Anti-open Grazing Law Unimplementable, el-Rufai Tells Southern Govs

Anti-open Grazing Law Unimplementable, el-Rufai Tells Southern Govs

9/22/2021 5:55:00 PM

Anti-open Grazing Law Unimplementable, el-Rufai Tells Southern Govs

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has responded the new law banning Open Grazing in the Southern states of Nigeria, saying such a law is not

“And in my state for instance, we are developing a huge ranch to centralize the herders. And that is the solution, a long term. But can it be done overnight? No.“This project we are doing will cost us about 10 billion naira. The CBN is supporting us with about 7.5billion. And it will take about two years to do. We will be settling about 1500 Fulani herders family. And I hope that they will see that there are alternative ways of producing livestock instead of running up and down with cattle going to people’s farms to cause all kinds of problems. We want to solve the problem.

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 “What is unhelpful is to politicize the situation and pass legislation that you know that you cannot implement. So, we have taken a position and we are working round the clock to implement that position. “And these herders emanate from the north and we are going to centralize them. We cannot do it overnight. We need billions of naira.

This is just one ranch that is causing 10 billion. I have 14 grazing reserves in Kaduna state and I will like to convert into ranching. Do I have 14 x 10 billion naira? I don’t have. “If the federal government will give me N140 billion, I will convert the other 13 into ranches and make sure that nobody comes out with a cow or sheep in Kaduna state because I will have enough ranches to

take care of everybody. That is the solution. You can legislate but let us wait and see. And I wish them the best of luck”. The governor also weighed into the ongoing contention between the governments of Rivers and Lagos states and the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) over who is supposed to collect the Value Added Tax (VAT).

 According to him, some people think that VAT is the same thing as Sales Tax, insisting that they are different because VAT is a ‘special kind of tax.’ “We took a position in the Nigeria Governors Forum not to comment on the VAT issue because it is still going through the court. And until the Supreme Court makes a final pronouncement on the matter, anything that you see today can be changed. Even the states that have passed legislation, the Supreme Court can override them. So, I am reluctant to comment on it.

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Our problems is actually governance. Behaviour must be legislated, can you imagine what happens when Local government legislate regulations on residents. You can't be living in an unidentified certified living premises in our territories, that is what you see in civil society. You should by now know who are sponsoring this jihadists fulani herdsmen masquerading as pastoralists, how can El-Rufai whose state is soiled with blood sheds of this group come to be critical of others trying to do something. This is those subtle evil sponsors of this carnage.

Na you be constitution now abi. See face like lost eagle. The levers of legal coercive powers are in the grip of the BIG FULANI IN ASO. He, alone, can get sec agencies to enforce the criminal aspect of those laws. That he is refusing to do so doesn't make 'em unenforceable. At anyevent, closed grazing is emerging as the new consensus.

As e dey pain them.....😁 That singular move of the Southern Governors has really sent jitters down the spine of a lot of people. Why not?

El-Rufai faults anti-grazing law, says Kaduna requires N114bn for ranches - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This man will not die & see Lol 114 billion for cows, hmmmm when everything is gone in the country. No schools, hospitals good roads and everything. Infact nothing is working in the country. Are our dealers illiterates or they are just naturally wicked. God is really kind and patient sha.

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