Amotekun Is Going To Be A Monster That Will Distort Southwest – Dr Sufi

Amotekun Is Going To Be A Monster That Will Distort Southwest – Dr Sufi


Amotekun Is Going To Be A Monster That Will Distort Southwest – Dr Sufi.

Amotekun Is Going To Be A Monster That Will Distort Southwest – Dr Sufi

Amotekun could turn out to be a disaster for the country. Taking sides with those who think Amotekun could breed more trouble than it has come to solve, Dr. Sufi argued that an initiative of this magnitude can only be established within the prism of the law. The former Kano State Commissioner for Education noted that there is a likelihood for ‘ethnic bigots, people minded people and politicians’ to take over what would have been the responsibility of constituted governments. “You run the danger of establishing a monster which at the end of the day you may find very difficult to control,” he stressed. As far as Dr. Sufi is concerned the Southwest Security Network is illegal. He argues that there is no law that established Amotekun and there is no framework of its operations, adding that nobody knows what arms its operatives will bear. Dr Sufi said though no one is comfortable with the performance of the police and the security situation at the moment, still, it is not in the nation’s best interest to have initiatives that are not in line with the law. He advised the Federal Government to take greater initiatives by increasing the number of trained policemen in the Force and ensure that those who are there are well equipped to do the job. More on Politics Read more: Channels Television

Any sensible human can detect terrorists simply by thier speech and threats. Using panadol for somebody's headache Why are Northerners so scared of AMOTEKUN? I totally agree with you sir Shame on Channels Tv, shame on John Momoh. why using your platform to air these nonsense talk. The other day is ‘cattle man’ you brought. They need mental reconfigurations. Please be guided!!!

Boko haram, Iswap and co are not monsters abi? You all better go and wake your emirs and governors up and create your own regional apparatus because once Amotekun takes effect, no space to hide here again! Rubbish talk. What about boko Haram and ISWAP? Farm for your farm make we farm for our farm. So northern elders are aware of barbaric act of herdsmen in South, why are they afraid of Amotekun?

Why should that be any of your worries, are you from here? Please step off and hit the road. Amotekun 4life

Amotekun: Junaid Mohammed tells Buhari what to do to Southwest leaders, alleges declaration of Oduduwa Republic - Daily Post NigeriaA Second Republic lawmaker, Dr Junaid Mohammed, has lambasted leaders of the Yoruba-dominated Southwest region of the country for setting up a new How many do you people have in the north please.... What section of the constitution allows Hisbah or sharia police? Amotekun won’t pitch the Oduduwas against the rest of the Nigerians as purported rather, it will pitch them against the Northern elites. Juniad Mohammed is ignorant of the Amotekun agenda. He is a novice.

You guys should keep up with your anti people interviews They're not concerned about real monster Boko Haram. It's Amotekun you people will be taking about. Yoruba are very sophisticated, considerate and sane race. Only don't take them for fool. Mbok, is it your Southwest? Why are you guys in the North threatened by Amotekun? Why is a concern to the North? Are you guys the stakeholders in Nigeria? With this anxiety, it appears that there is a distortion to Northern hidden agenda.

instead of you to think of how to implement such security outfit in your region but sadly you're here criticising those who have sensible elders! they care about their region,lives and properties of their people which this administration can't provide! Why are these people all scared about the movement ..... Something must be terrifying them about AMOTEKUN ..... DR. SUFI ... you must be a killer too... (Herdsmen/bandit) official partner

I don't understand the argument of all these Armageddon prophesies. There is no security in d country. Our military were drawn into internal conflicts with significant & continuous fatalities recorded. Decentralized security can't be argued against any longer. AsIs is anarchy Blood thirsty vampiric foolani isn't monopoly to arms or violence just a matter of time

His remarks on Amotekun is more of political which shouldn't be taken serious.....! All these guys are pushing so hard in order to ensure that operation Amotekun did not see the light of the day.....

Operation Amotekun: Presidency, govs’ meeting called off, South-West holds ralliesWhat exactly r these northerners afriad of? 1. If they r not offenders then why are the afraid of Amotekun? 2. If this MBuhari 's regime had provided security like it should would there have been a need for this? I applaud the South West for trying protect lives and properties Yoruba nation value lives and that's why they came up with this brave plan 'It is not like buhari is against Amotekun, it's just the AGF opinion...'. You think we're stupid right Smh..

What concerns you in this matter. If you are uncomfortable with Amotekun go and hug transformer Is it your south west? Sharap Suri If Amotekun is a monster that will distort the south west , what is Miyetti Allah doing to them? Is the Miyetti Allah cattle herders putting the South West in shape with their kidnappings and murders?

Dr Sufi seems to be crying more than the bereaved on his submission on. Amotekun distortion. Amotekun is against perpetuation of insecurities of lives and properties in SW. There is no distortion when it comes to protection of individual lives and properties. Iamolujare Senseless people screaming Amotekun is this and that, if you have this great knowledge, why don’t you take it to the North to solve the issue of Boko haram, Iswap, Ansaru, armed bandits, murderous Fulani herdsmen, Almajiris, Hisba and the Sharia that is destroying the North, MUMU

What's their business ? We value lives here unlike u guys that value cows than human lives , so if we decided to add to security of the failed Government , what is ur problems ? Go hug transformer pls Southwest is a different region with highly educated people and in fact most educated region and they really value lives,all l can say is your plans in the southwest has failed and you people are sad about it

Elaborate Why Are You Afraid of Amotekun

Solidarity Protests in South-west over Amotekun - THISDAYLIVE•Police stop rally in Lagos Segun James in Lagos, Kemi Olaitan in Ibadan, Yinka Kolawole in Osogbo, Victor Ogunje in Ado Ekiti, Kayode Fasua in Abeokuta and James Sowole in Akure Thousands of people yesterday poured into the streets in the six South-west states to show their support for the region’s security initiative, Amotekun, threatened … They brought in Buhari. Let them enjoy the fresh air😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😀😂😁😂😁😂😂😁😀

Please don't just invite anybody to your TV station invite people who will speak the truth and not some abusive elements. If I decide to get security to MAN my gate how does it concern the man next door? I'm still wondering really. Are you now FG mouthorgan? Who are these people having problems with AMOTEKUN,why not secure yourselves fr.the hands of the people killing your youths & good people in your land like a chicken rather than antagonising some who are trying to protect their territories?.

Who is this idiot Can you imagine,he's for seeing the future for the SW. It's high time we break from this modern slavery Just wondering. 🙄 Why are the northerners worried about 'Amotekun'? Afterall, the group is to guard the southwest. Hisbah vigilante was set up in Kano, Zamfara in the year 2000 without any noise from the south or west and by 2003, a law was passed to regulate them. Why, why?

I am yet to understand why security intelligence in the southwest is a threat to the nation or the north. How can a region where most killings and kidnappings happen, call out the other who wants to stem the tide in his domain? Nigeria Matta no be linear I swear. They have the Guts to insult Yoruba right in front of their nose. If it was other way round, The youths from the North would have burn down the street. let me also share this here. The elites and Emirs from the North are so quiet, Why?

I wonder how we got into this and you can imaging the kind of Hate speeches coming out from the so called Miyetti Allah reps and illiterate Lecturer. They have no value for life, we all should know that but what pained me the most is that As soon as they conclude their plans, you'll see the effect on the Nation. Boko haram was created to distract GEJ but here we are today lives are lost daily. Fulani became national Anthem because of their evil acts and someone is saying allow us to kill more

Amotekun: NANS, OPC, hunters, others hold solidarity rallies across SouthwestNANS as well as other groups in the South-west region protested the opposition of the federal government to the regional security outfit tagged Amotekun. The Buhari regime that cannot guarantee the security of the Nigerian people, especially Christians and Southerners, lacks the moral vibe to stop Amotekun from being used to do what the regime is incapable of doing.

Let me share this for future purposes. i watched this chat this morning and all i see i fear, Greed and power mongers who thinks they are contributing to Nigeria. Whenever you see the North worried like this, they are playing a strategic game to buy time What's the problem with entertaining all these nonentities&agabonds on issues affecting the SW? Is it to gain traffic? You keep quoting rubbish from deranged fools. Any media house that cannot form an independent opinion is not worth its salt! You guys are losing it!

Hate speech Why cry more than the bereaved! Dr Sufi, is it your Southwest? Imagine your name doubting your intelligence. Monster kee u there. Am sure he has cows thats why he's talking gilberish. This herders sure know something we don't know, but how can you tell us what is security when you don't even know it, what value do your people have for lives, your clandestine love for our safety baffles me. You can't think of your interest where you got no stake. Delusional.

This just shows that the Leaders themselves dont want change that they preach. No new development from business as usual, no new innovation or insight. What is this biko nu. Please our Leaders lets have some fresh air from the old polluted one. My opinion no bad energy Why are the northerners afraid of Amotekun_WNSN initiatives ? Its simply means, all their evil plans will catch them Amotekun_WNSN is here to stay

How e tey concern u

Amotekun: Analysts Argue Over Legality Of South-West Security NetworkDon't forget to subscribe: Watch more interesting videos: Follow Channels Television On: Facebook: https://www.... The northerners greatest fear is regional government, they will stop at nothing to put an end to it. The good news is that they will fail This matter is not to be argued since the government refuse to create adequate security 🔐 for all. Let us go about our people safe living. My take They are waiting for Tinubu to speak. Did the North wait for Tinubu before creating all the 'security' forces they have? Slave mentality.

So how's that your business? You neither live nor work in SouthWest Just the way bokoharam boys were at first used as political thugs The station who invited him self should be query? This is where you will know that they believe is only northerners are Nigerians n counted the remaining as subordinate Is he living with us or from which angle is he speaking from..? What information about the operation does he has that we that are concerned doesn't have yet... maybe if he can spill it out it will be meaningful. Why are these northerners always talking and behaving like this gan

The way this core northerners are concerned and antagonistic about Amotekun,had it been they exerted the same energy in condemning hisbah police and civilian jtf that even carry arms, Nigeria would have been a better place It won't if they operate within the confines of their job description. Is Amotekun the problem of the north

The man should first proffer solution to the almajeris epidemics ,wars and religion intolerant ravaging the north. You fool How is that your problem? Stay in your area then. Land belongs to the states in Nigeria, the Protection each state is within the jurisdiction of her Governor.

Amotekun: ‘No going back’ rallies rock Southwest statesWednesdayHeadlines 22nd of January 2020 1. Amotekun: ‘No going back’ rallies rock Southwest states - 2. BokoHaram beheads Adamawa CAN chairman despite N50m ransom offer - sunday_oguntola JusticeIlevbare Kingbiodun_

In the name of Amotekun every cow must run..... Hahahahaha Wetin consign you, is it your monster? Unity beggars You really need to see MaupeO's reaction when this bigot made that statement 😂 These guys are so haughty for reasons I have no idea Why are you northerners using paracetamol for someone else's headache bayi ?

How is that your business? A police man was arrested in a Hotel in Kano state by 'ISBA', because he Lodged with two women. Is that an offence against the Nigeria constitution? Every region has what works for them. Visitors should not be allowed to dictate how things must be done Where r channels tv seeing all dis animals

Fear is the key, the fear of ranches led to the fear of Amutekun. If only intelligence agencies in this country are doing their job. If only !!!! This is to show some Nigerians the kind of hatred that is in this shit hole Half education is dangerous, the main reason the north is backward in everything they do

What have you said or done about the monsters in the north? The killer herdsmen? The kidnapping rings? The bandits? BH? ISWAP? Ansaru? We have not heard your comments on those. The whole nation cannot become a jungle. how can one cry more than the bereaved Sometimes i see some people on tv and wonder, what is he doing there. This is one of those times.

See dry LIE Keep shut How? This is fear of unknown Dr of doom

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