BREAKING: Bandits Kill 35 In Fresh Attack On Zamfara Community | Sahara Reporters

Armed men arrived the community on motorbikes and unleashed terror on the defenceless residents. The gunmen after attacking the village carted away livestock and escaped to the forest.

2/26/2021 3:01:00 PM

BREAKING: Bandits Kill 35 In Fresh Attack On Zamfara Community | Sahara Reporters Armed men arrived the community on motorbikes and unleashed terror on the defenceless residents. The gunmen after attacking the village carted away livestock... READ MORE:

Armed men arrived the community on motorbikes and unleashed terror on the defenceless residents. The gunmen after attacking the village carted away livestock and escaped to the forest.

Feb 26, 2021At least 35 persons have been killed by gunmen suspected to be bandits in Sabuwar Tunga village, Dankurmi district in Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State.SaharaReporters gathered that the armed men arrived the community on motorbikes and unleashed terror on the defenceless residents.

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A resident of the town said the attack, which was carried out on Thursday night, was a well-planned and coordinated attack.He said the gunmen after attacking the village carted away livestock and escaped to the forest.“We have recovered over 35 bodies after the attack and many more residents have not been accounted for. They came at the midnight and opened fire on the village, shooting anyone on sight and burning houses,” the source said.

Deadly attacks have raged across Zamfara state where bandits have thrived.Farming and herding communities in the state have long been terrorised by gangs who raid villages, stealing cattle and kidnapping residents for ransom.On Friday morning,.The gunmen were said to have arrived the school around 1am and loaded the girls in buses.

A resident in Kawaye village identified as Seidu Muhammadu who confirmed the development to SaharaReporters said his daughters, Mansura and Sakina, were among those abducted."I'm on my way to Jangebe now to see the situation myself. I was told they invaded the school around 1 am," he said.

 SaharaReporters learnt that the bandits arrived around 1 am with buses and motorcycles, which were used to take the pupils away. A source said the bandits, some whom appeared like security agents, were in the school for a long time without being challenged by any security outfit. 

In 2019, the Zamfara state government entered a peace agreement with the gunmen.About 15 brand new Hilux vehicles and cash gifts were also given to leaders of different 'repentant' banditry groups by the governor in 2020. Read more: Sahara Reporters »

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Why not the Bandits vent their anger on those who disappointed them instead of the innocent Citizens who are also struggling to survive in the face of Political and economic performances. Bandits and many of us citizens are suffering alike. We are partners in the sufferings. According to sheik Gumi, this is accidental killing!

We need to legalise arms in this country. We need to seriously protect ourselves, since the government just can't. It's a real shame to be a sitting duck to some senseless and heartless terrorists. Zamfara Governor please resign forthwith. Wetin Another episode Terrorists NOT bandits They are terrorists!

At the very long Last when history is unrolled, it would be written in diamond that there was a time when some Nigerians threw their lives out of the window as a result of religious, tribal and political affiliations. Enlightenment will reach all at last. What is happening in Nigeria can never happen anywhere in the world, if not that Buhari is fighting terrorists with religious & tribal sentiments. He left Nigeria for medical trip to England. Osinbajo took over & the killings subsided. Buhari came back & the killings began again.

If you’re Nigerian & can’t see why BuhariMustGo or join in the OccupyNigeria demonstration: you’re part of the problem not the solution. Our sons & daughters: fathers & mothers: uncles & aunties: friends & families have all died in the hands of Govt sponsored terrorism: ENOUGH! Where is the minister asking people to stand and fight without any weapon?

This country is in festival of blood, aswear.. 🤔 But the bandits are very tired, they don’t just deserve care and affection, they need pedicure and body massage with happy ending. The innocent lives is now cat fish point and kill then the governor pay every body sleep no problem we negotiate in northern but sw se we kill those opposing us if you try protest we lock you up and noting will happen NIGERIA as a failed state under muslim administration

The fulani herdsmen terrorists aka bandits romanticizing Governor of Zamfara State has clearly shown from his recent statements that, terrorism aka banditry is a major industry in the State. Hence, the 'peaceful and shy people' have found safe haven in the unfortunate State. Sad! Gumi, how peaceful is this? They accidentally killed again, 35 humans not fowls o

The more repentant they give them money feed them and their families the more they kill and ransom money they will get every killing group is a big business in northern states So they have killed 35 by mistake again. Where is gunmi? PLEASE DONT CALLED THEM BANDITS.ITS UNFAIR. CALLED THEM SAINTS. Hypocrisy at its very best among the Northern leaders of the Zoo country.

Ohh northerners how long shall you fold ur hands and slumber while you are been wasted away in the name of whatever. From the way this is going, there will be no body left in the north if MBuhari continue to be president of Nigeria. MBuhari must be removed... Where is their advocate, Gov. Matawale? Northern criminals have at last been able to create a thriving economy. Its a whole new thriving unregulated industry.

In as much as those guys are not protesting on the street,they are not bad guys as the protesters because they are only killing innocent people and not talking about the bad boys in government. The taste of the pudding is no longer in the eating, but spitting off. Next level of weeping citizens. APC!!!!!!!

quadri_tosi This is creating a high alarm for every citizen... This is the result of irresponsible and a failed government... 35; people killed by bandit, 312 students kidnapped in the same zamfara state abeg how many people still remain for zamfara state self make Una help me check am ETHNIC REVENGE BY GUMI

The northerners do not want to speak up against this evil happening. It seems they enjoy been killed and kidnapped. Carted away livestock? Hope Sheik Gumi has read or heard about the manner at which his bloodsucking children steals? This time he would probably call them 'saints' for killing and stealing from their victims.

MaziNduVic Give us Biafra and zoo will be free or else Somalia will be better than the zoo. Since the youth there can't speak up, then I don't care, music to my ears, make the killings no pass North. 😡 Nigeria is in almighty mess... The earlier we go on our separate ways the better for everyone..if not we will continue bleeding and lamenting till eternity

Gumi allegedly claim it is by mistake. Someone said the kill by mistake. 35 killed by mistake. People are mad o! Yet the NASS has refused to pass a resolution directing the IGP to allow Nigerians own defensive weapons,and they say there is no agenda to wreak havoc and alter our demography. And they said we should not call them bandit. Hnmm

They have told you, defend yourself. If you are waiting for anyone to come to your aid, it will not come. Stand up and defend yourself. We cannot continue like this let's divide this country the bandits mistakenly killed the villagers Good news I really don't understand these words again 'bandits' X 'kidnapping', is it now everyday thing? Sheikh Gumi better u tell the government what to do since you're the middle man between these bastard criminals & government or how long are we going to continue this way?

Menhh no security in the north anymore... This is sad Say No to Incompetence, if MBuhari is tired and can't do anything, please resign now. Enough is enough, tears and agony on daily basis as if we are the only sinners on earth, ki lode gan Defend yourselves and don't be a coward... Your minister of Defense sounded with batallion of security🙄

Life has lost its value in Nigeria. How did we get here.... He who brought ant-infested firewood, has called lizard to a supper. Enjoy your presidency u fought so had to get. We thank Buhari and his co-conspirators, they quickened the coming of Biafra. Is God not wonderful? In a sane country, Buhari and his cabinet should have stepped down for more competent hands to move on.

The ransom is still circulating in the North. Stop panicking, they are brothers and Sisters. Zamfara is having festival 😎🥳🙌🏽 And the defense Minister is telling us not to fear bandits 😠. So we should helplessly stay awake and let them kill us just like they are killing our brothers. Shame on the so called administration.

1 so called minister said we are coward we should wait and count the bullet, see what counting of bullet cause na 35 people re dead and he is alive Hmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔