#Endsars, Remo Stars Player, Sagamu Footballer

#Endsars, Remo Stars Player

[BREAKING] Remo player’s death: IG disbands zonal SARS in Ogun


[BREAKING] Remo player’s death: IG disbands zonal SARS in Ogun

The disbandment followed the death of a player of Remo Stars Football Club, Tiyamiyu Kazeem, allegedly caused by operatives of ZIS SARS, Obada-Oko, Abeokuta.Kazeem was killed by a hit-and-run vehicle after he was allegedly thrown out of a moving operational vehicle of SARS on the Abeokuta-Sagamu Expressway on Saturday.

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Could we remember Kolade who was killed recently till today we did not hear anything about the issue again... In South west we don't know the real offence of the youth that they will trailing them with ammunition to threaten their life's... I mean my advice for federal govt is to eradicate SARS off Nigeria police because thugs is amongist as a SARS officer.. You can not walk freely on the road, they ensure they stop u and search your bag and even ask u stupid question that is not in dictionary

my advice for federal govt is to suspend those thugs that called themselvies SARS that is how they will stop u on the road and be illegal duty IG did not send them... Look at the way they innocent soul and such a killer must face punish ... policeng the SARZ officers involved should face a penalty that will scar them too, we are talking of the death of a human being here for God's sake!!

Why must it take the IG this long to take a decisive measure? People have be shouting and complaining about the unspeakable act of SARS over the years . So until it took another innocent live ........this country tire me sef . Good move but it must not stop until the perpetrator pay for the evil he did

The problem is that Nigeria police don't even know the role to play in there department, All SARS should be disbanded Correct this headline nation wide is better Right decisions made by the IG Disband them across the whole country

How SARS caused death of Remo Stars footballer – EyewitnessBut they are denying it SARS operative has turned to menance destroying the future of this nation. Shameless PoliceNG officers. This is same useless lie they told about Chima’s gruesome murder. Very senseless and mad set of animals called police officers.

Prosecute the killer and remove their bosses ad well. Most time their bosses worse they train this guys to be ruthless in order to meet targete That fucking sarz squad should be killed owhreoluwa They’ll disband them n move them somewhere else....problem just changed base Not enough Zainy_jubril Not only in Ogun state please sir, with all due respect...

Top notch but then the killers must be severely dealt with,like 'severely' What's zonal SARS? Ban SARS generally in its entirety. How can a country delight in playing cheap and senseless politics with human lives?! Sick. Hmmmmm.... You sure? Tomorrow we will see them again in Ogun going through young men's iphones

Honestly that sars officer should face same consequence(death by firing)

CP orders arrest of SARS officer over death of Remo Stars’ playerWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. This inhumanity can only stop until it affect the top men children in this country, if not we keep facing the same thing everyday.... Failed country, failed government... no right for citizen

SARS nationwide should be disbanded and replaced with regional police apparatus like Amotekun. African Americans in d US are forever complaining about ill treatment by d police wt indecent Frisk & Search Policy a political matter that has ruined lives of many career people Nice move Check IMO IG they are wrecking havock in IMO disturbing innocent citizens and harassing people

What then happens to the officers who threw the guy out of a moving vehicle?We must continue to speak out against these SARS idiots to protect our brothers, pls people do not relent!! Disband it everywhere.. They kills Kolawole and many others in Lagos too.. Do the needful thing They should also call SARS of Abia State to order too to avoid history repeating again because they are getting out of hand as well

Only to quietly reassemble them in a few weeks For how long will SARS waste the youths of this country for selfish reasons,tell me why Nigerians won't result to self defence if justice & rule of law are not follow?.This is how insecurity,& other challenges we are facing in the country started gradually.

EndSarsNow in Nigeria! Not enough!

BREAKING: One Killed as residents protest death of Remo Stars footballerA yet to be identified protester, was on Monday Killed as scores of residents staged a protest in Sagamu, Ogun State, over the death of Remo... i_synthesis It’s happening again This is how the system will keep pushing people until something gives. Then this same silent leaders will know 400,000. Thousand police personnel plus 50,000 military personnel can't face 100,000,000 angry citizens. Sorry for who will be the president when it happens.

Please 🙏send them to Sambisa Forests They might do the needful on insurgency in the North Yeeeeehhhhh We winning 🥳 🏆 🏅 Oya now disbarn the devils 👹 entirely Community policing is already in play ▶️ Send the disband SARS team to borno to kill Boko Haram Because its a Yoruba, IG has never disbanded any SARS in the East or In the South, were they have killed innocent Youths, nobody have said anything till date, 'One Nigeria' is a scam, that is why IPOB will never stop, very soon the Armed conflict will begin in the South and East.

Knee jerk, always the case. Citizens should defend each other anytime SARS try to arrest anyone.. Defend yourselves.. Record any SARS u see arresting innocent youths Disbanding will just be circus play if all the culpable officers are not prosecuted and CONVICTED. Better still enforcing the protocol advocated by segalink will be a good starting point. Address the ROOT causes not just playing to the gallery.

Pls let’s not forget the killing of Kolade Johnson who was also killed by SARS not so long ago!! Enough is Enough! We demand the total disbandment of SARS or they should all be sent to fight insurgency in North East! Trigger happy men got no biz here! Those men need to die too If you guys see sars in ogun state operating again kill them ooooooh they are virus

BREAKING: One feared dead as residents protest Remo Stars footballer’s deathPolice The Number 2 Problem in Nigeria after Bubu When did Nigeria become a non protest zone? While we were busy talking Bobrisky and Tacha, our democracy was hijacked. Welcome to militarised democracy. PoliceNG are the most backwards and unprogressive Police institution in the world. If these demented elements in SARS are truly as gallant as they portray themselves, they should be drafted to fight Boko Haram. The impunity is alarming. SARS on daily rampage. EndImpunity

Others stated should get ready to fight SARS Back your guys should be ready oooooh to end sars Yet the same PoliceNG commissioner in Ogun state has come out to deny that his men in SARS killed the footballer! You can see that Nigerian Police Force speaks from both sides of the mouth. Credibility is nonexistent!

Disbanding only Ogun state SARS will not stop this injustice and wanton killings going on. I am pleading on IG to disband them entirely. They first lied the officer involved isn't a SARS officer, then the useless governor blamed the people for getting murdered, now they're disbanding the Zonal Sars. This country is a joke.

Thank you so much, Sir. Do take it up a notch, Sir, by ordering to have the outfit looked into, nationwide. There are too many trigger happy Officers. They fly off the handle without provocation. Extortion appears to be the sole reason they are unleashed on Nigerian Youths. It should be disbanded in Lagos too.

Later now the IG go remove d 'dis' and go remain bands,then we will start see those idiots that called themselves SARs What then happen to the perpetrators... are they redeployed to another state so that the killing spree continues. Questions need answers Shey this one will bring the guy back... Wicked people

Disband it across the country. They're more problem than solution at this point. Virtually all 'anti anything' at this point are rotten.

IGP assures Nigerians of justice over Remo Stars player's deathThe inspector general of police Mohammed Adamu on Monday assured Nigerians of justice over the death of Remo Stars Sports Club player Tiamiyu Kazeem also known as ‘Kaka’. EndSARS Sagamu OgunState Remo Tueh To hell with their assurance, where has their previous assurances taken us to? We can't continue like this ffs 😭 Story, story, storyyyyyyy

1. All tactical units of the Nigerian Police should be scrapped immediately. From the IGP Squad, Anti-Cult, Anti-Kidnap, FSARS.. All State Tactical Units must also be scrapped totally.. All police officers must as a matter of urgency, undergo a drug and psychological test. Long overdue especially that obada oko own haaaa they even take husband n wife issues there. IGGOTTHISRIGHT

God knows I dislike this people called Sars. This SARS, did they even have training on how to police at all? Or they are faction of Boko haram of which their agenda is to kill. omotomilola Can they please be transferred to Borno state!! Also the ones in Lagos state should be disbanded and transfered to Adamawa.

Disbands, dismiss good how about bringing them to justice Good but not good enough Read beyond the headlines, Punch Newspapers, this is another poor journalism, SARS was only disband in one zone which is Obada Oko,😏 This headline should be IG disbands Obada Oko SARS in Ogun State. Not enough Disband dem abi transfer them Biko there is no space for them here in Lagos ooo

Remo Stars player almost sealed Europe deal before death – FatherNot even you ally Thanks to Nigerian Government for failing in humanity Dream killers. Nigerian graves hold the biggest potentials in the world.

Disbanding, re-branding and un-banning isnt the people's request. Our request is simply end SARS across the Nation. No Govt ever survived pushing the people to the wall, their retaliation always pull that Govt down. Why only Ogun,he should extend it to all part of the country. 😭😭 This so Sad. Where is our country turning too oh Lord. We are evening afraid of coming back home self, with all this tragedy we seeing every day 😡😡

This is a welcome development. I wish this could bring back the life of the victim. 😭😭 And the people win But they are still functioning at atan Ota We need you to ban it nation wide TopRadio909 After that? Can this order solve the problem,if SARS safe you when you are in problem, you will respect them, when FRSC safe you when you involved in accident, you will value them, Nigeria matter is upside down

Not enough Great move! He also needs to ensure all the policemen involved in the death of that young man are brought to book. EzenwaUkandu He should disband in the whole states, not like those in other states are saint🤷‍♀️ Too little. Too late That's great... We have never seen the face of the sars man who killed Kaka PoliceNG

Disband SARS completely nationwide!!! Please who can confirm this part of the story. Copied as read from the news, 'Kazeem was killed by a hit-and-run vehicle after he was allegedly thrown out of a moving operational vehicle of SARS on the Abeokuta-Sagamu Expressway on Saturday.' 9jaVoltron SARS is a virus sir it has spread too all part off the country and even local police too be claiming SARS everyone with uniform doing stop and search all Nigerian force be collecting your phones in ogun state even MOPOLS

It shouldn't be only ogun state, it should be the whole of Nigeria

Don't just disband them sir but let justice be done and proper compensation be paid to the decease families Now the SARS officers in the affected zone(Ogun state) will all be transferred to Lagos state and other nearby states. The situation ia going to worsen. The whole of the SARS should be disband as a matter of fact nigeria 🇳🇬 police as a whole should be disband. In fact the whole arm of Goverment should not exist anymore, clueless government in a useless country.

They are all the same. Pursuing young people with beards and dreadlocks while carrying assault weapons. There is no need for what they do in the police. That should be left to armed robbers. But that's nt enough,the culprits should face the law.... Every life matters. Seems like they're waiting for another murder to occur before they get disbanded in other zones; more death before any disbandment happens. SMH

Disband? They will now move to other states to continue their killing.. EndSARS I honestly don’t think this is far- reaching enough. The operational philosophy of the police need to change. At least they acted. Only in ogun ,you’re waiting for killing in osogbo abi ,una go see fire in action

The whole of Nigeria .... pleaseeeee!! Better, till the culprits are fish out Osibanjo ordered SARs reform under immediate past IG. The new IG rolled back those reforms. We are in this mess cause present IG is not suitable for the office. ENDSARS Oga IG disband everything called Sars in Nigeria. They are all killers.

This police do worse than robbers, at least robbers will take and leave What about the one we have in Rivers state? Disbands zonal SARS in Ogun is not solution OGA AT THE TOP. WE don't want SARS in 35 state please relocate all SARS to BORNO STATE IS ALLOWED. EndSARS Disband national He shouldn't disband them only in Ogun ooooo other States too will be welcomed... EnoughIsEnough

Is Dat d solution... These officials are just acheic in reasoning. It's just a tool to make people forget about this. The footballer that was killed in Bayelsa last year has been swept under the carpet. THIS IS NIGERIA Is this all you have to do anytime they kill an innocent citizen...rubbish I don't know if it until dis sars kills all the future of nigeria b4 dey banned dem

Lagosians pls learn to fight too SARS Go Sambisa!!!! Good one.... those involved ahould also be made to face the consequence at the law court The perpetrator(s) should be brought to book PoliceNG citizens are tired. Armed robber come better pass police na WA oooo justiceforKaka justice This is not justice, the killer cops must face the law

The Ogun state PPRO came out with a force story earlier but now the story is different. The man should be relieve of his position Looks like eye service to me. Rememba SARS was also kinda 'banned' shortly b4 d electns,only 4 dem 2 rear their ugly head in d neighborhoods afterwards D lawmakers r d ones 2 pass laws 2 curb their excesses. But until we st learnin wat's necessary in politics, we'l neva b free

Nice one.. Extend this sanction everywhere Good start Very good. Freedom is coming !!! Once we start speaking in one voice; our voice will be heard and our agitation will be meant. EndSARS Lagos too sharp sharp. PoliceNG should send them to Borno since they are good at killing innocent citizens,they should help us to finish the Boko Haram that is remaining.

Good move but it must not end there, the killers must face the law. Those who also used live ammunition on protesters in Sagamu must face the music EndSARS Not smart. Disbanding them in a particular zone only is telling other zones to go violent for them to be banned in their zones too. Expect eruption of protest of EndSARS in other zones.

The headline is misleading

Kill the sarz involved by firing squad . so it can serve as deterrent to others Not just Ogun. End SARS entirely. They are the same everywhere lets see how far this can go....fingers crossed Then they’ll reinstate them again after few weeks. Shameless people Man was a football star. Nigerians love football Football has always been a unifying factor. But it could be better Great start to getting justice though.

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