Justin Trudeau, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau

Justin Trudeau, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau

Canada PM’s wife recovers from coronavirus

3/29/2020 1:12:00 PM

Canada PM’s wife recovers from coronavirus

March 29, 2020Kindly Share This Story(FILES) In this file photo taken on October 21, 2019 Prime minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau arrive to celebrates his victory with his supporters at the Palais des Congres in Montreal during Team Justin Trudeau 2019 election night event in Montreal, Canada. - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife said March 28, 2020 that she has recovered from being ill from COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus."I am feeling so much better," Sophie Gregoire Trudeau said in a statement on social media. She said she received the clearance from her doctor and Ottawa Public Health. (Photo by Sebastien ST-JEAN / AFP)

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Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has recovered from the novel coronavirus, she said Saturday.“I am feeling so much better and have received the all-clear from my physician and Ottawa Public Health,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to everyone who reached out to me with their well wishes.”She had tested positive for the virus on March 12 after returning from Britain, with her husband subsequently going into self-quarantine as a precautionary measure.

He has since been giving daily press briefings from the porch of his residence.“I strongly believe that science AND compassion will get us through this crisis,” Gregoire-Trudeau said.“That means listening and following the health protocols and staying at home for the time being.”

Earlier Saturday Trudeau told reporters he intended to remain with his family at his residence even though his 14-day isolation period had ended.“We are continuing to follow the advice of health experts. And as everyone should do, we must try to stay at home, to isolate ourselves as much as possible, not to go out if not absolutely necessary,” he said.

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Why he is still in house arrest...err isolation.. What a good news Great to hear recovery news. Thanks to god.from jagir from India. mjagir100gmail.com. CanadaPMP Congrats Wow Thank God...God has done wonder for us bobbyedegbo Soo happy for u Wooow,congratulations sir that sound good Ori_femi Some good news from that part of the world 👏

Thank God Glory be to God - Our First lady ✨✨✨🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Stay strong 💪 Thank God Thank God Halfourlabi How does this help Nigerians 💃💃💃💃 Canada my next location. Nice one Congratulations! Thank God for our president. Praise God! Alhamdulillahi I'm very happy for you Someone legit commented 'our wife' 🤣🤣🤣

Congratulations to us💃💃💃💃, I just cant get over the news since hubby told me Praise God! I pray the world continue to record more success. Those making headway in combatting this virus should make public the treatment and recovery processes. Praise the Lord CashyJay _jimjay Seyifunmii_O our first lady is back!!!!

Hmmmm ..issokay Good News.Thanks to God.May the rest victims receive their healing fast ijmn. Go n sin no more 😁😁 👏🏼 congratulations Trudeau eleniyan👏 Thank God You are doing well Waoooo😘😘😘 I’m a Nigerian but I’m happy for this great news cos Canada is my imaginary home😊 Thank God o My prime ministers wife💃💃

Thank God All thanks to God Almighty Getting Coronavirus is not necessarily a death sentence people there are more people recovering from it than people dying from it actually Alleluia! Good news 🙏 Our first lady we are glad to know this JahmalUsen Thank God my president is now doing well Beautiful. Hope in sight for the world 🌏

Thank God Yes, but will Abba Kyari recover? Audio corona Good job Canada. O' Canada Thank God!! Thank God 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thanks be to God oooo We need this kind of headlines too. My First Lady. 🌹 ilyasrabiu Thank Goodness! Congratulations Thankful for our first lady 🙏🏾 They just give her the antidotes ke Thank God

We pray for many more recoveries Wow God be praise🙌🙌🙌 Thank God🥺 My First Lady is fine now See you soon mama😍😍 Praise God Our real 1st lady Our first lady God is with u Praise be!!! Glory. All thanks to God Yes! First Lady 'anyi!!!!Chukwu debe gi. Aunty Sophs!! All glory be to God 🙏 I'm so happy for them.🙂

😮 ✌️ Waoow what a good news am so glad to hear it, thank God and thanks to doctors.. Thank you lord. 🙏🏽 Halleluyah! My future country. Bless yo first lady. Yayy ❤️ Our First Lady have recovered JohnNetworQ Nice Tanx to God To God be the glory 🤸 Muso! Muso!! muso!!! My first lady! God be praised 😭🙌🏿💯 Congratulations to our 1st lady 🥰 Wordings can't explain how happy I am 😭😭 thank you Lord 🙏🏽

Thank God aywizzie Congratulations!!! Thank God!!! Speedy recovery our dear first lady. See you soon!!! Congratulations to you and your family. Thank God! May Allah heal the rest too Only the elite are given special specialized treatments, while the poor hmmmmmmmm That was fast. Congrarulations Our PM's wife is fine. Thank you Lord🤗🤗

My first Lady 🙏🇨🇦 Glory to God Congrats my first lady JustinTrudeau We thank God for the life of our First Lady! kingsleynovich our P.M's wife made it! I'm sooooo happy Wow! Thank God. Is the world not foolish enough that they should have put the drugs different country used together and pick a cure StaySafe. Congratulations

God answereth prayers. Our first lady is responding well to treatment Our wife 🥰😍 JohnNetworQ Good news. Thank God Open ooo , I wish Abba Kyari and Rufai and others recovers soon. Thank God Our First Lady by God’s grace is fine now Wow nice one ,so happy for her.may almighty heels the world Long live our first lady

Our prayers worked! Glory be to God Thank God Our first lady❤️❤️❤️🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬😍 Praise master Jesus what so ever measures used should be applied to eve😇ry common man, especially those infected as soon as possible She is now a carrier I hope say we go happy like this when news about elrufai and Abba Kyari go commot say them don recover.

Jesu seun Good news, I wish everyone recovers pretty quick The ministry is gradually moving to the permanent site... Our president is safe Thank God for her recovery Good news Check her very well 😷😷😷 LordCouver Congratulations I see more good news to come Very good news. More of this around the world. Good news... Thank God

Amazing news! Our first lady has recovered o. Thank God To God be the glory Which drug did she take The wife of our PM is fine. Thank you Jesus. Just be careful with how you congratulate ur daddy and mummy oh! Cus China said Recovered patients are testing positive again after couple weeks. Let’s be Guided oh.

You see why I love my country 🇨🇦 Angiepresh1 On behalf of God, we give special thanks to almighty God for my first lady. God bless God. Good news Thank God for the recovery.Glad to see our 1 family reuniting with the entire country once again.For those under COVID19 sickness globally,healing shall be upon you all in Jesus name,amen.Thank you to all the frontliners across the world WinCovid19WithLove

Ope o! Our first lady has recovered. temmie__ StudioTobs she’s fine guys Good news!. The kind of relief I need . God is good all the time 🙌 It's not a death sentence ♥️ We recover all by staying safe My first lady is fine. Thank God Glory be to God This is great news. I congratulate my (our) President and First Lady.

Thank God My First Lady; I’m coming to Canada to celebrate. Mummy and Daddy just give me visa naw 🥺🥺 Thank God! Congrats Hmmmm.. Which cure did she use Good news Ayyyyyy Thank God! AHayatu Can't wait to see this headline of elrufai getting out of it too. Soon in sha Allah. Soon! PHtraffic It's well A quick recovery indeed.

What medication are this people taking Great news CoronaUpdate more recovery case BuhariResign let's have more vibrant leadership Great news. Nigerians don't wish the same😒 Thank God, our First Lady is better now. 🍾 Bdazzlerx our PM's wife. Ope oo After she took chloroquine. Praise God!!! Some good news 👍

My first lady is well oshey My first lady is well oh. Thank you Lord Adupe oooo o_gho_gho Beautiful great news Confam. Hopefully she doesn’t go back. But let the Lord have his way in Nigeria. Thank God for sparing our first lady's life.. My first lady has recovered, we thank God Chloroquine and Zithromax EMOlamidayo Wow good to hear, but here in Nigeria we don't want are leaders to be free from the virus so help us God

Good news Glory to God Wishing our Prime Minister and his wife love and light Great news deybaryour hon_ags Our PM wife has recovered Heavenly Father, We never doubted you, thank you for coming through for our First Lady 👏 Iyawo wa in diaspora, please take care of yourself oo. Thank God for the quick recovery of my first lady.

HabeebahKareem our first lady is fine😂 Ope ooo Thank God. JustinTrudeau CanadianPM the God of healing continue to heal her. Sorrow will never knock on your door. Thank God for her healing. Wow praise God! Yaaaaay💃💃💃💃! That's some good news!!! Thank God!🙏 Same news to be heard about Mallam Congratulations to the first laday

Praise Master Jesus. My first lady is back Thank God for our first lady _Habidiz Wow, congratulations to her Sire_Gift My Country 😅😁😁 OlabodeLA our first lady is fine Glory be to God Ope! Ooo! 🎶🎤🥰😁 Awwwww thank God for our First Lady ❤️ That was fast. Money is good pereowei01 congratulations Thank God

Congratulations JustinTrudeau we Canadian in diaspora facilitate with you on our first lady's recovery. Davvy_Dee see ma country? Wow! This is the kinda update I want to be seeing about this virus only_1mich E no concern us jare unotimmy our first lady has recovered 😍😍 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Awwwn... My 1st Lady, we prayed for you, I'm glad you're getting better 🙏

it is not a killer disease that is good news Good news! Thank God 🙏🏽 I pray for speed recovery for those who are still struggling with the virus With all the kindness that family exude, I know God won't allow anything touch them 🙏🙏✌️❤️ venusakingba Content I love to see Congratulations my Queen while the free one in Nigeria is still held in isolation centre for no reason

We thank God for health My first lady is back 😃😋 We Canadians in diasporal Wish you speedy recovery our first lady Godspeed 🙏 Thank God. Good news Thank God our First Lady is safe.. ! Wow that is Good news Good news Thank God for her recuperation Ope oh hallelujah!!!!!!! Yaaaayyyy! If Na Aisha buhari we go all wish her death

Wow good news _MzJayde My First Lady ❤️ Ah! Oluwa seun, My president wife is healed... Thank God... some good news Am so glad. Our First Lady has been healed! Thank you Jesus! 🙏🏾 Prayers are getting answered... Glory to God Good news. I love Justin Trudeau. Gentle leader. Congrats to them Good news Thank God for our first lady.

Congratulations! Yaaay our first lady is back on her feet,glory to God Glad to hear that. Congratulations wewillsurvive Others will survive Thank God 🙏 Great news I knew it. She will recover guchijones Of course she will recover.... Why? Her husband has been very responsible, proactive and helpful to the country.

Whaooooo... this is great news. So will others recover. The seige is broken. Thank God for saving our president's wife. Thank you Jesus 🙏 Thank you jesus,,our president wife is back Biggdosi On behalf of every Canadian-to-be in Diaspora (Nigeria), We felicitate with our First Lady Sophie Grégoire Trudeau on her recovery from COVID-19.

abbaavil Thank you God We've been praying for our first lady More victories ahead, we will defeat the evil Virus. More scientific breakthrough to come ahead. thatgoddess____ Yaaaaayyy iamDoli_Suave Hallelujah! I wish all quick recovery in Jesus name Good new. Goodnews but pls tell us PMB has it so we can pray for him to recover

Amen Yaay!!!!!! Thank God our first lady is back!!! Good news Thank God oo Alhamdullahi This covid19 thing takes time ooooo Good news Congratulations ma What was used to treat her? I have to ask bc I am in Nigeria Wow 😃😄😁🙏🏽 S Word from the Lord. As God to forgive you of your disobedient and sins and family and friends sins. Ask to do the . Then will hear from heavenly Father God deliverance. This works me .

Glory be to God Oluwaseun. Our very own First Lady. A maa se thanksgiving service ni camp when this is all over 👏 Great news! Glad to hear this! Thank God Good news. Great! What drugs were used to treat her? If it works for her, we expect it work for the thousands out there suffering from the same Corona virus infection.

We Canadians living in diaspora wish to congratulate our dear 1st lady. We will conquer this together. See you when we return home. Good news! Dear Lord, heal other victims of Coronavirus. Ladies 1st ...😁😁😁 Good news Yeepee....🤗🤗 Tank U Lord Our full time president is fine. Part time president is missing

Darelawale Hallelujah. We are safe Correct.... Interesting God is good.thanks to all doctors and others whom survivors. Pray the ones still to pull three this in Jesus Name. Thank u Lord jesus Thank God oooh, what a good news.Our first lady has fully recovered😍😍😍😍....Otito dili jesu🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thank you, Jehovah

Good news Thank God she's back 💃🏻 Good news Happy for her. May God be her strength as she lives normal life Hmm a lot of things we dont know about the virus Congratulations!!! Our President's (Prime Minister) wife has recovered. Thank God God heard our prayers, the doctors did well. Best news I've heard this morning so far

abdulazeeztuyo Good news This is great Congratulations to my first lady..... j_andre01 StaySafeSaveLives. Great news 👍👍 thank God and thanks to the medical professionals Esteembehemoth listen to the music. And have faith 🙏🙏 First Lady of my real country Praise Be! Our first lady! Ohhh my First Lady... thank you lord

NOTE Our first lady in diaspora! To God be the Glory Great News Glory to God! Chaii to God be the glory Thank God

Canadian PM's wife recovers from coronavirus – Daily Trust Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau , the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , has recovered from the novel coronavirus, she said Saturday. “I am feeling so much better and have received the all clear from my physician and Ottawa Public Health,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank … Thank God Thank God Just recovering? Since that time?

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