Coronavirus: How we’ll bring back Nigerians abroad – Onyeama – Daily Trust

Coronavirus: How we’ll bring back Nigerians abroad – Onyeama

4/7/2020 12:56:00 AM

Coronavirus: How we’ll bring back Nigerians abroad – Onyeama

The Federal Government has explained measures being adopted to bring Nigerians in Diaspora who were willing to return home as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

According to him, Nigerian embassies have been asked to forward the number of those who have indicated interest to return to Nigeria.“We sent the letters (to the embassies) last week but we have not gotten many persons that want to return now. They are just few, not many; but we are still waiting to confirm their actual number.

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ADVERTISEMENTHOW OVER 5000 NIGERIA MEN HAVE PERMANENTLY OVERCOME TERRIBLE BEDROOM PERFORMANCE DUE TO THIS RECENT DISCOVERY BY MEDICAL CONSULTANTS“However, experts had recommended against much travels to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. But if there are those that want to come back, we will do everything within our means to bring them back. So, we are still waiting to confirm the entire number in the end. We will then work out the logistics on how to bring them back,” Onyeama said.

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😂😂 foolish people. Did they tell you they want to come home? To come home and do what exactly? Are they complaining? Na u carry them go before, abeg leave there Please do not forget to first bring back ur sons and daughters first useless set of politicians NigeriaGov NigeriaMFA GeoffreyOnyeama I guess the bargain is fifty fifty...

They’re not talk about good health care, building hospital. They look how to looting money up and down NigeriaGov NigeriaMFA GeoffreyOnyeama Will they really like to come home? NigeriaGov NigeriaMFA GeoffreyOnyeama Enemy of progress Copy and paste hope you copy well. They have family members they want to bring home

This government is still struggling to feed the ones in d country and planing to bring more, see ur citizen at d airport struggling leave the country despite the fact that we av less covid-19 case here Onyeama even you? Defending and covering up for failure is not a fluke ooo, see as this man hair don turn gray over night.

Leave them there please. It's better they die of Corona and be buried there please. What is here to come to? Na wa o... you want to bring more cases. Abeg they should remain there so we can get out of the mess we’re in faster. You are talking in the rubbish. Deal with what’s on ground here first. Poverty, COVID-19 and all....

I swear if it happens to be I'm victim, I'll decline the call, and continue my stay there I am not sure you understand the statement you just made. It will be as though no Nigerian is abroad. Is that your problem now, did anyone tell you they want to come back? Please live deme there You want to bring them back to Nigeria and put them in suffer abi?

GeoffreyOnyeama please don't say that again... Bring them back to do what or to face what medication? Trust me; they don't want you to bring them back. They send you? Talk another thing. All the witch are now happy.

COVID-19: What We Are Doing To Bring Back Nigerians Abroad – OnyeamaCOVID-19: What We Are Doing To Bring Back Nigerians Abroad – Onyeama Pls leave Dem dere, did dey tell u dey want to come back?.. Why Lol. U haven't taken good care of the ones inside.. you are talking about the ones in diaspora.. Person wey no get money or sponsor they travel out. I no even get passport talkless of Ghana visa . .

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