[BREAKING] Lockdown: Police arrest Funke Akindele over house party

4/5/2020 10:19:00 PM

[BREAKING] Coronavirus: Police arrest Funke Akindele over house party

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe Lagos State Police Command has arrested Funke Akindele for hosting a party in contravention of the lockdown order in Lagos State,The PUNCHThe Lagos State Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, toldThe PUNCHthat the actress had been taken to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba.

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He toldThe PUNCH,“Yes, we have (arrested) Funke Akindele and we are looking for the others. She has been taken to SCID.”The PUNCHlearnt that policemen arrived in Amen Estate off Lekk-Epe Expressway in about three patrol vehicles.Akindele, popularly known as Jenifa, who is married to singer, Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz, held a party in his honour on Saturday.

Singer, Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley, also graced the party, which had over 20 others in attendance.Thousands of Nigerians on social media called for the arrest Akindele, popularly called ‘Jenifa’.The actress, who is said to be an ambassador for the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control and Dettol, has appeared in adverts calling on Nigerians to observe social distancing and hygiene.

She later apologised over the incident, saying most of those who attended the party were colleagues, who were living temporarily within the estate and could not return to their home states because of the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.The Lagos Infection Diseases Regulations 2020 (the Regulations) prescribes a jail term of one month or N100,000 fine or both for persons found guilty of hosting gatherings or flouting the lockdown order.

It reads in part, “Where there is a violation of a close-down or stay at home order, security Agencies shall have power to arrest without warrant and may detain any person who violates the closedown or stay at home order for at least forty-eight (48) hours.

“Where the arrested person is found guilty, the person is liable to a fine of one Hundred Thousand Nara fine (N100,000.00) or one (1) month imprisonment or three (3) months Community service.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Mama u disappointed me gan ni COVID19Lagos What happened to social distancing media? ForAGreaterLagos Gidi_Traffic EiENigeria funkeakindelebello Story story This may serve as a deterrence to other celebrated figures, reminding them of the principles of Rule of Law. Na Who send dem? House party!? Why?

ktek4 Hmm Why na it not a crime is she doing boy elaborate or palour party funkeakindelebello just missed her line dettol advert, maybe we have to help her rehearse the line one more time Jennifer dairy. Emotional intelligence missing in action. ? And she also preaches stay home not knowing that she's just been pretending. Fake woman.

I read this as- Corona Virus Police arrests ... They arrested her but yet they enabled the virus to spread more. Did you see the crowd at the court? Shoving and pushing each other? Who will arrest the crowd at the court? Africans and their backward thinking. Sense finish inside Dairy Thats y even b4 now I don't watch her advert on TV over covid19, just imagine


Enugungun done f**k up this time. Madam y now Good for her They arrest Funke but they cannot arrest Tinubu for celebrating his birthday like the arrested person did. Nigeria, what a country. YahayaDogondaj 👍 They also need to go around on sundays and start arresting people who now use their homes as service centers. Yes, home cell centers are now service centers.

Very good, Even if we know no action would be taken against her beyond the 'ceremonial arrest', at least, it is a message against the culture of impunity in Nigeria by leaders and highly placed persons who feel they can do anything and get away with it. Hahaha mama but why now, you suppose to obey government law..😔😔.. but if na another big personal una no go arrest am ooo..

Èló Díárì. Omí pò ju okà lo ni o. Mákòsì nípé òun fé párì, mo wá pe àwon èèyàn àti Naira Málì. Awá se párì fun. Àwon ayé wá fi ejó mi sun ìjoba, wón wá fi olópàá mú re. Mákòsì ti sálo. Wèrè làwon okùnrin 😭😭 In this Nigeria, we are practicing vector power which is not good. Sebi al- Hagan also do more than worth in kwara state which is not good oooo. Nigeria wake up

EbukaRafaelOG_ Ei Very disheartening for her personality and insensitive act on her part. Why is it difficult for people to walk the talk they preaches Who leaked the video? inu ile lota wa. She should have just prayed in the morning,there are many years for the husband to celebrate. This will serve as a big lesson.

What a nation my olayinka,calling her names would not change anything, its a fault on her own side and she has apologised for that. We are all human Why do I think this is a PR stunt See what social media has caused. Who would have known this if she didn't share it on social media. Stay away from social media brouhaha, they won't hear. Everytime post, post.. No privacy.

This doesn't hlp our matter! Just giv us token out of wat u get! (Money o!) Let Aunty off d hooks alrdy She just lost a fan...i knw its no skin off her nose though...but who get my respect has to merit it.. Shebi davido host party too Will she be sent to jail? Or will they just slap her on the wrist and tell her to 'go and sin no more'?

So you can't come and enjoy yourself in your house😂😂😂😂 Her social status should have made her to understand the risk her poses to larger community. Audio Arrest....'kon Jo ma tan ara won' It could be Audio Arrest I get the video Better Okudiye kato! I used to follow her on Instagram but I unfollowed her because of rubbish she posts. She gives money to people though. I will rather die of hunger than accept her promiscuous money. See itshelenpaul platform and see the difference. Helen no dey share money Sha oo

First of all who published the party on public media? The same invitees? She knew the consequence of the act, yes or no? She is an adult who can speak for herself? She has money to right her wrong, abi? Why are we concerned about her personal matter? Pls let the matter rest. Twitter is one of the social media app I fear most

I think all that attended the party also should be checked and questioned. They all knew what's trending, and they attended. Na dem sabi She should be fine and the money shared among the poor massas, people like me ooo That is life's lesson for everyone. Hosanna today, crucify him tomorrow. Those crucifying her should also know that they too are fallible, if they think the reason she gave wasn't tenable enough

Y na pls 4give her Nigeria police with there opportunity. Any single social awereness like this. They quickly jump into there old model Hilux and be looking for scapegoats Who is she to flat the Government orders , she should face mandatory 14 days isolation in any government facility Cool Bad ambassador.

The number that attended was it more than 50? I used to see her on TV talk about personal hygiene and social distancing U go survive it, So I heard they already released her Since she had apologized buy explaining to the world the ideology behind the gathering. She should be pardoned. Quite sad! that somebody like Funk Akindele will flaunt the order despite knowing the implications of this pandemic virus ....quite sad

Kapaichumarimarichupako! She is crazy, at her age and exposure She's an ambassador for NCDC now, telling people about social distancing, shamefully shameful A lawyer that failed to use logical sense to know what she should be doing in this lockdown period.A celebrity like her suppose to be at the forefront of advocacy for Stay COVID-19 Free Precautionary measures.

They will release her before tonight and it would be make a secret. This is Nigeria, Jenifa's Diary in advance. Am sure script will come out of this. They should take it easy with her, I beg. It could happen to anyone. It's just a mistake....little did she know the repercussion. I think these group of people should have a close adviser or counsellor, someone that can read and validate their next action and social M posts.

can this person funke akindele be made an example of by the police..and be stripped of her so called ambassadorship.she can't separate herself from her crappy movies and the real world obviously. Diari, Poliz iyaf cum an carid me to the poliz stazon. Mi hoisband haf ran awai bust mi am inzide the blak moria. Poliz alzo sai dat Nara Marli an efribodi dat astend d parry shud zurender. Hmmmmm, diari I pre sai e go beta.

My opinion, Tinubu and others at the presentation by Nollywood filmmakers and actors should equally be arrested. Kudos to the Police. if my memory serve me right.. Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomole and Ahmed Bola Tinubu all had their birthdays during this lockdown period, why weren't they arrested.. Funke on her part was wrong but the gov't should uphold the law too. No one is above the law...

Lol How would she not know that holding a house party in lockdown is improper? Call baba Sulia Let's deliver your food during lockdown Good Funke will be modaran mosezin 😂 Is this the same woman, I saw in that video? Makeup certainly does wonders. You see, I warned her but she no gree hear word..... Bro BOGbadamosi should be the next

Lol.. Fear twitter oo I think this will further be extended to people in power to convince the average Nigerians that there is no sacred cow. Why don't she abide by the law, all social gathering with more than 50 people is prohibited for the main time What about this.. is the person in charge not to be questioned. Some people are above the law sha

We want pictures to show proof of the arrest. Those that are doing during give away among all this celebrities, gathered many Nigerians to give them food, what are we going to say about that? It is well, may God see her through. If e reach this one dem go harsh..what about the money dey were dispatching in person instead of using BVN...is that one not an offense against social gathering?.

Tell them to arrest Tinubu and his gang for the birthday party he held last week......fools I love the sub heading corona virus police There other ppl who are hosting party is because she posted her own Twitter last last Na money police need she will provided it. Funke enjoy ur self Dissapointed. Funke should know better. You should have used the money for charity purpose if you know you gave excess.

Lol Proof please. Another audio arrest. I hope they didn't go there to take pictures? And also they should be properly kitted. Corona virus no dy fear police too Her husband was the celebrant and should av been arrested instead. He was even childishly showing his face in the viral video and I think he be the one bearing the consequence not d wife who was there as one of the guests too..Dat guy too dey behave like mumu

Everyone at that party should be taken and thrown into the quarantine labs and hand them over to the Chinese doctors you people said are coming ooo. At least, let them be useful for one purpose!!! So y diny dey arrest Tinubu wen he did his own house party on d 29th of march? Im so disappointed! An ambassador in every right. A lot is expected of her in these times. I hope she's really sorry!

Shame on her! An “ambassador” who was to promote the fight for the pandemic is the Breaker-in-Chief! Let her go to jail She fvck up Iam looking at this from another angle oo. Who leaked that part video? Most likely one of those ones partying with funkeakindele Definitely there are enemies within. FUNKE watch your back. Not all who smile with you love you. Just a small lesson for you

Why!why!!why!!😧😧😧Funke Audio arrest or.... Despite all the advertisement This life na do as I say and not as I do 🙆 The woman didn't commit a crime but a violation of order or regulation which doesn't require arrest or statement under oath. She could be fined a heavy amount of money payable to Lagos State Govt and then cautioned. No be everything Police dey arrest people.

Nawa oo! She is a naive woman who only got exposed through acting of local movie and comedy, let her enjoyed her kobo, nothing concerned her with coronavirus. She need to be use as lesson to others She did nothing wrong, it was more like a family party I don't know why we can be like this in this country. Churches in Abuja still did low-key palm Sunday celebrations,you aren't bothered about that But you went to disturb an innocent family in her house cos she violated the rules. Please ooo among all these, who violated it more

With all her knowledge as learned person she miss it. If they had a party without publishing it on social media they won’t have issues... but everyone has a stupid point to make on social media lately. Everyone wants to impress Her actions were grossly irresponsible and deplorable. Being a celebrity should not place you above the law. Very disappointing act

This is where the Indian Police special treatment could come in handy. No arrest, no explanations, no frog-jumping, better still no press releases, just bamboo sticks all over you as you are harried on your way home!! Hmmm am just passing 💃💃💃 Dragging complete 😂😂😂 Useless police officer The strength Nigeria's use in attacking funkeakindele officialnairam1 and her husband about the birthday party stuff. If we have use that same strength to ask the FinMinNigeria about the Money been shared.We would have gotten explanation.Instead we go after unnecessary thing's

Chaiiiiii!!!!! Nice Nigeria police is funke the problem of Nigeria? Why did you not go and arrest Governor hope uzodinma in IMO state who gather crowds to commission isolation Cnt Cox she is not a politician .Useless people una dey use una intelligent in the wrong channel mitchhhhhhhhh Nigeria 🇳🇬 my country nawa ooh, for her house 🏠 again? So person no fit do something for him own house 🏠 again bcus of virus 🦠 shai bad belly everywhere abeg make them free her abeg

In her home ? Nigeria only good to make noise. She is s stupid woman E Don Happen!? I think there's something she knows about this lock down that we don't know. Ajatz02 Na shakara make her post the video party online ....shotan igeraga po Is a video coverage. You people should leave my funkeakindele alone.... Go and arrest our so called wicked politicians funkeakindele

Waste of arrest 😂. She's probably in the DPO's office having dinner and watching tv while waiting for Nigerians to calm down and believe in the lockdown and social distancing thing..... Lagos state will fine her N100,000 and grant her bail. Case closed Parte after parte motor don jam am Exactly like the Jenifa

really, what do they hope to achieve with this arrest Lol. Police what? Audio. This is such a jenifa story line What is all these.? You guys should let her speak. Atleast you should hear from her own angle first. I still love you woman crush, mentor and bestie funkeakindele Soulslammer1 To me na twitter arrest her no be police....Fear twitter

This happened in the UK. The world is getting serious about the lockdown salamalekum barka dai da warhaka I don’t know why people derive so much joy in other people’s sadness😢😢 A lawless society will end up reaping the consequences of their lawlessness. May God help us to become disciplined in this country.

Someone cannot be happy inside sadness again🤔🤔🤔🤔 The fact that the government is not happy does mean we should not be happy 😂😂😂😂 E don happen 😂😂 Haha Nigeria 🇳🇬 she did the party 🎉 at home not on the street stayathome funkeakindele FUNKE AKINDELE has been livin her life drama free,keeping all her businesses and lifestyle off social media, everybody has been admiring her 4her acting n comic prowess, Only then the VILLAGE people whispered, 'DO A PARTY NA' PARTE after PARTE.... BEHOLD FUNKE blow

Twitter NG I stan aunty funke..watyn dey coronate na In this Nigeria? Na dem who arrest her go leave her. WhatsAPP LINK 2020 EDITION,FOR MEN & WOMEN PROMO PRICE: N25,000 ONLY Call/WhatsSAPP: 08060700463 Free/payment on Delivery funkeakindele NairaMarley BreakingNews lagosarewatwitterconnect lagoslockdown COVID19Lagos

Funke of all people could indulge in this senseless behavior . omashe oooo. Nigeria should stop being ANIMAL FARM, smart people don't break the law they bend the law. Why arrest her when there is no coronavirus in Nigeria ? Has davido been arrested or invited for doing same? And again she has broken another record after Jeniga's Diary.... Did I hear som1 clap? Oh common, she deserves a round of applause👏👏👏

Toyo, come and see PoliceNG Oshiomole and Tinubu should be arrested for same crime of hosting a party. But she shouldn’t have, she’s done a lot of parties before now...this is quite sad Too bad Police get off her Pls 😭😭😭 Good! But can they also proceed to arrest the leaders of the churches who held services a forthnight ago?

lol, e go end there Hahaha who and attend such party now Good That's good! deepalaa Koko inu iwe iroyin: owo olopa si te agba osere ti a mosi Funke akindele lori ayeye akojopo Covidiot arrested 👌🏼 Another episode of jenifas diary jAeBoyyy itz_imaam Instead she should donate that party money to the poor people as everyone is quarantine

They no get joy, no joy _DannyDre Congratulations 😂 Very good. At least others can learn from it Even though they disobey government directive, Funke Akindele and others have not violated any law, no law uphold the social distancing thing. It has not been promulgated into law. DigitallyChael Jennifer 💔

_DannyDre The arrest of Funke Akindele should have happened after the Coronavirus issue would have gone down. An arrest is also violating the principle of social distancing which could allow the virus to spread even with the Police. This is why every country is trying to de-congest prisons Why is it spreading like wild fire or is there an agenda behind her initial motive when she knew what she’s was up with, at least she’s enlightened enuf to know right from wrong

Where are the Twitter influencers , amplifiers , LIKES and RETWEETS, feminist supporters 🤔🤔🤔 they should use it and bail her or immediately go and let police know of their presence.😲 . Or was it just all bants and vibes and audio support 😂😅😃😆😅😃😃 Certainly no one , no matter who you are in this country is above the law

Are you people happy now ? They r now happy Nigeria police Will only collect some money from her and release her. I don't envisage tangible result from her arrest AbenaOdrey Laws and rules are to obeyed and followed and nobody should be above the law irrespective of whoever the person is. Yes we all love her but she messed up and must be made to serve as a deterrent to others who might want to misbehave too.

And she will be taking to an overcrowded police cell......this is Nigeria Egungun be careful Arrest for what was she on the street. This police self needs to be given factory reset 😡 Is that the solution? Shey what another person is doing in their house isn't more than that? It is because she show it or what our nigeria police didn't ave work

djbarnet E don happen _DannyDre Practice what you preach 😂😂😂😂 Was she not aware of the ban on gathering? 😂😂 Those people that attended nko? It serves her right . shank_comics Yass Good The power of twitter let them arrest naira Marley & her husband JJ Skill 2 Oh mine I did not think it would be this deep oh . Is this news legit

Quarantine them all, nonsense Hmmmm All of them in that party should be quarantined for 14days! The power of the media I don't understand some people's style of reasoning. Why should a celebrity of her status be on the wrong side of the law at a moment like this? Would her apology undo the damaging effects of mass infection if it occurs? Irresponsible celebrity and the party!!!

I never knew that Funke can be this stupid!😱 Chai Na JJ do birthday Na jj post online Na Funke Dem arrest Men will always embarrassed you shaa And e pain me for Funke shaa😓😓 People sha, she has apologized now. We all make mistakes... Sigh 😔 Good work from Nigeria Police Force One scapegoat How about our president that endangered us without putting our borders on lockdown?

They should arrest her biko j hate nonsense Useless police Misplaced priorities Hanging They should ARREST this people Too Audio arrest, she's out already😁 She wasn't practicing what she was preaching!😌 Madd Hypocrisy! Anyway let's hope Justice is well served People need to learn how to mind their business tho

I can imagine this is how she was arrested 😭 It's time for 'Men In Black' to have their own share of funkeakindele 's wealth Please go and arrest the politicians that also brought Covid 19 😡😡 You people need to Borrow SENSE FROM NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES OOOOOOO ✌️✌️ Better😏 Carry her straight to the isolate center in Lagos so she can contact what she need quickly, Generation of disobedient

People are working night and day saving life's, people are working hard donating foodstuffs, cash and other things in the war against Covid-19. You've the mind to throw party with crowd in a city that has lots of Covid-19 cases. You really mess up girl. She made a mistake by posting that shit online... Had it been she left it on low,none of us would have known she had a house party.... Social media just koba her

That's means if Nigerians put pressure on something on social media it works Saw it coming but she will be fine Las Las 😆😆 Instead of these idiots to have all the people at the party fined & isolated for 14 days, they arrested one person they can EXTORT. I hate Nigeria with a passion. The responses here also indicate that Nigerians will rejoice over your misfortune as long as you do better than them.

Is she mad? Lock her up. Abeg make them leave the poor talented funke because na her right to do the house party for the one she love and anyone who went there is her treu fan.quarantine everyone and release my crush She's a disappointment to the nation with her awareness Good for her ,Nigeria is a lawless country but the FG are trying to protect

Good!Her husband should be picked up to. This sends a clear signal to other celebrities that want to act in an idiotic way & have a large party at their addresses. The embarrassment sends a strong message. Please, stop misinforming people. Funke is not an ambassador of NCDC. Where is the proof ? Nah she find trouble. Why she go upload that video for social media. Funke you go school so?

Weldone the police Party after party 🎉 Her husband was on serious lapses itz_DoDo Lol Evry1 critizing ds lady R as guilty as her & God detest hypocrisy. Gd number of U still go out evryda .some visits & av close contacts with pple even though d Govt says no movement.U defiled d order & here U are dragging some1 who committed the same offence. It is well with una.

No new persons were in that house, they all have been there just before the lockdown was announced. They are her team working on their projects. From Jenifa's diary, Industreet and others. Naira Marley waa also there, he's to be in her new movie being produced: OmoGhetto (D Saga) Who will arrest Abba Kyari for violating quarantine conditions 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

The way and manner the Nigerian police pay attention to trivialities and turn a blind aeye to the facts is just so appalling She shouldn't have considering her position They should have issollate in that building alongside everyone Oh? Great. She could have postponed her husband birthday party till when all this is over...I really feel for her though

Why na it not a crime is she doing boy elaborate or palour party Rare video of her arrest Some lazy Nigerian youth will still call buhari tyrant, Base on thier ignorant 🤨 Formalities. Common instruction stay at home no gardering you go tro party you spread c19 ba. Abeg make she stay police yard small. Na them sabi

Marrzofficial She made herself the scapegoat, people too like party. Nice one BBCWorld published the news before you!!? Y'all should be ashamed. See wetin Dettol cause now. If Police don't take care of you who will 😂🤣 So sorry Funke... You created your own downfall in one day. Really sad. FunkeOnafuye Good! sydney_talker is next. He's also a perpetrator. Arrest all lawbreakers and make example of them. We need to sanitize this space. fixsociety

But she tweeted after the arrest. Hmmmmm. 9ja my country Serve her right. Next time simple instructions she will obey Naira marley right now thinking of what other lie to tel the police .. Funke Akindele we don fuck up COVIDIOTS You gonna come out strong its_shamex Twitter do your thing....lmao Since she committ and breach the law of the land let the law take his cause and it will sound as an example to others who intend to do so.

They should quarantine the party attendees That's the implications of giving attention to people who don't deserve it. Many of these so called celebrities are bad influences to our children in schools. More so they are being overrated. Those involved should have their days in court. They should be given fair hearing.

After she's out of the police cell U have money to do birthday party while u cant do giveaway for ur fans this period of hardship at least if u use the money for the party and sow seed for ur fans u wont die na 🙄🙄 Why would she throw a party when there is a lockdown and she's the one doing the AD for NCDCgov . Jennifer practice what u preach joor

manlike_rex blakesyntax No be Nigerian government , she no go spend one week for there 😂😂😂 people that attended the party should also be fined oh and they should isolate them too If you're somewhere out there and you're blaming others for calling out for funkeakindele's arrest, am assuring you that those you're blaming will continue to pray for you. 2G sense will never be your portion again in Jesus name..

Strip her of all the endorsements. Nonsense Drop your account numbers now. I will be back by 11pm, let me attend to the people on instagram and facebook. Make sure you are following me to get pick and turn on notifications What are they saying here? Funke that is in her house in Amen Estate, Nigeria does not have such laws that could hold her back in cell.

Let's keep it up... I just saw it on the Nta news Police wan cash out...., 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶 Now you people are happy abi? Like say una no get una own for bodi. Black man with the pull him down syndrome hian. At least funkeakindele has been arrested you can all now sleep in peace bad belles Madam what do you want for dinner?

keep am for isolation center mama_bomboy can_dyiee at least the right thing was done,this is the people's voice, Sydney wasn't arrested she should be a scapegoat to others,fine and her ambassadorial contract should be terminated. This is the law,and as for motaraaaa I hope you learn to treat things right.

Even the people that graced the party mad gan Fine of 100k is d penalty They should arrest JJC. It was his party. He posted the videos. That air headed goat deserves to be arrested as well. Please keep her and all till the court sits. What took them long to do? I fear who no fear twitter NG 🙌 I see no reason why she should arrested because the people that came for the house party was people in same estate, they didn't come from outside the estate....

_DannyDre Oh my jenifar😭 but lot of people will learn from her mistake sha Better other celebs will also learn. This is crap. How many politician has been arrested for exchanging handshakes and flying planes together even after testing positive. Let's not even talk about the ones that have bluntly refused isolation. Mtchewwww Dem wan use our Funke shine.

This lady should be arrested too motaraaaa for defending her. 😂 Its jst money day are lukin 4 yeye people E don happen Put her behind bars. That nonsense most stop. debimpay Rule of law in action Very good this shows that no one is above the law even though she will be freed in no time but to serve as detriment to others intending to try it.

She made a serious mistake by hosting a party.She could've waited till this siege or pandemic is over as it were considering her social status! Covid19 is no respecter of class, colour or age. Let help our doctors and nurses who are at the risk of getting the virus. Coronavirus is real. ObeyTheLaw stayAtHome.

It's so good that the first scape goat has to be made out of this CoronavirusPandemic lockdown in Lagos State, good as it is the first victim will be a celebrity, in the person of funkeakindele. At least this will serve as deterrent to others as no body is above the law. I hail thee my Twitter people. We won

Let her go and gbese inside sanko for a while, I mean real marlians have to taste sanko once in their lifetime. She puts the whole nation at risk,She should be dealt with. Instead of helping the needy , she is here throwing party ... Continue throwing party I don't know the essence of the party, abi nah u innovate the virus

What of Naira Marley, Jjc? Egungun be careful All guests to the party must be isolated. In a sane society, she must be prosecuted and punished, as a legal professional who knows the position of the law, that no one is above the law, as one nollywood activists who preached and admonished citizens on how to stay safe during this covid period.

I heard her husband japa Why should a celebrity disobey the order by State government Good 4 her. Busybody Her Egungun wasn't careful. Me I’m just here imagining the kinda English she’ll be speaking for them Is it the Jennifer’s English or the Normal akindele english 😂😂😂😂 [BREAKING] Coronavirus: Police arrest Funke Akindele over house party. Jennifa is my favorite actor but she got this wrong for throwing such big party during this period. She's loosing her reputation too nd just of recent NCDC has removed her advertorial from its website.

Blow that your Jennifer's Diary broken bottle gon.. Police must collect She broke the law. Simple People on this bird app🤲🏻 I fear una Audio Arrest What of Tinubu that throw his own birthday mini party ... What can we say about that too Last last they all will get brain by force Very bad behavior Throwing up a party at this period shows her foolishness and selfishness.

Na lie Good for the deviant lady with her gang So no one is concerned that officialnairam1 might be included...Nawa o🤧 On a brighter note, he will be seeing his friends (olopa) again 😂 What happen to those who attended🤔 Excellent. Serves her right .. But why thou? AdeyinkaBoye blackgirlPisces Okay this is just the beginning your jail term will be 14years

for this country? 😳 don’t worry she’ll soon be released and nothing will change, that sh*t was really disrespectful because i have a friend that postponed her wedding because of this lockdown sh*t let her make a movie out of her stupidity for other yeyebrities to learn Why will she do dis😥😥😥😥😥 Selective arrest. I won't support this. Caution could have sufficed.

TWITTER NG I hope you are happy now!!? You will all get alerts after this cos this was what u all wanted, I pray she forgives you all for this act of wickedness🤦‍♀️God I can’t even believe the way Nigerians are🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Twitter is annoying aswr Tueh Good. I believe jail term + 100k fine are earned. Good. We should start having common sense.

Chai na so hand take touch NM our presido... 😳 What a waste of time and energy! Are they suppose arrest her or her husband? Just curious, since it's her husband birthday? Fake Funke that is.. Una don happy nw..e go reach una too She should know that Nigerians are not that dumb, so, Naira Marley (she must have stockpiled her house with enough marijuana for him), Eniola Badmus and all the attendees had been with her for weeks because of Omoghetto, so, Amen Estate is the best location to shoot Omoghetto

She should have known better! Foluwalopeee Twitter ng oshe 🙌🙌, we can ruin people eh. Anambra_girl She finally joined the app Arrest or invitation to the police station just to fulfil all righteousness 😏😏 funkeakindele you would have done giveaway on Twitter, we will would have been on side.. You don see am say if people Twitter drag you 😜😜 them go route u out.. You for just come do giveaway of 5k ... You for see support.... Fear Twitter

People couldn't get married, go to church or mosque to worship God. Just ordinary birthday party you no fit let pass you. Nawaa. All this so called celebs sef This is very good Her birthday present from the government 😂😂 I hope others learn from her mistake. Go and tell them to release her, shey dem no know who she be ni

Who no fear dis bird app....smh Twitter is not a smiling app Only her? Her husband, Naira Marley and the rest? Nonsense and ingredients I don tell am It shouldn’t end with just an arrest, she and other culprits should be arraigned and her ambassadorship with NCDC be terminated forthwith. Why arrest her? Shior

I really feel for her. She used to be very responsible woman. I hope she learned a lesson or two from this. Me I just want them to strip her off her Ambassador status. Good development Hmm SimeonFayemi Awnn awnn...Aunty Funke why?😥😥 She deserves army not even police Nigeria does not take serious things seriously,, what was really wrong with what she did? They said no gathering of more than 50, the ppl were not up to 50 It was a house party ffs!! This country is just unfair tbh

dasorlarmi Why put Coronavirus first Some tweeps will now start thinking twitter is the new court of law...lol Senior Advocates 😆 Nice one and the companies that used her as their ambassador shld also terminate her contract ASAP U pple better wise up... All na formality.. And u all believe she was arrested in this Nigeria our country that love money more than life itself.. Na audio arrest..

After God, fear the energy that comes from twitter. Nice one IGP!!! Gov. Hope Uzodima & other individuals that participated in the commissioning of Imo Isolation Center deserve to be in jail See what Twitter people have cause nw Nothing shld happen to our Jenifer Dairy. Pls handle her like egg. The app or?

ayemojubar Why they ddnt arrest Mr. Tinubu that some people gathered to sing happy birthday to him on 29th of March in his house🙄🙄 Okay now we can rest ! Interesting Popularity Lol I fear Twitter Ng because if she decides to run giveaway today as in like right now, those that dragged her will be in the front queue but once u fuck up mehnnn they will come and drag you like gen🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I defended her despite not being a fan of here,But if she has broken the law,She has to face the music I can now see that we are not serious in this country instead us channelling our energy to our leaders who says one thing in public and do another things.What can you call this?They should be arrested too. freefunkeakindele funkeakindele

Audio arrest... las last they would end up enriching their pockets 🙄🙄 Simple. That's the way to go. Most of these clelbrities have more money than common sense. She should be prosecuted. I don’t know why I am happy Why will they organize party with what is going on in the country now? You can party next year and years after that. What they did was so wrong

Trust me BOGbadamosi is their target, this lady is just the means, it's now political. No body should be above the law, Celebrity or not. The whole world is on a standstill because of this pandemic and one person come get mind to gather over 20 people for her house in name of marking birthday party when some other persons dey put their wedding and loved ones on

Long overdue. E family don carry am E don happen I don tell ham 😂 Good action. Let her be in police net even for an hour. Her action was a sign of lost senses. Freaking arrest everyone in that party please!!! Gbam, I saw this coming Stay home, stay safe, una no go listen But she had denied this claim earlier

iGBV Funke was a little remorseful but you see that JJC guy, he deserves more than being arrested. Dude was impertinently arrogant She was given an ambassador by NCDCgov to enlighten the public against gathering and how to stay safe cuz the potential was seen in her! Unfortunately for her she broke the law! I expect NCDCgov to relieve her off the ambassadorship!!!

Una don finally get wetyn una dey find. Funke should sue them. Some politicians held parties too in the name of birthday. It's ultra vires of any law enforcement agents not to thread carefully in this kind of case. They need to err on the side of caution otherwise they will be wrong. Arrest without jail is an injustice. Oponu actress

She innocent FreeFunkeAkindele Please arrest sydney talker also E done happen They done catch am What? LifeOfAdunni They ready LifeOfAdunni Everywhere madness Lamba Fantastic news. Las las her egungun don enter express.. Hope it not audio arrest sha Nice 👍 Pffft 😑 Nigerian Police and their show of power. Wait, did funke's husband leave her, so she alone can take the fall because both of them messed up o. Also I think they should just fine them and let them go... They have kids to cater for... Let us not rejoice over someone's pain o

She should be quarantined - wasn't it JJC's party? Mazi_Cola For what reason please’ You can do anything in this life. Please, don't trespass on Twitter NG. The truth of the matter is, we don't care either you are a celebrity or not. Nobody is above twitter court of law. E done happen. 😂 Audio arrest🙄 no be Nigeria government

please subscribe Naira Marley should be on the wanted list by now. Follow for follow Twitter Ng has too much force. Nawa o Fear Twitter Ng 🤕🤕 Nice Every one in the party should pay a 200,000 K as a fine for their disobedience Yeye IG pple are sympathizers 🤣🤣🤣...the real no-nonsense pple are on twitter,we no send ur levels here at all at all...AU

It's not about Twitter is loud or not... It's about doing wht is write jor Na so afalli Why na!! I thought all 100 guest have been living with her for 2 weeks🤦🏻🤦🏻 ayemojubar After Funke.. what about Tinubu Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Bill Clinton, OJ Simpson all had fans. But guess what? When the right right thing has to be done, there is no compromise. And when the wrong is done, no one shud be set free under the guise of celebrity. She must face it! Period!

If you come here with Nigerians and misplaced priorities, may ogun strike you dumb. Public figures in the UK that you keep trying to compare us with are getting into trouble for these same reasons. Let her pay fine & stfu! I think a fine and a compulsory public apology would suffice. LifeOfAdunni More will be arrested soon.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Better go and face the consequences of your idiotic actions. When we talk of public health, your toga of celebrity is inconsequential! It's not fair when some of us are on total lockdown and some are behaving like the covid-19 out break is none of their business. StayAtHome SaveLives StopTheSpreadOfCorona let's do this together!

Nigerians Twitter ng I hail oooo... eyin aye 👽 Haters everywhere Better Will they arrest Nairamarley also🤔 See what childish JJCSKILLZ has caused......anything for the gram now see.....even his reply was irritating. JJCSKILLZ should be arrested. Please arrest everyone that was in attendance Funke Akindele has released

This is serious Those police that went for the arrest should go for self-isolation for 14 days 😂 AsiwajuTinubu held a house party to celebrate his birthday. So he needs to be arrested also. AbdvlHerphyz Mad oh 🙆 Better Is well.. She shouldn't Have go ahead with that party.. After all next year is another year

NCDCgov use funkeakindele as the face of the organisation at this important time. It's very unfortunate and shows disregard for the people and lack of leadership for Chikwe_I not have issued a statement on this. Dissociate ur organisation from an irresponsible rule breaker. Right step in the right direction... no one is the law.

xnjckyiii Jeez It's my very strong hope that it won't be treated like a celebrity case....... Na money dem Dey look for She should have invited the police na Police is here friend And they are also hungry She won't be jailed obviously - and everything shouldn't be gira gira (jailed). The 100k stipulated fine is nothing, but the 3 months community service, strictly monitored by govt could be that new dawn in the way citizens perceive our laws. It'll as well send a big message.

But this is not good o . she as already apologize the Nigerias. The God Favor will be on u. That's okay, but I pray they bail her soonest Twitter dragging no be fluke ooo. You people should check on OMOTARA ATARODO ooo 😩 Option of fine if found guilty will be a slap on our faces. Give her one month imprisonment or 2 months community service. Her folly is loud. Her husband inclusive

Wow Funkeee!! So our twitter can be this powerful That means we can do more with it Lie Jare Twitter SOLDIERS and LAW enforcer una welldone ☻☻☻ They should increase the money to N2m. Let them use it to buy PPE's When they haven’t arrested her, some people were making noise on this street that she must face the penalty, now the news is out that she had been arrested some people are still here saying is audio. How so sure are we if she just hold the party?

I thought she explained herself ....abi Fear twitter NG i swear. Now now day don arrest Funke Twitter Ng right now E don happen ayemojubar Just call Toyo baby..... Ewoo Lol I knew they will use her as scape goat. Twitter Twitter people 🤣🤣 Kiki say something know. Twitter handlers....I see ya handwork respect ✊ oya now u can drink water and rest mtcheew

Very good. Eiii auntie Nigeria Twitter no dey joke Duhhh.. 🙄 they asked for it... At least now the trap is now obvious for all to see. If you must gather keep it private, why film & post it, for what? Like.? To give them an excuse to send military on the street? A lesson to everyone still asleep. The actress, who is said to be an ambassador for the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control and Dettol, has appeared in adverts calling on Nigerians to observe social distancing and hygiene. This is just the annoying part.

Installation of 5G began hello do we need it in Nigeria 🇳🇬 Haaa !!! But se apologised naaa Haba No naaaa !! Come On !! Let her pay fine and release her. That should be a lesson to other celebrities. YomYom_ Like play like play o🙄😳 Wowwww She for just use that House party app avoid all these wahala See jameeel_muhd BlaACk_LioN MoStWaNtEd_AbBa saadactivator 😂😂

She sha don beg unah abi wetin wetin again now? cc PaolaAudrey After God fear twitter 🙆‍♀️ Danny_Walterr hope you are happy now, when Sydney displayed his own, you kept mute... your hypocrisy Better for her I'm sure she will be sent home with a pat on d shoulder dis nite. Next🙄 Finally yielded to my plead

Morata & Ilorin King Kong would go & bail her tomorrow 😂😂😂 She has apologized publicly so why the arrest, some Nigerians were stupidly dragging her as if they were blind when Davido attended a party with other celebs during the lockdown. She made a mistake and tendered an apology, leave Funke let's focus on things that really matter...🙏

Loveeee to seee ittttt I fear who no fear twitter 'motor don jam am!' The mumu Naira whatever must be arrested too Nigeria police vs funk 😂😂😂😂 MideAjiboye Sydney rn: Show us proof.. We all need a second chance Nigerians should forgive her now...Haba! Good for her. She be typical example of those wey no dey practices wetin dem preach

Haba!!! Omg! 😱 I THE HUNGRY NIGERIANS ARE VERY MUSH HAPPY RIGHT NOW,I HOPE NIGERIANS ARE HAPPY NOW 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 Ghen Ghen Good Nigerians and misplaced priorities They arrested her?The Nigerian police should be ashamed cos it means dey are not der doing job well,if dey were,how did d ppl dat attended d party got to her house? If they were doing der job, dos ppl wouldn’t be able to get to d party!

Fine is just 100k. Hope the people that called for the arrest have seen their names in the book of life. Oh31Ent Stupid story 😂 Good! Let's hear what she has to say on this matter. PoliceNG pick all others that attended that party,hand over them NCDC to quarantine them for two months. thanks.😫 He don happen

Lemme drop this here Are they sure they arrested her? E don happen .. see the power of social media Good Abegi if this report is true they arrested her just to fulfill all righteousness... they will release her soon Good! The idiot thought she was bigger than the State Gbam Egungun later jam Job well done Where those cows wey dey support her? I love Funke but she fumble..

...quite interesting,this should naturally inspire the next episode of her popular tv show....which i guess she will feature naira marley and most of the celebrities that were present in her house party!.... 'Another one' in DJ Khaled's Voice Why? Twitter ehn Person wey dey her house dey enjoy? Arrest ko apprehend ni😌

Eayyaaa, after all the enjoyment. I_am_snowflakes Yimu they have seen mumu like them abi🙄 And the husband too.. including all the people that attend that party...and don't forget to pick oga gbada too. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 🤣🤣 E don happen 𝑼 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒌 𝒔𝒂𝒚 𝒖 𝒑𝒂𝒔𝒔 𝒈𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒏𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝒂𝒃𝒊 iam_chyderah Twitter can finish you in less than 24hrs. Be careful.

We know say na audio but arrest na arrest jay_mami_ That serious I_am_snowflakes Treasur41603036 emmaikumeh she will still sleep in her house this night Oh wow, is this true though? Hmm, black man and this crab-in-a-bucket mentality; this pull-him-down syndrome. Some people who claimed to be her fans were the same ones calling for her arrest. Even after her explanation, they are still not appeased. You don't know who truly loves you until you have a crisis

Mad o Wow! This twitter people med o Na wa o. E don happen 😂 Good action let it not be audio Actions ooooo . They should first quarantine her and get all the invitee she invited and quarantine all of them . When they pass test days she should be fined heavily Just to fulfill all righteousness Nice one... On this street. lool

A good step to serve as a deterrent for other people. A sad one though but she must answer to her wrongs. Pls stay safe. CoronavirusPandemic She no dey hear word, or is she above the law Na indoor party nah Loud o Am screnshoting this TwitterNG. We dey drag! You mess up, we call you out! I hear lol audio arrest

I beg e kosheeeee Very good The way to go. The fine is N200 or 6 months improvement or both. Which one would make Nigerians happier? Good Correct 😂 Mad oh🤣🤣🤣 E don happen So now are Nigeria’s happy now Why she go throw party why are Nigerians like this 😫 Lmaoooo. They'll release her but the same police were pleading with worshippers at Agege central mosque to go home.

👀 Las las police don arrest funke akindele .. twitter people una well done ooo DrOlufunmilayo Covidiot It should serve as an example for those party-loving freaks. E don happen 💀 realdanielemeka Ghen ghen... Let d movie begin... Egungun bekiaful Who no fear Twitter ng no go fear God martoba_ Adebleisblessed

Hmm🤦 Finally Police police police How true is this ? Moreover what is her offense 😔😔😔😔 Heyy!!! This is getting elsewhere ooo Audio arrest Nice. If she has broken any law let her face it.

Coronavirus: Funke Akindele apologises for hosting house party amidst lockdownThe actress hosted the party to celebrate her husband, JJC Skillz— Abdulrasheed Bello's birthday in Lagos on Saturday, despite the lockdown over COVID-19 Best way to go. Aunty o, na president office or na notional assembly or house of senate or na governor office you for do the birthday party? Sabi na your house. Leave people with their mumu talks LOL. Madam Appolonia!

Funke Akindele Defends Hosting Party Amid Coronavirus LockdownEarlier today, we reported that popular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, threw a house party during the coronavirus lockdown in Lagos.However, in light Leave her jare,at this stage we all are still doing this rubbish,let her be Under no circumstance should she do dat Naija kwan

Nigerians blast Funke Akindele for hosting party amidst COVID-19 lockdown – Daily TrustScores of Nigerians on Twitter have berated Funke Akindele, a Nollywood actress, for organising a house party amidst the Federal Government's lockdown of Lagos over the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. funkeakindele NigeriaGov Let her be. GarShehu did exact same thing by hosting an event. You don't like what she did? GO HUG TRANSFORMER, PERIOD! funkeakindele NigeriaGov funkeakindele u were begging and praying to God for a husband and now u hav forgotten that favour funkeakindele NigeriaGov She has apologized, we should forgive her

COVID-19 lockdown: Funke Akindele explains why her husband held party with Naira Marley, others [VIDEO] - Daily Post NigeriaPopular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, has explained why her husband, Abdul Rasheed Bello, Nigerian singer and producer, better known as JJC Skillz, So you think I’m ready to waste my data to open this link? Total bullish!t Funke and her husband has fault... But let’s talk about naira Marley,why he like breaching law all the time...he should act like a celeb at least for once...positive legacy won’t be bad So officialnairam1 camped in the estate months/weeks/days before the lockdown and our dear BOGbadamosi ? She’s getting the issue more complicated. Apologies without the excuse would have been better

Watch: Funke Akindele And JJC Under Fire For Hosting House Party Amid Coronavirus LockdownFollowing the video’s release, angry Nigerians are calling for the arrest of the actress and her husband for their “thoughtlessness.” funkeakindele JJCSKILLZ FunkeAkindele JJCSkillz Coronavirus CoronavirusInNigeria funkeakindele JJCSKILLZ Hypocrites everywhere funkeakindele JJCSKILLZ That's beefing!Nigerians should know how to reduce there cost of products not seat and gang on an innocent funke akindele for making herself happy Nigerians dribtv funkeakindele stupidnigerians MrPresident EntertainmentNews funkeakindele JJCSKILLZ I don’t get, she throw a party for her husband, isn’t those that live in their estate that would attend. I don’t see an issue here.

COVID-19: Nigerians call for Funke Akindele’s arrest for hosting celebrity partyASAP!!! Nawa oo inside life😂😂 Lol.... Punch newspapers be warned Some Nigerians you mean