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5/28/2020 9:04:00 AM



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sunrisedailynow Reduce the sunrise daily airings.... Your breaks is endless. sunrisedailynow Last day of Boko Haram in Nigeria. Watch here👇👇👇 Please don't forget to subscribe and share after watching for more videos🙏🙏🙏🙏

Channels Television @channelstvNEWS10 Ifb ASAP ❤️ Let's gain together Ifb immediately what ever

Doubters of COVID-19 are the true Nigerians - The Nation Nigeria NewsWord on the street is that since some index states got grants in billions of naira from NigeriaGov to tackle the disease, other states don’t want to be left out & so are churning out inflated cases even if the illnesses are mild fevers unrelated to corona NigeriaGov We know this fact already. Tell us something new and revealing. Naijacovid19business NigeriaGov We are getting there

COVID-19: Philipine schools to remain closed until vaccine is readyPhilippine President, Rodrigo Duterte has announced that schools will remain closed until a vaccine for coronavirus is ready. Duterte, speaking during a late-night television address on Monday, said sending children to school without a vaccine \u2018spells disaster\u2019. According to him, it is useless to be talking about reopening schools at such a time. \u201cI will Lol. When? blackbeauty4mu1 But here in Nigeria the want to reopen school when the number of recovery patients are less than new cases recorded daily

No man can stop me from returning as Edo Governor- ObasekiGovernor Godwin Obaseki has boasted that he will emerge governor of Edo State, ahead of the governorship election in the State. Obaseki who spoke as a guest on a Channels TV\u2019s Sunrise Daily on Wednesday, expressed confidence that he will return as the governor of the State. According to him, no one can stop him But a woman can stop u right? Naija politicians and their love for Power is something els Oga governor no talk that one ooo... U no be God ooo Yes. Only God can stop you. And God is behind you. Carry go! Governor wey sabi.