Alleged N30m Fraud, Bobrisky Arrested

Alleged N30m Fraud, Bobrisky Arrested

Bobrisky arrested over alleged N30m fraud

5/29/2020 9:40:00 AM

Bobrisky arrested over alleged N30m fraud

Oluwatosin OmojuyigbePolice detectives from Abuja, on Thursday, arrested cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, over an alleged N30m fraud.It was gathered that Bobrisky was arrested at the Lekki area of Lagos State.PUNCH Metrolearnt that a yet-to-be-identified businesswoman petitioned the police and alleged that Bobrisky fraudulently collected the sum of N30m from her.

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Our correspondent learnt that Bobrisky was later granted an administrative bail.The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, who confirmed the arrest, stated that the matter was under investigation.He said, “He (Bobrisky) was arrested, but he has been granted bail; he is no longer in our custody but he is still under investigation. He was arrested on the allegation by a businesswoman that he fraudulently collected N30m from her.

“We had to grant him bail because of the lockdown and we are also mindful of the people we take into custody, but the case is still under investigation.”READ ALSO:Woman arrested for stealing two-year-old girl in RiversCopyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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If this one join fraud to watine dey en body nai be say mattar go plenty to settle bdat They will soon release him or her Ok now E tun mu ole Mo ti owo yin How did he do that pls this interesting oooo Lol. Bros don 4k up. Those that trust in the Lord shall be strong and do exploit, no matter how hard and rough things have been I want you to know that 'It is so Sweet to Trust the Lord. Clikc here now👇👇👇👇 Please don't forget to subscribe and share

Who go settle this matter like this 😂 Kai if i should ask, please who is this bobyrisky This guy na old woman!!!! My own na how him dey take fly? Which gender dey for him/her international passport sef... Is he the fraudulent socialite? Na d matter will still dey settle o, since yesterday o The question is...”is he in a male wing cell or female wing cell ...? Or he’s locked up in the corridor? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

It is settled!.... I finally believe that she is a man. So ugly I don't get OMG! How can this man, or lady engaged in such a shameful act?. It's freaky bad 🤔 nigga looks nothing like a babe Bobo wey dey risky, who go come settled the matter now ooo AremoQueenIdia Well, this should be interesting... Every thing about him/she is fraudulent!!!!

Eh They should just arrest me with N5m fraud, I'm really broke Dis matter no be my calling Do not stress yourself with NEPA instability any longer. Invest in solar energy and gain access to free electricity 08163079265 We also do electrical wiring and maintenance. Our services are cheaper and affordable

Na NGRPresident wan settle this matter so Abeg don't he for my love This one na yahoo boy or yahoo girl 🤔🤔 See mumu jaw face dey glow hands dey unglow oloriburuku jatijati This girl ooooooo ,this boy wahala dey didiYinna Of all the fine pictures I beg make dem no put em for custody with man inside oooooo.....

Who cares? I pity! The only thing paining me is that there are finer pictures of it (I'm sorry I didn't know the gender to put). There is a way that seemeth right into a man but the end is destruction... What an ugly dude He should be given life jail term. Mad man Heheeee,this boygirl again🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

i thought that she he honest manwoman Bob now in risky situation This picture = yuck Its high time Me I turn duduke and my husband don travel since 3 years, who go settle this matter bayii See his strong face, kaya Mata don fail him dis time That boy again Without filter he looks like Dracula Check this out guys❣️ We deliver Nationwide

Odikwa risky Na heaven Dem fit settle dis kain matter😂😂😂 Awon sinzu money geng. What is wrong with him/her Issokay. Bob risky Mata don tire people self Hahahaha E don happen.. Really ?you guys can’t keep on arresting someone for what gives her joy 🥺❤️ everyone has the right to live his or her life stop all this incessant lies teambobrisky for life 💕

Everyone here is even confused...he-she, she-man or man-she Hmm How would such news bit help the society? At punch newspaper, please don't join the bandwagon of anything goes. Leave such news bits typical of garbage for LAWMA. They should not put he she where they put men or women. Bobrisky na man ooo. Imagine if kidnappers catch am com undress am, all those lies go end. By the way, the police should put him in male cell ooo to avoid had we known.......

While writing the statement did bobrisky use his or her for Bob or what😁😁😁 Jail Jim Hope say dis matter fit settle sha Bro’s eeeeh! Yawa don gas. UPDATE : we finally concluded on transferring the matter to Religious leaders for settlement as there were confusion on which of the Cell to him /her. Do me a favour: pls help retweet. Thank you. Secure ur car from theft Monitor the activities of ur driver Recover your stolen car Listen to conversations in and around your car With just a tap on your smart phone. I'm just a DM away

Which cell they go put her/he now.i guess she/he go choose na.body go tell you Pls we’re still confuse of the gender, leave it at “shim” seyijaz Dis Matter Carry weight ooo This man will not stay one place Despite the make up and surgery you don't look like a woman Despite the make up and surgery you don't like a woman

abeg will this settle the Matter? Is this true or false I feel the business woman is just an hater This matter self don pass Mathias. Na which cell now they go put am? Female or male... Cos the gender status self is really confusing Please Is She not Female😩🙋 This Pic sef no look like woman Her village elders will settle his matter

Nawa o Another matter, who go settle this one bayi morganmbila Make them turn him back to man before them settle the matter Will the Charge sheet bear male or female on it He will be settled She will be settled S/He will still go home Na who go settle this matter now U people are bullying her and he’s not finding it funny.

Hahahahahhaha Oga oo Na male o This person works hard for her money istandwithbobo Na today! 🙄 Na d matter we still they try settle for station now! Follow me for a quick follow back Very good!! At least after staying in police cell for days,his skin will begin to sag Ah Bobrisky na G-girl too? I stan 🙌 3m kel kelode gerara here meh

Maybe we can finally see the real person. Agba awo wire wire😂🤣😂 see his face like a monster vampire, I wonder why newspapers are making this useless man as a frontline topic. mtss This statement got me 😂😂😂. “We had to grant him bail because of the lockdown and we are also mindful of the people we take into custody...” Even the police can't behold the disgusting orc.

Do your investigation well before posting. Even though we pass judgement with sentiment over a misled soul is not enough to hide information about the person Bobrisky swindled with 30M. This information may not be 100% true! Omoboy cash out Adonbilivit! How did (s)he do that? And the way the police kept on referring to 'him' with confidence, I'm confused o!

🤔 Which cell them go put am? Male or female The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, who confirmed the arrest, stated that the matter was under investigation. In other words na TheMatter dem still de settle. He looks so horrible A man that dresses like a woman is actually a fraud💯💯🙄😣😑😐 This girl na Yahoo boy

They said they arrested her or him for fraud of what Very dotty girl. Enjoy your stay in the ambience of NPF And you had to use this photo? She get matter wey she wan use the money sort...Na case issue She wan use an buy bleaching cream nii? 😂 I always know this bobo is risky This guy is a gentle criminal.

On the hustling things naaa...😂😂😂 E don happen😂😂 TheMatters He (Bob Risky) will win the case because any contract with a mad fellow like Bob risky is null and void! How on heart will a sane person be contracting with he/she?! This girl na yahoo boy ? Who go con settle this matter now This mata no be here o

why did you people use this kind of picture na😂😭 Bobrisky odi kwa risky This matter must get to the supreme Court. Na Dem go settle am Na female cell dem go put am or male cell?.. Matter don tire wrapper Hmmmmmmmm Punch newspapers used the pronoun 'he' for Bobrisky..... After he settle with police and co, we go gather come settle this matter 😃😃😃😃

Forgot your wig girl🤣🤣 TheMATTER go dey hard to settle ooo, Is sHe going to be detained in male or female cell? This matter strong! E don happen..motor don jam am😆😆😆😆 Shemale oshi Another matter arising Punch una no nice at all ooo.. Which kind picture u cun put laidis Denrele will help bobrisky to settle the matter

TheMATTER 😂😂😂😂 How Lmaooooooo Oboi dis guy ugly Sha🙈 Bob don fine now na..🙄 3 days free business training on mini importation, mini exportation, 10 businesses with zero capital, freelancing (fiverr and upwork), SEO, putting your business on google, Animation & Design, Facebook ads From Sat 30th - Mon 1st June Join WhatsApp👇

Ugly boy Bobrisky face is enough to stop Nigeria darkness. Bob toh Risky🤣🤣 I come read messages You media! You are the problem! The most biased set of people I have ever known. Why not direct this negative vibe to the agonies of the Nigerian people Bobrisky and Police are like Siamese twins Na which cell dem go put am now..? Male or female cell.? That, na another matter to settle ooo.. Lolx

This guy ulgy no b small oo Na the matter we still de settle ooh Eweleke apoor🙆‍♀️ The woman dey sleep wen a whole N30m not 30k was collected from her? Bro how far na Oh, this Boy Na the matter we dey try wan settle 😂😂😂 how we go take settle this matter now Which cell you put an He/she cell? Nigeria media is full of propaganda what about so called of una useless thieves politicians

Police: We are also mindful of the people we take into custody🙄 ChinezeremLight Egungun be careful 😆 Atlas some good news 😃😃 Idris was arrested not would see he was identified as “He” throughout the news story. Who be risky? Now we need to settle this matter..... Inside COVIK one 9 Look at him🤮🤮🤮

Hahahaha this matter don pass me na who go settle it They should jail him 4 life. I don't know if I'm the only not really interested in the news but gratified by the headlines😅😅😅 Ahh Rat wey them dey fine before come enter trap🤪🤣 Who will settle this matter for Boy-o-Girl? We still they on the matter I still de station de settle the matter with the commissioner cause dem wan put am for male cell o

Noh be small thing oo, na the matter we dy settle since yesterday ooo TheMATTER He has a hexagonal face? He/she matter don tire me . Can this be true about this celeb! Is this boy still alive C as him dey self Na wetin this boy dey do he or she let me shine my 👀 very becos I feel know maybe na he or she ,😀 I no won hear someone to talk like girl I go gun u down

Na was o Na the matter we de investigate now Bobrisky is neither he nor she. Bobrisky is a 's/he'. Therefore, Bobrisky is an 'it'. Those are the right pronoun. Either S/HE or IT. E done happen What did they say she did I pray GOD sees him through God's not a man, the difference is clear. Bobrisky Lawyer say the arrest is not the problem but this PICTURE Punch use na the major problem. We still de settle the matter

Sinzu😂 Nathematter webdey settle now o Will they put him/her in the male or female cell? Abeg Lock up this thing make we rest small Bobrisky Dey do fraud 😂😂this matter go settle for house assembly Ehhhhhh, wetin b dis.... The transgender no work well, we dey come settle m Why are police saying him, him, him...abi dem confam de drum stick & de drums? Is that why they sent him home - 'coz her body speaks woman while his nature speaks man?

As a student, I make all kinds of business cards. U cn DM me if interested.. pls help me repost my clients might be linked to you.. 🙏🙏 May he be incarcerated 🙏 He will rape all the girl if he is put in female cell. Put him in male cell joor 😁😂😂🤣 is it he/she i want take settle dis kind person now... confused body

But this he-she ugly 😂 This guy is always in the News for the wrong reasons, she should stay low for a while if he survives this. S/O Instablog For The Inspiration. How did he transform from this to that😅 So this idiot is still alive 😂😂 Police is confused of which cell to put he/she now. Na the matter we dey try to settle since yesterday night.

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The police wants to put Bobrisky in male cell, na the matter we dey solve here😂 Ghenghen I saw a blogger address him as her. Client don call police for Bobrisky base on what was ordered vs delivered, na TheMATTER we dey try settle for station Woman outside man’s mind inside! He should take it easy oh This man 👨 is too ugly 👿 to be a woman 👩

E don happen finally Na the matter we still dey settle bobrisky is a 'she' as declared by the individual. It would be nice to respect 'her' wishes and identify her as a female, and not a 'he' This man is a mad woman !!! FreeBiafra Double plus! Kosogun Na the cell to put bobrisky dey cause wahala now for police station. Dem no know whether to put am for male cell or female cell. We still dey settle the matter sha

Na this matter we go settle throughout today Can some pls change this picture I'm about to have lunch? Oti gbe baba 😂 If he can be chain forever I will love it. Good for him Lol 😂 Please Next time get a nice picture of her Our police are hypocrites bc bob get mouth small nw u granted his bail, if is one poor citizen now, you will kip him there forever, till corona virus case finish. God y do i miss country?😢😢

Which sell dem wan put am now ' female or male sell ? Na the matter be that for now Female cell or male cell... I think that's left for the police to decide Diiisu! Is that you Trash!!! He deserves worst We carry matter go police station, dem steal my guy phone....we flash ring for DPO pocket....we dey go another police station go settle TheMATTER

The money wey don follow make go since See face like monkey..... she's a mad man Na this picture I take believe true true that Bobrisky na Man This picture tho, 😂 Make una leave matter for Matthias........🚶 This man ugly sha. See jaw..🙄 Na yahoo tinz now?!! Wic kin picture be this abeg. Of all bob pictures na this one punch see? 😂😂😂. Well we still de there like this we never settle am finish

So bobrisky can steal to This means Nigeria is not safe anymore Leave am. E uncle wan come settle the matter. Make dem settle the matter na 😮😮 See how him eye b sef. Na angel Gabriel go settle him face matter from heaven. Punch Newspapers reveals Bobrisky hidden photo. This TheMatters no go end oh. The matter too much for ground o

A Big he goat lol Who go help am settle the matter like dis like dis TheMATTER 'we have to be careful of the people we take into custody' 🤣🤣 🤣 just tell us you didn't know which gender section to keep him. make he no go turn una custody to customer section For this partial lockdown, how she take hammer N30m?

Which cell are the police going to lock ‘shim’ in, male or female cell? Are you people now bloggers? You're more than this Who got settle this matter like this Benluvsunited He/she go vacation Lol Na only God fit settle this matter o Plenty matter still dey to settle Abeg make our ancestors settle this by themselves

Okay Na only you dey go police station like vacation Is this newsworthy Lol Who give him the money? We dey on top TheMATTER na smalls See muscle face. The Lord is not a God of confusion. No amount of surgery or make up. The difference is 7up you wicked dieeeee oooo.. Upon all BobriskyIdris beautiful pictures na only dis one where he look like SheHim u fit use to publish his Headline.. Eburu gannnn oo....🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dis matter no be 4 here TheMATTER Police said he has been granted bail, some are still insisting she is in detention. Na the pronoun when we go use we still dey settle since last night o See the guy man face...... “He (Bobrisky) was arrested, but he has been granted bail; he is no longer in our custody but he is still under investigation. He was arrested on the allegation by a businesswoman that he fraudulently collected N30m from her. This is wrong. It should be He-she not He 🙄🙄🤣🤣

My guy Don do pass himself he drank a create of Goldberg at eko hotel, eat bottle cost 1k and na 2500 dey my guy hand, his eyes just open now. Na the matter we dey settle since yesterday night Omo this matter no fit settle ohh🤣🤣🤣🤣 I thought he/she no dey exist again Police una no know who to arrest na bobrisky una see abi? he thief pass Aisha Farouk?

Still wondering the business he does. Who go settle this matter now ? Na there we dey dey settle TheMATTER Bobrisky is like Nigerian economy... confused! Wetin happen? E no fine again? We go leave this matter to God ✍️ Na the matter we gather wan settle Is he a he or a she? I keep wondering. Or an ' it ' This shemale no doubt is a menace in our society but why not put more effort in arresting the bandits that are killing the northerners in tens ? My opinion

Which 30m again. I thought TVC said for violating the law. I hope it ends in allegations. One can't be poor and a witch at same time. I wan go settle this matter now.. Update later Na the real TheMATTER be this Yahoo Bobrisky🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 TheMATTER no dey surprise me. No be every rich nigga is clean out there. Do your best and pray for grace.

Nah the matter we Dey try settle like this, Nah station we Dey sef I never chop since morning 😂😂 Bobrisky don Employ Us As His/her Personal Lawyer ...Why will Punch Use this Kin photo ... But he has been granted bail already naa Naa Naija we dey Abeg naa scam. Who go settle d matter now TheMATTER This girl is a mad boy

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O ti mu ole mo ole Na Tonto Dike abi na who go come settle this matter Really? Wow! Are they going to keep him/her in the male or female cell? Lastest matter to be settled Only God fit settle this one 😂💔 Seriously This matter shaaaa On the last day God will say 'guys on this side, ladies on that side' which side will Bobrisky belong?

Na the matter we still wan settle

We arrested Bobrisky over an alleged N30m fraud - PoliceWe arrested Bobrisky over an alleged N30m fraud - Police ThursdayThoughts TopStories ThursdayMotivation Onye apali Follow i follow back ASAP Bob don de do fraud now?🙆🏼

We arrested Bobrisky over an alleged N30m fraud - PoliceWe arrested Bobrisky over an alleged N30m fraud - Police ThursdayThoughts TopStories ThursdayMotivation Onye apali Follow i follow back ASAP Bob don de do fraud now?🙆🏼

Police arrest Bobrisky over disagreement with clientOperatives of the Inspector General Police (IG) Monitoring Unit have arrested popular cross dresser, Idris Okuneye alias Bobrisky... Is this true or Bobrisky and The nation wants to make news Ah ah awon wo ni client? Lolz. Social nuisance.

Alleged Fraud: EFCC lawyer's absence stalls Oyo-Ita's trialThe trial of the immediate past Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Winifred Oyo-Ita, was on Wednesday stalled due to the absence of the lawyer Who smells mischief with me? Do EFCC have only one lawyer? 🤔 Which court sits for trial these days?

ICPC to investigate COVID-19 fraudThe Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), on Thursday, announced that it is investigating alleged cases of corruption in the management of COVID-19 funds and palliatives. The commission\u2019s Director of Operations, Mr Akeem Lawal, made this known during a virtual meeting of stakeholders on the topic, \u201cCOVID-19 Funds Management and Monitoring\u201d, on Story. They don come again ooo. Instrument of stealing. Anzo wajan yasin Tweetwizzard Rotflmao

AfDB Allegations: Obasanjo rallies support for AdesinaMr Adesina is currently battling 16 allegations of impropriety and fraud levelled against him by a group. Nigerians need to rally behind the AfDB president cos the US is out to rubbish not only Nigeria but Africa in general ...Baba has spoken so well on this and the response has my support a 110%. I also strongly believe other African Heads of Government Government serving and past must air their position too.....