Evangelist Secular Events, Kas Beats

Evangelist Secular Events, Kas Beats

Being evangelist doesn’t stop me from performing at secular events –Kas Beats

4/5/2020 4:21:00 PM

Being evangelist doesn’t stop me from performing at secular events – Kas Beats

Olajide SamuelAfro-pop artiste cum evangelist, Kas Shobayo, popularly known as Kas Beats, maintains that being an evangelist doesn’t stop him from performing at secular events.The Fimile singer toldSunday Scoop, “Some of the promoters try to shy away from me sometimes. Being an evangelist doesn’t stop me from performing at secular events. Though my music has changed, it is still the same kind of beat. They are still beats that can be played in the club. The difference in my music now is the message. Music is not just about mentioning girls. Now, my songs are about real life issues and praising God. I am not a pastor; I am an evangelist. A pastor stays in a church and preaches to his audience, but as an evangelist, I go out. I preach in hospitals, on the street and in universities. I do my own seminars and crusades. When I do these outreaches, we give people food. There are some places we go to preach and they expect us to take tithes and offerings. When Jesus was preaching and he saw that his audience was hungry, he gave them food. That is the same pattern I am following. I am an evangelist”.

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Sharing the inspiration behind his new single,Oladele,he said, “It is an inspirational song about people belittling one and one rising against all odds.”Kas also stated that the whole world has recognised Nigerian music as a force to be reckoned with.

“The whole world has now recognised that we are a force to be reckoned with and I believe that music began in Africa. I respect all the young boys that are coming up and I wish they find God. I wish them more love and more success,” he said.Advising young artistes on the need to be focused and not be distracted by fame, he added, “The glitz and glamour in the entertainment industry makes a lot of people want to join the industry. But those people don’t see the suffering. They didn’t see Kas come from London and take motorcycles from Egbeda to Lekki (in Lagos) to promote his music before he became popular. People get confused with the glitz and glamour. Some people want to be popular because of the fame. If you want to be popular for popularity sake, I think there is a problem. But if you want to be popular to have influence and to do good with the influence; that’s a good thing.”

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Confused man That’s right sir. Defend your right to preach from both sides of your mouth. So many of your colleagues do it; why not you. That is your own problem. God is the one to Judge. Oh wow..he is an evangelist now? I was actually wondering where he was. Good for him🙂 not the maheeda type I hope shaaaaa o

You are correct. But it depends the kind of performance you did. If it did not support secularism, but corrected wrong or false belief, then that was real evangelism. We(the saints of God) are the light of the world. Money is very importanter Me sef go soon follow your way baba..., all this money im sure its God given for something . i wonder where all that wealth came from in such a short time...and most especially for what purpose

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