! So please let us pray for this to come to past not issue if we need any foreigners or not please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Nooooooooooooooo They stop us from foreign rice and now they are bringing foreign doctors We don't need the Chinese doctors or nurses in Nigeria, they are here to test their vaccines on us. Nigerians be wise No Yh Not at all their presence is even suspecious Wasn't it imported from foreign land? I pray this people will not clandestinely introduce a tougher strain of the virus!

Yes YOU DO... Every country needs as much help as possible... If you don't want em others UK IRE will take em..! No we don’t need Is anything wrong in being assisted at this pandemic period, besides they are here for impartation of knowledge and not to practically take over the jobs of Nigerian doctors

Yes Not the Chinese or any Asian country. If to say Nigeria no get covid 19 before ehn. If care is not taking ehn then go fii get covid 19+ No, the expenses is outrageous and it is even against the wish of many Nigerians. This is the age of Telemedicine, whatever they have come to do , could as well be demonstrated from there and the treatment regimen and materials could have been sent down here.

We the Nigerians we don't agree. Nooo It's politics in action Need them or not they’ve already arrived the country Why not this questions before inviting them shai Nigeriangov. They are needed in the villa no chance again to foreign medical treatment as all European doctors are now busy with covid 19 in their respective countries

We are bringing them in when they are throwing our people out on the street in China... Nigeria deserve this president o, since we say we no go hear word, Buhari ride on, go ahead.... Ebele pale in comparison to Buhari but we all shouted crucify him. Not at all. May Allah protect us against there evil

No A country of about 200m, wayyokasata Of course Yes! Only if they are genuine. Nigeria is a joke u no CCECC aid We don't cos they will spread the virus to us. We don’t need their help , if they came with any vaccines to infect more people, may their evil perish with them. If their coming will affect Nigeria like it did to Italy , may they all be buried in our soil without returning back and face the repercussions

They said it got no cure so allow us to enjoy the freeway mood instead of coming to complicate things yes we need help They're not here to treat or support common Nigerians. They are here for top people that needed secret treatments. The Nigerians that were exposed to COVID-19 during IG daughter's wedding, Bello mother's burial and Aso Rock cannot fly out and they brought them.

Our Ogas do Yes,we need them. Let them mix with our workers so that we can get correct information apart from their useful ideas being brought. Many Nigerians eye on the money being donated creating means to benefit from it. May God help us Nooo After 14 days quarantine what can the Chinko people achieve if not something sinister?

No oooo we r doing well ooooo No its just a waste of money Nope Everyone should stay in his country Welcome them, though on WHO website it is said '....treatment based on the patient’s clinical condition....' And they are not here with any vaccine. Las las we hope number of cases do not increase, because that will be weird.

Ask the leading agency. They are in Nigeria to take care govt officials who has been attacked by code 19 Dey are kicking our brothers and sisters in dere country out dere own homes. While here our government are so useless and dumb to even put d news in our headline dat dis disease carriers are here and so? Should we jump and celebrate dat u re about to massacre our loved one fools

No, we don't. We've been winning the battle on our own. All we need is capacity building for rapid daily testing, more isolation centers and up-to-date hospitals. Bringing in these Chinese is a slap on our health workers who have been on top of the situation. What am still waiting for is dat home to home vaccine!! I swear i wud kill every single of dem dat wud come to my hus dat day... bastardized govt and dere locust eated brain!

How many are dead in their countries? How many die daily in their own country? Thousands,hundred. Now they are here to treat people dat die once every eke market day. Yes especially Chinese Indeed Abba Kyari needs their attention At last our government are d one who want to sell Nigeria Chinese team Vs Coronavirus NIG

They are in Nigeria already if they can help us to fight against COVID _19 they are highly welcome May God heal the world 🙏🏻 Yes, of course We did not ask for their help, they offered it. In my opinion, the disease has shown a different pattern of clinical manifestation from what has been observed in other countries and the Chinese are here to study this, under the guise of offering help.

Stupid government Until the government understand that democracy is about the people then we are going no where as a country, when most Nigerians were against it the government still want ahead with this plans I smell fowl play Are these ones doctors or industrial training students? Very funny No No this is just rubbish

Yes we certainly need technical support and supplies. Yes! We have always needed others to assist us. No nation is truly independent even at ordinary times and most especially in times like this. Thanks for asking. The Lord God will disappoint any evil agenda in this program! Amen. If yes we need them, then we also need a foreign president to rule this country

We don't need them, cos I for one don't see anything special in managing the symptoms of the disease, its something that we have been right from inception. We dont need them, our doctors are trying here...our government get wicked hiding agender . No please we don't Yes, bcoz our doctors will not fight the virus wholeheartedly due to the fact that they're getting money....

No Never!!! Finally Nigeria welcome Corona virus No, how can Nigeria develop while we always rely on foreign countries.. Everything we need is from them and we are saying we want to develop... Don't we need foreigners? Was it not from the foreign land we IMPORTED this challenge? Beyond ego we still haven't come up with any tangible reason(s) not to accept their offer.

Nigeria always need foreigners, it's a curse. Any means, but I don't trust china No!!! No The fact is what do we know about this? It's either you are deliberately misleading your gullible readers or up to mischief. Report issues the way they are, rather than raise controversy. Most cooperate entities in Nigeria 🇳🇬 are playing a role, social responsibility, same was CCECC, with about $10Bn investment

No we don't.with d global pandemic,how many countries have invited forigners to there sad we don't believe in our selfs,then how do we grow its not about what we think. do i have to keep saying this ? daily trust are you guys becoming ? the next scammable question you ask again, im unfollowing you guys

They came for their employees in CCECC not for Nigerians. I do not trust these Chinese people. People that tell lies about the actual figures in their home cannot be trusted. Mtswww. When will Nigeria and its citizens will start producing their products? Always use what u have. According to Guinness book of record, Nigeria has set a new world record as the most gullible nation in the world!

Why are you asking while you know WTF, They have their own Cameraman? They actually used their hands to invite the real corona virus Nigerian government maka y FG needs to pay 100m daily for these persons.. We need the help of foreigners but definitely not the Chinese. These people will not help us, this is like receiving a gift from the devil🗽

They send their quack Doc to us. Our opinion doesn't matter They re already here no need for asking Please it's not about pride if they can assist they should and they are in better position to help having encountered the disease first What do we have🙄🙄 They came to assist us just like we are being assisted in the fight against boko haram.

Deadly corona virus spreaders. NIgerians don't need your deadly assistance. Go and solve your country virus. China treat Africans like animal and come to Nigeria to do what. What are your aims of coming? We don't !!! Maybe No if the funds are well utilized... No Mumu people I don't think we need help and if we do, its definitely not the Chinese. These people have chased a lot of Nigerians out of their homes for no just course. IMO I think our government are dinning with the devil itself.

We do absolutely not. YES we need all the help we can get (without any unhealthy strings attached) No What for ? Help us treat just 200 cases with over 20 billion donated. Imo it's a big slap on our medical doctors faces. No ooo It's a shame. Maybe it's an opportunity for the minister to make 💰 more. How many Nigerians have the Chinese authorities kicked out of their hotels and homes?

Has the foreigner finish fighting the one in their country, ask yourself that We need the help of foreigners but definitely not the Chinese. Nigeria why is it so hard to learn? Even if the brain box is full, why not unlearn some irrelevant things and relearn what is to be useful. These people will not help us, this is like receiving a gift from the devil.

Ooooooooooo Nooooooo No Maybe

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