COVID-19: Buhari resumes work – Daily Trust

COVID-19: Buhari resumes work


COVID-19: Buhari resumes work

A Presidency source said President Muhammadu Buhari resumed work on Wednesday without receiving any visitor. The source said President Buhari was still working in his office as of 2:30pm but received no government functionary for the usual briefing. Already, the President on the recommendation of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on #Coronavirus, #PTFCOVID19, approved the …

Already, the President on the recommendation of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on #Coronavirus, #PTFCOVID19, approved the suspension of weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meetings, which he would have chaired today, until further notice.“If and when the need arises, any national assets required for use in the response to COVID-19 shall be mobilized and deployed.”

The personnel of the Department of State Service (DSS) were seen enforcing the restriction measures in the presidency.

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Namalle Hahahaha this country must collapse Kyari don retire ? lilmeerahcute Covik 1-- 9🏃🏃🏃 So he actually stopped working and for what reason if I may ask. See other president, plz come out for press conference.. When did MBuhari stop working ? This man is work shy Covik 1.9 virus When did he stop working? You didn't announce when he went on vacation. Why announce his resumption?

Resume work on life support? How possible is that? Was he on some sort of holiday before?

Liveblog: After testing negative for Covid-19, Buhari resumes work – Daily TrustCovid-19: Atiku pledges N50m to stimulus package Former vice president Atiku Abubakar has called on telecommunications companies to offer N1,500 free airtime to over 100 mobile phone... via 24liveblog This is awesome my boss Well is a welcome one from him hope his son get well soon for sure Really

So he has been sleeping...? Why didn't you tell us he was off work before should we still believe you guys? Was he working before or he was on COVIK 1 9 emergency leave.😂😂😂😂 So he was sick before Allah ya kara lpy da nisan kwana My president In which office?Buhari and abba kyari were flown out of this country in secret for medical treatment.

May God protect baba and Nigerias I can’t believe some people are still believing all this sponsored newspaper report. Did the same newspaper reported that Buhari was some where? This is not a newspaper, it is APC news media. And some people are even thinking this a true story. Was he on vacation

COVID-19: Buhari under fire as Abba Kyari contracts Coronavirus - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has been accused of deliberately risking the health of Nigerians after his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari tested positive to Wow! I just pray for all this to end soon. staysafenaija I pray for all the evil politicians to die of it Lol that fire go born am of he no dp anything now ooo

Which work please ? Was he working before? Story for Zumba 😂😂 Keep deceiving urself....u wanna shove it into our throat matter how long, we will hear the truth Na lie I know Nigeria will know the truth soon Daily kiaful God make this virus catch dis criminal idiot man which work when u don travel finish small head hiik u travel travel now make we see

Phew:thank goodness! The next national address will be longer than 23 seconds then,🏃 Scam... show us video in office

COVID-19: Speak out on status of Villa, PDP tells BuhariSecret Of Making Money From Sport Betting That The Rich Will Never Tell You:- (THE SBS). Join:- iam_topboii Enough of the speaking abeg. We haven’t recovered from covikk 0ne nine yet See them, political game have started already when we are suppose to cater for lives

And so what Put him on camera so that can see for themselves. Show us the receipt! Abba kyari has been doing the work but since he's battling with kovick one nine Birus, bubu(ceremonial president) had to resume office pending the time kyari resumes work. Let's c that in decisions made not just pictures of office.

Audio work When did he stop🙄 Buhara that never speaks but always wear agbada to take pictures at the podium. Lol. Djubril!!! Was he on annual leave Apc govt are terrible liars.... 👎👎👎👎👎 plexxypc don_fejak was he ever on leave?

COVID-19: Arewa youths react to Buhari, Abba Kyari's alleged Coronavirus test - Daily Post NigeriaThe Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, on Tuesday reacted to report of Abba Kyari, President Muhammadu Buhari's Chief of Staff, testing positive to How on earth is the government not taking drastic actions about the Covid-19 pandemic.... Reaction can not solve anything at this point, na quarantine sure pass. Abbavirus

IKOKO TI O JE ATA, IDI RE A GBONA These people are a bunch of jokers. How do you resume work when you never stopped😄😃 segalink OgbeniDipo DrJoeAbah YemieFash The truth shall reveal itself no how long it is hidden. If you zoom this pic,look very closely at this guy’s face & behind those glasses,you ‘ll notice layers & pads of makeups used to disguise him so dumb Nigerians can accept him as Buhari.Accept him,they did.MNK has never been wrong in his preachings.Buhari is dead! This is Jubril!

When did he go on break? Was he on break? Talk to the people Looool. Did he go on vac? There’s something in his left eye, could it be COVIk They should keep deceiving themselves.. There no integrity in this Govt..( buhari is critically sick.)

COVID-19: Rivers APC commends Wike, BuhariThe All Progressives Congress in Rivers State has commended the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, for measures he had taken so far... Wow... Covid-19 be doing a lot this days. APC commending an arch enemy. This is how to be responsible,not that so Called party that never see anything good with APCNigeria O listened to his speech earlier it was quite commendable. Indeed he has taken the appropriate step

was he on leave I hope he works this time around Lies Ask Rock no tell us say he stop work before, so what are you really saying gan gan Was he away? We didn't notice. He been dey on holiday? lilmeerahcute This nigga prolly dead though Was he on leave before? Stop the lies. You are a big disgrace to the media.

😆 😆 which Buhari resumes work?

COVID-19: Buhari works with lean schedule on WednesdayPresident Muhammadu Buhari reportedly resumed work in his office at the State House on Wednesday, receiving no visitors.Also, the suspension...

worsening the situation, the more you guys tweet in this manner, the more Nigerians become suspicious of MBuhari's health status. No doubt, channelstv and your likes are working tirelessly but all efforts are in futulity. Akuko Wait ooo, was this man on leave before? Lol K Lmao when did he stop work? In this days of ICT, it is difficult to deceive people. They should show Mr President in a live programme.

Can you all stop lieing please Some that was reported to be very sick with persistent cough? Nigeria, which way From daily trust to daily lies Lies

Tsoho me ran qarfe😁 Joyzilla866 This is the opportunity his haters are waiting to vomit their senseless talk again.. ok go ahead, we that like him are listening. yhazeed I don’t want to talk this early morning abeg 🚶🏾‍♂️ Which useless work? What does he know? Nonsense! I wish you all what you wish MBuhari

Alhamdulillaah Alaa Kulli Hal I hope they will allow punchng newspaper to enter aso rock. They are the newspaper of the people Masha Allah God bless u one honest man! Which work ? Working from home or aso rock that was locked down, liars , time will expose you all , we're watching

Which work🙄 Resume work where, cabals who are you people fooling, Nigerians? So he was on leave before Ah I no understand Buhari resume work which kind confunial figure of speech is this? Abah kyari positive Buhari go holiday abi na wetting una de Yan Abdullerh17 How come? Please you guys should allow him to rest oo

I pray he'll not spread covid_19 to his aids, this baba is still looking sick, look at his eyes and lips.... he needs more medical attention or quarantine!!! He plan for travel Yawale Mayen jirgi😄🤣😃 The same Buhari that will be fly to UK later today for treatment!🙄 Buari na wa oo I wish everybody whatever they wish Buhari!

😲 Daddy B. I dont underatand which work did he apply for a new work Dailytrust that saw Pres Yaradua drinking tea and relaxing in his chair when we all knew he was on life support.. Lies lies lies. Don't u get tired of lying? Zero reputation. Ultra tribalistic paper. Needless propaganda. Nonsense Which work?

renoomokri in response to the tweet you sent earlier, NGRPresident MBuhari is still in charge as reported by Daily Trust. Oya wailers should go and hug transformer HamzaKubau Yeah thanks to Almighty Allah, Wish u long life Mr president Which work is he resuming?

Nice one Baba👍👍 Alhamdulillah. Continue deceiving Urself, all fake news outlets like u will soon be phased out Was he on leave before? Which work, is he not suppose to isolate himself, tell us the clone is gone, and a new clone is on seat. He was on leave? When did he go on holiday ? Masha Allah. Let him re-address the Nation pls. I want that bunch of wailers to die before their time.

He came to work and nobody came report to him. Oga stop✋ is it not the presidency and APC we know who can rebrand the dead. We ain't no fool's and I am not a BMC zombie Liars only

This confirms the rumor going on, work ke D tin no nack am well? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Nothing covik no go see for 1 9 I don’t understand..resume which work😕 Sniper is available devil worshippers Snip is available devil worshippers Usee_Gee Since 2015 Is this the best caption at this crucial time? Show us a glimpse of hope.😏

Bubu de work before We shall know what's up in 2 weeks time,foolish people 😠😠

What a funny story Was he working before...? Wellcome baba He was never at work before 0023365376 sterling bank, MBuhari do something to Nigerians like us don't allow hunger to kill us before coronavirus does Baba covik one nine You better don't deceive yourself Has he been working? Which work? What's up with the lockdown or is he working from home? Nigeria sef

He dey work before🚶🏿‍♂️ We pray he is COVID-19 and others sickness free...he need to self-isolate for 14 days and retest. May Allah protect us all. Gallant!!! So he was on leave? Which of the Buhari? Buhari is a witch. As what? Any video clip? 😁😂🤣😃😄😄😄😄😋😉😉 He was never there in the first place. We don't know when he is around or when he is on break... The only time we know he talks is when overseas and the reason is that he talks trash about his own people

wakili360 Lmao

wildeyeq Oya host a pess briefing What work has been doing that he is resuming to? wildeyeq Oh yeah! Because President Kyari is now on sick leave. CoronaVirusInNigeria wildeyeq How much the pay.....abi na this nite him resume work lol you see why ze aboki no get sense. All ze southerners supporting him are mad. All these freebies are going to walk one by one

Stupid Today Is 1565 days this gentleman remain under detained by Nigerian government. He need freedom like every citizens. Abba will see you tomorrow to show you jack ma's gift for the north. A good hand shake and hugs is expected Which is he doing? He dey work before ni? God will protect him anyway

May Almighty protect be with you my president.. Thank God, welcome back sir Inactive is forming active .. lol Resume? When the f*** was he ever at work? We are talking about Muhammadu right?! When dem go share us the 10 10K? Long life baba Crazy President Was he on leave before Was he ever working? Was he ever on duty?....

African leaders and power is like 5 & 6. Convik one-nine should be tested too! To do what 😀😀😀 You people should stop the lies pls. How can he who is just recuperating just resume work? This your script won't pass coz we know you guys are just puppet! 😂😂😂😂 hu una dey lie give Which work? Was he working before?

From home? 😂😂😂😂 I'm disappointed in satan Welcome sir

Eyes are red though Thank God we see am....him tri 😂 Has he been working before? Mtcheeew He has not, till he gives a live nationwide speech Thank God 🤣🤣🤣 How 😂😂😂😂😂😂


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