25% salary deduction: Go on strike, forfeit your job, El-Rufai threatens Kaduna health workers

25% salary deduction: Go on strike, forfeit your job, El-Rufai threatens Kaduna health workers

5/22/2020 1:00:00 PM

25% salary deduction: Go on strike, forfeit your job, El-Rufai threatens Kaduna health workers

Kaduna State Government has threatened to sack any health worker who fails to show up at their assigned places of work, saying the government will view such action by health workers as having forfe…

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-rufaiKaduna State Government has threatened to sack any health worker who fails to show up at their assigned places of work, saying the government will view such action by health workers as having forfeited their employment.

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The state government, in response to a strike notice by health workers over the state’s deductions of 25 percent from the salaries of all civil servants, said it will not bend to blackmail and instructed that every health worker willing to work is required to sign the register at the Ministry of Health and the health institutions to which they are deployed.

The Congress of Health Workers’ Unions and Associations in Kaduna State had given the state government an ultimatum to refund the 25 percent salary cuts from their April and May salaries as well as tasked the government to provide them with Personal Protective Equipment.

READ:I will personally patrol Kaduna-Kano borders on Sallah day —Gov. El-RufaiADVERTISEMENTDear valued readers, subscribe to the Daily Trust e-paper to continue enjoying our diet of authoritative news. Kindly subscribe hereThe union, in a communique issued within the week warned of strike action should the state government fail to meet its demands.

However, a statement issued by the Special Adviser to the Governor Nasir El-Rufai, on Media and Communication, Muyiwa Adekeye, announced that the state government will not bow to what it described as “naked blackmail” as it will keep its health facilities running and protect staff that are willing to work.

It directed the Ministry of Health to ensure that health facilities run and provide services to the public with the support of willing workers who must be offered every assistance and protection.“The government noted that it is instructive that the strike action was announced on the same day that many health workers were showing evidence on social media of the N450,000 they had received as April 2020 incentive.

“Government rejects the strike threat and will regard persons who fail to show up at their assigned places of work as having forfeited their employment,” it stated.READ:No date for relaxing Kaduna lockdown – El-Rufai“Every effort will be made to ensure that health facilities keep functioning, staffed by willing workers who will be guaranteed free and safe access to health facilities.

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“Those who are not willing to work are strongly warned against criminal action such as attempts to impede access to workplaces, harass willing workers or to sabotage facilities and equipment,” it further stated.The statement further described as a form of “naked blackmail” the action of health workers to declare a strike action amidst the Covid-19 pandemic stressing that they had based their assumptions on “the mistaken assumption that the state government will reward irresponsible conduct by some health workers with surrender.

“The state government will not be misled into granting health workers a special status amongst public servants.”It stated that the consequences of concessions made along such lines by previous governments have created a sense that “some public servants are more precious than others.”

It added that, “government will not be browbeaten by strike action into excluding health workers from the sacrifices being made by other public servants who are donating 25 percent of their salary to fund the provision of palliatives for low-income, poor and vulnerable persons that are impacted by the lockdown.”

The governor clarified that the salary deductions introduced in April 2020 apply to everyone who works for the state government from the governor to the most junior civil servant with take-home pay of more than N50, 000 monthly, stressing that it does not favour or discriminate against any professional group in the public service.

Daily Trustreports that the Kaduna State Government has from April commenced the payment of daily incentives of between N5, 000 and N15, 000 to frontline health workers in the state as well as a monthly incentive of 10% of net pay for other health workers in public hospitals and primary health centres.

The government has also provided them with additional insurance coverage for death and disability to the tune of N5 million for death and N2.5 million for disability while Covid-19 infection cover of N100, 000 for 10 days.RelatedDownload Daily Trust News App

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Am here Before I get to know much about El rufai, I was in the fire front supporting his ambitions, but now I realised the man has no respect for humanity at all, I have siezed my loyalty to him Why at this crucial time,H.E? I thought giving them more to motivate them being on the Frontline of this pandemic would help a lot. God will help you sir to be able to live up to your responsibility.

Serious matter For him to be threatening health workers at this time confirms what everyone has been saying, that there's no coronavirus in Nigeria🤷 Dictatorship This is a wrong idea becauae their salary supposed to be increased because they are supposed to be paid hazard allowance due to this covid-19 pandemic. .. All is well table turns

This is getting out of hand elrufai health workers are the hero's of this era. No one should threatened them . Kwaya U Don't have any right to deduct any amount of the Working staff of kaduna state Do they deserve that Next time he wants to contest for an elective position he will kneel down and ask for forgiveness and the people will vote for him. Remember how he begged Kogi state voters to forgive their governor and re-elect him. We never learn

May Allah protect us from de evil did of dan tsuntsu Kusaki mutane suyi ibadah killa a sama sauki wata biyu kenan kowa yan daure kun bar talkawanku cikin yunwa akwai kin dilanci fa He is damn joking. He can’t do shit if they go on strike. If all the health workers are to embark on strike, he will cry blood tears.

Matsiyachii! Mulki zaka barshi dolenka,Maganinsu Suma 'yan kaduna da suka sake zabarshi foluwake_ There is God oo Fear God ooo If there has to be salary deduction, certainly not for health workers fighting to keep us all alive. Mr. gorvernor you need a rethink on this please. He is been misbehaving ever since he came back from isolation center.

Other countries appreciate health workers n wat he knows best is to threaten health workers by takin 25% of their salaries, if I were those health workers we'll collect our salaries resign n let him go do d jobs rather let him say he was eyeing d 25% of of their salaries yeye That is the downside of electing a small person as a leader

This man most be under the influence of power drunk! Those shouting at Wike are not watching the real bulldozer at this crucial time? Political tyrant 😑😑😑. The most amazing thing is that, u must leave that seat when the time is right. Not bonuses, 25% salary deductions, and now sack threat. Continue loosing your fakely acquired popularity.

Did he cut his own Salary and that of his staff ? All the Government worker ms should also give the same both politicians. had to use the right pic to how d gravity of the threat 😂😂 I gbakelanu abi Thank you jare! Many are out there without that 75% Wani mulkin sai a kaduna Its indeed a shame on you elrufai

There is God oo It's not by force, you have to negotiate with them, if they agree fine, if they didn't pay them their full salary elrufai You cannot fire an employee because of strike, industrial action is their own right. Very arrogant what kinda person is this. This is democratic rule not dictatorship gentleman.

Oga health workers at this time? Why deduction in their salary? People risking their lives? If only all of them would cooperate, you will end up doing the job yourself. Murus! Just imagine ths wicked man If the doctors come together and really strike you and your children go do the work those governors who really want to help started from their family cars aids lavish lifestyle of their kids before health workers

If u like sack them all Allah sarki! Allah Kar ka bamu mukamin da zai zama sanadiyyan zakunci da ga al-umma ko halakan mu. Ameen Only in Nigeria that there would be an open threat like this and for what doctors that are out there risking their lives for people he should know better because he was a patient of the deathly covid-19

Dictatorship and tyranny at its peak..health workers should be appreciated at this trying moment, if possible their salaries should be increased, not threatened with sack for seeking justice. Surprisingly, some critical voices are quiet🤔 How can you deduct money from health workers kai! Ba kiau. This is unfair..

Haba mallam Very unfortunate. Dama you only want power to rule So pathetic! Mugu This governor sounds like a tyrant without conscience. Nothing wey Musa no go see for gate. Citizens of this country are labor slaves, and it's about time people open their eyes to it elrufai to cut the salary of health workers in his State. The same health workers that treated him when he was down with COVID-19? It's unreasonable he's threatening them with sack. Hope he won't but start using PPE to cater for other patients by himself after sacking them?

Midget tyrant This sounds tyrant! They have to so that they will find way out How much did he deduct from his own salary? And he's even threatening them. Wtf Why will they go on strike when the country needed them most They voted for him, let them enjoy. Mr Man ur wahala too much. Instead of u to seat and talk to them u are threatening them, for how long will u keep threatening people? Their is life after governance.

Nonsense. He's not diplomat but always threatening people. El rufai lacks leadership sense ,religious bigot governor...nonsense man This is madness,why compared health workers and other workers who are now at home,while health workers still go to work,if u cant increase their salary leave it the way its,God forbid,u to be our president.

This is the type of leader that suit our nation. We are just too greedy. Where is the the sacrifice? funnytuns Wow! Sad! Sir pls leave them alone pls Dis man self . He just do his things anyhow . Why will be threating an health workers during dis pandemic. I tire oooooo As far as am concerned, am a doctor in the state and has not received any incentive nor bonuses nor allowance, only deductions since last month, yet we work daily as compared to other state workers who have been sitting at home.

Speachless I love this guy. Sane people will scream the government is not doing anything to help the needy, same people that have been enjoying a lucrative amount of salary,say they are frontline heroes but can't take a 25% paycut for a while. SUgbor I thought their salary was suppose to be increased,,, why deducting?😲😲

As long as we haven't forfeited our license, what's his Job! If the doctors in the state can relocate to where they are needed Am sure Gov. EL Rufai will beg and increase salaries Hmmmmmmmmm Nigerian are not willing to let go of covid 19,health workers are supposed to be paid more, bcuz they life is in danger if we don't appreciate there work and can't pay them more we shouldn't reduce their salary...

Our future president insha Allah. Another emperor in north, Replies to this tweet shows that many people were just commenting without knowing what is truly happening!. We should make a research before commenting on issues like this!. Am very sure this man elrufai it not okay at all. I just pray all the health workers can all unite and go for the strike and let c who will regret is action but just to consider the ones that their life will be affected medically because he believes he is above all

My able General. Morn Sir Sir, pls be compassionate to not only exempt the health workers from salary slashes but to ensure payment of hazard allowances to them during this Cobid-19 pandemic. There no harm other workers’ salaries are slashed by 25% since most of them are observing the stay-at-home order.

Autocratic system of government It's the population that will suffer especially those that cannot afford private hospital fees. Iron man with iron fist Today you're praising him next tomorrow you're there cursing him but one thing I know for sure he his a gem among his peers Covid 19 why why why.... U for no spare this bastard

Very bad of el rufai,you mean harm to the innocent workers. If you can support don't harm them. Ga wani dan liti mugun. Baka taimaka kana ragewa. Mugunta sai na Nigeria Hahahaha i swear i like this ur governor tz_paco Pls read the news before commenting pls. Aha. The man is making sense. They keep receiving daily hazard allowance, 10% increase in pay monthly, increase in insurance etc. Give this man a break. He is just judiciously spending scarce resources

Na by force? Maybe this will push My dear Nurses to buckle down! 🤦🏻‍♂️ be on the mark , because after this lockdown lift you should be set to go😏 Nasiru kenan. Cut your own salary and allowance first before mounting pressure on workers This Governor is already mad Don't treat them like that, they deserve recommendation and respect for their good work most especially in this time.

BappaMnr God will punish him Shege Netanyahu. Why are our politicians very wicked ? You can't deny people their entitlement when there are other ways to cut down cost. Health workers in other countries voluntarily sacrifice their lives and a good portion of their salary, ours know only greed and would only succumb to iron fist like El Rufa'i. Kudos lion.

Gaskiya he doesn't deserve to be President of Nigeria or Vice President See dem presidential material Are our politicians real democratic, or just opportunistic dictators in disguise. Isn’t it criminal just to slash workers salaries without consent and advance notification? It's Absurd can you see one of Nigeria's Governor threatening his health workers because of salary reduction your days are numbered when voice of the people will prevail over the desions of you evil leaders

As if your four years will not complete soon hiss These aren't teachers. The Governor won't have his way without hurting the Health system. 😥 Hhhhmmm tirrrr🤔🤔🤔🤔 This man really has a problem Enforcement Tyranny I beg this man go to hell fire Governor that is extortion !!!!!

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