Discos Free Electricity

Discos Free Electricity

Discos offer customers two-month free electricity

4/9/2020 8:30:00 AM

Discos offer customers two-month free electricity

Okechukwu Nnodim, Wale Oyewale and Patrick OdeyPower distribution companies on Wednesday announced that they were in support of the proposal by the National Assembly and the Federal Executive arm of government that Nigerians should get two months of free electricity.

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Speaking through their umbrella body, the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors, the Discos stated that modalities for the free power would be worked on and made public in due course.The Executive Director, ANED, Sunday Oduntan, disclosed this in a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday night.

He said, “The electricity distribution companies recognise the challenging effects of the coronavirus on the economic and daily lives of our customers.“In fulfillment of our commitments to the nation, we hereby align ourselves with the efforts of the National Assembly and the Federal Executive to mitigate the hardship that is currently being borne by our customers and other citizens all over the country.”

Oduntan added, “We are committed to working with them to ensure more efficient power supply within this difficult period, as the nation battles with the ravages of COVID-19.“We are also completely aligned with the plans to ensure palliative measures, including free electricity supply to all Nigerians for two months, to make life easier, during the lockdown period. Details of implementation to come soon.”

He reiterated the commitment of the Discos to improving service delivery to the nation during the period of the coronavirus pandemic and thereafter.Meanwhile, the management of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company on Wednesday said it had set aside N100m to support the fight against COVID-19 pandemic within its operational area.

The electricity company said this while donating food items worth N10m to the Oyo State Government as part of measures to combat COVID-19 in the state.IBEDC also donated N5m to the University College Hospital Ibadan in support of the institution’s efforts at combating the deadly virus.

The Chief Operating Officer, IBEDC, John Ayodele, during the presentation of the relief items at the Ministry of Agriculture, Oyo State Secretariat, said the food items were part of the N100m earmarked to support the states in its areas of jurisdiction.

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Ayodele, who was represented on the occasion by the Regional Head of IBEDC, Peter Oyelami, lauded both the government for measures taken in the fight against the scourge.READ ALSO:Fix refineries before petrol subsidy removal – PENGASSAN, NUPENGHe said, “IBEDC, as a law-abiding corporate citizen and socially responsible organisation, has earmarked about N100m for relief items namely rice, noodles and semovita.

“This gesture encompasses the states we cover namely Ogun, Oyo, Osun and Kwara, and partly Niger, Kogi and Ekiti states.”In a related development, the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution has donated four truckloads of rice to support the palliative measures in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River and Rivers states.

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, PHED, Dr Henry Ajagbawa, disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday by the Manager, Corporate Communications, John Onyi.He also promised regular supply of electricity during the period of the lockdown to enable the residents to live a comfortable life.

“The same donations taking place here are being replicated across all the states within our coverage.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Hmm! I'm afraid... they r crazy. they just gv me bill of 7k untop watin SERAPNigeria How do people with pre-paid benefit from this Apart form us ? Because it seems we are not part of the customers,Nevertheless you people should fuck away with unfulfilled promise. Hi Free electricity?. Do Nigeria as a failed nation have stable electricity?. Provide steady power supply we will clear the bills

Appreciated This thing that would into a Greek gift. Na so free indeed, mttsscheww 🤨 😁 Fake news. Anything free from Nigeria is a scam. By the way where's the electricity? 2 month of what? Where is the electricity supply? You guys should just sharraap. Free erratic supply Na wa o which one is free unavailable light again Problem no dey too much?

Nepa bring bill today oh ... For iyana shashi For which state? Because me I never see light o For real. God will help us and heal our land Somebody go just carry news wey don expire, dey disturb. It’s not about 2month free for audio , we hardly have light , Plz it’s not a must , give us light we will pay our bill

Since I first heard this news, we've not had better light. Please take your free light and give us light that we'll pay for. All my meat for fridge don dey spoil . What about people using prepaid what is the measure for that? May the discussion 'kill unah dia'. Just give us steady light 💡 we go pay for it! Ndi ara

We are no longer used to free things. Give us make we dey see am, we go pay. Mumu!!! Ever since the announcement, no light for our Area o Discos mull offering customers two months free electricity. That's good, EKEDP is true? what happen to the bils they have shared Where I am that translates to a little over six and half days of free electricity.

You people will never stop to amaze muah Audio tinz abi or let dem do a live tv broadcast about it. Is it Ghaniana customers? Where do you see the light Yahoo government. When we dey pay we never see light shey nah when they give us free we go see am Get your facts right. This is still a proposal and haven’t been approved

In in iba lda of ojo ,they shared nepa bill oo SERAPNigeria Is a welcome development The lit no kuku dey bfr so wats d essence? If so, why are they still bringing bills Fake news.. Where is electricity IkejaElectric last we can remember we are still in darkness.. Stop reporting what's not happening.. We can't continue living in a country of propaganda

Good Job. IkejaElectric I guess you guys aren't Discos But my prepaid was reading today, is this real or ? Hmmm What of those using pre paid how do we get this free electricity. Pls enlighten us more We no want . Just give us paid electricity make we pay u Where’s the light to offer free🤣😂🤣😂? The Person that Posted this and the Discos... All Of you Are Mad internationally!

FG is paying for it, it ain't free! How about prepaid cusyomers Better tajudine2013 Lies from Punch. FG will pay for the 2 months light bill not discos. Please IkejaElectric when will the above news commence? How will Prepaid customers benefit? what about aedc Abuja? That's just a false news they won't do anything.

It's a lie, my prepaid meter is still running my credit's down. Lies How about those of us on prepaid meter. I have enough to last about 4 months loaded already. Hope they will send the estimated bills copy to us so we will know what they billed us... Then our real bill might appear... Greeks Gift.😂🤣😂

No be light wey you see you go term free🙄 Two months free..without light abi? How can they give what they don't have Light wey we no see na audio!!! But we can't see the light in Ibeju-Lekki - Lagos. patiently waiting for what they wanna do actually These guys have issued disclaimers. Punch h should please drop this news and stop rising false hopes

How will customers using prepaid meter benefit from the two months free for all light? What of prepaids users From when to when? They've taken the light till two weeks after 😂😂🤣 I would chose constant electricity that I will pay for than free audio electricity. Now we know the light ain't gonna be constant.

Nah lie ooo! IkejaElectric have said it's only a proposal ooo! No implementation yet! No go burn thier office until say them no give you free two month supply o! Good move. But, how would this work? What happens when a pre-paid metre runs out of unit and a customer is cut off? Would vending attract no charges? This is short on details. bedc clarify this.

When they want start ? 5k followers in 40minutes 🤠 Drop your username so we can follow you People with pre-paid metre nko? We have not noticed this action at our area oo!! Or has anyone in Fadeyi-Yaba experience this? I like Nigerians, sense no go kill us. The moment they said free, they just off the light.

Where u see the light How can u offer what u don't have....our electricity system is so bad that when you pay you get little or no light We that don't have transformer....... When my card finish. I will still pay. Please how will this be implemented ? Please we will pay for electricity they should just make it available. Cos nothing goes for free in Nigeria, trust me they ll find away to make us pay for it on the long run.

From the content of news, the headline is misleading. Not just free let it be constant It's a lie now most people are not having the electricity now , why are they lying after all let this covid-19 lockdown over they are going to overcharged us for the free electricity that they said they give free later.

For real Help us ask them if Prepaid Meters will be recharged from their office without us paying. OK so no light be that Its a lie Where's this Discos at na Before we no get light for our area they don't used to on it ( Ilorin ) joke of the year, world best joke..... Lol And how do you do that to customers on prepaid meter?

Chai, we will not see light again in Abia. EEDC will even park the two months bills and give it to us in the 3rd month. I know them so well, they are two bad. When we have not seen light... What of prepaid? 2 months free starting? Is that why they are now giving us low current. Guess nothing is really free🙄

We hope the customers will see this electricity. We don't even see it when we buy, how much more if we are to get it for free? They are doing well because for my own area we enjoy light at least 15hours in a day Johniky5 And we have not had electricity in my area of Rivers State for days now. My Card purchased 1 week ago just finished and that was quite faster than when the situation is normal, this is not true at all

Before the announcement there was light,now the made the announcement no light. Please give us light we will pay. I guess May and June How are they going to do it with prepaid meter that will cut off as soon as the credit on it finished Hmmmmm,, This is Nigeria,,,,, crazy bill coming in after the pandemic

Hello EKEDP I just received my electricity bill for the month of March. Given the current situation in country, am I getting a free bill for the month if March and April, or April and May as your way of contributing to easing the burden of your customers? What's the plan for the electricity consumers on prepaid meters?How are they going to benefit from the opportunity given by the Federal government?

Is this Nigeria two month free electricity, it's a lie. Nepa bills was share yesterday in my area. aedcelectricity is this why I have not had light for the past 4 days. I don't want free electricity, I just want electricity Not confirm ooo. You people are too forward. Free for darkness abi? Good ideal It's still the same thing because they're not giving light after the two months they will still come for the nepa bill

D FG is paying.... Light wa we no get....IkejaElectric IkejaElectric how true is this? How about we that uses prepaid meters? I beg stop making noise.. They are shylocks so don't even expect power at all if they aren't billing for it. Who will regulate them? What a country. Mad people roaming around unchecked. 3 months ago, they billed me 38k/month so I resorted to gen. Burnt 15k fuel a month as I only used when I was home. They check twice, saw my resolve to bone NEPA and decided to cancel the mad bill and gave me a current charge of 3k/month.

Nemo dat quod non habet. Nobody gives what he/she has not. Let alone giving it free. anedng Is enugudisco not part of the association I got this from EEDC just yesterday wednesday 8th april 2020. If really it's true, then it's a welcome development. That's if the Nigeria attitudes does not come in though.

They shared light bill yesterday We go pay this money back. Especially does house that don't prepaid. Na crazy bill them go use Light wey dem refused to supply We go see the light again at all So those using prepaid nko Is EEDC not included? They've already started distributing April 2020 to their customers. I got this from them yesterday Wednesday 8th April 2020.

Two months? Since I complained to IkejaElectric and ieServe nothing has been done to rectify the electricity lockdown in my community. We need help. We can’t continue this way. This is my third complaint. Pls help us. Thanks Those of us on prepaid meter how do we benefit from it? What about those on prepaid?

And Abia state has started distributing EEDC bills. Are they not included in this or are they different from EEDC? What about telling people that's DisCos would be paid for it by FG. Tnx. We hope the supply will not be affected. 求 真假? How will those on prepaid meter enjoy this? Na lie, they just switched our light in the office because our unit finish.

Funke Funke BEDCpower are you hearing what others discos are doing in their zone, do something now, common to approved installation of new transformer in my Area, Ughelli North L.G.A Delta State, that the community bought na wahala, shuooooo, funke... No light in Piwoyi, Abuja my area for the past one month so am not thrilled with the news.

That ‘ill be the day😂😂😂🤣 Just wait for the third month bill before you celebrate... if you know what I mean ... because na that time you go hear say :'you stayed more at home' especially for those wey no get prepaid meters What about those who have pre-paid meters, will this offer apply to them also?

We ain't even seeing light as it should be. What free electricity do they intend to give. What about those on prepaid meters? How will they get power without their meter reading and consuming energy?/ they shd explain that The more you look the less you see. They will seize the light and continue giving excuses till the two months pass. This is Nigeria.

THANKS (NEPA) DISCO, HOUSE OF REPS AND SENATE. If you get bill that's for March, this new offer will be for (April &May) Thank you... Wait for it... Is it all over Nigeria? Or is it in Abuja alone? We are Nigerians... Free don't come easy without consequences. I'm waiting on your reply. Cheers Kudos to them but all our Nigeria bank should emulate that and give their customer at least 20k in this period and we will all praise them.. I rest my case

Hope we that uses prepaid meter will also benefit from their kind gesture After the two months free electricity, the proposed increase in tariff will take effect with immediate alacrity. 🤣 U don't want us to pay for darkness for 2 months? Thank you o, no light in almost all badagry areas Naija should be expecting double biling... PHCN will give u 1kobo and dey ll collect 20kobo...devil can never give u good thing

When we don't have the light for almost a month now, nonsense Please someone tag PHED here abeg. But wait oh... What if the whole two months na only twice light come? 🤔 IkejaElectric NERCNG where is the light Una try for this one. Make una sha leave the light for us. I bet they've never been involved in any CSR since inception.

Now, no light again. Terrible What about peaple that are using meter So, that is why BEDCpower reduced supply to low voltage for 7 days now in Ijoka, Akure Are you sure cos there is a Nepa van in my street now! Finally, they Compensate us for the Accountant General Office!!! Really? Perhaps they are short of supply or 2 months free and then the increase. Am suspicious oooo

It's gonna be the opposite oh.... EKEDP Is this true? How will those of us on prepaid meters benefit from this? Is that why you give us light for 30mins in 24hrs? OK naa! Make e no be audio ooooo! When the service is paid for, they supply poorly, imagine what the situation will be when they offer it free of charge, Nigerians don't need free electricity just make it regular

Will offer, rather. Since this announcement we no see light again here in my area.😋😋😋 Where is the light? When they have shared bills in coker orile already. So will my prepaid meter stop deducting units ? Where is the electricity? Kadunaelectric hope you see this. Please no prank or stories o EKEDP Hello EKEDP, pls we need constant & sufficient power supply at Ira-quarters ,volkswagen , Mile 10 and its environs in ojo.The light supply is very poor &epileptic in these areas.Pls, encourage us to keep safe by staying at home comfortably.Thanks

Wait till they bring the bill after the 2nd month. All these are just antics to get our focus off thier money heist. Their Professor is a wack strategist. Discos where is the light to give for free?we have been in there free darkness electricity for decades. u mean 2 months of darkness? What will be the fate of people who purchase bulk units for their prepaid meters? Will the DisCos magically stop the units from depreciating for the next two month? We keep scamming ourselves. You just can't give what you don't have.

As if that's possible with this current situation Out of 24hr,you give electricity for 3hr that one electricity.The 3he's is not even consecutively ,but in hr in the morning and 2hrs from 7-9pm. Who is deactivating my prepaid meter for the said two months free electricity supply? With estimated billing still in place, I reserve my comment!

EKEDC brought electricity yesterday. They should come and take back their paper Where is it? From which date oo and we that use prepaid nko I just check my Eko Disco meter and it's still running fast. How do prepaid customers enjoy the free electricity biko? Be careful of this gift.. its like the devil giving you a goat, after ward asking you for your child..don't complain of huge and ridiculous bills later..Make them keep their free power oo

Are we safe? We have been darkness for 2weeks now. Where's the light smartwayne1 Why are you people lying on what has not happened which the less of such has never even happened How about those on prepaid meters? aedcelectricity take note As if my prepaid meter has stopped reading.... How can Discos offer two month free electricity to those with prepaid meters?

Scam Story story story ye eh You sure they will even bring the light 💡 Tueeee What of we that are using prepaid meter, what will happen to us? After paying 20k bill this month Whet of customers using prepaid. What about those using prepaid meter No wonder prior to this period we were having light but now in full darkness. Please give us light we are ready to pay.

We don't need it ooooo abeg this two month we might not even see close to four hours a day a beg How many hours of power supply are we expecting to get each day for the two months of the free supply to Nigerians BEDCpower no go wan carry last nah What about those that are using prepaid meter? I received a bill yesterday. . What is happening? 🤔🤔

Hmmmmmm That means we will have no light for 2 months How will this apply to prepaid meter customer? oluwaloninyo Supply will go worse. Nigerians will not enjoy electricity in the next 3 months. How abt prepaid users? I am a disco dancer 🕺🕺🕺🕺💃💃💃 Starting from when ? Ijaya1 Same disco that is already sharing bill

Good development we dont need it because it will translate to 2 months of darkness just imagine an enemy that has been giving you darkness and gave you fraudulent bills now wish to give you a dash my brothers, think, there is nothing good that comes from Satan the king of darkness enugudisco just making sure you see this and letting you know we accept the offer. No pranks biko.

Commendable. Apart from electricity, it's essential to provide free drinkable water to citizens. Water tankers should be used to convey water to areas that lack taps or/and boreholes. Right now many communities lack water to even wash their hands with. Even prepaid subscribers that dont see the light for days-weeks. Nigeria which way nah

We don't have light at Sunday Fadipe Street and others, Adura Bus-Stop Alagbado, Lagos. Since September 2019 till date. We can't afford to be indoor day and light. We are not safe for covid-19, people move up and down to charge phones and fresh air. I have not seen the practicability of this keeping in mind those on prepaid! They did not give concrete ways of achieving it

Haaaaaaaaa.... that means we go see light for only 2weeks in 60days evenly spread across 4th day today no light in ibeju lekki Does it mean they won’t share bill for two months inside darkness 🤣🤣 Discos light no dey long o What electricity I live in karu Lga Nassarawa state and we practically have no light. Give me power I will gladly pay for it

What a joke!. This never gonna work and we know a lie when we hear one. This doesn’t cover Lagos State. Is it going to work on prepaid meter ? No be only Discos, na lagbaja . Where the light dey self? aedcelectricity can you please confirm this claims? If true, how will customers on PPM benefit? Make una no dey post this kind thing e dey vex me, una sef know say na lie. I wonder what happened to real journalism now it's all copy and paste🤡

Bullshit!three days and counting no lights OfficialPHED can you confirm this No wonder we haven't seen light for the past 2weeks. I don't need two month free electricity, all I need is a constant and consistent supply of electricity Who your free electricity help in total darkness? My prepaid meter is red!

Where them offer am and what of those using prepaid in their house. I doubt this man in charge of EEDC can do that because he loves money and he is very greedy. Automatic two months off niyen for some areas... and for ours, we don know say dem go spread the two months bill on subsequent bills... Scam all the way! Come for your money.

... they ve negotiated reclaim of the bills with FG & since FG will also agree on a ridiculous repayment terms discos too will resort to disheartening supply arrangement; at last d awoof will tear consumers pockets Well good news but we know how they will collect the money back. In Nigeria nothing is free

All I decode from this is 2 months poor electricity supply. Chai so we won't have light for 2months now.. Oh really? They already distributed the April bill so when do we start the freebies? 🤷 How will they manage the prepaid? This same light that we barely see? Pls how will dis work cos, if you have prepaid metre, the metre lock you out as soon as your credit is finished. Pls how will it get to homes ooo segalink disco

Where the electricity dey. Mtchew🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Lootocracy Fulani Gangerwee oligarchs. Zoo No be here for EEDC. They r even increasing the rate self Which of the discos please? At national Assembly. Free but not available you can't give what you don't have Can good thing come out from Nazareth? YES or NO ? So where is the light?

GabrielOtung After over 5 days of blackout abi. Nothing works in 🇳🇬. 9ja, a joke. The earlier we realise the better for us. Only on the paper, there is reality to that effect Does it mean I can query any official that want to disconnect light? armyonthebloc What of us wey be Prepaid customer Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujahs Hallelujahs

Would prefer steady paid electricity than this Greek gift. Where's the light !!! Wen e dey start ? This two months free electricity, just hope it won't be an audio electricity Bonanza. How about the customers on pre-paid, how are we going to enjoy the benefit Ilovemaphone Which customers? The paying or not paying ones? Those with PP-meter or those without? And did we get electricity even as paying customers?

Disco has not yet complete there promo It has been more than two month we set our eye on light in igboora in Oyo state ..ooo IkejaElectric what of prepaid meter users? Bills will be mad after these two months o...this is scam I paid 15thousand naira par month almost a year,I kept complaining,they kept telling me there is nothing they can do that I just have to pay,tf,paying such amount of money no light,rn,few houses in my street including ours now have meters,nepa kuku no gree give us light again.😡

Is it real? enugudisco hope you seeing this o Since that yesterday we never get light for my area oh... HakeemOyato1 mobilepunch since they announced this news no light in my area o IkejaElectric i need confirmation on this pls ! 😂 But, will they give us light. You can always promise what you can’t deliver.

How abt prepaid customer's ...consider this FAKE NEWS alert. Just ignore. Lol How will my pre-paid meter stop counting because I still dey load.. Free 🙄,oga make it available we go pay,rubbish It will be appreciated only if the electricity is in itself available in the homes of the citizens for the 2 months! You cannot say you're giving 2mths free electricity and for the 2mths light is not available. That is the definition of a SCAM! von_Bismack ayemojubar

Nice Something they bring for 30 minutes in 2 days 😂 Well for people without prepaid meters ,not to mention no lights in weeks of stay at home .. we generate our own light here How is that possible for prepaid meter users? Hmmm....to accumulate the amount from 2months and collect it along with the third month. Who is fooling who

On paper for now Is it not the same.....which light are we using before. Free is different from steady I hope you all that. Give us 2 months of steady Light and stop deceiving yourself with the word free 🤦🏿‍♂️ Rejoice cautiously. Expect 100% hike in tariff afterwards. Scam and fake news... How will those using pre-paid meter benefit from this?

We know FG paid for it already. However, we also know that your robbery instinct will still make you spike up bills after two months to end up making us pay eventually. U have cheated us like 4ever already. I am patiently waiting for a chnce to use 1 of ur staffs as testing kit. Which light? where is the light in the first place? Two months of continuous darkness as usual, let them give me my prepaid meter I paid for on the 2nd of January first,😱

Please we await modalities. My prepaid meter is still reading 🤷🏻‍♂️ marcelezeokoye Hallelujah o. Thanks and God bless you discos, your company will not burn What about pre pay how re they going to give us electricity? We no see light for Ogumbo for 2 weeks now How, will my pre-paid meter stop counting or what? I just loaded it yesterday.

How can you give what you don't have? 🙄 We are not grateful because you know how you will get the money back from the poor masses. God sees you. But they brought a bill to our yesterday But the EEDC have already distributed their bills to their customers Lol.. Scam hw dey do those dat using prepaid meter

This means we will not be seeing any electricity for the next two months 😭😭😭 There is nothing to celebrate here Propaganda It's of no use for us at losoro, Lakowe, Ibeju-lekki, Lagos. We don't have light since last year November. Free electricity or free darkness. I haven't had electricity for weeks. Where is d light in d first place ? . With power generation ever so low? Everyone, like d politicians, thinks d masses are fools...Na wash

Will the prepaid Meter stop reading for 2 month How about us using prepaid and bought bulk recharge cos of d lockdown. In which country please akpokwaye are your friends at OfficialPHED doing this too? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 as if light dey come This is definitely a lie...I got a text from ibedc for current charges saying to pay before 16th or be disconnected.

Which foolish free electricity.....the one that almost all the areas in Lagos are now on load shedding...we've been on one day, one day off for almost two weeks now, and we still can't boast of 10hrs of light when we are supposed to be on....rubbish What about we on prepaid .. cos I just recharge mine ..

Hope their agent will not come and force us to collect money. We don’t have the light they are being paid for, Grammar School in Ikorodu Lagos. Women selling frozen food will fight them again. Becos those their Generator faulty has gr8t lost in this period of lockdown. I saw with my eyes.Crazy bills evri month.

Crazy bill loading. Its a lie,EKDC brought bill to my house yesterday, if I didn't pay after one my light will be disconnected When is it starting? And again, if u live outside Lagos & Abuja, you will know how terrible the power situation is. Audio electricity So those that are using prepaid meters should connect directly for the 2 months because nobody will give you free recharge pin

Audio offer 🥴🤒 They should first give us stable light fr the ones we paid.Before promising this From what month do we start counting the free electricity? Sey for people in sambisa Discos offer 2-month of darkness. It's free online hope it's free in the villages when will it start & what about those who have some unites in their miter dose it mean it won't reduce ?

How about those using meters? How do prepaid guys get their share Pffff your National Assembly said 3 months but you turned around and reduced it to 2 although it's all audio promises!! Go to hell with your promises!! The questions is where is the electricity sef Don't expect power supply for two months.

Am scared o! I just hope this won't be 2 months of darkness sha! thinkingaloud Those using prepaid meter, what's their fate? I don’t trust anything free in this country more especially “PHCN” my worry now is the after bill 🤔 Mere dreams That is good Where is the electricity kwanu Start from which month Bills for March are already out

We will still pay back the money after the expiration of two months because the bill we are getting is an estimated Billing which means we aren’t paying for what we consumed. Two months of total darkness U can't offer what I don't have BEDCpower render worst services to especially in akure 2hrs daily NERCNG or the concerned body, kindly explain to us how we that are on prepaid will benefit from this gesture... Thank you

Wow! The kind of news I want to hear and I hope it's TRUE though We have not had power for over 2 weeks in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. Let's see a day of power and take it from there Abeg, let's pay and have stable electricity, not free and people will start sun drying on power cables How true is this because your guys brought a fat bill yesterday EKEDP . Stop misleading the public please.

Punch I hope this is real🤣 This z a hoax Free electricity without light at least for the next two months we won't pay for what we didn't use Jus expect crazy bill or 2 month darkness And those using prepaid meter Will you top up for them or how will you go about it Free but not available 😡 what's the point? We are ready to pay, make electricity available simple.

What about people that use prepaid? MBuhari NGRPresident HouseNGR NigeriaGov nassnigeria OfficialAPCNg ProfOsinbajo LaiMohammed.. Some places dont habe transformers how will dere enjoy two month free electricity.. Oshi ati iranu After this, we should expect hike in price. No wonder we are yet to see light in my area for long.

The steps is noble and must be applauded, if this can be see through. Since the beginning of this quarantine, we never had light. Rubbish!😠 Are you sure, may be they are saying that they will not come for disconnection for the next 2 month. But bill must be paid Wait, they'd soon catch fire too. I pray IkejaElectric comply with this.

AirtimBaci__ Discos offer customers two-month darkness I've fixed the headline How will it work for prepaid customers? Any plans to share tokens/recharge codes? If so, how do you determine what to give the customer, since we all consume differently? For light wey nor dey 😀😩 Ok Where is the light? And does it include these of us that are using prepaid meter ?

If you see the electricity. Total blackout for the 2mths. Audio offer. Ndi Ara!! Of no effect ,is there light ,if countries like ghana,Liberia etc makes this kind of offer then it makes sense,already the outage is deliberate, pls let them say something else Na Ogun go kill discos two hours light a day It's like Devil giving you free firewood in hell....

When it was paid for, it was not available. Now it is free, you think it will be available? Two months will pass and most of you reading this tweet from Nigeria will not see a blink! You people joke too much in that country called Nigeria. Bunch of jokers led by bigger jokers. Is this a gimmick? Mak e no shock us o

Now that's more like it Does this include those on prepaid or this is the shenanigans we still have to deal with? Audio light No light for the past 9 years in my local government.. Irele local government in Ondo State. How will this affect the prepaid meter users BEDCpower? Two months of darkness be dat.

Hope JED is among the discos offering free electricity for two months? I still went to buy light on my prepaid yesterday What about does with prepared meter What about those on prepaid meter? Of their unit got finished, what next? They can't give what they don't have. Discos that don't have monies to improve thier distribution network, always rejecting power from the National grid. They can't even meter the bulk of thier customers. Discos can't give free electricity on their own.

Still doubting if AEDC would accept to be part of this. I hope we will see the light Ope o! People using prepaid, watsup. I hope this free electricity will not lead sky rocketed tariffs in a few months to come. Ody_johnson William_Ukpe DavidHundeyin Are these guys not being foolish? How many Nigerians are getting up to 12 hours of light daily outside Abuja and Lagos? Who will pay for this power when the Discos,Gascos,Gencos are complaining of debt among other things?

Nice development✌✌✌ So we should be expecting two months blackout. You can’t give what’s not Available na Darkness is what u will see in the next 2mths Two months disco free, hmmm the two months bill will still be added to the new bill they will bring, corruptible government have ever seen. After two months free we should be expecting crazy bill in third month😁😁😁😁😁

Not after the two months they will now come out with a ridiculous bill. After two months they will add it to your bill and I know lots of people are going to jail for beating the hell outta PHCN workers. Lmao We don't want free electricity. Give us steady/constant power. That isn't too much to ask. That is a good news

Abeg wey d light Like they wouldn't collect it back after the break Which of the month please because I just recieved my march bill yesterday Prepaid meter nko? If you’re tired of dropping account number under every giveaway tweet and doing babiamla for naira Marley and his Heartless Colleagues to broke shame us.😩😩 lemme tell you how to make cool cash as I just discovered. DM

Are they not going to times three the bill later Anywhere and everywhere across Lagos, request for your pickup and delivery. Dellyman will bring everything to your doorsteps. Signup now: & ref code V3JYVB or call Sunday on 08162828165 Hmmm.... Hope they won't bring crazy bill back after 2 months expired to reclaim their 2 months back. No free thing in Zoo called Naija

I don't know how true this is and when this takes effect but I just received a fat bill from Eko Electricity Distribution company of more than N13,000. When contacted they said I must pay it or face disconnection and that the 2 months free package does not apply here. Those on prepaid meter how will they know

Nepa shared bills in aba We all know what happens on the 3rd month, especially those on estimated billing. Can it be free and incessant please? 😔 Like, please? 😔 Where is the light o? Where is the light?😠😠😠 After the breakdown hope you guys won't double the fee? Ok I hear , buy i use prepaid meter so how that one take reach me

The only good news from energy provider since I was born.

DisCos, FG agree on 2 months free electricity for Nigerians – Daily TrustThe Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) on Wednesday said they have aligned with the federal government to provide a two-month rebate of free electricity to their customers nationwide. NERCNG Wow! This is interesting. For real? Buhari

DisCos, FG agree on 2 months free electricity for Nigerians – Daily TrustThe Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) on Wednesday said they have aligned with the federal government to provide a two-month rebate of free electricity to their customers nationwide. NERCNG Wow! This is interesting. For real? Buhari

COVID-19: Gbajabiamila Asks FG To Waive Electricity Tariffs For Two MonthsCOVID-19: Gbajabiamila Asks FG To Waive Electricity Tariffs For Two Months edwardbode Some of us wouldn't mind if it is waived for as long as the pandemic affects our earnings and lifestyle. Good move 👍 And those of us using prepaid meter should bypass abi?

COVID-19: NASS seeks equitable distribution of palliatives, free electricity for Nigerians - Daily Post NigeriaThe leadership of the National Assembly has called on the Federal Government to ensure the equitable distribution of various palliatives to cushion the Don't give us free electricity. Make electricity available to us during lockdown. When you give us free electricity u people will shutdown supply totally and claim you used 1 trillion to provide electricity during lockdown Story for the gods🙄 Nice plan from NASS

StackPathHow this take concerned us in Nigeria... Where we lack water system in Nigeria... So why the news... Ordinary power supply ... They still contemplating on how to do it

Alakoba lunch... What a patriotic deterrent!