Ekiti Residents

Ekiti Residents

5,000 Ekiti residents received FG’s N20,000 each — Fayemi

4/8/2020 8:54:00 AM

5,000 Ekiti residents received FG’s N20,000 each — Fayemi

Abiodun Nejo, Ado EkitiThe Federal Government on Tuesday reached out to 5,000 indigent citizens drawn from 16 council areas of Ekiti State under its Cash Transfer Scheme targeted at fighting poverty.Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, disclosed that the beneficiaries received between N20,000 and N60,000 each.

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Fayemi, represented by the Special Adviser, Office of Transformation and Delivery, Prof. Bolaji Aluko, who spoke at the inauguration of the National Conditional Cash Transfer programme executed in partnership with the Ekiti State Government, said the programme was to alleviate poverty level among poor Nigerians.

Fayemi said, “This is part of the programmes packaged by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to uplift the standard of living of the poor masses and Ekiti people are benefiting owing to recognition of our strong support for the Federal Government.

“A total of 5,000 indigent populace who had been captured and had been enlisted on a single register will benefit. It is for the poorest of the poor and only those that deserve it will continue to enjoy it.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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How many poor people do we have in Ekiti state?, Even within Ado metropolis we are going to find 5,000 poor people, let alone the other local government areas, I think it's time we stop politicising things concerning people's lives. Dear kfayemi, my sister in Ikere-Ekiti says no presence of govt assistance is seen. They are there frying garri.

Lies 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️ Lies Must have been shared at political party meeting of ruling party I don't think this is true. I have families and close relatives residing in Ekiti. No news of such Shoe Nigeria’s evidence You can’t rule out party members adding names of their friends and relatives that fall within the category of the poorest of the poor and vulnerable within the state. 5000 is also significantly low to know who got it or not.

Monies that was shared through some pseudo political supporters.. SMH...don't worry make una cont..o ma sele one day....wen d Nigerian people will unite against evil leadership Gbemmy_Smith owooolusola holuwaphemee Henry_davido this a real challenge oooo Ekiti born..lolxxx olanaresh olabusari Murmony otunba_wizzy

The 5000 ekiti residents in ur Bank account right? This govt shaaaa full of lies day by day awon 419 of this generation what a big lie Na lie ... who you give money show us the video For where? No person received a dime yet Ekiti government says 5000 has gotten palliative money. Lie and lie! Oga , we dey d Ekiti ooooo, we no hear anything...

why publishing malicious news to mislead Ekiti populace... What an inappropriate news and unprofessional of you 5000 out of about 400k resident. What a political gimmicks Wait o, is it only me that didn't receive the money🤔 How come my parent didn't receive? They resided in Ado_ekiti. Ki loun transpire sir

We need their names... Helennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn queenethhelen The governor lied because he knew that Ekiti people were not on Twitter? See lie Which Ekiti are you talking about I think is good That is good It a lie. Lie Nsikak123 What is ekiti population self that after sharing for 5000 people its like nothing has been done

Haaaaa I doubts this info, FAYEMI can never say so Even the rice he shared in Ekiti doesn't cover ⅛ of the state. Punch I challenge to show the video version. Audio money Oniro no money shared in ekiti, even corp members he promised since last year have not received one naira... All this politicians Sha...

Nothing for us in lagosoooo Good morning sir, you can do more,,,,,May God increases you in Jesus name,,,.pls do more sir Bring out the list of people that benefit from it so they can testify This governor is a liar and deserves to be chained..... I stay in Ekiti and no one got a dime.. Argh😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄

Is alright...I believe the covid19 restructuring will also get to you soon ...keep tweeting while ur alive For saying this. I think kfayemi is also a beneficiary of the 2 trillion that the accountant general cannot account for, which is why they plan to set the office on fire 🔥🔥. Hmmm Nigeria we don suffer.

After office of Accountant General is on fire, why don’t we get this information before, now no record to back this up, last last two trillion as finished 🤔 5000 people out of the residents in ekiti how many percentage is that? I pity our government maybe you people do not know we are no fool Data speaks please, he should provide the evidence, names, phone number and address. Thanks

This APC democracy be like driver wey don smoke weed These apc thiefs lack conscience bah . So you done well? So is only 5000 citizen in ur state? Why Nigerians we nor they wise? So nor of ur people has bank account or bvn? Now you govt suddenly you don't trust banks to disburse money anymore, who re the 5000 people and why are u given just 5000?

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Nigeria is a joke. maybe I should say our governor is stylishly lying o Scam! Ekiti State, Nigeria or where? I think the video of the 5000 should be seen as an evidence Why Ekiti Is Ekiti on Lockdown? Wtf is wrong with y'all.. Just take all the money, don't make us feel stupid!! Take it all Lol Faaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaa in heaven, have mercy

kfayemi who did you give the 20k to? You’re a fucking liar .. with your big nose ... People are stranded in Iworoko etc ..Open and tell us those people you gave 20k to.. Hmmmm! Abeg which states MBuhari Lockdoawn Please oga gomina give us their names. Baba I never collect my own oo. ObamaOfEkiti did you receive ?

Lies Fear punch o....this man wouldn't say such white lie Lies🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 and please how will a State Governor call his people ,(those that allegedly voted for him) poor ,vulnerable...........Ekiti people are one of the dumbest people in Nigeria with that there stupid strong head ...

Its a big lie oh I'm in ekiti presently and I don't hear anything of such. This people sha Remember you all have children Actually,it was a lie my father has his house in Ado Ekiti for more than 20 years now , if I'm not a residence then I think we need to visit the court True, he may have received it on behalf of the people.

kfayemi shebi you see that nobody believes you guys anymore. Liers Party members Agba picker 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 God will judge you all.. How true is this? I don't believe it. I'm in Ekiti and haven't seen anything of such around so where's the news coming from? Like seriously? Is the population of Ekiti only 5000?

He probably collected it on their behalf. Haq Haq Haq 🤣 All of una don turn Lai Mohammed. This really shows you people don’t give a damn fuck about the masses. Very soon una go meet una Waterloo. Fayeminahfraud It's a lie. Show us evidence Ghost residents. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Fake news n who are d ghost 5,000 people DAT received d money....am from ado ekiti

Jesus Where exactly in ekiti Knowing Nigeria politicians very well, if somtin like dat happens dey will definitely take pictures So which part exactly cuz I'm in ekiti ryt now, state capital to b precise Or was it shared in the Governor's residence What shall it profit a man who own the Earth and loss his soul... JKF is taking advantage of Ekiti people.. behold God will reward you.

A whole full state? Twalie oooo YahooニューGovernor 🤣🤪 Who is fooling who?at what time and age? Our government pls stop this rubbish COVID19 Rubbish. Jisos 😁 it's all lies We didn't see any money The so called rice they distributed it's ward by ward Modafuka See lie When will all this nonsense stop, Mr governor who are people that receive your money. This is absolutely trash

Pls publish names of benefactors for verification How was it disbursed What do you expect Scam, their list pls, because me and my family lives in ekiti and none of us got paid ekiti people,make una come o..... pojugreat how far Na true? Does this man know exactly what he's saying? How will an adult be lieing Agba iya sha

The governor is lying!!! Is this man in anyway related to Uncle Lai 🙄 The same Ekiti or another one? Is this for real or nah audio Oshéy sinzu money èyán jacuzzi 😂 5000 out of how many? Please stop the joke,it is disgusting. So make we clap for you now? Maka why now. Why urna dey lie for our korokoro eyes. This is so unfair I swear.

Black lie How much is Lagos State Government giving to his people? If the criteria observed in the distribution are focused at truly applicable citizens without favoritism.Gbosa 3ce for Gov.Fayemi who I believe respects the sensibility of his 'edu-enlightened'ppl.I foresee more is on the way.Up Ekiti, Nigeria's Fountain of Knowledge.ReachOut

A P C If ONLY Lagos State Gov. would reconsider the criteria for extending Lockdown relief to all Lagos resident Snr. citizens of N600k/yr.banking T/over.Many of them are retirees,widows&unemployed elderlies who shouldn't be left to the mercy of LG.allocation gallore.Reachout How come all this news paper stil be publishing propaganda, they r part and problem of this country, for covering up.

Afi suuru je e 🚶🚶🚶 lhizzy__ how far cydm for my detts dear. Warm regards For People D knw People Na Ogun go kill the liar Chaiii! How far would these lies take you sir? Why do you love making propaganda on the social media? Wow, bubu , like Ekiti people well well ooo, that is , if the governor is saying the truth, oya Ekiti people, come and defend themselves.

Chaiii... Fayemi has cashed out sharparly Tayfashow EAdebiyi you receive? Abi you sabi person wey receive? My Guv'nor, don't do this to your citizens please. Fayemi and Federal government wants to be unfortunate 🚶🏽‍♂️ Na lie, we de here in ado ekiti and nothing like that, make Una no come here talk trash 🌝

Col_Casi Mr. Fayemi that’s egregious For where? Uncle is lying🤣 Publish their names!!! That’s how to be accountable... For where una be scam.. am presently in ekiti now and I no see anyone receiving Cash.. scam government everywhere 🙄🙄 It seems many don't even understand what it means to be vulnerable economically. Many of you calling yourself vulnerable because you want free giveaway may just end up being that way. Be careful of the power of the tongue and mind.

Crazy leaders Is a lie jare False Lie's Biggest decit ever! Hmm Are they the only vulnerable in your state? God is watching all of you. Your billions can never escape when God comes. People like this are just bunch of clowns. Where is the data? Lie!!!!!!!!!!!! Fayemi is no different from all Nigerian politicians LIARS

The money was shared among the party ward not the main people that needs this, enough of this scamming publicity abeg. Igbole is way Lies Or 5000 APC members Maybe he shared the money in his dream, thieves everywhere you go Out of how many people? Results of electing idiots in sensitive posts. Lagos oooooooo pls eee oooo

The money is for the poorest of the poor people in Nigeria...The poorest of the poor can't be on twitter now Dey deceive yourself there oga. Who are these people? Please publish their names. Because you are the only state governor telling us that you have received the N5000.00 from the federal government

Audio leaders Ekiti people howfa o.....shey na true Is that news? Most of our leaders psychological examination I swear to God. List the names of the 5,000 people let's see, APC will just make old men lie like children. Na God go punish dis man for dis great lie.....I know this will be their plan....bring out huge amount of money and lied hey share it for people...God will judge you...foolish man

See me see trouble... This lie pass the one of liar Muhammad So the population of Ekiti is now 5000. Well done sir Where's the money for Kaduna state? 🙄 Hnmmmm naija for show. You locked down three states o, Lagos, Abuja and ogun yet we no recieve anything. God have mercy on we that have small business and are not working.

Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eyin people e beru olohun ati atunbotan....God will pay you back in your own coin... God will put you all in a situation that all the money you have stolen will become useless......wicked and heartless human(animals) being This one....trying so hard to win favour to be president...oga sorry....there is a list....of potentials....u are not yet on no 2...

Nigeria government is funny, Fct, Lagos and Ogun are the states lockdown, how is it Ekiti state people were the ones received FG relief fund after federal government poor brothers and sisters in Abuja. Be foolin urself,do u tink u can b foolin people just anyhow,u can only fool ur state people Thieves... they have looted the treasury!

What's the yardstick for selecting these 5000 beneficiaries? Lie So na only 5,000 people Dey him state ... thunder hope you Dey hear 👂 Lols Ahh!!!!!! 🙆🏼‍♂️ For this same Ekiti state wey I Dey My governor may thunder from the pit of hell fire you .. Why you dey lie this what of the remaining balance?to Ekiti people.

The way these politicians are looting right now using COVID19 to cover up is quite massive. They will ever stop being slaves to money! In your dream? 🙈🙈🙈 😲 This man can lie eh🙄 Na lie joor You guys should stop lying plz it’s just too much mbok Dear kfayemi Gov Fayemi, can you read the comments & see how you're messing yourself up over some small money? It's a shame that none of you in this govt can be said to be good hearted, even at a time like this. Tueh!🚶

I hope this isn't a propaganda ' frame , fake news. Are these politicians give a fuck for the poor😕 his excellency which one we should believe, don't scam us When the same lies was said about Northern state y’all believed it now the same audio money has hit southern state so you can see for yourselves 🤡🤡🤡🤡

We not accepting any talks from u smelling mouths politicians, let the beneficiaries talk to us. Audio money. 😂 I live in Ekiti but haven't heard this talk more of seeing it. Fayemi eberu Olorun Awon family liar Muhammed Abeg o dis ekiti resident na ghost abi e get another ekiti for Nigeria other than the one way me dey now? Abeg Mr governor we for Ikole no see light talk more of 20k. ghostmoni

Pls print out their names. Cos am in Ekiti. Be like say Ogun won kill your generation... Edo state haven't seen anything oo I'm beginning to think is audio money they're sharing So, just 5,000 people in Ekiti need money? Hoowwww? Only God can judge all these politicians Wow🏃🏃am going to collect my own And I'm yet to receive a dime and I don't even know who has.... I live in ado ekiti to be precise and I have not yet seen someone thag has receive even 1kobo.... You can do better next time Mr governor

We know they didn't, even if they did, the population of Ekiti is about three (3) million people, so 5,000 people out of 3,000,000 got 20,000 naira? That is 0.17% of the population have received 100,000,000 naira🙄🤮 Am from ekiti for where here no one receive any amount ooo haha why all this now where all the billions de contributed nau, nothing Don enter my account ooh shuuuuuuuu!! na corona go finish everything? 😳

Fuckin Apc scammers Mr governor need to see this. kfayemi 5,000 people received between 20 - 60k each? We rise by lifting others. Ekiti pple come here ooooooooo They just open their mouth and mention figures without accountability. Judgment awaits y'all criminals. 😳... for this same Ekiti wey I Dey? Abi another Ekiti Dey Nigeria ni?

Audio residents Was it transfered to their bank accounts, distributed to APC members, stolen by government officials or how was it distributed. APC and lies are like brothers, scam all the way. He's indirectly begging for his own share. Naija politicians no wan hear say money pass somewhere e no branch their hauz

Even in a pendemic this government is still showing favouritism to APC state and political correctness. 3years to go Man of his words and man of the people!!! All this shit are not real Let's have like 25% of them confirm that on camera. Ok so simply put out their names and address*sigh* 100M ti wor gbo How do they know the poor in a society? Live story for the gods

U sure? Why does it look like it's only APC states that are getting this monies dotun_adeyinka Lies from the pit of hell NeverSettle_OOS 20k reach you? Se beeni, eyin tiwa lekiti 😢🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆 When How Who Stop this lies Who have received his 20k should say hi Audio money🤣🤣 N100m for a start? fear God o... How many cases Ekiti get sef? We wey dey the epicenter of the whole tin sef never see 1k from FG...

This country is forsale Really... how come we haven't seen any with verifiable testimony? Hmmmmm so this FG money no dey stop over for Lagos ? What's the population of Ekiti?that's 100m The money never go round When was that sir? Can we av their names published sir Only 5000 among poor millions. Better not pay at all & seek other palliative measures. Dumb*sses

Before I will start believing this, our data base system must be top notch. Until then, this money is for the party people .... Na lie Na pure lie ....unless una share the money within ur party members Wtf...my question is has F.G declared lockdown in ekiti?.... Baba look for another thing to say ..or you go for your inhaler

Ekiti's population is 5000 only This country is full of liars with higher rate within our self acclaim leaders. Stop embracing the wickedness that your generation will pay for because the Bible confirms that . As if 5,000 is the voting strength of the state. E no go better for you Gov Fayemi in Jesus name 🙏🙏💯💯

Audio money this is fake I live in Ekiti this is a big lie 😭😭😭😭🖕🏿 Just 5000 Ekiti residents? When my home town alone (Ise-Ekiti) can boast of 250000 population You should just say that he gave some money to his party members Audio 20k..... Set Awon looters 😂😂😂😂 And what are the criteria used in identifying & selecting those 5,000, if at all there were any? Political affiliation may be. I'm an Ekiti indigene, living in d heart of d state, self-employed on daily income & seriously affected by this lockdown, I have no clue on this 'til now

Oníyèyé kan shá Fayemi... You with audio money again? Please publish their names for clarifications. LoL Na lie o.. I'm in ekiti presently Fake News! These man has been Buhari Propagandist that's why he rigged in as a governor. Recipient: Ghosts in Ekiti Oloribu , iro ni weyrey n pa ooooo How do they pay them sir, is it by cash or transfer? Nawa oh, APC government has turn everybody to liar.

Ekiti people IFB ✌️ How? Please tell us. Mature lie Any Ekiti resident man or woman here to testify to what this man is saying please APV govt na scam and full of lies na God go purnish all of dem one after the other in Jesus name It a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They already knew who they give there food package and money. 5,000 ko

So you've join them in spreading their lies abi?Birds of the same feather. Lovely! please kindly do your research before publishing stories like this! Ignore the story it all lies.. i reside in ekiti and there’s no such thing please! Let’s be truthful for once in this country It a lie❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ Na Audio as usual

I really don’t know how Nigerians govt aren’t ashame of themselves,they will come out to media and be saying all sorts of rubbish,which structure do they ever put in place for them to things right way in this country and they are saying 5,000 Nigerians in ekiti received 20k each Even if this is true 5000 people out of over let’s say 2million is just 0.25% of the total population. So are u now out here to boast of that sir

This people have got no love for us, not even a tiny bit. Take note, do not forget all these and wait for them during coming elections. We can make our votes count. Lgaos and Ogun lockdown but Ekiti is receiving money from FG.. kfayemi did you actually said this or punch just want to just catch cruise. Anyways incase it’s true, make me ACCESS mine through 0052257920 btw I am Thomas Toluwalase of oke ila area.

What is the pupolation of this state sir? Is that fair enough what about the rest ? Nothing like that oooo Mr Gomina obalolami Let's just hope this is true,buh just 5,000 people out of how many people residing in the whole Ekiti....Ekiti people are on twitter o We are disappointed;punch news ...what are doing ?Shame on this people calling themselves’good leaders

Nigeria govt and lies .... I thank God for this coronavirus.. Atleast it doesn't affect only the poor...and this time everybody dey your country and tackle your issues. No more let me go abroad for treatment 😁😁 Probably those that voted for kfayemi Abeg Ekiti residents please confirm what your governor is saying is the truth and not but the truth. Those not in support say hi or retweet’s

How did he know? How do they really come about all these numbers that are being peddled about. Can God please, start to purnish these people now. I really don't think they will repent anymore. Distributed via Fayemi's bank account. Executive sycophancy is as deadly as Corona. Ekiti mek una sorry, una hear😭

So non of them is in any social network to talk to themselves.. Wicked govt we HV in Nigeria The money is for the poor, don't expect 5,000 poor ekiti people to be on Twitter to confirm yes. To distribute voters card will take them like 7 months and if they will share 5bn it will take them 1day to share it. Awon olè gbogbo

Why not Lagos,abuja and Ogun cause government didn't lockdown those regions that they are giving money give people in this three regions of lockdown kfayemi Please which Ekiti? Am in Ekiti and I haven't heard this from anyone.Abi our Governor is talking in his dream ni🙄 Fayemi has collected it on their behalf..... Shameless bunch

Lie from the pit of hell They used BVN and biometrics abi? This is a great lie I'm from Ekiti and there is nothing like that sir Na lie oh . I’m in Ekiti How true is this bullshit pls Why cant these useless souls fear God ...: how can you bring on such a huge lie 😳....... abi no be this Ekiti I dey Is it the one shared by APOSTLESULEMAN renoomokri YemieFash john_danfulani Imamofpeace DONJAZZY RAyemoba DeleMomodu Omojuwa ?

Please, the people of Ekiti need to come out now and attest to this or object the claim. Please is there any other Ekiti apart from the one am living? THUNDER where are you? Uncle Fayemi. Stop this naaa. This only happened only in the Governor's home town Isan-Ekiti alone that's true he knows that ekiti people prefer facebook that twitter that is his big lie surface here..

GbemiDennis Na dem!!! Mr. Fayemi seems not to have the figures of the financially handicapped in his state. 5,000 out of 2.3million By mathematics it is not up to 1% of Ekiti's total population. What's there to rejoice about Through which means? Yea..... The APC governor will collaborate the scam just to give it credibility.

Haba... 5000 persons😵😵... Ha politics😢 God punish you Fayemi 5000 people ~ and the rest? tawosepj your people collect? Can we see a list Mr. Governor? Seems you're part of the racket. Oh! I forgot, you were their minister of Mines and STEAL Development. 🤦🏼‍♂️ The FG only officially placed Lockdown in just 3States 'Abuja Lagos and Ogun state) just 3States they can pay an ordinary 5k within just 3State 😬 I mean 1 2 3States from 36states 🤦🏻‍♂️. God will judge every individual in charge of all this money n relieve materials sharing 😡😡😡

Useless Government what’s 5000 people Ekiti state government should kindly give us their contact. Group of liars. From Lie Mohammed to Fayemi Nigerians need names, the data base of the said recipients which should include their location and address of place of residence. Integrity demands that these be made public for all to see. Thank you

Be like say ogun won kill kfayemi non of my family in ekiti receive any money 💷 Where...when...how? Liar What would happen to the rest,they should go and die? Only 5k the rest what happens to Dem sigh He's saying this because Ekiti people are just on WhatsApp and not Twitter You all lie We all know this is a big white fat lie. It means we wey dey lagos just dey house in vain.

fayemi lielie everywhere Hmmm.... See Nigeria lying bounce packages.... Stop feeding us pls... Excellency, You are lying 😎 lies Fayemi na real bastard, he is the cabal boy so I am not disappointed, omoale kfayemi 5000 APC praise singers Egbon. 🤗 Publish the lists of the beneficiaries. Audio payment nonsense

OladoyinOG Dharmmy_rustu AsaoluTolulope Make una no chop this morning alone Pay tithes to me Apc Continue looting... Hell is available. To all those that have ridiculed the sanctity of this country from day one, and to those that are still ridiculing it; I hand you over to God almighty. May God remember you all and probe all of you.

It's a lie o, am from Ekiti I don't receive a penny and none of my family and friends received a penny Who are they.. Let the recipients speak from themselves... You can't be a judge in your own case GbemiDennis Let’s ask them on Facebook..they ain’t here GbemiDennis Why can't we drag all these people too?

Please my house is not even from the governor house ... we receive nothing ooo Gov. Fayemi is mad, am from Ekiti I never heard about this... no one from my hometown received FG's 20k Wait are the people given this money ghost or what Everything in nigeria is an opportunity to loot, chaiii This lies close to truth

Why is it that only those who supposedly shared the money are the ones testifying about it. What about those who received it? Are they in isolation from speaking out about what they got from government? We are seeing the ones of individuals testifying but govt ones are mute. How did the federal govt got our numbers when they keep sending messages to our phones everyday as if we read it .....they can use same means to get our account numbers and send stipends......I don't understand all this their audio money....

Wow... Ekiti people are really enjoying. FG well done ooh pls remember others too. MBuhari Tell the idiot make he mention names of people wey dem give. Even the one wey Ekiti govt give nah APC members them share am for. Aye e o ni da Fayemi Please if you receive this money notify ......... I'm from Ekiti .......I never see shingbai.....

yinkzbosun And they definitely member of APC. Scillapoint so una collect money finish, una hold mouth abi? This is to show that the money was distributed to their party members. kfayemi please confirm this , punch might be wrong but please we need clarification. This is a Total lie and deceit to your people . This is ridiculous. 5000 is not a small number ooooo . Oga oooo .

Audio money, rubbish We need prove and let them come out to tell us they recieve the money Always defending this failed administration , even gorvernor can't say the truth , na wawoooooo Which Ekiti resident is Mr governor talking about Well maybe his family members........ Thunder is Real oooooo Funk our leader for then all

20000 x 5000 = 100,000,000 . 100 million zoooooom. Ese ooohhh federal government of ekiti. One or two witness will come from their party 😁😁😁😁😁 Or you meant has been shared among 5000 APC party members If only 5000 Ekiti residents received 20k, so where did they get the figures of 2.3million Nigerians cos I'm yet to see or hear someone i know that received?

5,000 audio residents🤔 I’m from Ado-Ekiti bro.Abeg u too Dey lie ahan😂😂😂 Make public the list of beneficiaries to verify the veracity My sisters live in Ekiti I have friends in Ekiti and non of them got come? Ijoba o yato si Fraudsters Pls what’s the yardstick for the sharing of this relief money. I want to be a partaker. Haven’t seen them in Rivers state

Lol see cruise 😂, nawa oo oga kfayemi na boss 🙌🏿 Is unfair, how can federal government select some People they are giving money, while the shot down affected every Nigerians What can of country is? What happen to others? Why can't you People pay This money according BVN? How many rich People did we have in This nation?

Mr Fayemi, can you mention just 5 persons among the 5,000 Ekiti residents who received 20k from FG. God is watching all us. Where in Ekiti cos my mum has not collected and she lives in ode Ekiti APC registered members.....stop this fallacy...only APC registered members got anything.... Meanwhile, 86,000 people received in Kano.

Mad oooo. 😄😄😄 I'm from Ekiti. I receive the N20k every week Nonsensical nonsense This is absolutely a lie I’m in Ado ekiti Ahn ahn Pure lie Why is it so hard to use bvn for the purpose of accountability .make una just stop all these physical cash sharing joor, na bobo Maybe APC card carrier ... awon werey

APC state. Even if they didn't receive, they'll say they did. What a lie !!! His lies is small compared to 84k in kano. These people are funny Lie lie APC and Lies are like 5&6 Hmmmm Hmmmn Make dem publish the names now or they don't have the records of the beneficiaries. I stay in Ekiti and I no hear anything from any recipients. Chai Naija

Story... Thank you. But what happen to other millions of Ekiti residents? The money is not enough. Mr Governor should ensure Agriculture is not shutdown in the state. Government should facilitate transportation and distributions of Agricultural products in this lockdown. If you’re from ekiti and you reside there....please let us know whether or not you got your 20k

Nah lie go finish some people 💯 Lie kie u their kfayemi Ekiti make una come hear ur governor oooo🤔 Politicians -Businessmen! See how dem dey loot money con dey give us fake figures. This is for sure an opportunity to mismanage, misappropriate and embezzle public funds. After Covid-19 , what’s next ?

Lol this one sef part of thier lie lie Mulé...!! E kú iro sir 🙌 olé olosà...!! No Evidence, Shame on you..!! Shame..!! I don't understand if it's a news 📰 😑 I'm very sure our honorable governor didn't say this and if he did he has consumed goat feaces kfayemi It is well ooo Never seen a man so glued to lying... 5000 x N20,000= N100,000,000... What can money not do to someone

5,000 kee una papa This man is gradually becoming a clown Bigggg lieeee When is federal government coming to Edo state? We need it too Audio money up and down... I tire for our leaders in this country U don min it Sometimes it is not that this politician's are lying, maybe they give it to those people in their political party, that is how they shared what belong to me and you. Evil people

Audio Debiwumi come and see your people o kfayemi they are calling you a liar here oooo 😂 5000 from 2m people given? Ekiti state was not enlisted in the state that was lockdown for no movement. Gov't need to see to this. Egbon FAYENCO why una dey lie like these, my hometown LG for Ekiti don dey beg una people for electricity for the past 7yrs, una no give us, now una don come with another lie... Ajibola91374411 kindly tag my other village people make dem come counteract this lie 🤥

Where the money...... And how did we received the money Lie lie people Aah!! Nigeria my country, If God were human, most Nigerian politicians would have been roasted alive. What a shame deemonk4 is this true? Why are people not testifying? Govt of lies Maybe they politicise it am from Ekiti nothing comes to our street and my family as well

Mr Gomina, can you please publish their names and details and how they were selected to validate this claim? Not just coman give us figure. We're not babies. Nonsense and ingredients! Anyone in Ekiti should verify this please. kebsybog you no tell us say you collect funds oh Ekiti people if there's anyone with a valid evidence should pls upload lets verify how true it's

See this deceitful governor And u are proud of it, so it was only 5000 people's are in that state? Which of the Ekiti please? Only 5000 people mmtmmwefhd Over to you Ekiti peopl😃 It is well This news is DOA. My in-laws said they neither heard or received anything from the Ekiti state government. Yes. They are indigents and residing in Ekiti

Let the governor show us evidence 5000 people? Out of about 3 million citizens. At fajuyi pavilion, some people collected the 20k yesterday 07/04/2020 Only 5000 residents, our Govt no dey shame ooo AUDIO.Louder pls...... His a big liar nothing like ooooo they are just using this virus to enrich their pockets

There isn't fear of God in Fayemi U mean on social media or physical cash. The fact is if people received the money in ekiti, the news will spread, only writes what they are told to write, ask how many people they counted and which local govt was the money shared. Let them be the ones to come out and say. You ain't their Mouth Piece ok, enough of this media gimmicks here and there pls.

Ekiti people where are you, is it true you received money, abi na scam? Well! I am sure the 5,000 residents are linked, they are not just random people. I am ready to bet 500k with Fayemi to show me just one Ekiti resident paid directly by the FG. Someone show him this tweet. No single Ekiti residents I know of has agreed to have received that money. Mtchwwwwww. Audio payment.

And you are proud? How can the whole Ekiti have only five thousand beneficiaries. In what manner was the distribution done. Which kind lie is this?...Am from Ekiti and my Family are there..We talked everyday. Why do we politicize everything. jidesanwoolu drobafemihamzat ProfOsinbajo why is it Ekiti that is getting the FG reimbursement what happen to lagos resident that have been home way before Ekiti please let’s look into this as soon as possible

Na lie This one na Audio.... How sure this fake news is ? I just made a call to forks in my village in Ekiti. In the whole village nobody received a dine. This is all lies from the politicians. Thieves Lagos State can never do that one When was that Mr Governor My dear people of Ekiti, come and verify this story oo

This present gvt are so callous, wicked and very insensitive in all ways. This is my third week at my grandma's place here in Efon, d real typical town of efon local gvt. D old woman nd her friends haven't collected palliative ever since dis lock down started. God will Judge dem We don't see anything o, no community in the state have received anything...Maybe some of their party loyalist then.

Shame. The way these politicians insult our intelligence beats me. Fayemi how was this money disbursed ? Hand to hand or through transfer ? How was the list of beneficiaries compiled ? What criteria was used in selecting them ? Any supporting documents as evidence? Questions. Ekiti kete Na Dem... Chain of liars. Why haven't a PDP controlled state said any thing yet? Thieves!!!

A drop in a massive ocean When was that Shoe us there names Only God will help us in dis country... I was so surprised wen I heard d conditional transfer cash kicked start in ekiti yesterday in Ado and Efon lG, I'm frm Efon and I'm in efon at d moment ever since d lockdown started... Nobody witnessed anything of such. Shame on dis people.

They should have allow their citizen to talk... No be dem... Na so armed robber dey do.. I’m in Ekiti... not heard or seen anything👺 Our politician are the problem we have they lie to us always because they feel they have it all and we can do nothing about but advice to them nothing is permanent on earth

Haaaaaaaaaaa E beru olorun oooooo CORONAVIRUS, COVID 19 OR COVID 419! All the APC Governor's ,Ministers Customs ,Police and the Presidency are using this Opportunity to loot and steal money! God! God!! God!!! Where are you. Can you borrow us some Thunder! Please why Lagos State is Excluded... Are you kidding us

Nothing like that Mr. Governor. I'm presently in Ekiti.. Stop all this fallacy.. Your family members are among those that receive the money As in, ehn.... This is Nigeria... Kai! Where is this coming from Sir?kfayemi Well, it could be a future tense. kfayemi Audio giveaway Ekiti people, please gather here I want to ask you a question. Una see the 20k abi una sabi person wey dey among the 5,000 wey collect this 💰?

Its a lie Don't deceive the people be more transparent about this Nigerians deserve a better life. LiberateNigeria Verification of this claim is key. This is scam disregard this audio money iamscoded and LORDCUPIDMUSIC afar is this true? Audio money, ole ni awon people sha walahi. Maybe its 100 people they have like that They will come here and say 100,000 people Nothing they can tell me i will bliv

Are they telling us only 5,000 people are suffering in the whole state. Why are these leaders so evil like this? sunnet4me We 'll know the truth if we ask Ekiti residents. What do you expect in time like this? , bullshit everywhere Receivers are the ones to confirm this not you sir. Evidence or ? Publish the list.. Or the bank paid true. Let journalist follow it up

This people don't really care about nobody, I hope we vote wisely on next elections. don't go and be voting for cow and chickens. Audio In their dreams 🤣 Audio Ekiti people come out oooooooooooooooo🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Publish the names. Nobody received 5kobo in Ekiti and I don't think that virus is Ekiti sef.. Na packaging to eat money 💵

If you’re tired of dropping account number under every giveaway tweet and ending up not being lucky like me😩😩 lemme tell you how to make cool cash as I just discovered. DM Where and when? Haaa! Uncle Kayode!!!! We know say u Dey lie but easy on them fam!🌚 The Governor is lying because he knows that no one from Ekiti is on Twitter

Good one if its true, I have my doubts Wen wud d govt stop giving in print and online media and actually start giving in real life. Why go abt publicizing dat u gave ppl ween d money is d peoples in d 1st instance. Govt is a service and wen ur truly serving it handiworks wud speak 4 u Fayemi..! Can this claim be vet...? If yes, we need 1000peoples phone contact.

The man said that it’s for the poorest of the poor and those who deserve it will continue to enjoy it.. Hmmm there’s problem oo brethren. This one no be stimulus package resulting from the lockdown.. na for poverty alleviation program Lagos how far? Oga na for where? I'm sure they are not ghosts, let them come out and prove their governor right or wrong. Even one witness with authentic evidence will suffice.

Good one God bless the Governor. This is a Big lie everyone. I am currently at ekiti now. Wtf. Liers. I was formerly at Lagos. But now at ekiti. Liers. Liers Baba na lie oooooo.... I dey Ekiti... Is there another Ekiti? Perhaps another country is called Ekiti. Ekiti people where are you? Did you confirm this ?

Let the people from Ekiti do the confirmation of this news.. Where z mine? Ekiti residents don't use twitter? How was it sent, why an accurate figure of 5k ppl, not 5,123 ppl.. Scam Nice Fayemi O de beru oloun..... Haaa you don collect your own money abi Oh so o na you come dey testify on behalf of those that received 😆 Scammer...

What of people that live in Lagos why can fg settle everybody You just shared to your members & some ppl in your community. Is this true? OGUNMADEJI Nigeria Where is evidence? Pls anyone from ekiti should verify Who are they? You people should stop all these partisan nonchalance and focus on good governance.

Oluwa wetin dey occur for osun like dis Seems no twitter account users from ekiti......EKITI!.. Your governor is here for d kill🙄🙄🙄🙄 People in Ekiti should come and confirm. I used to think this governor is a responsible man, I no understand again AbrahamAdesoj1 Ekiti pipo, come and testify here biko

How true is this? Ekiti make Una talk we hear na true? Nobody in Ekiti is talking about this, expect the governor Ekiti people, is this true? They should remember Lagos State ooo Ekiti people make una come out and agree with ur governor We here, at ojo resident didn't received any dime..... LAGOS TO BE PRECISE

Where's the evidence?

COVID- 19: 84,00O Kano indigenes to receive FG's N20,000 palliative - Daily Post NigeriaAt least 84,000 indigenes of Kano State are to benefit from the Federal Government's N20,000 palliative. The National Coordinator of the Programme, Thiefs This Nigeria self ... why north always have much benefits 😒 Was Kano locked down... Stealing money since 1914

Lockdown Violation: Court Fines Funke Akindele, Husband N100,000 Each - THISDAYLIVE*Orders couple’s isolation, community service for 14 days *Police detain Naira Marley, launch manhunt for others By Chiemelie Ezeobi The Chief Magistrate Court 1 Ogba on Monday, found popular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, and her husband, Abdulrasheed Bello, guilty of violating the two-week restriction order imposed by the federal government. The duo were charged to … Follow for follow It is well.... Thanks God they are out She couldn't hav pleaded guilty. I thought she'd want to fight hard when she decided to circumvent social distncing order. U hav enough resources to hire a hoot court who can speak against d order as null and void abinitio considering military/kangaroo approach in passing it

COVID-19: SERAP advises FG to transfer N5,000 electronicallyIs this too much to ask for...with all the billions donated? FG is capable they should do sumtin very fast ohhh hungry dy d town Does anyone need to tell the Federal government that people are suffering in this lockdown? The money for the masses would still be looted

Coronavirus: Facemask offenders to pay fine of N300,000 - Ayade - Daily Post NigeriaCross River State Governor, Prof Ben Ayade, has issued a fresh threat to any citizen or resident of the state who refused to wear facemask. The warning Funny country 5m ni. Abi kinni gbogbo weryre yi gan 😠 So long as he provides them in surplus for the people. But funny, when countries like US & UK are facing greatest scarcity of masks in human history. The policy has even saumwrsaulted before it was implemented.

Flouting COVID-19 order: Nollywood actress, husband plead guilty, get N200,000 fine – Daily TrustChief Magistrate Yewande Aji-Afunwa, sitting at an Ogba magistrate court, Lagos, yesterday ordered Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele-Bello, and her husband, Abdulrasheed Bello, also known as JJC Skillz, to pay N100,000 fine each after the couple pleaded guilty to a one-count criminal charge of violating the order restricting movement in Lagos State. The court also sentenced … Sabi he's mad ni. if not for FUNKE AKINDEKE that is well known............ Plead for what. This country is nonsense,why would she be arrested,did she drag people that came to her house? With this fine, she will organize another one next week. While not 3 days imprisonment and let's see how she would have organized the party if in prison..

COVID-19: Buhari approves recruitment of 774, 000 Nigerians – Daily TrustThe Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, says President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the engagement of 774, 000 Nigerians on Special Public Works programme in the country to cushion the effect of COVID-19 pandemic. Ahmed disclosed this at a press conference on fiscal stimulus measures in response to COVID-19 pandemic and oil … Long live the president Mr president make u dey fair God Ohhh😂😂😂 Into ...