Kidnapped Corpers, Telecom Shutdown, Zamfara Bandits

Kidnapped Corpers, Telecom Shutdown

Despite telecom shutdown, Zamfara bandits contact kidnapped corpers’ families for N4m ransom

Despite telecom shutdown, Zamfara bandits contact kidnapped corpers’ families for N4m ransom

10/23/2021 7:18:00 AM

Despite telecom shutdown , Zamfara bandits contact kidnapped corpers ’ families for N4m ransom

Bandits in Zamfara State have evaded the telecommunication blackout in many parts of the state to reach out to families of two graduates abducted en route to the National Youth Service orientation camp in Kebbi State.

City Roundlearnt that the victims boarded a bus from Benue State to Sokoto State on Tuesday before they were intercepted around Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State.The driver of the bus and some passengers were said to have escaped and reported the incident at police stations in Zamfara and Benue states.

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Judith Benson, the elder sister of 29-year-old Iorliam, told our correspondent on the phone on Thursday that the kidnappers had reached out to the family and demanded N2m ransom.She said the kidnappers revealed that they moved to Gusau where the mobile network ban had been lifted to make calls and vowed to return the victims to the forest if the ransom was not paid on time.

Benson stated, “The bandits have contacted us. They called my mother’s line and allowed my sister to talk to us. They kidnapped four Benue people together with my sister and another corps member named Joseph. The first time they called us, they demanded N3m. After we begged them, they reduced it to N2m. They said they would collect N2m for each of them.

“They told us they would wait somewhere in Gusau where there is network till tomorrow (Friday) and if they didn’t hear from us they would take them back to the bush. They said they wanted cash and that one person should bring the ransom to Gusau. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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It's foolishness & stupidity that made certain toerags who suddenly found themselves in undeserved leadership positions to think a war on terror could be won by locking up the poor innocent civilians in the dark, making them more vulnerable! How dumb can one be & still breathe?!! How ? Wahala The govt should pay these ransoms

That's Nigeria for you. Yet Fighter jets didn't bombard them because they are above the law. Disintegration/Referendum is the only solution. Sometimes these youths always feel those that camped there before them don't have two heads, meaning they can also camp and serve there. Now their lives depends on 2million naira each.. a whole graduate?!!

And u believed it was actually shutdown? 🤣🤣🤣 No corner shd go to the north. Una no like una lives. Nysc will adjust wen no corner agrees to go That's hypocrisy of the zoo terrorist kidnapped iswap bandit bokoharam Fulani terrorist government. Why would officialnyscng continue to post young graduates to such locations. It is nothing but height of irresponsibility. About time people refuse such posting and insist on being reposted. May she regain her freedom soonest.

I beg family pple's biz make una no bruise ds fine face o

[BREAKING] Bandit attacks: Protesting Zamfara women block Gusau-Kaduna road - Punch NewspapersBandit attacks: Protesting Zamfara women block Gusau-Kaduna road Dispatch the CP LAGOS there immediately. Did the get permit? What was the time allowed for the protest? What is their dress code? Where are ther T-shirts? olatunji1080 Your attention is needed here, after guarding the kaduna-Abj train route. Dont sound overwhelmed. Defending d zoo is a task that must be done or you head to oduduwa. Clearly, we know you don't prefer the latter. 😂😂😂 EndNigeriaNow zooinshambles Protest is against the tenements of Islam🤡

We need to push for buhari's impeachment. Contact your senators and house of reps for your constituency, they need to call for the impeachment on the floor. GodwinElendu2 They will on it do their business. Are they not the same people that shut it down? After business, they will put it off. Thank you. Yeye dey smell

This is really damn and unfortunate 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ E shock you? 😀😀😀 Those kidnappers re foot soldiers to top politicians in the north. What baffles me is how they want to destroy their world up north just for money. So this girl was actually kidnapped. For sure, the Kidnapping company has broken new grounds of communication. So FG shock abi......?

Telecom shut down is to shut down the voices of those who will cry for help or report what’s actually happening... just like the way they shut down Twitter to silence critics and those who report bad things happening in Nigeria.. No big deal here. A renowned terrorist sympathiser is the Nigerian 🇳🇬 communications minister.

Whoever vote for APC next election will not live to enjoy any good from this land

We'll Kill Or Marry Her If You Don't Pay Ransom – Bandits Who Abducted National Youth Service Corps Member In Kebbi Threaten Family | Sahara ReportersShe was on her way to Kebbi State where she is expected to undergo her mandatory one-year service to the country. The Nigeria nation should get the western nation ,they are highly experience in insurgency of this magnitude and are good at tracing and cutting off dollar supplies fueling insurgency , we should also go within to dig out the sources of radicalization,radicalizing the youth Govt should pay She went to work for the govt, why is the family being threatened?,what is the govt doing to rescue their employees. If the safety of youths & Nysc staff are not guaranteed, STOP MOBILIZING. Writing this piece in their handbook looks like a GUIDE to be perfectly kidnapped.

Can a thief catch a thief?Can the same people sponsoring TERRORISM stop it? Use your brain OkoroOkoroafor Why did you go to serve in a terrorist enclave? Heggshells Please help me retweet, my customer might just be on your time-line Whoever adviced the government to shutdown telecommunications in other to stop Terrorist from kidnapping for ransom is so dumb and myopic. In this 21st century, clueless government or security agencies still bought such an idea. That goes to show how backward Nigeria is. Clueless

They use juju Use the right word! They are terrorists are you people unfortunate. I advise all incoming,serving and out going corpers to stand in solidarity with her. Telecoms shutting is not a good decision to stop kidnapping. They could even kill the people kidnapped if they could not reach out to their family

USA should know that Malami and Buhari fulani do not want to kill terrorists, they are using terrorists to incite unrest in Nigeria to islamize everyone. Islamization agenda is their plan, this is why Nigeria army are killing in Biafra while terrorists are killing in the north. What is she looking for there in the first place? U can not use prayers to building a bridge or lift up ur countries economy so for those of u being deceived by ur business pastors who kept telling u are covered by this or that, u should Re-think and stop being ignorant

We'll Kill Or Marry Her You Don't Pay Ransom – Bandits Who Abducted National Youth Service Corps Member In Kebbi Threaten Family | Sahara ReportersShe was on her way to Kebbi State where she is expected to undergo her mandatory one-year service to the country. A country of hapless people Na your parent i blame for allowing you to go Northern for 🇳🇬 indeed Horrendous!!!

General_Somto Shutdown for nigerianist not for fulanis okay Despite telecom shutdown, they still managed to contact Corper’s family for ransom and you still call them “bandits”? We can do politics with diction all we like but these guys are TERRORISTS. It doesn't affect Thuraya, shutting down telecoms is just an eye service moves...

Buhari and Zamfara Governor never heard of satellite phones? Mtsheew 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol. 😂😂😂 Hungry Bandits Nysc should be cancelled abeg

Bandits Still In Our Midst, Zamfara Residents Cry OutSome residents of Zamfara State have denied claims that bandits in the state were relocating to neighbouring states or fleeing due to the hardship brought Nnamdi kanu is their problem not Bandits.. Na only cry you cry? AfricaNational1 please drop your comment

The sponsors operate from Abuja, so, communication is not a problem for them. That means she was taken to another state Omo. officialnyscng shebi una post me to kastina. Na your kids will go there. If you like shutdown zamfara, e no change anything , do the right thing I said this before shutting down network is not the solution

telecom shutdown didnt affect kidnapping enterprise Wahala 🙈 You did read the training manual in NYSC camp, on how to escape from kidnapper The terrorist are using network given to them by Mr double in aso Rock.its a planned game That’s terrible. We’ve got useless leaders in naija. Omg corperkidnapped

Alleged teenage bandit arrested in Katsina, man held for father’s kidnap - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Hmmm Nigeria

How do they do that. 😂

Telecoms shutdown = Border Closure = currency control = Protests ban = Lame government policies that will never work to improve the well-being of the people of Nigeria. Archaic policies with disastrous results Fulani led government have no vision. Lack ideas to tackle problems . Their trademark; Low esteem , pugnacious will always show every now and then . Fulanis need mental resuscitation . We are not surprise.

The mobile network provider should be able to help , since they gave out details of the EndSARS protesters the other day. These guys are big time terrorists aided by the military, so they have they need to communicate. CancelNYSCintheNORTH

Bandits In Military Uniform Kidnap Newly Mobilised Kebbi Corps Member, Eight Others | Sahara ReportersThe victim, Iorliam Jennifer Awashima, was reportedly kidnapped along a highway in the Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State while travelling. Wetin be this na if you value your life.. you wont travel for NYSC now beyond your region esp youths from Southern extraction.. but wait.. who will pay d ransom now your life is more valuable than one paper certificate.. igbonran san ju ebo lo.. The earlier we declare the middle east sponsored religious extremist terrorist what they are , the better for the nation to get western support, as the western nation have a better way to cut off dollar supply fueling the advancement and recruitment of the terrorist