2023: Why Tinubu is the most capable candidate to succeed Buhari –Sanwo-Olu - Punch Newspapers

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Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Bola Tinubu

1/27/2022 10:48:00 PM

2023: Why Tinubu is the most capable candidate to succeed Buhari –Sanwo-Olu - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

27 January 2022Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, says All Progressives Congress National Leader, Bola Tinubu, is the most capable candidate to succeed the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) in May 2023.The governor said this on Thursday when he drummed support for the Tinubu candidacy during the formal inauguration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Movement’s Working Committees in Ikeja GRA.

The movement was conceived and set up by members of Governor’s Advisory Council in Lagos for the actualisation of the presidential ambition of the former Lagos governor.In 2023, Sanwo-Olu said the country was in need of a capable leader with progressive ideas to succeed Buhari and build on the progress recorded by the current administration.

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jidesanwoolu with all due respect sir...you're not alright for this comment🙄 No second term for Sanwo Olu...... he's trying to market rotten fruit to Nigerian Let Asiwaju do what he knows he how to do best. He's a kingmaker. He should bring out a King among those he claimed he has made. NIGERIANS SHOULD PAY HIM BY MAKING SURE THAT HE FALL IN D FORTHCOMING ELECTION BECAUSE HE PLAYED A MAJOR ROLE IN ENTHRONING THIS TYRANT AND HEARTLESS ADMINISTRATION THAT PLUNGED NIGERIANS INTO PAINS, NIGHTMARES, SORROWS, HEARTBREAKS AND HOPELESSNESS...

Because he removed the former gov and made you gov. Let him recover first. Really? After all we've witnessed from 2015 till now, how can any sane person who didn't just escape from Yaba Psychiatric hospital still be talking about Tinubu & Osinbajo for president come 2023? Shey una dey whine me ni? Capable? He should go n rest.

The way forward is to eliminate the ruling class without hesitation. Tinubu, Buhari Atiku, Uzor Kalu etc. Evil men that've pillaged the country should be eliminated. So that a new class of leaders like Soludo, Makinde can be given a chance to lead. Please retweet to save our 🇳🇬 You mean this 💀 man walking 🚶‍♂️ I don’t think so

2023 presidency: Miyetti Allah denies backing Tinubu to succeed BuhariMiyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has refuted reports that it endorsed ex-Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu for President. The Nobody cares What this cabal will do Tinubu eeh , he will wish he never associated with Bubu in the first place Season of denial? Loading.........

Tinubu will not win primary E nor go better for una. So that they will pack our money for hospital bill and transportation Abi. Tinubu is the best man for the job. Happiness For All Nigerians. CelebrateNigerianGovernors And who told mr sanwo olu that Nigerians are interested in his opinion This puppet should rest please. Haba, do we even wish ourselves well?.

This is the only reason he was made a governor Because he was your boss Is the Lagos state government house now close to Shitta?

2023: Yoruba Leaders Should Mediate Between Tinubu, Osinbajo — AjuloA renowned constitutional lawyer, Dr. Kayode Ajulo, has called on Yoruba stakeholders to hold a strategic conference in the interest of the South-West and Tinubu has created a monster in Osinbanjo that he can no longer control. 🤣

He is capable simply because he has the money and knowing full well that poverty has eaten deep into people's jejunum and illeun You are trying to promote your godfather here and Nigerians are not buying that crap. If I were to be him, I would’ve said the same thing Why wont you say so? When you set a panel for end SARS after their investigation they came with the report that people was killed which we all knew, but you said that their report are false in other to favour government. You're just a disgrace.

Talk is cheap. I'm happy that APC & PDP are not the only political parties in Nigeria. Let's give others a try. 2023:Why Saraki is the Most capable candidate to succeed Buhari-Nigerian Youth Clueless people Some news are better left unread Most dangerous candidate to succeed Buhari. Another mistake of 2015 about to take place.


2023: You should be in jail - Adeyanju blasts Tinubu over presidential ambitionDeji Adeyanju, popular rights activist, has said Bola Tinubu , National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, should be rotting in jail rather than For what reasons should have been in jail Don't argue with a fool like Adeyanju

I think Punchnews has been paid to publish Tinubu2023 Cos, I've been seeing Tinubu support little more than anytime Oga Ade! Them born you well to speak against ya master? Talking as if you have a choice! Some people will just open their mouth and be saying rubbish.God just make this man hellfire hot wella 😡

In your own dream!. Never will a Drug Lord head this country, Nigeria . Bola Tinubu is a very corrupt Politician worse than Late Gen Sanni Abatcha . A Fake Polician who hides his real identity, his real age and the source of his wealth. We know already that he was a Drug Baron. EndSARS Ko seyan mor Ogun dey roll bante for thiswan sha

A time will come now even when you post this old man picture no body will like or comment on it Muslim- muslim ticket won't work in Nigeria. He should rest Okay 👌, well said! …🦅🦅🦅

Chris Idoko: 2023: Tinubu, Atiku's presidential aspirations justify Kanu's stand on Nigerianess to Ndi-IgboLet me start this piece by making it categorically clear to these aspirants, their families, supporters, friends and loyalists that I have nothing against Atiku appeal to Igbos to hand over to them in 4years is poisonous to equity , we Igbos will not negotiate our birth right

May God forgive u. I Know he won't want to bite the finger that fed him. Godfatherism The election cycle is in full swing It should read: why tinubu is the most useless candidate to succeed buhari Definitely Tinubu is capable, maybe most capable to an extent. Good man, but I believe his role is far beyond becoming the President of this nation. We should rather encourage him to use that same ability to build up VP Osinbajo for the seat. We really need that from Baba Tinubu.

It's because he's heartless than buhari It's gonna be another 8years of hardship if citizens do not vote wisely Tinubu is not the most capable candidate in you party, if your party present him as your candidate. You loss That's to succeed Bihari in London hospital But the bitterness of helping PMB to win the election has blinded many of us. Somebody should tell me here that apart using his incoming personal drive to create business empire, what he stole that they know of.

If the progressive governance that Lagos state has had so far is a result of Tinubu’s imposition, then I pray the same type for Nigeria. Hatred can blind. Experienced, abundant track record in both his working life and as a governor amongst many other achievements

2023: APC Rep, Simon Karu shuns Tinubu, backs Osinbajo, Gbajabiamila, FasholaA member of the House of Representatives, Simon Karu has named potential candidates for the position of standard-bearer for the All Progressives Congress Both Tinubu and Osinbajo should relax their muscles for NDIGBO to come at this time to preside over this nation to show that we are one nation, anyone that come out at this time is an enemy of one nation.. NDIGBO present your candidate for president,it is your turn.dont miss it.

Sometimes the ghost tweeting this is crazy It is very wrong and sham for anyone to tell Nigerians that one candidate is most capable, thus that mean others are moron, a person on borderline of knowledge, the word most is base on your own intelligence not we, you can not decide my own destiny but yours by yours

Never again! Never again! Never again! Affliction shall not rise again over Nigeria. Is a big lie We understand you're speaking from the position of fear of loosing your political relevance. But sir, keep all recommendations to yourself we know what we want. So he can agberolize Nigeria as he dealing with Lagos right?

What else do we expect from you, say something different and you won't go for second term. Everybody knows you're not saying this on your own volition. But sorry Tinibu is the least qualified to be president after the disaster called Buhari. Baba Osupe for second term lol Sanwo Olu and Nonsense are 5&6🙄🙄

Like godfather like godson 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

Peoples Democratic Party Warned Against Zoning 2023 Presidential Ticket To North | Sahara ReportersA political advocacy group, Reset Nigeria, which made the call in a statement, said the party risked mass exodus of members and extinction if it failed to field a presidential candidate from Southern Nigeria in line with the idea of rotational presidency between the North and South. 😂 dem wan give atiku heart attack A stupid take,they should better be smart and Bring a credible candidate from the south east otherwise we would continue where buharis would stop. PDP is confused APC has put them in tight corner by zoning presidency to the south...

That's your own opinion... Osinbajo is my candidate GetYourPVC Tinubu is know is a local politician, how many places did he know in Nigeria. He is unknown in the south east south south even middle belt. Lagos money can't buy Nigeria for him All those cultist people if you stop them they will stop you let me follow Jesus.

That the Tinubu SWAGA group are trying so hard to sell tinubullionvan indicates some kind of panic in their ranks. The fact is you won’t go far trying to market a bad product. Tinubu is a very bad product to market as the President of Nigeria! lekkimasacre Definitely. Tinubu 2023 That's because you have not done your second term

May we never see that day in this country..... Instead is better a foreigner becomes the president Well...I expect nothing less from a pullet to his puppet master. Strings pulled lips move. You disappoint me Sanwo-Olu. God forbid

All of this people wan trade us for political seat This thing wey you talk God go hold you for it. Nonsense men May God punish him and his family Person wey no capable himself... Na incapability hin go support b4 na.... If he say otherwise he’s out of the government house so don’t blame him please I am sure even Sanwo-Olu did not believe this claim about Tinubu being 'most qualified for the presidency': he said so, only so as to raise his own chances of a second term as Lagos state governor.

Sanwo Olu is an idiot After hijacking Lagos he plans to stole Nigeria This one wey Ambode tell us say him don craze Boi dun dey talk for oga😀😀 What a country... Nothing like credibility in him

Who is a Sycophant? Be calming down. King makers must not be kings. huh? OPC for northerners during his leadership in Lagos The jagaban Beneficiary hardly speak against their benefactors, do they? Person wey no well. Balderdash!!! How can an old and corrupt man be capable? He is saying this so that he can get second term. All of you will be put to shame as he will not smell aso rock IJMN


What do expect from a hand fed dog? jidesanwoolu sir tinyin fe ta with due respect Are you okay? But papa don old na Some of this men will still collect slap one day. We said we don't want dis old man, they are just rally round him for support. I don't blame sanwo olu, his eyeing for 2nd term. Just as Buhari was marketed by Tinubu.... Someone has got to do the dirty job of selling the skunk.

Una father stil Why won't you say so when you have not done second term which would be determined by him... Politicians will never say the truth especially when their interest is at stake... Second term for you jidesanwoolu

Hmmm Hmm, I see ,I saw