Buhari Government Has Ability To Crush Boko Haram, Bandits – Tinubu Says During Visit To Zamfara | Sahara Reporters

1/14/2022 10:43:00 AM

Buhari Government Has Ability To Crush Boko Haram, Bandits – Tinubu Says During Visit To Zamfara | Sahara Reporters

Buhari Government Has Ability To Crush Boko Haram, Bandits – Tinubu Says During Visit To Zamfara | Sahara Reporters

At least, 200 people were reported killed last week when bandits raided some villages in Bukkuyum and Anka Local Government Areas of the state.

Jan 14, 2022The National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu, on Thursday, announced a donation of N50million to Zamfara communities recently attacked by bandits.Tinubu announced the donation shortly after commiserating with Governor Bello Matawalle in Gusau, Zamfara.

Tinubu said, “I could offer prayers for the people from anywhere, but coming in person is important. The enemies of knowledge, Boko Haram and other criminal elements will be defeated through commitment in humanity. We pray for the entire country to be stable, and if the enemies refuse to stop the carnage, we shall eliminate them.

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Super story. The ability that has not been demonstrated since 2015. Well, another election is coming. We will hear more and more of this kind of stories. Then he should be jailed for doing nothing right? This Tinubu still dey sleep I thank God...I am not one of the foolish Nigerians buying your lies...AsiwajuTinubu NigerianGovernment MBuhari

This man need full medical check up. Hope he remember when Buhari has been on seat Why is that govt yet to crush them? Waiting for you to come and do it according to your take over plan? What kept him from doing so for almost seven years of his government? Enough of the propaganda!!! Nigerians are not babies or dwarfs!!!!

That was exactly what bubu promised us... It is unfortunate that nowhere is safe in this country 😭 This man is in another planet as the same government he claims to know now recognise these groups as Terrorists not Bandits. Only Tinubu and Ganduje see Bandits! KeepItOn Okay we hear you but you people decided to use them for your political gain nah

Has the ability to crush boko haram but decided not to.. Or what's your point here.... Mr ambitious selfcentered presidential aspirant

Every statement to please Major General is welcome We know that one na, we also know say na all of una be their sponsor.. Rubbish talk So he intentionally leave them so that you can contest to finish the work? Emperor Tinubu of Lagos and the APC govt. do not rate Nigerians as intelligent or able to comprehend their pitiable plight due to the desperate insecurity, kidnapping and wanton killing, hence they continue to remind us of ABILITY TO CRUSH BKH when people are being killed daily

Let them continue deceiving their self,this the same man that also wants to become the next president 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Then what the been waiting for Then what happened as they didn't So, why have they not crushed them? You must think that Nigerians are foolish. He has to say this to protect his ambitious and dead dreams of becoming the president..

Are these people not tired of using same format over and over ?

IStandWithTinubu Foresight💪💪💪 So what's the government waiting for? Tinubu can no be our president oooo Am sure some people will still vote and Support ABILITY. lol Corruption stops him. And you will not do anything too if you were him, because you're corrupt too. Seriously so what has been stopping them, is there a message he trying to pass to us.

Be lying to yourselves Hmmmmm Always having the ability thunder fire you

And why has it not Why they haven't? This is a sign he will do worse than Buhari. 2 people with issues of age, health & political ambition, would definitely talk same! Okay, Noted... Then do it Is one no get sense atall Bobo juice...what difference does it make if he has the ability to crush yet would not crush them....The simple truth Mr Jagaban is that,he doesn't have any.

Oga Thiefnubu talk where mouth reach Make dem act, the talk don too much.

Radarada Indirect campaign has started. They don't have anything to offer,what is he doing for about 7yrs now? So what’s causing delay ? Oh I get it now, their brother is the president nice one 👍🏾 At his age and antecedents, AsiwajuTinubu will heighten the problems already made worse by MBuhari. May calamity never befall us a second time

Indeed 🤣🤣 this govt they smoke igbo In wike voice Less than a year three months to go. Haba Baba Tinu? Yes,he has ability to crush them but he is refusing to do so because of his personal gains and that of his associates and so that they will not come after him after he leaves office..Bubu his a gangster himself..

We can all see how he is having a crush for them. When you are desperate to get power at all cost 😂 Yoruba man talking 👀 don’t take him seriously because he was the John the Baptist of this present predicament. Get sense Nigeria Crush ko, crusher ni. No! They Don't! So what is stoping them? Na so Buhari talk before hin enter...Oga Tinubu, we still dey play this record?!. Na question I ask o!

Hypocrisy is a usual character of Nigerian politicians. So the incompetence that led to loss of lives was deliberate? He better prove it

After 8years of buhari government in office you’re still there talking trash why can’t you cover your face when you’re walking for God sake this man you have been lying right from 1999 you have came to office and then left by 2007 after that you bring back bubu 2015 fake promises Why not doing it for the past years, all these politician sha, 'e beru Olorun'.

You want to be president and you are lying like this. Sorry is your name Gerout! An indictment for the APC if Nigerians can use their God given brains to think. Can someone remind him that there's nothing like bandit anymore? They are terrorist.. I'm not against Bola Tinibu or any APC presidential candidate, what I'm against is the Big party with bunch of failure's.

Tinubu can not do more than a dead horse...🤷 Joker. Dark Comedians for the nation We are questioning how Tinubu gathered his wealth and how old is he?

Why wait Really! What has the Nigerian terrorists government done since 2015 to the Boko Haram, other than paying them ransom and killing the indigenous people of Nigeria. Well said Mr Tinubu!.But Nigerians are still being massacred on daily basis and this is the seventh year of your government in power. God bless Nigeria🙏!

But reverse is the case If you like buy MICROSOFT... OGA, you can never 'EXCEL' Is it that you didn't give them the blueprint or they didn't use it? Fix it for you - Buhari Government ‘LACKS’ Ability To Crush Boko Haram, Bandits – Tinubu Says During Visit To Zamfara | Sahara Reporters Baba desperate for 2023 will soon start making out of the world promises

Then what happened to the abilities? Mumu talk Is this the man who wants to replace Buhari? Who are those behind this man

But refuses to do so for going to 8 years now. When the middle begins to vote then the poor ones will think right And why has he not done that 🤷 Ability ko ability ni abeg just getat Tinubu is an evil man he will never be the president of Nigeria ability ❌ disability ☑️ Why is he not crushing them? I guess PDP are stopping him. You can't just shame the shameless

Yet they haven't because they are waiting for Jagabandit to be President before they do. Na God go bless your good work sir Buhari govt is waiting for Boko haram and bandits to kill all Nigerians before they can do something.Give Buhari one million years,Buhari will not stop banďits/Fulani terrorists cos they are his brothers.

Matawalle look shocked in the picture Omg 😳😳 By implication, he has the ability, but didn't do anything about it. Gotta love APC's ignorance. If the Governor was sane enough, e for land slap for him face. But how will a Mumu defend a Mumu🤡 What else did you expect him to sey. Set awon give them corn, cassava, yam to eat and requite 700,000 of Nigeria youth to the army. Awon oni yeye

Beer parlour talk Why upto now So should will give him another tenure?🙄 And you want to win 2023 election with such lies. We are watching. Osinwin Eniyan

So what stop him from doing that? Ok. So far they've done a fantastic job right? So what's stopping him? Oga go and rest in peace