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4/9/2020 8:56:00 AM



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Amen Please help us beg the minister of Humanitarian and Desaster management to pay the Npower Volunteers their March Stipend. We are dying of hunger NSIP under Uwais was successful, we want the scheme back under her NSIP SHOULD BE SENT BACK TO THE OFFICE OF VICE PRESIDENT. FOR PROMPT AND EFFECTIVE FUNCTIONING.

One of the brain behind the success recorded so far in NSIP is Hajia Uwais with; 549,500 N-Power graduates & non-graduates feeding 9,963,762 pupils with nutritious meal daily to 107,862 cooks, 2,279,380 TraderMoni, MarketMoni & FarmerMoni beneficiaries. Not an easy feast at all. Good morning, please help us ask Madam Uwais if the appointment of the Nsip independent monitors who were monitoring the programme has been taminated because we have not been paid February and march. Thanks

Maryann Uwais is competent enough to handle this initiative, because as at now, the new agency still not get right direction to follow. Channels24_UK Pls help to invite d minister of disaster to attend 2 NPOWER Ques. 2 explain d cause of delay in Npower March stipend! at dis time of d moment of COVID-19? Is did not wickedness

Uwais is a very competent and apt woman. This ministry should just be under her. This money is not traceable. N500Billion is not small money ooo to be used in a sector we cannot trace. All the Covid-19 donations so far is not up to N200MILLION. Channels24_UK What's d criteria 4 determining poorest of d poor (bad notion) in Nigeria. Aren't we hv money in Nig to feed d poor?

Sometime I want to ask, when they keep saying they know the people that deserves to have! Such an error, there's no transparency, its high thievery. This lawmaker is just sounding like a toothless bully 😂😂😂 They is no data available our leaders only lies to the citizens SID is a scam and ways of looting, you can't engage unemployed youth and the old and have no proper data. My simple advice to FG at this trying time is to engage the services of statistician to get us data of NG.

Do they do biometric documentation with thumbprint before handing out cash? 🤔 Do you guys know ondo state govt is allowing churches to hold services this weekend despite we recording a case already? We feel cuz we have not seen another case, we are safe... Good to have Uwais in the program, she did well handling the NSIP program. Npower beneficiaries seems to have been abandoned at this critical time oh. March 2020 allowance yet to be paid. What's happening? My question is if the NPower beneficiaries are

With testimonies from beneficiaries, we want the program back to where it was before. Maryann Uwais can manage it better. Look at her, so eloquent. I personally don’t understand all these back and forth, just get the programmes back under her, it’s obvious she knows the workings of the thing better than anyone!

Please can the Ministry publish the actual villages where they chose their beneficiaries from if they can't publish their names. Let's even have an idea of Federal Character representation The people who are handling this programme should be ashamed. sunrisedailynow I think anyone who does not want to be called a poor person is not poor, there is absolutely no reason to spend state resources without adequate documentation, because this is taxpayers money.

Biko, can't we just get these social investment programs back under Mama Uwais? This current Disaster Minister is CLUELESS.... i repeat boldly, CLUELESS! Mariam is fraud, Period! Please tell that woman to pay npower , because many people depends on it🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 The National Assembly nassnigeria led by DrAhmadLawan and femigbaja goofed and messed up by a cerebal assassin, Mrs Maryam Uwais.

It really baffle me sometimes when i see leaders doing things in haphazard way... The beneficiaries of this social welfare package should have been documented or the local government of this area be well informed about the afraid this exercise is shady Mrs Uwias speaks good grammar but it doesn’t capture intellectuals like me...its a shame that Nigerian elites peddle lies like children. Little wonder Nigeria never grows

Well, I don't see anything bad if the National Assembly members want to make recommendations, provided that such recommendations are subjected to verification by the handllers of the programme. NA members are closer to the people. I don't know which area is having the 2months free power, we at fagba pipe don't have light and have been running on Generator for the past week.

Nice one Sir, keep it up Fulani politicians men or women are serial thieves. Trust them at your own peril. I follow back Hmmmm, power holders will never seize to amaze me. sunrisedaily Help advise Chamberlain to stop putting his fingers on his lips. staysafe we love crew When I say there should sell the Nigeria and give my own share you guy think am liar. Where is uncle bubu and vice of bubu... Where our treasure house was set on fire and there say is electric spark.. who is fooling who. Soon there there this country is sold to another...

Where is my bubu.... So Nigeria did not have doctors but they are busy collecting salaries I saw the civic 19 update in ur 10pm news last night and Delta was not listed like b4 hope its not a mistake abi? Why won't it rise, imagine birders are closed and people are still traveling from one state to another. They'll get to the border, cross it on foot and enter another vehicle. It's just God that is saving us... Nothing else 😐

With proper testing Edo and Anambra will be something else Our govt keeps fooling themselves, thinking they are fooling us.....may Corona thunder strike any public servant that want to use this pandemic to satisfy his or her selfish interest please I'm calling your attention to katsina. The government has decided to lift the ban on Friday prayers. Please help us do something about it please

Channels Television @channelstvNEWS10 South East might not hv cases dt much. After all north refused us Airport & forbids us from any international flight landing here. Most cases should probably hover around Lagos, Abuja & Edo (Italy). Meanwhile states & fed gvt ar doing well to checkmate this virus Stay_Home Good job Delta State lockdown since April 1 how the one person take contact am jesssss

Channels Television @channelstvCOVID-19 - Presidential Task Force Update Who is fooling who? Ok ooo No problem

Kano State Censorship Board Bans Kwana Casa'in And Gidan BadamasiHad the MacArthur Foundation-funded Kwana Casa’in been “released before the elections, some politicians would certainly feel exposed and indicted.” KwanaCasain FreedomOfExpression Censorship

COVID-19: Schools to teach via radio, TV – Daily TrustThe federal government has resolved to use radio and television in teaching and learning during the COVID-19 lockdown. A statement issued by the Director, Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Education, Bem Ben Goong, said a committee to work towards the realization of ‘this objective’ would be named in the ‘coming days’ by the Minister … Who send them? Their a lot of things to d which is more beneficial than this but the govt will not, because they are getting use by the traps of power With which light or Electricity Is this how far we've gotten, the world is on global lockdown, and all these mofos care about is producing another MUA ? Smh

COVID-19: Gov. Okowa confirms index case in Delta – Daily TrustGov. Ifeanyi Okowa has confirmed the index case of Covid -19 in the state, saying it is not a death sentence. The governor in a radio and television broadcast in Asaba, warned that coronavirus pandemic was real, adding that the stay at home order was not punitive but to check the spread of the virus. … Sorry may God healing hands open them I still don't understand how a State on lockdown can record a case

Leveraging 112 emergency number to curtail COVID-19 spreadThe global efforts channeled at fighting the spread of Coronavirus pandemic is gaining traction by the day, just as more cases of the disease is being recorded globally. Nigeria is also facing its own share of this global pandemic