Chinese Medical Team, Covıd-19 Fight

Chinese Medical Team, Covıd-19 Fight

Chinese medics to be quarantined for 14 days in Nigeria —Gbajabiamila

4/6/2020 7:35:00 PM

Chinese medics to be quarantined for 14 days in Nigeria —Gbajabiamila

Olaleye Aluko, AbujaThe Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has said that based on the concerns raised by Nigerians, the Chinese doctors and nurses being expected in Nigeria to assist with the coronavirus pandemic would first be quarantined for 14 days.

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Gbajabiamila said this decision was reached based on his meeting with the two ministers of health on Monday, adding that the doctors and nurses would at no time have “any physical contact with any patient.”On his Facebook page, the Speaker said, “I just met with the two Ministers in charge of Health over concerns expressed by indigenous medical practitioners and many Nigerians on the engagement of Chinese doctors and nurses for the management of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

“We extracted the following commitments from them; One, the Doctors and Nurses will follow the protocol and be quarantined for 14 days once they arrive in Nigeria. Two, the doctors and nurses will at no time have any physical contact with any patient.

“Three, there will be strict compliance with all relevant immigration laws regarding work permits. We remain vigilant and our engagement continues.”Details later…DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Nigerian government mention funds like old Nollywood movies Nigeria is doomed, the federal gov have not learn the lesson from Italy after approving Chinese Doctor into country. Nigeria is doomed. Other countries are rejecting China doctor Nigeria is accepting haaaay God. What have fed gov done. This is what happened to Italy after inviting Chinese doctors the death rate stated increasing day by day please NIGERIAN take note of Chinese doctors..

Is it by force We said we don't want them 5G They must not even come. They caused the outbreak Na by force?!!!😲 Use your Brain Are you also implying we don't have the human capacities? Why not source 60 private hospital doctors around us instead. Well also check if they are carrying deadly samples of viruses in any of their luggage accidentally?

Government is calling for war I swear Dear lord have mercy please This people are about to make it worst. Disgrace we don't heed to our medical experts instructions and they are doing well... shame on Buhari and his government Na express we dey go. You said they will not see or attend to any patient but for installation and training. Don't our doctors know how to use ventilators and can't they do the instructions online? Their presence is not valid

Why you bringing them in the first place? The NMA have kicked against it but you're going ahead. That thing you are looking for from China, will begin and end with you leaders. This government is totally daft and dumb You be thief, I no be thief, you be arm robber, I no be arm robber..., my people, Pope dey for London, imam dey for Mecca, my puple, den go dey follow follow fela song ooo

Please we don't want China doctors and facilities why are they so interested in Africa and Nigeria Blind and deaf government What exactly are they coming to do please? If I'm one of those Chinese doctor l will go back home, bcus this is stupidity at best. You agreed to import these Chinese Dr, then you're contradicting their expertise on covid19. Will a healer not heal himself after all if he truly got medicine to heal the sick. They must be untrusted fake doctors. Stupid reasoning. I can see these Chinese DR laughing at our govt.

Why is Nigerian government looking for Chinese medical assistant? Is Nigerian doctors not good enough What's the point of quarantine for 14 days in an emergency situation to safe more lives. Are they fake doctors, lockdown medicine healer while the sick dies, does not make sense. A rescuer is ban from rescuing at sea when boat sinking.

If things get worse we will storm the villa They have collected our account numbers twice here but we have seen no kobo now you people are importing Chinese doctors nmanigeria they don't rate our docs at all this is what they have been doing to you people since they couldn't go out to meet them they decided to bring them foreign doc here Nawa

You all voted Buhari twice so bear with it I don't know why nigerians are stubborn, remember what happened to Italy Guy forget Chinese people, they know what they are doing. They are 20yrs ahead of us. iamprofaboki Send them back We done need them at this point in time .do t make nigerias case worse It shows our medical personnel means nothing to this government, you offer meager salary to these patriotic citizen who for years ve put in their time n life on the line to save human but feel the need to import Chinese medics expert and put them on exorbitant pay with incentives

How shameful! MBuhari But y cant dis govt think wat do we need the Chinese for, not that we have more covid19 that we cannot handle... what if they come with bad intentions can't trust all dis pple they dont really like Africa. Naija govt think nah don't do things becos of ursef alone.. nawao Nigerian rulers are sick in their head

I thought we said we don’t want these people. We have more than enough doctors in Nigeria. WE DONT NEED THEIR HELP!!! We said we don't want medic, isit by force?....are all the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in Nigeria engaged already? 🤷🏾‍♂️ We you scrutinize what they will carry in their vials and syringes? Shameless senseless leaders who can't think outside the box. Damn you all.

Ndi ala They should also check all their luggages very well o, Incase them hide am there We never had it so bad like this in Nigeria, back to square one. Gbajabiamila is among the Good guys, the problem is some powerful forces who are just too powerful for him to do his job, now is the time for him to stay stronger more.

Good work Mr speaker That's a wise move Must they come to 🇳🇬 ? God is the ONLY great physician. Of what good is their coming to this nation? FGNigeria don’t accept Chinese Greek gift o! The Chinese as a people are crafty and cunning. Why are they not going to Ghana, South Africa or Libya, why 🇳🇬? Do we really need to he Chinese

This is to say the house of assembly and house of reps determine what happens without proper consultation from the public or adhere to the outcry of Nigerians. Nigeria is a cursed nation. A top govt official is critically ill and need an expert MBuhari HouseNGR NGRSenate You guys are mumu! You're inviting creator of coronavirus to Nigeria bcs why? You people are mad verily, bastards.

We need Chinese legislators too after Covid19. They should interact with citizens. Are they coming to install the already tested 5G? Why re they heltbent on bringing in Chinese(bat & snake eaters into our midst) after much publicised outcry from professionals from all works of life? Can't they allow us to isolate & quarantine in peace?

It does not solve the situations here. This our leaders listen to the ur people and stop doing things that will hurt the people We don’t need Chinese medics, shebi una don dey speak Chinese language? Are you guys still going ahead to bring d Chinese doctors?We don't have state of emergency in the health sector yet. femigbaja, tell the chinese we don't need their kind gesture. The Chinese doctors to come and do What? Why can't they go to the UK and the US? We are capable.

Insensitive govt. You went ahead and brought the Chinese. God is the greatest How To Earn On GiftalworldOnce you Sign up, you receive bonus of 3000Reading News earn you ₦50Commenting on News ₦50Sharing any news on the site, you earn ₦50Daily Login bonus is ₦200You Earn ₦250 for Sharing our Daily sponsored post.

They are bringing them for Abba Kyari. They want to rebuild the dead man like they did with Jubril for Buhari.. Is only a matter of years Nigeria will collapse on our heads. NMA should just go on strike!!! The Chinese medics are coming to finish what they started at Wuhan ! 🤦‍♂️ And what happens to our citizens we so dump in this country

Good news!! I think this is a good move MBuhari ProfOsinbajo SPNigeria femigbaja Fmohnigeria DrEOEhanire NCDCgov COVID19 CoronaVirusInNigeria CoronaVirusUpdate ChinaMedics ChinaVisits Kingsaholic Why? There is no known vaccine for this virus now so why bringing them? To come and do what exactly? Whatever inputs or advice can’t they tell us over the phone or by emails?

nmanigeria Countries all over d world is running away from China, some are even suing them we are here welcoming them to come n destroy what’s left of us issorite It is reported that these materials will be further distributed to Nigeria and other 16 countries in central and western Africa are in urgent need of local response to the epidemic.

The Chinese gov aid for West Africa arrived in Ghana 6th Apr, including 18k medical masks, 36k N95 masks, 36k sets of medical protective clothing, 9k forehead temperature guns, 36k medical isolation goggles, 180k pairs of medical gloves, 180k pairs of shoe covers and respirators. They now can't do away with China. They sold their souls for the Chinese loan they begged for to fix the railway sector. That currency swap deal was Nigeria's Doom.

The money has to be spent. Oops. I heard it's CSR. We like everything foreign. We like everything white. I feel pained. God will judge you this bad politicians Instead of equipping all the good hospitals our forefathers left U spoilt all for ur selfish interest Equip our health sector, Nigeria health worker's are capable, Equip them & they will deliver

They are coming to treat us the disease they infected us with. This world is really a joke but my question is this who is going to pay them for the services? Make it 28days U guys want to escalate d spread of d virus Ba Let’s watch what you hope to achieve on bringing Chinese Medical Doctor when Nigeria is not on emergency neither is there any case our own Doctor cannot handle .. this unsatiable appetite and thirst for foreign products has paralyzed Nigeria industries.

It makes no sense to bring Chinese medics and quarantine them for 14 days . The virus would be gone by then What about their luggage and the contents? We don't need them please If only Nigerian we see what going between this crab government The Nigerian government secretly give the Chinese medical team to treat the leaders infected with the virus, the aren't here to support the Nigerian medics at all

We don't need them Will they be frisked to make sure they're not carrying any hidden or illegal substances like covid-19 in a secret stash to come and spread it in Nigeria, please let our clueless security agencies step up and protect the society from this coronavirus agents. Will 14days be enough These guys are so stupid

Cute one sir, please this should be taken with all seriousness We don't need them Plus the pilot and hostess🤦🏽‍♂️ Oh Nigeria 💔 But what are these Chinese medics gonna come do exactly that the Nigerian Doctors can't? Where were they when thousands of lives were lost in China at the peak of Covid_19 outbreak? I think the Nigerian government is making a big MISTAKE.

Jokers In the first place, why are they here? Are we trying to give the Chinese credits for the good work done by our medical practitioners? Is there something we are not being told? Beware of Trojan Horse Why do we need Chinese doctors? Records clearly show out team of medics are doing perfectly well.

Good. For those that are against the Chinese coming to help out; please kindly ensure that you avoid hospitals they operate in, let them ensure that the ones that have sense get the appropriate treatment, I think it is high time we are rid of some dumb tweeps 😂😂😂 Dadee_boboh Quarantine kuma... isolation dai..

Hmmm, their cases of COVID 19 have reduced amazingly over the last few weeks so I'm curious to see what 'it' is they've been doing to manage the situation. Don't trust them though. Nigerian leaders are obstinate! This was how we clamoured for them to closedown the boarder when we recorded the first case of COVID19

Is like you guys are now playing politics with this corona virus or what?corrupt leaders that doesn't listing to his citizens. Dear Mr. Speaker, this decision shows that the Nigerian medical professionals are not competent enough to handle Corona case. Moreover if not for their supports things would have gone out of hands. I believe the the purpose of their coming is different from issue on ground.

We don't need them why can't we have Faith in our medics that are performing excellently First these ajala travellers brought in the virus, now as if that is not enough they're bringing in the creators... It's finished Drop your account numbers now. I will be back soon, let me attend to the people on instagram and facebook. Make sure you are following me to get pick and turn on notifications...follow Donjazzzzyy

O ga o! Why bring in Chinese medics for God sake? Don’t we have qualified doctors in Nigeria? Must we import everything? Just as they quarantined those that infected the populace. Medicine after death It is really unfortunate if our government does not have respect for NMA Must they come, are our doctors not doing a great job already, why don't we appreciate our own? Why won't they go where they'll be valued and appreciated? You'll now start to complain. Shameful government!

Now that these people can't travel abroad on medical trip so they have to bring in foreign doctors. COVID 19 is just a cover-up. So land don finish for there.. they don full abi... I was just wondering where they will work, with NCDC? Or in our hospitals? With which equipment? Will they now replace our CMD's or work under them ( being experts ) or are they coming to give our doctors tutorials. Chaii there was a country

Send them to Surelere in Lagos only Mr Gbaja, we don't want them Abeg not just quarantined but you people should ensured they and their luggage's are properly checked. Abeg our Doctors are really doing well, why bringing Chinese to come take the glory of our own doctors? ABA made-up face mask is available & uncontaminated, FOOLS!¡! CHINESEVIRUS19 DISSOLVEBRITISHCONTRAPTIONNOW BIAFRAEXIT

Thats a good plan, but we need to be vigilant too so we wont fall a victim, who knows what the world is upto We don't want them...😡😡 The moment Chinese will arrives Nigeria more cases of Covid19 will increase, and probably more deaths, God help us . Very stupid idea Why na....we don’t want Chinese o.They should go to America or Italy .Why are they coming to Nigeria now.why are we still trusting them

True talk Mr Speaker irrespective of who is involved they should be quarantined from the point of entry Why can't the FG concentrate on improving the welfare of health workers by providing them with the needed equipments and other incentives to work instead of inviting practitioners from China who also has not finally curb the pandemic.Nigerians' survival is put in foreigners hands

we have capable hand who can do better than this guys or who can produce better than china we have aba who can produce nosemasks and hand gloves we don't have jobs here and instead of giving strength to our doctors here u go ahead of bringing Chinese I am so disappointed wahalai you guys r nothing but ........ well I only hope you one day realise that u r killing us and someday like dino always say the majority will attack the minority thank you . femigbaja MBuhari

after the 14days in quarantine you will hear we spend 500M for their feeding 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶 Gbajabiamila why now ? You guys have always been giving us nothing but bad leadership you have always neglected the spirit and power of I can Do why on earth will u deal with China this period when they r have started a war and the world is fighting out seriously femigbaja

Nigeria and Nigerians can’t survive this Govt certainly. Expect more kaput in the system I hope during and after their visits, the cases of Covid-19 will not skyrocket? Our eyes is on you. Shut up! This is not a good idea at all. Must the Doctors and Nurses come from the same China? We don't need them! 🙏

Check their luggage. I hope they didn't hide this virus inside. I'm not comfortable with them especially now. Then why bring them in😕 Is it mandatory to have the Chinese in Nigeria? Why is the Federal government bent on bringing these people here? Ejo ema gba bode fun wa o.!! We are our own enemy. Our local medial personnel are doing a great job. We don't want 'imported, we appreciate our local mades'

Nigeria Government needs To be quarantined FOREVER 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I hate NIGERIA WITH PASSION. They still let the dogs in 😣 Allah ya is a bamu yafe ba duk munafikin da aka hada baki dashi a kashe mu Isolating the Chinese medicals can not prevent them from any hidden intention, if any, because we don't have the capacity to dictate higher technological risk or demobilise their computers system, even common phones can perform wonders. 'What will be will be'.

No matter how much our political leaders are educated, they are still illiterates and myopic. We don't need Chinese medics. We have capable doctors in this country, we don't need Chinese doctors Those guys aren't medics and if they are, have they found solution for their own country first? Just leave those chinese abeg they are smarter than u.they have many methods of manipulating

This is Nigeriya 😉 I seriously smell something We don’t need them here ... send them back to where they are coming from Celestinekas Buhari is doing as expected Which hospital? What is wrong with this people done we have quality doctors in this country any more ,why look else where , Is Chinese not facing the same problem ?

Yes o let it be extend to 15days because I don’t trust China Good! When will they then start work? Our penchant for foreign things is our bane in this country. Not needed at all segalink hmmmm No need sir,hence Nigeria have professionals and enough resources to manage whatever. They should quarantine then self in there country.

Taking no chances Lies as always Lol What do we need them for anyway? Don't we have enough competent medical personnels in Nigeria? And please let all their materials be tested carefully. Chinese can’t be trusted at all Good idea. I so seconds Mr speaker. That NMA letter means nothing ehh? Heheeheheh Laughing at Nigeria

Good idea Rubbish... Why don't our Government think for once... I think our medical association are doing well at the moment, I'm sorry for my country. please don't bring more deaths to Nigerians anything from china is positive with CORONA VIRUS Useless set of people in power.. Boampong1z This people have a hidden agenda why importing Chinese doctors, NMA please dont agree

I sorry sorry o I sorry for nigeria I sorry sorry o I sorry for Africa If we claim we doing so well like in lagos, y do we need d Chinese? ayemojubar They need to be thoroughly searched as well. Let it not be that they hide covid19 vials in their socks like they did in the US. Other countries are dissociating from China and it's propaganda, fake test kits,contaminated masks etc, but the govt in it's foolishness think otherwise

quarantine what ever vaccines the come along with also fools We don't need them! Is it by force.. Are this people, still going ahead with this madness? Screen all their equipments too for Coro The question is who curse Nigeria ? 😂😂 😂😂😂 If they allow this medics mark my world millions will be infected with virus and millions will die in Nigeria

...pls to come and do what? Abeg make dem dey for there zones o Remmie02 Daft move to allow the Chinese medics in. Logically it makes no fucking sense pls They are coming to test the vaccine Good but do not disrespect your own with this attitude. I perceive that even when Nigeria is in a mess like this, you still do not trust your own or better because you guys can't go out, import them here. Buy Nigeria to grow Nigeria. Change begins with you.

Nigeria is a scam Our leaders think upside down We have prayed for this people and the this country not change,should we cry for you before you get sense? Are they coming to fix our poor health facilities, or are they coming to advise our Govt to invest in health? Nigerians shouldn't be deceived, they are inviting Chinese because they can't travel to Europe or US for treatment, they kept the donated items for themselves.

Hell knows how much they will loot only in this process... A responsible government will listen to it citizens in time like this, but reverse is the case in my country. One month!!! They are at hospital already, if any symptoms show up, their body is covered. So I don't think they need any quarantine here

Uncle Femi femigbaja Why now🤦🤦 Do we even need these guys? Having known that Italy case on Covid-19 became worst shortly after the arrival.. 14 days vacation. Are we planning to shut the economy for the next 4 weeks? Why hire hands that can't start work instantly when you have staffs already on ground

By the time they come out, Nigeria would have been free of covid-19 What is so special about this Chinese Drs ne. It seems the govt are up to no good with their Chinese counterpart o. Which one is Chinese medics to be quarantined.... yen yen yen? We demand that they don't step their foot on our soil. We are tired of clamouring these. It's like you guys just want to use them to cashout while they equally cash out.

Shame on you What are they coming to do in Nigeria? Send them back please. Those guys have nothing good up their sleeves. Why do we need them? Awọn people yi o ni ọrọ gbọ àbí? É máa kan àbuku Inspite of all the warnings, you still went ahead to bring them in. Keep them in aso rockoh What is it about chinesedoctors

MrSomoye Must the Chinese doctors come to Nigeria? Can't they make video conference call? Why are you people acting in the nonsense and thinking in the rubbish? If they carry igbe kugbe enter Naija nko? Why this? 😠😠 I don't know why Nigerians are bordered about 18 Chinese medical personnels that are coming to treat critically heal politicians in aso rock

This is rubbish ! ChocolateMoana After China has said there is a new strain that stays about 49 days before symptoms begin to show Eh God! 😢😢 So na like this we go dey for this country? This same Chinese people that everybody is escaping from 😣😢😭 Must they come? Una no dey hear word? Have you not read what happened to Italy? You guys are jst looking for ways to steal money. The Medical personal we have in the country they are not crying that the work is too much for them. Please leave us to manage ourselves for once oh stubborn leaders.

This country, nothing good will ever come out, with this types of leaders we have, God forgive them all Amen. 😂😂😂😂 Mumu man What do we really need as a country. Honestly I'm not in support of this. Nigerian doctors happen to be one of the best set of doctors across the globe. Chinese doctors are not better than ours. Ok what if they are coming to increase the rate of the rate of the spread of the disease in the country ?

😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 I don't know if this foolish nation leaders thinks, if you quarantine the doctors what about their equipment they wanted to use? Will FG govt have the sense to test then too? Una no really get sense, so stupid We don't want o Don't bring this people to our country. To do what? Imagine this people

Aren’t these people mad like this? We are not recording deaths like other country & what we need is good & uninfected testing kits for our own medical personnel not the Chinese. Am sure there is something more sinister about this govt as they are hell bent in bringing in the Chinese medics Chai! What is wrong with our politicians? So they are now importing doctors in to the country since they could not export them selves for medical tourism... Oh God! protect the masses of this country (Nigeria)

Not sure they are coming to help fight the Covid-19. Something is fishy 🎣 They are bent on embezzling fund .....a won ole radarada It's necessary, if these same people are going to every Africans house in China to test, they should be quarantined and tested. Useless government to the cur,u ppl are telling us that the doctors we have are all quack abi,ndi pama

Can't this APC people just understand simple English? Nigerians said no. What about the no these people don't understand. We don't want Chinese doc. here simple Please believe in the capability of our home made doctors. Nothing wrong with exchange of ideas can't it be done via various platforms available?

Una don enter one chance and you will be contaminated with corona virus 🦠. Must they bring in Chinese medics Good one I see that some Aso patients are in need of a foreign medic since they can't be taken to them. After all, the mountain can always come to the 'M' if the later fails to go the former. femigbaja Please I don't understand why we need Chinese doctors! Our doctors in Nigerians are not handling the situations well or they are not world class or the Chinese doctors are proven expertise in Corona Virus?

Have have been able to handle this corona virus by God's grace, I don't understand what they are coming here to do, let them go to Italy, Spain and co now. Our government too like wahala jor Its not a matter of quarantine, they should go to Italy , Spain , France not Nigeria. We are warning you guys now

Is it a must we have Chinese doctors in our country again? We don't need them here for goodness sake. I trust our doctors. This government sef. This man don mad Whoever lead Nigeria to where we are today will never have peace. Now, covid-19 cases in Nigeria is about to escalate at an increasing rate So that you guys will be able to go for private consultations

ayemojubar Koni dafun gbogbo eyin Lawmakers wa... I wish all our Nigeria Medical doctors should leave d Isolation scene for d Chinese Doctor to take Over... Àwon Olofó gbogbo Nothing works in Nigeria Not even our medics Everything must be imported We don't need them More Big crap!!! Who do us like this? Our Doctors can do the Job.

They should nt come oo We need good health equipmemt, not foreign medical expert. Why do we need them? In the first place. You know what guys. They want to charter the Chinese medics to treat our politicians basically. Due to global lockdown including UK, these our men can't jet out freely. The best and only opportunity they have is to hide under covid'19 scourge in Nigeria and import the presumed

We don't want them at all, simple and short. Correct Una no dey hear word Ndi ara😅 Incredible! even when the Nigerian people oppose this folly.we have not recorded outrageous death numbers.our doctors are doing great under harsh working conditions,so what are the Chinese coming to do here with all the conspiracy theories flying everywhere?

Our debt to China will keep increasing. Which kind wahala is this. Our own medics cant handle corona virus that has not gone out of hand So you brought people from China to be quarantined in Nigeria.... Who will pay for the period the spend in quarantine, doing nothing? What do you anticipate to be the impart of 18 doctors in this current time and in anticipation of the worse to come?

Every health worker should vacate the hospitals for the experts to come and work. Let's see how they will do the magic. Are we not rather cursed like this in this country.. How did these set of people get to rule Nigeria... God.. When they arrive, then the current workers should leave it to them to continue.

Nigerians have said no to Chinese doctors, the medical governing board nmanigeria says they dont want them. Yet, General Buhari's govt choose to force them on us. I wont be surprised if China's experimental vaccine is part of the loan conditions and the loan is approved soon. After they quarantine now we go hear say Dem spend 10b to quarantine chinese doctors

INEC look at where you have landed Nigerians. Only God knows what Nigerian government and Chinese are hiding for us. Why must it be China of all the countries in the world. Upon the current assignment (COVID 19) they gave to the world yet our leaders have refused to get Sense. Please Fulani cabal are hell bent on unleashing terror on Nigerians o. China is a threat to humanity. Why bring them here?

No more trust No more taking anything for granted.😂 I'm here to read comments though 😂😂😂 Why are they here ,who invited them Doom time is very close Useless government of Nigeria😭 another avenue pack money We don't need them, they want to come over to kill our people? This government is deaf. Do they want to tell us they don’t know Nigerians have said no to these Chinese medical team visiting Nigeria? We shall hold them responsible if the rate of the virus increases after the Chinese visit.

You want to quarantine the virus itself🙄 Those who refused ,pls go to hospital to treat the huge amount of patients by themselves now. Our leaders are somehow sick femigbaja In fact given the bad laws you make in this country , we are inviting US legislators to come in and begin to legislate for us Nigerians. We are tired of your incompetencies

We are dead already!!! These politicians are hiring Chinese doctors who couldn't stop COVID19 death in their country. God punish all of them👌👌 We did not need the Hello femigbaja let me ask you. Are Nigerian Doctors overwhelmed or are they complaining? I hope you ppl have not taken bribe yet again? If I were a Doctor I will down tools once those Chinese Doctors step into the country What nonsense!!!!

The quarantine should be extended to their equipment and other test and relief materia so nigeria shld be d first country 4 dis pple 2 test their vaccine, our leaders say our health care system isn't good, they fly abroad, now dey can't fly abroad but rather fly in foreign doctors, build your house After allowing brain drain, it’s a shame.

9ja na wa😂😂😂. What are they coming to do again then? I don't even know what to believe again in Nigeria We don't want them at all Why taking the risk of bringing Chinese medics to Nigeria only to quarantine them for 14 days does it worth it our medics are doing exemplary work Why are guys hell bent in bringing in Chinese doctors? What will 18 Chinese doctors do, that Nigerian doctors aren't doing right this minute? Is there any hidden agenda?

Aren't these people stupid? You bring in quote experts and quarantine them for 14 days before they start work!! 😳 What if after their quarantine, we are free of the virus, what happens? 😏 They're looking for avenue to loot all the donated funds. Next news is billions has be spend to take care of the Chinese medics.

Those medics are coming to treat the sick politicians and in return d president will pay d medics with d billions donated into d FG's account meant for Nigerian citizens to treat themselves and as well pay themselves salaries. So this Yahoo Gov. benefits more 4rm lockdown. Since you guys cant go to UK, you've decided to import doctors Chinese doctors here to do your medicals? This is appalling.

Jokers We don't want this Chinese here in our country. Why for, what are our Medical Doctors and practitioners doing here? We are taking care of it, we don’t need there medical help.. There must be avenue to loot. This is BS Better this is the best we can do. Hiring Chinese Doctors?..a saying goes like this ' if you wan chop frog... atleast chop better one' NMA, NARD and MDCAN should recall all her members. Let the Chinese wen Sabi take over

this our leaders are jst to funny And what makes the dumb ass govt think the Chinese can’t beat them to achieve their game plan even if it take 21 days to quarantine?😭 Not just the Medics, u must include the swob kits and other medical instrument accompanied these guy's 'voyage' to 🇳🇬. The world 🌎 is speaking one language urging authorities in their respective entity to focus 💯% on the Chinese COVID19 medical equipment. Take a look👇

Should they be invited in the first place? Before we regret our actions. Bring medicine only. CAN WE GET A COURT INJUNCTION TO STOP THIS UNNECESSARY NONSENSE. NMA Already said we don't need doctors. I GUESS THESE REPS WANT TO HAVE PERSONAL DOC TO THEMSELVES. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR LEADERS? We don't have any good quarantine facility that can beat these Chinese sophistication.... So can you guys just lock them out? nassnigeria

I still dont understand why they invited this medics. To do what exactly We have enough medical personnels to handle our current state, why bring in these one and spend unecessary money bringing them and keeping them here? Who did this to Nigeria? 🤔🤨😡 Are we still going wit dis Chinese thing, wht are our doctors nt doing right, u pay 4 their coming & going back, u pay them fat money 4 d services they rendered dat wasn't needed, 14days quarantined wit special treatment dat our doctors won't get, in d end, they get d glory?

nmanigeria this is disrespectful and now will be a good time to go on that strike. Have you all forgotten ltaly's issue escalated when Chinese doctors joined and ditto Spain? The Chinese are not needed in Nigeria, our medical team have been fabulous with their job so far and don't need help especially from China that created this virus, lied to the world about everything including the numbers.

You guys don't have sense. This people no dey hear word sha... we no want nw haba!!! Femi is there something the government is not sharing to the public? If it is the cases we have so far. There is not point given the glory of Nigeria medics to Chinese. Or is this a form of condition for getting the Chinese aids. We can't trust Chinese. I go with decision of NMA

We don't need them here NMA has rejected them,i don't know where punch news paper is getting this information from Test them also.. O... They may be Asymptomatic pls.. We don't even need them. Why am I weeping just now. My country is sold out 😭😭😭 🤣🤣🤣 Nigeria is a joke! You people are clueless of the damage you are about to cause with stupid decision.

😂😂 How can gbajabiamila decide for millions of Nigerians. We don't want Chinese on our soil period Quarantine the quarantinos... Everywhere quarantine. They are coming to share their full plates of expertise, there will be quarantined for 14 days, what sense does it make? Save us from the stress by not inviting them. Respect heroic Nigerian medics for once.

.....simple, just test them within 3days. Inbtwn, we don't want them It's not yet out of control, why Chinese medics?. Does it mean we don't have capable hands in Nigeria?. This government always act as if they are still in slavery and never believe in this country. Just provide equipments and condosive environment and see wonders we can do.

These our politicians are looking for every opportunity to steal money. Nigerian medics have done well with regard to COVID19 pandemic. What else do we want from China medics? Crazy leaders This is a disgrace to NMA despite clearly stating the obvious, yet our government decided to do otherwise. This is a slap on the face on our medical professionals

So the Chinese guys are still coming? We do not need their services. femigbaja. Lagos has discharged more COVID - 19 patients. We can do it ourselves with GOD grace. Italy called for their help and now the death rate of COVID -19 has increased in the world compare to China herself. They have been doing just fine without Chinese medics useless government

This doesn't make sense in any way. Capital idiots handling the affairs of a nation. What happened to our medics? Pls oooo we don't need Chinese doctors, they'll infect more people ooo...same happen in Italy ooo..our own docs are still trying patient are recovering so why China? Don't let them in. What will the Chinese be doing differently from what our Doctors have been doing. A beg we don't welcome CHhinese here for now o

Better Nigeria is done for Una no serious for this country. Lol.....'quarantine' so why waste their time then..if you will keep them bored up for 14days My concern is that the Chinese have not told the world what they know about covid-19 and Nigeria govt on their own ignorance don't want to ask questions before deciding to engage them here, please for the love of God stopthisinsanitynow,and allow Nigerian medics to work

I will repeat with due respect our minister of health aid a mumu for bringing China’s doctors to Nigeria for treatment, this shows how incapable Nigeria is . And for him insisting for them to come after what NMA said , then he is not fit on that seat . The virus 🦠 can de Cd 💿... I no trust those chinco with dia eyes wey no de open finish.

Shame We don't need them pls. Nigerians are silent over this ? So, what's the point bringing them? This govt will not stop displaying their stupidity and incompetence. Why Chinese medics this time when our own Doctors are not doing bad? You failed to encourage and equip our own's and turned a deaf ear to provide all d necessary facilities required to succeed. Asiwerey gbogbo.

These people are still talking about Chinese medics when Nigerians said no. After they will say they are representing the people whereas they don't listen to the people when they speak. Greed has finally killed Nigeria like this. This government are so stubborn than goat even when the citizen are saying we don't want they are insisting on doing it. that is how a goat behaves

I hope this will not end in premium tears What are the Chinese medics coming to do in Nigeria? For God sake.. Why do we keep embarrassing our own who have sacrificed their lives to treat the infected... It's quite abysmal by d govt to think of such move.. Reinforce d health sector to boost their confidence. Well, our leaders are used to abroad health tourism. It's well

And the COVIDIOT thinks they ChineseVirus will carry coronavirus COVID19 in their system 4u to scan & see? A small dry Virus infected 'PLASMA' Can be carried hidden even in their luggage, which (Plasma) can be revived later in a lab. Fvck u Nigeria lockdown Lagos Italy What kind of leaders did we elect this period? Jesus, how did we as intelligent as we are, elect the most dumb set of leaders. I don't understand

Very useless government. Wrong priorities. Wrong policies. Wrong decisions. Wrong leadership. Wrong everything! This government are so stubborn than goat even when the citizen are saying we don't want the are insisting on doing it that is how a goat behaves Did we not tell the Government we don't need these Chinese Doctors?

We don't need them.... My speaker! It's not yet out of control, why Chinese medics?. Does it mean we don't have capable hands in Nigeria?. This government always act as if they are still in slavery and never believe in this country. Just provide equipments and condosive environment and see wonder we can do.

femigbaja NGRPresident NCDCgov DrEOEhanire How does it sound that despite the unemployed medical personnels in this country? These Chinese aren't magicians, they are humane like us, train Nigerians, we will do better. Please, value Nigerians too. Importer Exporter... Una well done o! 🤣🤣🤣 we joke too much

I am at a lost as to why the bloody hell they are coming. Someone pls let me know. What have I missed? Maybe this whole thing is actually beyond Presidents and govt, if not why can't the govt listen to us citizens and reject Chinese manipulation For what again supabara femigbaja is very incompetent but very overrated and if not for poverty, I will advice the NMA to go on strike and allow the 18 Chinese medics to handle the whole of Nigeria. They are coming with the virus with the aim of infecting our people.

Why go thru the wahala to isolate them? They should stay back in their country where they won’t need any quarantine. If they must come then we have to conduct CoronaVirus tests in all of them which must be negative to allow them in Nigeria They should please come along with their anti corruption law. We want to test it too. Nonsense

Do we really need anybody from China now? And u will be paying the 14 of them 5 billion we know that already 1.12 odds.... Nigeria my country 🤣🤣🤣 E don happen Is getting to the point where all of you will general stoning why invite them ? equip your hospitals. Na still dem. We dont want them ..... They will poison us We all die here

What magic are the Chinese medics bringing to the table? It just shows how insensitive this govt react to issues. Why do we need Chinese medic? that sounds funny D mass refuses dis yeye agreement yet d re still doing der mind...anything d chinese nd our politians re planing Back to sender Nigerians don't need them. God has been helping our medics.

Tank God i asked o.. Well, by the time all the money that was donated are being used to take care of these people finish, we will send them back to where they came from. Sometimes I wonder why Nigeria who other African countries used to look up to now acts like dummies, then I remember our leaders are the cause. How can you allow Chinese into our country? Why are they not taking their help to South Africa where it is needed most?

They knew, they never equipped doctors very well from their various institution. The doctors are coming to treat sick buhari in Aso rock Oga we don't need them don't come and infect people with the real virus. wenogree. Rubbish What then is the essence of their coming itself? I mean why are they even here? You’d probably pay them, why can’t these dingbats pay our Docs and Nurses hazard allowance, get them Hazmat suits & find more within the country? Why do we always feel inferior to this foreigners?

Nigerian Medical Association and her members should hands off every Covid-19 case in Nigeria and stay home soon as the Chinese doctors arrive. It's that simple. You see why this country is doomed Wait , what ? 😲🙆 We don't need them! The problem is not really about them being quarantined. The issue here is you having an association of medical practioners and you don't intimate them on your plans, remember the Chinese can't work in isolation without the help of the indigenous doctors nd nurses on ground.

What is even wrong with our government, is it that we lack good doctors in Nigerian. What is going on. The NMA needs to make a statement action if Sinos are allowed in. Nigerian doctors abroad re doing very well. Buh here they re not been encouraged. This guys at d forefront I don't think there is any strong package for them in place..

What about the medical equipments they are bringing do we rest them to be sure their plan is not to come add to our problems? These people should not come and start injecting 💉 our citizens o. Atleast in Lagos State, COVID-19 patients are getting discharged gradually. MBuhari HouseNGR segalink aishambuhari ProfOsinbajo tvcnewsng DeleMomodu lindaikeji we don't need Chinese Doctors because our doctors are capable let's retweet till it will change the FG decision to bring them in naijadrsarecapable

Pls let dem come. Dat tin thats making us think wrongly i want dat tin to push us to dead zone where wil go get sense notin wud change. U tink covid 19 would change our leaders. After dis pandemic we are going backward al project, budget, election wud start al over. Watch and see Despite public outcry and rebuke by the Nigerian Medical Association, it is clear that there is only one voice which the Reps and every other patriotic leader listen to: THEIRS

Must they come here? You want to kill the morale of our medical personnel combating this pandemic. A o ma fi eyin leaders wa sepe lojojumo. All your achievements is vanity upon vanity. No to Chinese medical team. politicians without sense. s2o04 This country is a complete joke Chinese government are doing the needful but why Nigeria

This is not acceptable to Nigerians. On what grounds are we inviting them given the low mortality rate of the victims in the country? I urge NMA to vehemently resist this classical new colonialism and withdraw their services as threatened if this eventually happen. I hope nmanigeria fights this nonsense

Eating free food, abi? Nigeria dnt need more Corona in the con3 Imagine, must we invite them, where's our trained medical doctors, what's wrong with our government, everyone is against the coming of those Chinese medics in to Nigeria, while FG insists, mtchwwe Are we saying our Medical Practionals who have sacrificed their time, health etc to treat the COVID-19 patience are not competent enough? Why don't you belief in your people at least for once. So far, Lagos State Government have being doing exceptional great in this regards

So you guys are worried about the medics from China when the money donated to support citizens to fight the siege of Hunger in this Lockdown has not reach my family... Abeg lemme hear word oo 😪😷 Why Nigeria? We don't want them .NMA also said they are not needed.Listen to the public. They cannot be trusted.

They are owing China so they have to be loyal Why the Chinese for goodness sakes!!! What if they smuggle in the virus and do a repeat of 'Wuhun' here? What then? Which kain wahala be this ehn😒😏😏😏🙄🙄🙄 We don't want them All these our so called leaders are the most unreliable leaders. But I God will ask dem som day

These clueless politicians are joking with fire from China. Don't you know that those evil Chinese have higher technology that can beat any quarantine measure in Nigeria? Our leaders are like a drowning man who can lay hold on any floating object for survival... Sad indeed... Finally we are doomed 🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾

Ana akogherisi Nigeria is a joke. If indeed you've NCDC 232 cases, why bring in the Chinese? Confused country! Embezzlement at its peak 😂 Must we depend on them all the time🙂 We don’t need them una no dey hear word Quarantined where? No facilities, no bed space and yet making provision for another group of persons. Jokers everywhere....

confused state! One of the incompetent leaders femigbaja nmanigeria and NARD should should withdraw service over this Nonsense If care is not taken, this is what Nigeria will be to China very soon. My advice to medics, if you see an international opportunity, please grab it n secure the bag. Are they staying for free?why are our leaders so clueless?

Chaaaaaiiiiiiii Its well We don’t need these Chinese !! Better Are you guys serious? Will you quarantine their equipment too? This govt is very useless... We don't want the Chinese on our soil D people said don’t bring them n u are going against d people?is our leadership this evil? Wait! They are really bringing them? This is not a joke?

Now, a human being is thinking All these politicians should be stoned Nuts Rubbish Please educate me, is it that the efforts of our medics isn't world standard? I don't understand the need for hiring Chinese medics. It definitely isn't making sense. Wetin concern me🤷 NMA said they don’t want them na, leave Chinese guys in their country abeg

In your house also 🤡

COVID-19: Governor Sanwo-Olu hints on extending Lagos lockdown beyond 14 days - Daily Post NigeriaGovernor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has hinted that the current lockdown in the state could be extended beyond the initial 14 days. Sanwo-Olu You are very unwell and unfit to be governor As Nigerian govt is now disbursing 20000 as a four months palliative which means this lock down might be four months. I wonder how on earth Nigerians will survive this moment. I hope it won't be like the

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Funke Akindele, husband to serve 14 days community serviceFunke Akindele Bello and her husband Abdulrasheed Bello have been sentenced to 14 days community service.................. We don hear am ni Indeed they will be fine and have the scars to remind them. She’s a strong girl with a good head on her shoulders and her man by her side. It’s been aptly described as “a moment of indiscretion”....... staysafe keepsentimentsatbay humansarenotinfallible kickCovid19out4good Lesson lesson

Funke Akindele, husband get 14-day community service for defying lockdown order – Daily TrustA chief magistrate court sitting in Ogba, Lagos has sentenced Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele Bello and her husband, Abdulrasheed Bello, to a 14-day community service each for flouting the state government’s lockdown order. Ehyaaa sorry for them though Nice one NigeriaGov followlasg Without pronouncing any judgement, funkeakindele must have received embarrassing shock and humiliation of her life sufficient to drag her to sober reflection mood for a long time. As a reasonable woman I consider her to be, this experience will linger to guide her right forever.

Germany to put all arrivals in 14-day quarantineGermany will put all arriving travellers in quarantine for 14 days, the interior ministry said Monday, as Berlin ramps up entry curbs to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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