Banditry, Senator La\U2019ah, Southern Kaduna

Banditry, Senator La\U2019ah

Banditry in Southern Kaduna: if I open up on what I know, heads will roll - Senator La'ah

Banditry in Southern Kaduna: if I open up on what I know, heads will roll – Senator La’ah

9/27/2021 8:50:00 PM

Banditry in Southern Kaduna : if I open up on what I know, heads will roll – Senator La’ah

Senator representing Kaduna South Senatorial district, Danjuma La'ah has disclosed reasons he wept on different occasions on the floor of red chambers

Senator representing Kaduna South Senatorial district, Danjuma La’ah has disclosed reasons he wept on different occasions on the floor of red chambers while presenting motions on banditry attacks in his constituency.The lawmaker said, banditry activities in Southern Kaduna in the thinking of some Senators looked like a Southern Kaduna issue alone, saying at that point, if he opens up on what he knows about banditry, heads will roll.

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Speaking on the development in his senatorial district, the lawmaker recalled how he told senators that one day, all the 109 Senators will encounter insecurity, in form of bandits, kidnapping insurgency and other forms of criminality, stressing that his words have come to pass.

He said: “I have wept times without number, but I knew time shall come and time has come because while I was weeping in the chamber when presenting motions on banditry in Southern Kaduna, I said that one day somehow, that these things will affect everyone of us.

“Because we were thinking that it was just meant for Southern Kaduna, but tell me which state in this country has not been affected by bandits?“Bandits don’t have friends, they don’t know tribes; they don’t know religion. Whoever, you are and they found you, it’s about money.”

The lawmaker said after he presented a motion on insecurity in Southern Kaduna severally, he stopped talking, stating that if he continued based on what he knows, “heads would roll and the world will turn upside down, so it better I allow the sleeping dog lies.”

He said banditry activities in Southern Kaduna were not new, while he hoped that in the ongoing onslaught against criminal elements in the north, those who raise and trained bandits should drive them away.He added: “All these things are not new. Bandits, Boko Haram and insurgents and my motion has all along not been changed from what it is. We can only pray.

“Those that raised them over there should be the same people that will come and drive them out of this place.”Asked to speak on Constitution amendment, Senator La’ah revealed that the Senate leadership deliberately refused him to be a member of the Constitution Review Committee chaired by the Deputy in Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege because they considered him too stubborn to be there.

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His words: “I am not a member of the Constitution Review Committee. When the members were sent to the Constitution Review Committee, they didn’t want those of us they consider too stubborn to be there.“What else will I say? I will not say what I don’t know. It’s good that people accuse me, if they don’t, then I am not a Senator because what affect one Senator affects all.”

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Don't open up, die with what you know but God will judge you if your conscience didn't judge you. The blood of the dead will always cry on your head.. Open up oga Cowardly We don’t care . If you like don’t open . Open up please, never mind the outcome if you are confident of the story By not disclosing the information, more people are dying. Are you not aware that God will also require the blood of those innocent victims from you when you stand before the judgement seat? Talk and damn the consequences.

It won't be well with all of u, both those involved and those in power that couldn't take a stand or speak up. Nonsense lot So what is he keeping the heads for if he’s not involved What are you waiting for. Oga senator, u dey craze You better say the truth

Banditry: El-Rufai told to deploy drones for security in KadunaYusuf Mugu, a lawmaker in the Kaduna State House of Assembly, has urged the state government under the administration of governor Malam Nasir El-Rufai to

DSS that arrests MaziNnamdiKanu where are you or it is only our eastern brothers and sister you go after or only southerners. Do you job. Arrest him Who wants to hear your nonsense talk Mtewwww! People are being killed for nothing and you guys all keep coming up with all these stupid statements all the time. The blood of the innocent is also on your hands. One day the hunter will become the hunted.

That’s what even the useless government is saying una be yeye people You better open up because heads of the innocents have been rolling till today. Heads don't roll in Nigeria. If its in this APC fed government, only eggs will roll What's he waiting for? It will be a story story story, nothing more.

BREAKING: 'Many killed', houses burnt as Southern Kaduna boils again - Daily TrustDerek Christopher, said the attackers invaded the communities around 5pm and started shooting sporadically.... Derek Christopher, said the attackers invaded the communities This Buhari government is worst government ever in this country 😤 Kaduna Christian community is really the epic centre for the Fulani jihad movement before moving to the South and yet our people are still sleeping while this terrorist keeps approaching more closer I pity our people as they are being fooled by this evil government freeMNK Awon religious of piss indeed 👹👹👹👹👹👹 they're fulani's northern muslims youth.

Senator La'ah if you do not open up to Nigerians what you know about banditry and another person is killed, then you are not just a fool but also a bandit sponsor. Oga stop weeping! Please open up or shut up! Why say when you can’t say to end banditry. So you'll rather keep mute and let hundreds of lives be forgotten

What stops you from opening up. Are things right and OK for people as you keep quiet. God will judge you when you see evil and covers it Really, how do you make sense of the absurdity of the Nigerian political elite in government? Just a couple of days ago, their media spokesman in Aso Rock said the Buhari government knew the sponsors of BH but is unwilling to shame them. Now, Sen. La’ah is saying it is better

Idiot Heads re already rolling if u like u open up if u like die with ur secrete we re tired okay Upen up dont hide satanic secret Agenda The same NONSENSE talk. he knows nothing about it. If the DSS pick him up now he will change the language. Looking for attention by all means.

Suspected Fulani militias kill, injure many in Southern KadunaSuspected gunmen invaded Madamai and Abun villages in the Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State, killing about 30 persons. The attacks on the two The Python ,the natives are grooming will consume all of you,if you don't fight against this and the incompetent foreigner whom you voted into power.

He is talking of his head As if we don't know already. Obediah revealed enough. Keep your open secret. Oga open up, let the heads that will roll, roll so long as S.Kaduna is safe U better open up now or forever remain Dumb If you choose to keep quiet while people are dying, Soon you or your relations will be victims

Keep it with yourself let fulanis be killing your people. Useless man Austin75047722 It's only your head that will roll Anytime they make this statement then means they want to cover up the truth. MaziNnamdiAgba6 Open up now or forever remain silent. Then the blud of the slain will be on ur head

Northern Governors Meet In Kaduna Over VAT, OthersNorthern State Governors on Monday held an emergency meeting in Kaduna to discuss the progress and major concerns of the region. Gov. Simon Lalong of Northern State Governors on Monday held an emergency meeting in Kaduna to discuss the progress and major concerns of the region.

Open your mouth, nothing will happen, the country is already on auto pilot We've heard that from many imbeciles and it looks that this is new one. Are heads not rolling already? Or do you mean to say the head of the rich will swivel Just want to be in the news, that's all and u have achieve that so u can rest

Open up and let's see. Heaven won't fall if you open up. 'Enough of all this if I open up' After all, you're all partners in crime.. You don't know anything... Go and sleep Mr man nothing is new or strange again, without mentioning names, we already know the sponsors that u and ur kinds have and has refused to tell Nigerians especially the northerners that still believe in owning a power even when they are been slaughtered everyday by bandits

If u want to talk , talk otherwise keep quiet . Is somebody mad 😠 Just asking for a friend Oga shut up

BREAKING: Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Kill 30, Burn Houses In Kaduna Communities | Sahara ReportersGunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen were said to have invaded the villages and fired gunshots indiscriminately. Now its not fulani herdsmen but suspected fulani herdsmen, very soon they will come out in the open and deny those atrocities committed by the so called group, ya'll started this act late muyiwa85939471, TtifeB, DejiAdesogan, olatunji1080, jchristianalex, eniolababatund2, DiplomaticSan, olamilekan7_, AfricaNational1 Your BMC attention is needed here. Reduce your ewedu fixation on IPOB issues. Most importantly, goforoduduwa. The Fulanis are secretly fighting a war against the indigenous people of Nigeria killing the Igbos, Hausa, Yoruba, the middle belt and every other ethnic group in Nigeria. One day, the people will join hands and pursue them out of our land.💯

Open up, let heads roll What you know is not deferent from what everyone already knowns. So Stfu Fool... U kept quit and heads r still rolling.. dnt u tink u r a fool for keeping dumb..? Southern Kaduna pple are d problem of themselves... More heads rolling to come in Southern kaduna.. What is the meaning of this? Do you know how many heads to legs have been to the grave? If you have nothing to say,ssshhhh

You must open up You are a fool! So it is leg that is rolling now ? Selfish people Own the can of worms let is roll they have destroyed southern Kaduna people Hellrufai! Open up naah, is it until everyone is wiped out? Ifb immediately JamalSunkanmi

VAT: Northern governors meet in Kaduna - Daily TrustHe added that key among the issues is that of Value Added Tax collection and the surrounding controversy. ... He added that key among the issues is that of Value Added Tax show to the Yoruba and Igbo you stronger them not just only bigger than them ...or let's us just stick to the believe you are nothing with Yoruba and Igbo So what are they meeting for foolishness 🤔 You guys are not meeting base on insecurity and mass killing in the North, meeting over VAT 🙄 jesu

I don't understand what exactly people in high government positions mean when they say ' heads will role' Then close your mouth permanently. Nonsense! Open up Only fulani tribe are doing arrests of other tribes in Nigeria. Fulani is only tribe that is killing other tribes even Hausas in Nigeria yet Fulani always use 'The North ' to fool the Hausa tribe. El Zakzaky,Kanu,Igboho illegal detention conducted by fulani,no other tribe. Enough

Please keep quiet it is not today we have been hearing this kind of statements. And besides what do you have to say that is strange Keep quiet and die in silent ✊✊✊✊ As you have kept it to yourself, are heads not rolling? So you'll keep mute and your people continue to die in dozens just because you don't want head to roll. Kai, your story no add up. Just spill the beans and let the sky fall.

Please stop this. Are you kidding us? Say what you know or keep quite. We don't want to know you know if you ain't telling us.