BREAKING: Bandits attack mosque, kill 18 worshippers in Niger - Daily Trust

No fewer than 18 people were reportedly killed in the early hours of Monday as armed bandits invaded Maza-Kuka Community, Mashegu Local Government Area of

10/25/2021 9:34:00 PM

BREAKING: No fewer than 18 people were reportedly killed in the early hours of Monday as armed bandits invaded Maza-Kuka Community, Mashegu Local Government Area of Niger State.

No fewer than 18 people were reportedly killed in the early hours of Monday as armed bandits invaded Maza-Kuka Community, Mashegu Local Government Area of

Sources told our correspondent that armed men in large numbers, stormed the community on motorcycles, and went straight to the mosque while the victims were observing their early morning prayers and killed 18 persons.Sources who spoke in confidence said the attackers shot at the worshippers at closed range in the mosque leading to the death of 18 persons while many others were also injured.

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“They came on motorcycles and went straight to the mosques and shot at worshippers.” One of the sources said.Daily Trust gathered that no fewer than 13 people were also kidnapped. Read more: Daily Trust »

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Where are the bodies ? Are you sure this happened? Still waiting!!! It’s a lie, nobody died. Where are the bodies? Fake news no person was killed, bandits don't kill rather they are anxious to take money from victims. Lol stupid country. Where are the bodies? Fictional newspaper = Daily Trust Fake News

W’Bank blacklists 18 Nigerian firms, individuals for corruption –Report - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria How many firms or individuals involved are sanctioned, investigated or prosecuted by Nigeria despite myriad of anti corruption agencies? But we await international organisations to punish corrupt entities. It's a shame on anti corruption crusade Yes the world bank strategy of making Africa believe corruption is the cause of poverty , when in fact,its the world bank economically depressing loan policy and the western global monetary policy, causing our economy to be dollar dependent that is responsible for poverty My question is, why are they always afraid of mentioning named when it relates to curruption? This is not fair we need to know these people too.

Where are the bodies okwa ? Isiewu I went through this sad and heartbreaking report but couldn't find any name of the reportedly killed persons. Does it mean this is fake news? You see why you don't have to be a silly and disgusting platform? Fake news, no proof... Where is the evidence? Where is the proof?

This did not happen... I don't know about y'all, but nobody died. Where is the evidence? What of we say we don't believe cos there are no bodies? Now you see how you guys, especially bulama, looked dumb when we saw that cartoon? Nobody died. They are all living Thier best lives in Niger. Sai babA Show us the bodies

Where are the bodies🐒

World Bank Embargoes 18 Nigerian Firms, Individuals Over Fraudulent, Corrupt Practices — Report | Sahara ReportersThe debarments made by AfDB were recognised by World Bank, making the affected firms to be barred under the cross-debarment policy.

Where's the evidence Fake news No evidence There is no bodies or evidence, just another tactics from the north to loot our treasury This is a blank like just like this picture says No evidence jare Where are the bodies...... Fake news Where’s the evidence? No bodies, no event.

Gunmen attack Ogun church, abduct 3 worshippers - Daily TrustSources close to the victims’ families said the kidnappers have reached out to them and demanded a ransom of N6million to free them. Lol. See matter oo. This country is not Okey.

This is a big lie. It never happened. We need the evidence. I think it is fair to ask for the evidence Without evidence...this is fake news And you still call them bandits? Such shame. Allah kawo mana sauki Armed terrorists* STOP KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. GO TO THE MOSQUE WHERE THESE CRIMINAL POLITICIANS ARE, YOU KNOW IT. GOVERNORS, SENATORS...GO THERE AND MAKE SOME MONEY

MBuhari is working 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what is good for the goose is good for the gander

BREAKING: After Daily Trust's report, Ganduje offers job to blind teacher - Daily TrustGovernor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State has offered a job to Dahuru Idris Abdulhamid, a blind volunteer teacher in the state. This came after a Daily trust and clout chase,hmmm That’s a good one. I am happy for the blind teacher. Well done Daily Trust. Nice one Ganduje. Masha’Allah. Congratulations to him.

Nobody was killed. It's fake news. Gumi says they aren't terrorists? They will keep getting drunk with their own blood Na Buhari boys What is happen in dis country Mass murder and mass graves are the order of the day with the genocidal Buhari regime. People are not safe in their own country as state and non-state actors are on rampage killing the innocent. I request for AlFatiha for their souls! ElbinawiTweets YeleSowore PressTV

The people of this town were observing Subh (morning) prayers yesterday morning, the murderous terrorists arrived on Bikes and killed everybody. Eyewitness report stated that more than 30 Worshippers were Martyred. Lai Mohamed will say, it's just some common criminals doing some guns jokes and he'll warn that nobody called them terrorists 🤪

Daily Trust, you know the right term 'terrorists'. cnni BBCWorld WSJ TIME nytimes NBCNews ABC AJEnglish ChinaDaily USATODAY UKParliament HouseofCommons UKHouseofLords HumanRightsCtte SecDef SecBlinken POTUS amnestyusa amnesty

Engage Igboho, IPOB like I do to bandits, Gumi tells Southern clerics - Daily Trust'Already IPOB is destroying SE, and Igboho has set the ball of confusion rolling in SW. For those who want to destroy the NW, it’s a good recipe. Turn bandits into religious zealots. Tell me, what then remains of Nigeria?” In this country we both reaping what we sow,las las na tribalism go end us, At last! Some sense. Is father that is destroying SE maluu🐂

EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives 💔 Terrorists not bandits Nobody was killed fake news abeg MaziNnamdiAgba6 IHECHI__E But how do you guys differentiate bandits from Boko Haram and iswap .. Do they have different uniforms or flags a brother biko So 💔🤦🏻 Businessmen 😎 Daily Trust: No evidence of LekkiMassacre Me: No evidence of terrorists attacks anywhere in the North.

NorthBiafra Bandits is a new name to confuse many, the really name is BOKO HALAM,fulani terrorist think they're sarmt

Declaring bandits as terrorists will come with a price, Gumi warns FG - Daily Trust“The acts the Bandits are committing now in NW have gradually over time become tantamount to terrorism because wherever innocent people are fatal victims it’s pure terrorism.' StopSheikhGumi

NorthBiafra Gumi boys Terrorists u mean In a sane country Gumi should be behind bars by now, he seems to know these people like the back of his hands. So sad human life is worthless under Buhari