Coronavirus: Stop all flights from affected countries, Atiku tells Buhari

Atiku, Coronavirus

Atiku, Coronavirus


Coronavirus : Stop all flights from affected countries, Atiku tells Buhari

Atiku Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has advised the President, Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to stop all flights from countries facing coronavirus outbreak. Atiku, who was the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the last election said Nigeria should fight the disease the same way it was able to tackle the outbreak of Ebola in 2014. He said in a Facebook post that since Buhari had been able to shut land borders to protect the economy, it would not be too difficult to stop flights from countries facing the coronavirus scourge. The former Vice-President added, “Nigeria needs firm and decisive actions to prevent an escalation of the scourge. Recently, we closed our borders as an act against economic sabotage. Perhaps now is the time to temporarily halt flights to and from any nation with a prevalence of this scourge. It is more important to secure human lives than to secure an economy. We also need to invest in early detection facilities at our airports. “But above all, Nigeria must not panic, whether at government or individual levels. We have defeated Ebola before, and we can defeat this present predicament.” The PDP chieftain said this was not the time to cast aspersions on anyone or begin to trade blame. He said the focus should be on finding solutions. Atiku added, “We must call upon our experience with the Wild Ebola Virus, of which we were the first nation in the world to defeat that scourge in 2014. How did Nigeria do it? We achieved it by showing unprecedented unity. “The Federal Government of the day worked closely with the Lagos and Rivers State governments. There was complete unity, solidarity, and oneness of purpose, which created the atmosphere that defeated that deadly infestation. “I strongly counsel that any tendency to blame and point fighters must be temporary, if not permanently, suspended. If fingers must be pointed, it must be to solutions.” He said the crisis is an opportunity to show that we are first and foremost Nigerians and that we have no other country but our dear fatherland, which we must work together to keep healthy and secure. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

I think atiku is right That's to do Visionary man Sir, if you were the President, things would have been differently. U too much baba Oloshe That man does not know the virus is in Nigeria now, when it affects a cattle he will speak up I not sure what you have sir. I think I have to analysing many things about you. You may have enough to rescue our beloved nation.

We don't kw what he is waiting for ooo God bless ur knowledge sir Nigeria has joined the list of affected countries.

You can't stop your probe - Court tells ex-Lagos gov, Ambode - Daily Post NigeriaAn Ikeja High Court has said that former Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, cannot stop the State Assembly from probing him. Ambode is under Only if he jumps to APC! You want the probe to stop, “convert” to the new Religion - APC. I don’t give a rat about PDP but just follow the trend!

MizCazorla1 How will they look of they atop those flight . I hope he take this advice,he is just been slow about the issues Good idea We are already affected too Na so, man way sabi Any responsible government needed not to be told Help me tell him. Meaning they will stop airlines from the US and Canada because they have cases too. Bullshit

We r also an infected country...should they stop all our own flights too? Silly man The Italian never flew from Italy rather from turkey as againt your thought. As at the last time I checked 50 countries of the world have been affected and at this rate more are to be, so are you closing your airport against the world?

Ambode loses bid to stop probe into purchase of 820 carsJustice Yetunde Adesanya of an Ikeja High Court, on Thursday, struck out a suit filed by former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos, seeking to stop his probe by the state Assembly over the purchase... Since some people didn't allow him to go for second term, they will definitely come after him

Nigeria actually dodged a bullet honestly. Imagine if this ogbeni from the comfort of Asso rock ordered a stoppage of every flight in and out of this country for 3 days now. Same part time smuggler complaining of border closure. Hmmmm Fake president listen to the Real president That one no dey hear word he be goat ..I meant G.O.A.T 😬

That is the right thing to do. Because they have no facilities to curb the outbreak. The use of sub standard product not going to work. Since the coronovirus is corruption as per Ibrahim magu the efcc chairman I think they should transfer all the infected by coronovirus to efcc headquarter in Abuja officialEFCC

Samuel4Olufemi Best option Even in China where the virus emanated from cannot contain the deadly virus, Not to talk of Nigeria, I hope we all know this is not Ebola, it's different from covid 19, Stoping Flight from affected countries is what we shld have done initially, I pray for God's Protection In 🇳🇬

I don't understand why the govt. still keep the Italian man here in govt hospital, we don't have the facilities to this deadly virus, The man shld be depot back to his country, however, The President is just silent, acting as if his less consign, May God help us You will surprised to hear BUHARI knows nothing happening. As long as his welfare is not affected. Nothing MATTERS to bubu ! Yes, he is that Nonchalant.

820 Buses: Court dismisses Ambode's suit to stop Lagos Assembly from probing himMr Ambode had filed a suit to challenge the constitutionality of the probe of his administration by the House of Assembly over procurement of 820 buses for Jagaban still dey hunt Ambode. Anyway, na Ambode do himself because assuming him decamped to anoda part then, na him for still rule Lagos. The man been dey fear. See wetin him don do himself now. Why is he scared of PROBE? Maybe be has DIRTIES with which he can be BLACKMAILED.

Tell them o since they are clueless So what happen to Nigerian out there Your excellency stopping all flight from from affected country is a good idea but not a perfect one if only we have measures to tackle it from the airport. If Nigeria could survive APC that is more deadly than coronavirus since 2015 they go still survive this one too and even do comedy video from Bros Corona!

This is exactly what we should do...yes...i said it. Trump did matter what...the people you govern, come 1st. Being a leader is about being proactive...something Buhari doesn't have and will never have. This sycophants are spitting thrash until they die....what rubbish It is here already. An educated man will not wait to be told this.

That cow wont do it..... If you knew how much noise both Lagos & FG ministries of health made over their preparedness, including screening every passenger at our airports, you'll know this country is a huge joke. Even a fraudster who poses as a pastor is salivating about going to China to cure people!

HIV, AIDS, EBOLA, LASERS FEVER, KIDNAPPERS, BANDITS, FULANI HERDSMEN, MONEY RITUALS, BOKO HARAM, CORONA VIRUS. Oh Lord have mercy on us as a nation, forgive us our sin as we forgive those who sin against us lead not to temptation deliver us from evil.

Ambode loses bid to stop probe by lawmakers over purchase of 820 buses – Daily TrustJustice Yetunde Adesanya of an Ikeja High Court on Thursday struck out a suit filed by former Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos, seeking to stop his probe by the state Assembly over purchase of 820 buses for Bus Reform Project. Adesanya ruled that the ad-hoc committee set up to investigate Ambode was a fact-finding committee. …

You can relocate to CANADA without a University education through the rural and northern immigration policy programme. DM for details. Baba no de listen to this kind talk. It is a good advice, but Bubu would not implement it. A sensible and reliable government should taken decisive step by stoping all flights from China and other countries affected by coronavirus. But do we have one in Nigeria?

No such thing in Nigeria, gov't should tell us the true story. Where are other people on board? This is true U dey fear to die. After ball. So this man still get sense. I could remembered when one of the honourable minister said it in his speech that Nigeria is fully prepare for this corona crisis Please where is this minister now

UPDATED: Ambode loses bid to stop probe by lawmakers over purchase of 820 busesAn Ikeja High Court on Thursday held that former Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos cannot stop the state Assembly from probing him over..

The idiot won't listen No mind Atiku jawe, that how himself go dey make mouth. When he reach there finish na sick dem go dey sick to carry money go abroad. Joker people Nigerians why didn't you all vote atiku..chai😭😭😭😭 My joy is dat dis sickness knows no big man or poor man! And dere is no country for d clueless leaders to run to for safety wen it becomes Epidemic in Nigeria. Since dey never knew what to do bfor now to prevent d disease from entry d country!

Do dey have sense? This is what they shud have done bfor d bad head Italian man came into dis country!!! I think that’s the best thing to do for now. So every country in the world should also ban flights from Nigeria, right? No wonder Dubai strategy worked a treat how sure the affected man who flew from Italy was the only person in the plane with the virus? what of d person sitting close to him? Isn't he also affected too? SMH 🙁

He won't be able to do it sir because doing it will affect loans coming from China to his regime. Isn't this what they should have done?

Ambode loses bid to stop probe by lawmakers over purchase of 820 busesJustice Yetunde Adesanya of an Ikeja High Court on Thursday struck out a suit filed by former Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos,...

True saying stop them all Good one sir I wish he listen. The thing is that....our malam won’t do it It's here already. That should have been done earlier. Does that mean other countries should also STOP flights from Nigeria🤷‍♂️ Don’t tell him what to do, He’s the President; you’re not. 🤷🏽‍♂️ BREAKING: The World Health Organization raised its global risk assessment for the coronavirus to “very high” from “high” as several countries are struggling with containment

It's common sense really. Best uption

WaleTunde I support you on this, this is the first time you're having full sense. When we give visa on arrival? Forget coro o, money must enter. I wish he listens no nation can live in isolation, u people should keep on politizing issue that is not suppose, Italy Dat banned flight from China, Wat is happening to them rite nw ,some people are just been unnecessary keyboard warriors.

I fully agree with Atiku, all flights from known infected countries must be stopped immediately by the Nigerian government! Sorry! Who are you referring to? Well said Your Excellency. I hope Mr. President will adhere to this clarion call and stringent agent is taken in ensuring that all measures are put in place.

Let's kuku ground our aviation sector since we 've also joined the league of 'affected countries'...... Stoping flights frm affected countries isnt d best solution rather Put in place a robust mechanism 2 check 4 d virus at d ports & adequate facilities 2 quarantine affected ppl. Dats d best solution considering economic loss when u halt flights from UK,US,Germany, france,China...

Common sense. Thank you our elected president Atiku, borrow him some sense

Exactly 😂 Our president that like travelling... Lol oluwaloninyo Good advice Ordinary land border closure, there was an uproar. Now atiku is suggesting cancellation of flights from affected countries? Issokay Buhari that will even fly to those countries you are talking about. That's the only solutions to save Nigeria from this disease, I'm with the Ambassador to humanity

There's no corona virus anywhere in Nigeria. Its just a hoax to divert Nigerians attention and loot what is left in in the coffer. DNA of black people is immune to the virus and if they contact it, it is cureable unlike other race. Nigerians wake up from your ignorance and think! He won't hear oo! Pride won't let him hear.

Government has failed us Nigerians again. They don't care for our well-being. Nothing concerning the masses matters to them. Didn't they know that Italy was infected? Why would they allow airplane from Italy to enter this country? Everything about our leaders is annoying. Abba kyari should help Nigerians beg MBuhari oooo....the only man he listens to

Wow President Buhari will not need to this advise now To zai jika ne 😢🤷‍♂🤦‍♂❓ Baba atiku I wonder how Nigeria is gonna cope wt dis shit,wen other countries wt more learned and civilized govt is struggling Really! Country like USA UK Canada China Hongkong India Australia. Una no well. I agree with you totally sir!

This is the only solution Thats great idea That's absolutely right sir. Does it not shock you that the govt isn't thinking about such!

Baba sef na johnny walker How wise would that be? As at the last count, some 56 countries have reported cases of the virus and among these are some of your major trading partners and allies including the US, France, Italy youngclassydude Do they need to tell them? MBuhari will not hear because he don't take advise at all. is not his fault, original tramadol extra is seriously disturbing his brain

Playing the trump card Naija get stupid leaders.. he allowed China and Italian flights to be working b4.. chai bintuumarr Wetin concern buhari As far is relative is safe. He cares about nobody Simple nobsavvy Ĺpkp Are we going to die😥😥😥

Sebi Una dey claim sey u dey prepared now it's here deal with it o. Please teach him what to do. They don't have the brain to think about that If only e get d sense e for good During Ebola flights were not cancelled, why should They cancel because less feared Corona Yes he should have done that a long time

Madness from the candidate of mad people party PDP. If Nigeria stops all flight from affected countries then what of its interests in those countries? This dummy is not intelligent to rule Nigeria. Too late to close the barn, the horse already bolted! Tell am Good news since Buhari cldnt do his duties as President let Atiku assist him as freelance President

bintuumarr Tell him truth Which should have been done since, whatever we gain from China and those countries ain't more important than our health and safety... This country joke a lot and don't take things serious. Suddenly, Atiku becomes pro people. Lol That's if d president will listen and take d necessary actions...

Where on earth is MBuhari ? The Nation President?🤔 We kuku don't have president. 👌 Yawale 🔥 😁😁 Good advice for him. That should be the first step...i repeat first....He's cluesless...those that surround him to join follow body...anywhere bele follow

That's exactly what the govt should have done before now. They don't have value for life. As simple as that. But what? The Govt is busy looking at political explanations and of course our lives have no meaning to them. Atiku, you too na scam just like president clueless. Na today the outbreak start abi na today your eye clear too wey you dey form advise wey even primary too pikin fit think on his/her own. Abegi...all this post should have being flying from you before now. Just let it slide abeg

It should b stopped for now ooo. I still don’t get it, is it that the Italian man didn’t pass through the Airport or what, how come it was when he enter Lagos fully, that was when the virus was detected A plane is coming from Italy and you can't do separate screening for all the passengers... Thinking you are safe..We don't have president or health minister sha.

This should have been done at the onset of this virus! At the least precautionary measures should have been put in place to check this I still wonder why passengers on flights from high-risk countries were not screened and possibly quarantined. Our 'anyhowness' is always our undoing... It's either Atiku doesn't have sense or he just wants to say what his supporters wants to hear. So going by his formula, Nigeria should also be banned since we have a case here too.That being said, Atiku should remind us if they shut the border when SARS hit china while he was VP

Good idea,god bless you for your amazing advise sir🤲

Am so pain right now,what kind of president do we have sef,did he even know the gravity of his ignorance. If only he knew what corona was That's what he's supposed to do,buhari has no idea i think he should give way for his vice president Exactly what should have been done ever since but no they left everywhere open. Wondering what was/is their intention.

Yes. Absolutely. Lai Mohammed once said they won't stop those flights. If Only buhari go hear word! Isn’t this call too late atiku Good talk Pls teach him what he must do Mr President AA.

This action should have been done long time ago but our leaders acted nonchalantly OgbeideSmith Nigeria leaders are shit Is he supposed to be told? Simple I think there's still point there. Nice one Atiku 👍🏽 Sir you're talking to the wrong person, talk to Abba Kyari, he's the one in charge in Aso Rock. Too late, this boat has sailed......

He will not hear I support your motion Sir ☝️☝️☝️☝️

The President will tell Nigerians he is not aware about cornaverius It's long overdue Dear atiku That is a very dumb approach. People in affected countries can also travel to other countries before coming to Nigeria. What we need is an efficient screening process at the point of entry. DanielOmonze That's the right thing to do.

Isn't that what any responsible country/government should do? But no, they won't do that because we have rookies and learn on the job people in power who do nothing but mark their own scripts, give excuses and blame others. I get money no concern Corona virus. We die here. It will be wise make nna begin share nna money for us now

It was as a suggestion or should I say personal opinion. Nna eh, everybody de mad for Nigeria eh He would listen to the advice but not as quick as expected because he doesn't like doing things in haste in order not to make mistakes that is why they call him BABA GO SLOW Very soon Liar Mohammed would come out to tell Nigerians they are even prepared more than China and US

Atiku dey ves oo MBuhari won’t submit to such advice

Again that’s not what he said you guys are spoiling things and creating more bitterness & anger among us while this country is supposed to move forward against all odds. Whichever of his aides or advisers he listens to, he should turn to them for sound advice this time before they advice to travel to China to see what's happening

Wetin booboo Sabi,na dat time he go give the visa leave sef. That’s what a normal president would do But Buhari don’t have sense Very clueless govt Dis shuld have been done b4 now cuz its too late dat man will spread d virus This is the worstest comment around this coronavirus That one that have not even released any official press release about that. He's busy thinking of the next country to fly in😒

He will not listen oh .. But let one cow die now you will see Buhari in action.. That's it This is childish. Is the virus transmitted by the aircraft or the passengers? If you ban direct flight from affected countries, what stops an infected passenger from coming to Nigeria through another country?

I think this is what they ought to have done like China did, how did the man pass through the airport without detecting it should be the first question after boasting they can handle it from the airport I am afraid that Nigeria seems not to be taking the Coronavirus issue seriously. With the awareness that the decease is spreading across the globe, we cannot arrest it until it has traveled to two States in the country. God help Nigeria.

Inkunne yaji... This advice should have been directed to Abba kyari. If this is true, I think he has no idea of what to say. Virtually, half or even all the developed countries are now affect by the virus. The state of California in USA, has recorded over 28 cases. Can he stop flights from ur paradise USA?

Pro active man Thanks Mr. President. You're right He won't even sure he hasn't heard that the virus is Nigeria already Afraid?

It's just a common sense thing: even if nobody tell him common sense have to tell him to do so only if he have it We are now in the same category as the affected countries. Pocket your advice barawo. atiku I admire the way you take outright decisions. Indeed you will make a good president. I know someday your dreams will come true. Don’t be tired but keep telling this government what needs to be done. Thank you atiku

You are right sir No common sense. We wouldn't recover from Buhari until 2023 That is very good, you are right sir You're talking to tyrant sir.atiku Perfect It’s now in Nigeria so all flight should be suspended so that the virus can’t reach another country that doesn’t have

🗣 No coronavirus in Lagos MBuhari OfficialAPCNg NigeriaGov want to move billions of dollars it's a scam don't be fooled His advice would have been useful if it were directed at an intelligent person! After the virus is already in Nigeria Atiku don't worry yourself, Buhari and EFCC boss believe that it's corruption in Nigeria brought corona virus, banza mutumu.

Dem go hear word Make'im here. Well said sir. May God help us to overcome as always. Does he need to be told? Common sense is not common. Dumb presi Nigerians are already taking advantage of the corona virus by inflating the price of face mask and hand sanitizerGodHelpOurNation💯

MBuhari is a very big olodo That is not what he said...punch I believe una no get ear or eye problem....he said as a nation we should come together and fight this virus like we did during Ebola crisis....pls Okay sir! Medicine after death.

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