Boko Haram, Can Chairman

Boko Haram, Can Chairman

Boko Haram showed willingness to release CAN chairman before killing him – Buhari

Boko Haram showed willingness to release CAN chairman before killing him – Buhari


Boko Haram showed willingness to release CAN chairman before killing him – Buhari

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has condemned the terrorists killing of the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State...

Published January 21, 2020 Kindly Share This Story The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has condemned the terrorists killing of the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Lawan Andimi, describing it as cruel, inhuman and deliberately provocative. The retired general stated this in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu, in Abuja on Tuesday. He regretted that “the terrorists killed the religious leader while giving signals of a willingness to set him free by releasing him to third parties.” He consoled the Christian community all over Nigeria, the government and people of Adamawa as well as the Bishop’s family over the sad loss of the man of God. He said the terrorists would continue to pay a heavy price for their actions and ”comprehensively be defeated by our determined armed forces”. Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Everything that goes up most surely come down one day. Remember nobody fight children of God and succeed. Example Israelites vs Egyptian Just like the same way buhari always willing to release the once in custody presido, na you Biko Amend the constitution and run for third team, you will win WHY DID BH HOLD HIM BEFORE THEY BECAME WILLING TO RELEASE HIM. YOU ARE TELLING THE WORLD THAT BH IS KIND TO HAVE KILLED AN INNOCENT PERSON. FLATTERING!

They showed willingness? Weldone It is the same way terrorist operate all over the world, they have the political wing that protect negotiate and back the arm wing, We should celebrate that, right? Birds of same feathers Is this a pityparty for boko by Buhari , this is embarrassing So........? So you have their contacts

So they have not really been defeated. Just negotiating with terrorist... Shame!

Buhari govt colluding with Boko Haram to kill Christians - CAN cries out - Daily Post NigeriaThe Christain Association, CAN, lamented over the persistent killing of Christians by Boko Haram insurgents. CAN President, Rev. Samson Ayokunle wondered Something must be wrong with the people called CAN. That's exactly what I was saying. In fact the main boko haram members are in Aso Rock, I won’t be surprised if Shekau is in the Presidential Villa.....

Bokoharam godfather is speaking, let thievenubu listen to his colonial master What a shame This man is a Woking dead. that is why GOD never want a religion. But, a king. Look at what buhari is saying. More people have been killed in the name of religion. Please stop thinking like religious people, my friends. Think like a king 👑 citizen thanks.

Were u their sir? Wots this sympathy for terrorist coming from? The almighty Allah will deliver this country Must your government continues to rehabilitates captured members of Bokoharam instead of making them pay for their crime against humanity. Sir, this action of your government is unprecedented in the global history hence there is no end to the insurgency.

What worries me the most is that punch chose this picture with this facial expression to tag this news with, speaks volumes.... if you know then you know Nigeria is long gone but we need time to realize it, I just hope it's not late by then Mr President I have lost full confidence in your ability sir..... Obj dealt with militant in Niger Delta why is taking you decades to end Boko Haram? Maybe because they have not touched your Yusuf or Aishat ur children to feel what those families feels

Is that wat we want to hear? Showed and wat happened Is well oo! This man you just so senseless He is a Boko Haram sympathizer.

Boko Haram: Buhari condemns killing of Adamawa CAN leader – Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the terrorist killing of Reverend Lawan Andimi, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika local government area of Adamawa state. please what is the fate of leah sharibu He is condemning it by word not action How?

the smile on his face says it all You see why they call him 'Lifeless'? Nigeria my country everyday is the same. Meaning? What's this tori oloun This is the height of insensitivity MAZIOBIBOND1 This man is an insensitive lousy talker Hello Mr President this statement can be quoted in different meaning please sir what are you actually trying to arrive at

Boko Haram's spokesman🙄 See this Boko Haram spokesman oooo. Baba is confused I swear

Boko Haram: Buhari reacts to execution of CAN chairman - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the Boko Haram killing of Lawan Andimi, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika local Those who cannot protect are not suppose to rule us...on security this government is a colossal failure Let's imagine for a moment if an ISLAM head is killed by a southern terrorist group. What will happen Mr president's reaction is useless. For how long will he be reaching. Boko haram is a terrorist, then treat them as such. Do not negotiate with terrorist and do not claim rehabilitation for terrorist. Wipe them off. Change the security chief since they have failed to deliver.

This man is really insensitive. What do you expect the family to do with this news? When the presidency got to know that they were willing to release him to a 3rd party, what actions/steps did they take to ensure his release? In sane environments, the Army Chiefs would have gone years ago! Quite disappointing

Now I'm federally confused Madness Rubbish talk! They are your boys naa Buhari is now Boko haram spokes person So what happened sir or is there something u know that we don't no? Bubu have become the spokesperson of boko haram. What a shame this is coming from the president.

Boko Haram: CAN condemns FG over Rev. Andimi’s beheading – Daily TrustThe President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has expressed sadness with the reported killing, by the Boko Haram insurgents, of Rev. Lawan Andimi, the CAN Chairman of Michika Local Government Area and the District Church Council Secretary of the Ecclesiya Yan'uwa a Nigeria (EYN) Church in Michika, Adamawa state.

Chief Press Secretary to Boko Haram, General Muhammadu Buhari I blame Nigerians for tolerating this man and his government he has no clue what he is doing he claims to be fighting corruption yet his own people are stealing billions of our money he has never spent 6 months at a stretch in the country he governs without travelling 1/3

Story for the gods Ewu nwụrụ anwụ. Mpama. Chineke gbaa gị ọkụ.😠😠😠 Eyaa Mr president that's very touching. This shows how humane they are. They truly deserve to be pardoned as u have been doing all these years. I am glad we can now understand how they feel and reason through u, our dear president who has shown great sympathy for our brothers BH

This man is just as inhumane as those terrorist.... This kind of statement is a statement of weak leader with no focus, values and integrity. In a sane country resignation letter would have been demanded. How tf did a terrorist apologist rise to become a president? How do his supporters sleep at night?

This man you fail Nigerians and the north at large woefully. You better do something good before 2023 if not even councillorship election you can not win.

Court sends ‘Mama Boko Haram’, two others to jailNigeria’s anti-graft agency on Monday, January 20, 2020, arraigned Aisha Alkali Wakil better known as “Mama Boko Haram ”. Tony Orilade, the agency’s spokesman, in a statement said the agency arraigned “Mama Boko Haram ” alongside Tahir Saidu Daura and Prince Lawal Shoyade, before Justice Aisha Kumalia of the Borno State High Court, Maiduguri. The three were …

How educated people voted for this man is beyond my imagination This man is really having fun... BH are entertaining him Zero tolerance for Christians in Nigeria 😔 Too bad What a shame n disgrace to Nigeria Why did we vote GEJ out? Samuel4Olufemi government never pays ransom for Christians, the guys rejected 30m offered by Christians

I don't know why some of you are abusing mr. President who's old enough to be your father. What you people are saying is that if your father offend you you can beat or slap your father. What he's doing is not right there's a way you can comment without insult or abuse. Are you sure this man is alright huh?

I like the smile from Buhari Says der PRO😏😏😏😏😏

CAN Confirms Killing Of Abducted Chairman By Boko HaramCAN Confirms Killing Of Abducted Chairman By Boko Haram . OMG, this is brutal 😭😭😭 And those Boko Haram Islamic terrorists that killed this innocent man and thousands of other's Will soon be admitted into Nigeria, military and I will tell me that APC n sokoto caliphate are not member's of this Islamic terrorists Boko Haram? OH JEHOVAH GOD,save us from this evil Really sad. May God help this country.

America gave monies to Egypt, Iraq, and many Arabs nations to relief their suffering, but they used that monies to train and attacks America and it allies. This is exactly what President Muhammdu Buhari of Nigeria is doing with the Nigerians. He is using Book Haram to play with This man that speaks is Boko Haram. This is exactly what Obama did in America to real Americans...

Naija aff enter one chance with this man who’s stupidity is premium. That means they will still kill him oshea corruption fighter Weldon sir So u were negotiating with the defeated Boko Haram? I know who u are and ur mission, I only pity those that don’t know. Which means you have been communicating with Book Haram and yet you could not release him for Nigerians, God knows your heart

Sir you are speaking for boko haram sir Terrorist can't be trusted, what a lesson for you Mr President. Does this man not 🤔 Nigeria was bad but it has never been this bad..

That's what u want Baba Buhari. But posterity will judge What the hell is this man saying? 'The terrorists will pay a heavy price' Oga you dey release them back into the society and you say they will pay a heavy price. What a time to see redefined incompetence. So what now happened? You sound as if you know so much about it.

Arrant nonsense as far as am concerned Na lie MBuhari this is the same people you said you have logistically and technically defeated. Keep deceiving this nation Why are people talking so much about CAN chairman while many Muslims including imams were executed This one tear mouth o... 'showed willingness...'

What is this man MBuhari talking about?

When dem say ' fear not' for bible una think say na 'not'?.. Na north dem dey talk What does that mean... release him before killing him? Now I see why some sane minds detest Punch Newspaper. Many gullibles swallowed the click bait without using their brains to reason and go read up the full story. We shall be alright las las. jeffphilips1 DrJoeAbah Alex_Houseof308 TrafficChiefNG

🤡🤡🤡 If Niger Delta militants held hostage and executed an imam ....take a breath and imagine how the reactions will be BH spokesman.. continue sha... shebi CAN has failed to issue a statement bcos they've bn bought over too.. religious and greedy perverts. Garba Shehu not Boohari is responsible for that statement. The earlier we realize Boohari is 'unaware' of the colour of cap on his head, the sooner we will get our lawmakers to impeach him. Man is unfit to be Whatsapp group admin.

Rest on Andimi💔 God will surely pay and purnish them BH spokesman

Why negotiate with them in the first place? Chai..... So sad I am running away eeh, trouble in my life. Let's practice responsible journalism, he might have said it, but why use it as the main catch phrase amidst other words he said......this is poor. Very correct sir, the spokesman! Kidnapping him in the first place was even a privilege and prerogative.

Is that talk? Se oro ni yen Yhurell Hmm With 200milllion pounds ransom. Is that one willingness? Who is this talking exactly pls? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Y'all that believed in/on him, pls scribble your mistakes well so your kids can learn.. Smh Philip15243792 That was a staged third party release. We all knew he would be murdered. We all know that General Buhari’s regime has no regard for the sanctity of human life. Next victim!

God is on his throne and will act at his own time! Who can withstand the wrath of the Almighty?

And so Who ignored the willingness? How will he say this? CAN negotiated N50m. They rejected it cos they know £2m would be next to impossible. Willingness indeed. Same boko haram they're rehabilitating. How do you even let terrorist go? How? Story, story💁‍♀️ Buhari is very incompetent. How did BUBU know this?

Don't just comment on the headline, please read the content. The headline could be misleading As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women , Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00). Contact Hon, Adams ON, +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program).

Maybe you know what Nigerians don't know about these evil blood thirsty murderers. Watching This Terrorists sympathizer is why Nigeria will be included in US travel ban and very soon other developed countries will do the same. Nigeria is governed by terrorists & killer Fulani herdsmen. And it’s affecting foreign investments.

Why some people think highly of this man beats me. Is not surprising to some of us that President knows the activities of Boko haram. After all, he is their leader. I don’t feel like saying anything but am saying this out of sympathy, you guys voted him in. don’t you know he’s only taking us to the next level of another maladministration. This man has nothing to offer Nigeria than evil.... we must revolute

Buhari always protecting and supporting Boko Haram Looks like he's rooting for bokoharam🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Smokers everywhere I thought Boko Haram have been defeated Nigeria your president What effort did you made to rescued him when you knew that they were willing to release him. Useless talk What is the willingness they still had to kill himself we no the understand english for this country again?

Which kind talk be dis 🤷🏽‍♂️ Deejoy09 praizio DEEJAYBUSFAS Dharmmy_rustu

This man is out of his senses American don't negotiate with terrorist....Nigerian Government do. Your boko haram out of hands. What goes around comes around. Our God will rain judgement very soon. It is highly going to be upon their sponsors and negotiators. Is this man trying to cover up or make excuses for boko haram for killing the Can chairman? Buhari is playing a father figure to terrorist, God help us ooooooo

Perhaps he decided not to give up his faith... So, boko has no option than to kee him, and the Oga kpatakpata no see any fault... Na the Chairman fault, why him no turn Muslim ASAP...SMH JESUS!! Akin_so_nice which way nau.... Shey na like this we go dey dey?... Amotekun Activated Wow what a man God, who did we offend ? 🤦🏽‍♂️


Why not call him doctor instead? Call him anything if you like we are in love of our president. Since you can’t call him a theft. You are definitely on drug This is an evidence that MBuhari is the major sponsor of terrorism in Nigeria. Their agenda is to wipe out Christians realDonaldTrump SecPompeo

realDonaldTrump this is all our dear president can say regarding this. I feel sad that our NGRPresident will utter such statement. Too bad. I swear ,this man is a terrorist. Baba, it's better to be silent than spew this nonsense. How how GEJ was fighting BH Buhari said he's killing their children, Hishbab came bcz there was a need for securing Believe, Amotekun came bacuase people are dying and want to save their children and assets But Buhari and his team have no value for life

Hmmmm... Not until the chief Boko demanded for his head.

So it's really a business. If Nigeria security could contact them for negotiation why can't they capture them. But if innocent Nigerian call from sambisa with any number security will showcase their Fake tactics to show us drama. What a country How did he know that boko haram was willing to release him? Is there anything you are not telling us?

So u r in touch with Boko Haram and u as a rtd army Gen. allowed them play u. I tot ur number one object was to defeat Boko Haram? Rubbish talk Spokesperson. This is treasonable ... coming from Boko Haram's Chief Spokesman! 😂😂😂😂 Basically, we negotiate with terrorist He is always defending them..the man should b charged vwith genocide & war crime .

Am not trying to justify his murder....but my sympathy for anybody in power who decides not to act against what he knows is right and then gets affected by the repercussions has diminished. Am not saying it's karma...but is it?

This man is a special breed of stupid King of the zoo I actually blame CAN. If they were serious they woulf be out on the streets protesting against this nonsense but money has shocked thee throat so nooo Intelligence is a lot of things. It includes choice of words, empathy of presence. Buhari Has never disappointed me ! Sadly!!

There is nothing like one Nigeria. The time has come for a divided Nigeria period. This man knows something about this BH... You keep defending them from ur word. A failed presido!!!!!! How won't America implement their ban after hearing what the bokoharam spokesman has said? Willingness ko Winners chapel ni.

This statement is fully loaded, if you know you know.

Meaning what? If it is to fly abroad to treat the president and spend millions of naira they will be money but to save a CAN chairman from been killed by Boko Haram; there is no money, Nigerian government! God is watching you o! What's wrong with this man?😭😭😭😭 This man is a disgrace n a disaster to Nigeria... Is be trying to defend the them or what? God save us ur children

Meaning what now? You have siad it all and you have succeeded on clearing the air. You are the Boko Haram. You created them and your government protect their interest. But be assured that you will be called to account for all these killings in this your administration. This Government is just taking us for morons. Habah!!! Don't worry... The dog and bamboo will soon be soaked in blood

Nigerian president a spokeman for terrorist, uncle and back bone of Ak47 herdsmen, umbrella for looters in his party. May God deliver Nigeria from cankerworm, pamerworm, catapillers. Because Nigeria really is under siege. Go to hell Buhari might be Shekau himself , think about it

Nonsense talk. What did you and your government do to stop it. Idiotic presido. Terrible man, never again you deserve impeachment oooo MizCazorla1 He’s happy And the willingness is to release him killed. How can you even in the first place be this dumb. Just imagine what he’s saying

Then what happened. They are not trust worthy. The attempt to paint terrorists as humane is one of the most bizarre thing about Buhari and his supporters. These are terrorists killing people for doing nothing. They should be addressed in the harshest tone possible and eliminated not talk about them like they are good people.

This statement only showed the obvious that Buhari and BH have a concealed agenda to exterminate Christians period. Remember they BH once named him as a negotiator. Buhari is simply a terrorist. I may be wrong,one wil expect the President to talk about this on air & sympathise with the Christians considering the havoc the execution of the CAN CHAIRMAN can cause rather seeing it as if nothing happened.

Why didn’t they release him? You asked them not to? Most of the people here who are biting this man hard, voted him into power. I still don't realize why we gave him another chance when we knew he wouldn't perform. I didn't vote for him anyway. How did u know is this a joke? So sad am hearing this. I have said this times without number......

Naija, my naija which way na, shey na like this we go dey dey? I'm not surprised at all buhari is Boko Haram spoke person Who else can’t wait for 2023 for this catastrophe that befall Nigeria to pass away. Da fuq!😩😩😩😭😭😭 And they still killed him. So what's your point! BH PRO He communicates with BH? He knows who they are? I don't get.

This man is insane Willingness to release him but probably his family couldn’t raise the money. You probably blame them for his death. How I got myself into this web of a country destydan2012 Another defense strategy loading

There's a reason BH wanted our president (then; aspiring) to be lead negotiator once upon a time. One day na one day, we will find out why. In the meantime, enjoy this quotable quote from Mr President through Mr Garba Shehu Animal talk don start again felakuti Am sure this man is totally out In other words... CAN president should not have proclaimed his faith in the fear of death rather acceded publicly to the Muslim faith? So mr president supports the actions of boko haram indirectly. What a disaster of a president in a secular society

Why was the killing not prevented? Borno community, Borno state government, arewa community, the FG, all hands must be on deck to hit these guys with a fatal blow. A North East Amotekun will be a good start. U need to keep hitting them even after they are dead. Any insurgence that last more than 48hrs it's either the government has a hand in it or someone from the government is benefiting from it. -- Sani Abacha

See this man. What effort was put in place to ensure he was released. Abi BH is now your boss. Shame to the wole country like nigeria Is the president a copy of the 'willingness' mail? Or should we say He's a BH spokesman?

How did they show the willingness? Sir did they call u? How was the massage passed? The so called boko haram use phone can the government get them with this network they use ? naijablackmonday Feb 3rd Just stfu man 🤦🏽‍♂️ What's all these nonsense talk for? Why are you making a case for the benevolence of the boko haram sect? And now that willingness to release him was shown, what did you do about it? You were doing oringo while receiving botox shots in London.

Is that what should be coming out of a president of a country who takes the security of loves and property serious for once? impeachBuhari now before it’s too late This is rubbish talk form a president. What does this means? I know one day the Killing of Christians in this Country will come to an end, When God avenge all the wrong done to them in Nigeria.

Hate speech That what we hear at anytime such a thing decision will be taking Since Nigerians decided to vote for a dumb old man. This is what was produced. And he did nothing to rescue him. Besides how did he know?

Nogociating with terrorists. I see weakness Chei. See wahala And his government is dealing with the terrorists by teaching them new skills and releasing them, when common criminals are kept in jail for aeons What a painful execution Imagine such speech from a heartless president...god will judge whoever sponsoring this heartless terrorist.

I wonder how awful this man was during his school days, may God judge him and his fellow blood sucking demons So he can also advocate for them Really! Perhaps then it might have been an accidental discharge. Lord!!! What is this? A disgrace called Buhari. I heard the Presidency repeating that they'll comprehensively be defeated by our determined armed forces, which is what I hear whenever any such occur, we should plz stop this killing.. God_bless_Nigerians

Liars they are lieing Can you hear yourself mr major general. Am not surprised, this is what nation faces when uncaterprodutive people find themselves in the corridor of power So what then happened? Buhari: New Boko Haram PRO I did not believe this tweeter account belongs to the President or the statement comes from him,

Did he really say this? Thats why he keeps giving them amnesty for killing many innocent life... Retributions on its way man cried out and pleaded to be rescued,what did Buhari do,took the next flight to UK. So what would his dumb, medicine after death promise amount to now that he is dead? No wonder Bloomberg said Buhari followers are dumber than him

Liar Oh God! 🤦‍♀️

MBuhari this is story for the dead! Which means you know them and you continue to release them in compensation for the evil they had been done. Nigeria will get sense by force womenvoiceNG_ Which kind talk be this? if not be animal talk.hear president publicly showing us his support for boko haram with that statement

Meaning Talm bout “WiLliNgNeSs” and the man’s dead. Almost never killed a 🦅 Leadership running on Windows XP - P4 I weep for my country Exkizz Sir... Oro arindin Len so. Paying ransom is even giving them more financial power! I don't want to say that eponu gidigan ooo Mr President, am really disappointed with your statement... Why will they even kidnap in the first place... I think you're not condemning their acts.... You're supporting.... Don't worry, as they started with Christians, they'll soon reach the Muslim clerics....

Some people should learn to keep mute Evil people

'showed willingness' really? Boko Haram keep beheading christains. On the other hand, Pres. MBuhari gov.t does not have the political will in puting this nonsence movement to a stop, rather they claim to deradicalise them & reintegrate. You either fight terrorists or you're one of them. StopAmnestyForBH

When we say the late Buhari was boko haram spoke person replace with Jubril people thinks we stupid Na Animal talk be this o! - Fela No matter how dumb and clueless buhari is, truth is he is smarter than his followers. And someone is still saying Amotekun is illegal bah? Ok Then you told your boys to kill him? 🙄🙄🙄🙄

You are a monumental failure Sai baba Mr integrity So gmb is now the boko haram spoke man in the villa

nonsense, & yet they kill him? Best president so far ..Please we need great great great grand father 2023...will watch from diaspora.. And where is the CAN chairman. They will continue to kill bcos they have the backing of the political figures.... Stop deceiving us Chai 2023 is a long journey. May God help us to reach there alive.

That means he were following events as they unfolded until his murder, good to know. Always spewing rubbish. Nd dy are against amotekun,its high time each state establish it's own security outfit nd equip dm,d present securities apparatus is nothing but story nd comedy. And Mbaka did not prophesy about the killing of CAN chairman. But he see hope in IMO state . oje ke we

What a shame!!!!!

Hello bahiru Sorry HQNigerianArmy NGRPresident OfficialAPCNg DefenceInfoNG PoliceNG CustomsNG nigimmigration NigAirForce NigerianNavy CIVILDEFENDERS ndlea_nigeria nigerianports cenbank “Boko Haram has been disbanded and disseminated from the Nigerian territories' THE TRUTH BE TOLD. You are indeed a very wicked man. You will encounter the wrath of God very soon

This Statement is Bad Enough coming from this quarter horrible I repeat as a Nigerian you don't have any right let it sink in your brain NOW defender of the terrorists... Says the boko haram spokesperson Technically, Boko Haram is defeated. Yeye

Nonsense And their captured members are being released from time to time. How rehabilitated are those released? EndTheseKillingsNow And the Speaker of the BokoHaram house of assembly has spoken in their defense.👏👏👏 You are happy they killed one of the best voices in the Church. Maybe this makes you sleep well. Why can't you sack the security chiefs and apply strick policies that will end bokoharam? Sorry, you once said a fight against bokojaram is a fight against the north

As of the last time you met with them right ? How did he know Boko Haram was willing to release the man? Nonsense! Hahahahaha Nigerians look at you entrusted your country I the hands of bokoharam leader. Bokoharam in the sambisa forest, bokoharam in the presidency all have common agenda. Islamization and Islamic movement.

He just admitted he loved the killing of the can president. This man called Buhari is one of the foolish n insensitive leaders I have ever seen As the grand patrón you should know.

This president is insane. Chai...whoever brought this upon Nigeria cannot die well. Really? This is totally unacceptable and this gov. has no excuse for not protecting the lives and properties of all Nigerians as constituted Must boko Haram kill.all of us before this weak govt stop propaganda and move into action. Pmb change your service chiefs in order to get results they have ran out of ideas

Can’t you just be like trump and take out the leader of this group Defend your family members jare my brother. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 CAN CHAIRMAN What is happening to CHRISTIANITY in NIGERIA? PMB Oh lord our God, how can we get rid of this man? This man is mentally sick , how can a reasonable president talk such in public, wat is willingness in the so called animals , this guy support them indirectly!

Buhari say you did not want him saved because he's Christian

Oh God ! I am greatly saddened by the nees of the death of the CAN chairman of Michika LG of Adamawa state. This is a huge blow on the Christian community here. A situation where the FG continue to release Boko Haram members on the name of been deraticalised shd be stopped for now Once a spokeman of BH, always a spokeman of BH

Thank God Arsenal didn't lose before I saw this post. My team made me happy more than my country Right before u gave an order of his execution Spokesperson Just some days ago DefenceInfoNG HQNigerianArmy said they are releasing over 600 'repentant' BH & now their spokes person just spoke what does that tell you I pity for the ignorance of many who thought BH were not right when they made him their spoke person

It's shameful, I know it takes someone with brain to know what's is shameful or not. You are incompetent, without focus on national security and unity. It is visible enough to the blind and audible to the deaf... Mr President release us to our regions and you govern your region The IntlCrimCourt CIJ_ICJ INTERPOL_HQ etc. Can't allow this terrorist & his Fulani handlers going freely slaughtering innocent, defenceless Christians/Biafrans, etc,. Remember, the Fulani terrorist 'Buhari's BokoHaram chief negotiator, so being Christian means death for him!


There was a country !!! Read a news few weeks back where a student abducted by Boko was droven back to where they took him from, when he told them that he study arabic language in skul . Mr presido do sth this man ( buhari ) is a very stupid man & evil human being , always killing ( christian's ) in nigeria , & world just keep quiet , it's very bad ,

Imagine if the tables were turned!!! Story. I can’t believe what I’m seeing here . Who did this to Nigeria Ahbeg How can you say something like this? You're lucky I'm not an angel... I would've gone rogue asap The patron saint of boko haram and miyetti allah has spoken. Illiteracy is bad especially when you have terrorist government as government who don't have values for lives human but values cow's more

Using such endearments as 'willingness' to describe Boko Haram, a deadly terrorists sect? We know no negotiation was done for the CAN chairman, as long as Leah Sharibu remains in Captivity. You couldn't rescue or save Leah but you are spinning poetic lyrics on CAN chairman. 🙄 Boko haram member defending his own people

Idiot talking fkeyamo FemAdesina realDonaldTrump UN GarShehu Mohammed_Lai Which way Nigeria...How well will posterity judge us? Only time will tell Daft Story for the gods This is really sad! We can’t continue like this, kidding ourselves that boko haram has been defeated and releasing the ones arrested in the name of reintegration. Does the government really want to tackle this problem or not? 💔🤷‍♀️

Oh my God, how did we get here as a nation? Who did this to us? And finally Where did this man emanated from? Is the president speaking for boko haram, Mayetti Allah or for Nigerians ngoamazing2009 you get the point now? Is this not a shameful speech from a shameless clueless President? Will you give such speech if it was the Chief Imam of Nigeria? I dnt want to be religious, but Mr President Sir, he is first a Citizen of Nigeria, before he choose to be CAN President.

I have never seen a president as useless as this. The Boko Haram spokesman has speck let us go to bed

Brown Skin Papa at it again I have heard enough of this unnecessary political game with terrorists at the expense of innocent Nigerian lives. I dare Buhari, he knows the sponsors of Boko Haram! He’s told us on several occasions that he has “technically” or “tactically” or “preeminently” defeated the sect.🤦🏽‍♂️

This government has failed What a nation!!!! Their patron and spokesperson just spoke.608 repented bokoharam pampered, giving money, released into the society.Unarmed igbo christians killed extra judiciously by this Islamic terrorist govt, many still held in underground inhuman cell.This zoo must fall

Who's listening? womenvoiceNG_ Buh the government showed unwillingness to get him released. So sad! What kind of calamity of a president is this? This man is just clueless womenvoiceNG_ Just imagine a statement from a president. Those supporting this administration are bastards for life This is a very big blow to the Christian Body of Nigeria. CAN I hope the can see clearly now.

Says one time boko haram spokesman nominee How did you know? Meaning you know who they're and you have their contacts. Interesting Story tellers everywhere Am embarrassed I'm short of words. Na just the name 'PRESIDENT' this man came for.. No administrative prowess. My class prefect that used to failed exams in my secondary school can handle Nigeria more than dis guy.

FestusGreen, see what coming out from our leader. Is he spokes person for BH Where is Musa? Tell anyone that ask of me that I’m sleeping, please go and close that gate for me.Nonsense! This man doesn't have hand feeling at all. See word coming out from president, we don enter one chance so Wait, what?!

This should be impeacheable Put the same vigor in saving Leah Sharibu. She is also a human being. Isn't she? This kind of statement is irritating This same boko haram the government said have been defeated abi na another one Pathological liar GMB,keep giving excuses for your aggrieved Northern brothers.. Eiyah, you don mean it?

Wiliness to release, when you as leader have been exhibiting religion bigotry, nepotism, and parochialism Baba buhari ,may the Almighty Allah forgive for campaign and votes for you Once they realised you were on your usual tour, they executed him. Both the killers and the people that are sponsoring the I pity for because when the fire of the Holy Ghost will come down for them they will not have any hiding place if it was a Muslim that was killed he won't be there speaking big big English I know he must have taken action.

So u were working with them. .....are we excusing BH? His blood is on your head. So? what is he now saying. This comment threw me off balance. If you talk they will think of SocialMediaBill just to find rope around -- instead of Hope. It is better that Nigerians married two women so that we can tell the one that is truthful & loyal! FreeAgbaJalingo FreeAgbaJalingoNOW

repentant. Now we have finished defeating them technically, it's now comprehensively, And they keep on decimating our dear soldiers and thousands of innocent civilians. Still no change of formation & approach with the way they are executing the way. NO PLAN B. Hmmmm. CIC!!! How does this man becomes the president of our country? Zero concern about the safety and welfare of his citizens. May we never had a president like this again.

May his soul rest in peace. What a wicked government we had and the hatred they have for Christians is shocking. Is this the same guy who blamed Jonathan over These terrorists? I think not!

And Na this one that stupid Joshua prostrate for oo Who the hell is this man 'He said the terrorists would continue to pay a heavy price for their actions & comprehensively be defeated by our determined armed forces'. ' Yet this same FG have granted amnesty to a handful of these state enemies in the name of

This comment threw me off balance. If you talk they will think of SocialMediaBill just to find rope around -- instead of Hope. It is better that Nigerians married two women so that we can tell the one that is more truthful & loyal! FreeAgbaJalingo FreeAgbaJalingoNOW Are u saying u are one of d card carrying members of Boko Haram or how did u get d message ? But what is d relevance of that statement after d death of CAN chairman ? Baseless !

Something worth thankful of... That is Book Haram are not really bad according to bubu The president has turned spoke man for terrorist now, what a shame, this country is weak God is not a man that he should lie; neither the son of man that he should repent... The wicked shall never go unpunished. I'm confused oh

Really! You have failed Nigerians

And what did you and your govt do about it? Mad man I think wonders just ended this is the height of it all WONDERS Nobody negotaties with terrorist. You’ve turned Nigeria to a failed state Then Can refused to utilize the opportunity given to them right? So freaking what? So because of that they are good people and should be celebrated right ?

Don't get me upset. indecisive president shame It will not be well with buhari o. So you had the chance to make a difference...

What a 'wise' saying from a wise president. 'Bokoharam showed willingness'- words from a wise president Sheybi na your family Please you guys have not given any update on the fact that you have decided to write General Buhari and his government as a regime. Why did you rescind without any public notice?

Hmmmmm....... Spokesperson of BH. Abi won ti will ni😏 And then; what happened?🙄😒 C lie from the pit of hell CAN and all other well meaning Christians should come out and protest massively against Buhari... Buhari is backing these people called boko harram by releasing them back into the society. Buhari is evil!

MBuhari is a asshole,this man is the one sponsoring boko haram, anyone can come for me ....what figure of speech is that? In a way he is defending their act ......if Nigerians dont start looking for black goat in the day ,e go hard for night o.. Ion yarn my own o It isn't news that you are still their spokesman even as a sitting president. Ride on!!

This man is a fool... Worst thing ever to happen to Nigeria Nigeria is truly an unofficial circus. 😠 Werey nla re o! This goat waited until they killed him before he tweet, Shame It's obvious you have direct dealings with these terrorists. Oga general the world is watching you, many souls have been lost in the hands of this terrorist but you and your cabinets keep releasing boko haram without any trial God will judge you 😡 wicked soul 😡😡

This man is adding weight, looking healthier and fresher. Is he using organic creams? Is it affecting his thinking faculty too? Their grand patron have spoken.

Just Imagine!!!Omo Jesus Christ!!Nigerians must have sense😂 It is obvious that you can not get anything right. You are a huge disappointment to those who think you have anything to offer the country. I'm just wondering, can't Buhari come out and speak by himself? But he speak through Malam Garba Shehu always!

My goodness, 🤦Mr president, please what exactly is your point? Are you defending the terrorist or what? Cause Nigerians seems not to understand you! 🤷 Liar!!! You've never shown any zeal to rescue any Christian in the hands of those Islamic terrorists. You're simply a bigoted one sided ruler. Now your mumu and wicked cabal will still be saying the Christians are not being persecuted. This evil regime too shall pass.

Animal. MBuhari they will also show willingness to release you before killing. It’s a matter of time. It is just so painful that our men of the Nigerian army are just being sacrificed so cheaply on the altars of these mad cows like sheep without a shepherd. So unthinkable. Biko how did they express the willingness? Abì na through email? Nipost? Or body language?

The audacity.!

Anyhow, the killing is painful, its sinful. I see it as a desperate move to ignite a religious war capable of disintegrating a united Nigeria.The peace & unity enjoyed in Nigeria by Nigerians lives the enemies of peace & unity unhappy. But our choice still remain unity w4w Is this man okay like this See this useless president

Nokia 3310 brain 🙄 Monkey of a president keep recruiting this militant into our society. God please save my family and friends 🤡 You sir, should just resign. Woramess Keep rehabilitating cold blooded killers This government is cruel and devilish! How could you be demanding for world support to end Boko Haram while you keep releasing them after 'rehabilitation' ; rehabilitating a group that you've not defeated, killing your citizens daily! Mr. President you're guilty!

Get away

Still defending the terrorist.. Unbelievable. Technically Defeated Boko Haram.... One chance ni Nigeria Boko Haram mouth piece.. Go to MBuhari page and see for yourself before insulting nonsense NaijaFlyingDr Smh Which boko haram again? That ones defeated by the Nigeria army? Shame on you and the people still calling Nigeria a country, we hear lies everyday about everything in this place why must it be so

So he knows them. Good heavens Who say such publicly Take responsibility Oga. Weak soul Even as a seating president he is still their spoke man... Every get sense oh...this current Naija e mad oh. All man for himself oh.

Nigeria is making feel sick!!! I think this man speaks for Boko haram and not Nigeria, what a shame This man is stupid haba Battyfellow Thunder strike you dere And who failed him? You and your government. You seems not to like rescuing Christian hostages, that's why Leah Sharibu remains in captivity even till today.

This man is mad!!!!! NaijaFlyingDr says their spokes man or is it patron .. Mr king dat he and them agreed to release d man, but d man insulted them, Haaaaa Lo ba tan Stories stories May God came into our rescue

🤦🤦 How noble💀 That means you know them. Imagine what this man is saying?Who brought this cause upon us?The same man releasing boko haram terrorists as reformed citizens and taking them into the army.We must wake up. How noble. Oh ! He is now aware . No way this is true. He wouldn't be that insane 😂 Mugu!

'the terrorists killed the religious leader while giving signals of a willingness to set him free by releasing him to third parties' 'comprehensively be defeated by our determined armed forces”. If this admin was Pinocchio, it's nose would have reached the sun by now God go punish this man oh. Can you imagine what a president of a country is saying. In a nutshell, what's his point?

🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️ Nonsense

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