2023: Nigeria Is In Trouble If Tinubu Or Atiku Becomes President —Northern Elders Forum | Sahara Reporters

27/06/2022 3:13:00 PM

2023: Nigeria Is In Trouble If Tinubu Or Atiku Becomes President —Northern Elders Forum | Sahara Reporters

2023: Nigeria Is In Trouble If Tinubu Or Atiku Becomes President —Northern Elders Forum | Sahara Reporters

He said the presidential candidates of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi and that of the New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso are better, compared to Atiku and Tinubu.

by saharareporters, new york Jun 27, 2022 The Convener of the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, Professor Ango Abdullahi, has said Nigeria will be in chaos if either Bola Tinubu of the ruling All Progressives Congress or Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party wins the 2023 presidential election, stating that the duo have nothing to offer the country.By Balarabe Alkassim Mon, 27 Jun 2022 06:28:43 GMT The presidential candidate of ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2023 general elections, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, says he is still searching for a running mate.the crisis in the Senate caucus of the party in the bud.Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, find a good running mate ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

He told Vanguard that Tinubu and Atiku had been around political circles for a long time without commensurate positives to show for it.However, he noted that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who contested the APC presidential primaries or a former banker, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, who also aspired for the ticket in the PDP would have made a better President as technocrats.Banditry: Mixed reactions as Zamfara okays arms for residents Tinubu is expected to name his running mate by the July 15 deadline set by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to replace Kabir Ibrahim Masari, whom he had selected in placeholder capacity.Hence, Abdullahi, who was a former Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, said he would not support any of the candidates.He also said the lawmakers were ready to work for the progress of the APC in the 2023 elections.Abdullahi said he would rather tell Nigerians to brace for the trouble ahead of them should Tinubu or Atiku emerge as the next President.You have character.“No, we still haven’t got the man who we think will fix Nigeria.I will give you a running mate that you will enjoy working with.

What we have on (the) ground is not good enough.You’ve done a good job and I say thank you, thank you.“We had a very productive cross-pollination of ideas with our distinguished brothers and I believe we have succeeded in nipping in the bud whatever that is forthcoming,” Shettima said.How can you look at Tinubu and Atiku to say they are the ones who will fix this country? “They have been on the ground for the last 25, 30 years and so on.What have they done? What are we looking for? I was the one who encouraged a technocrat to join this consensus.I’ve spent more time, too many times and people might be bored, they might be envious too, they might be jealous.You probably had seen Mohammed Hayatu-Deen in the group of people going around looking for consensus arrangements in PDP.I was one of those who encouraged him.“I could see his deputy (Wase) sitting down there too, you are a very good symbol of unity, dependability, and honesty, thank you.

We haven’t got the materials on the ground, unfortunately.“Peter Obi, unfortunately, I don’t know him that much.You’ve not rocked the boat.He is a young man; he was the former governor of Anambra State and he is a businessman.“He (Kwankwaso) is a good, young man.He said he discovered Gbajabiamila and saw in him, a potential politician even though the speaker was reluctant at first.He started his politics with us and he is quite smart.

No doubt about it.“As a minority leader, he consulted widely and he’s always there to see the thinking of opposition that we must bring a revolution to the House to be able to beat the PDP.Of course, he had some of these debts that he acquired or he must have picked in other political formations and so on but clearly, he is one of the bright ones around.No doubt about that.“When he was challenged for the position of the speaker, I think after our merger, he worked with me tirelessly.“I believe we have not had a good array of politicians.With due respect to some of them that one saw contesting, I am not being selfish here by referring to certain people like Prof.The problem of failure stared him in the face.

Osinbajo.He is a quality material but the political system will not tolerate him," he told Vanguard Newspaper.“I was close to tears.Abdullah further stated there was nothing bad if Osinbajo contested against his supposed godfather, Bola Tinubu.He continued: “What has it got to do with what Nigeria wants? Is he a slave to the former governor? I don’t understand this kind of analogy.Femi keep up, pick yourself up.Professor Osinbajo is a human being entirely on his own merit and his accomplishments are entirely his own and people should assess him as such.

“Those who needed his services asked for his services.You did the opposition and the support job.When he served as the attorney general of Lagos State, he was invited by the political system of Lagos State.This is the way I look at it and when he became vice president, I understand it is the president/party that identified him as qualified and competent enough to be the vice president in the current dispensation.“Remember what we discussed about paying the WAEC fee of omo iya oniboli (the son of the woman who roasts plantain), and my mum was alive then, asking me to see to it each time I gave her money, it doesn’t last.” “Why shouldn’t he be because he served under XYZ? He should be identified as an individual for leadership in the country,” he added.While asking Nigerians to prepare for the troubled days ahead should any of the candidates become president in 2023, Abdullahi said: “What I will tell Nigerians is that we are in trouble and the way out is for Nigerians to agree that Nigeria is in trouble and that the machineries that are on ground today, that are expected to find solutions to the challenges facing Nigeria are not appropriate and we have to go back to the drawing board to see what we can do to save the Nigeria of the future.Mama will say no, those women there are mothers, they want to pay WAEC fees.

“I believe the politicians have failed.My belief is that the political class has over the years failed to produce the kind of quality leadership we require to deal with the problems of Nigeria and which means that we should look for quality materials, not necessarily within the mainstream political parties, from outside and there have been a lot of discussions in Nigeria recently about technocrats.Are we going to say that the children of the poor are not deserving of becoming governors, doctors and engineers? I said I was afraid.”.

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And if you remain emits ●}!! hicknnaji Am still following everyone that follows me austine_captain 💥💯🎉 What about Buhari's Tenure now? Is it what Nigerians voted for that he's doing now? They should go & rest. Why if I may ask? Vote buying preliminary, and OPENLY too! Mr. Integrity and, fresh from the incubation room, may soon publish the final results of the 2023 polls!

Obi is just a reset to calm your restive nerves, while they doggedly implement their RUGA and Islamization and Fulanization. Has Obi even metioned EndSars, Regionalism? Don't fool yourselves. 🤣🤣🤣 This means kwankwaso is the best choice concerning the decision of northern leaders 👏 Then obi have to be on seat.

Continue the thinking line.bring yourself out of the shame brought about by Buhari government.. Are Northern Elders afraid of Tinubu ⁉️

2023 presidency: I’m still searching for running mate – TinubuThe presidential candidate of ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2023 general elections, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, says he is still searching for a running mate. Keep searching granny He should think of Muslim Christian ticket that is the only solution to his problem if he want to become a PRESIDENT of this country that consisting of multiple religion Search no more,am available

Be lying to yourselves there😂😂, You guys are right Then go for kwankwaso, KwankwasoRM, 0fficialNNPPng harmonysolvr Even if the North begins to shout Peter Obi, it will not move us! It is in their best interest to support a Peter Obi Presidency to lure more gullible and ignorant one Nigerianist Biafrans to abandon their own liberation! We will not join you to be so easily fooled by Islamist🕊

Who are you now supporting? Do you stand with Obidient? Kunma Rainama mutane Wayau The truth is coming out gradually. None of them has got the best interest of the masses. They only care about the title as a president… Fake News Let me hear you say AMEN He is certainly not the peoples favorite. Will against all odds become the president then will surprise us as president as the people will be joyful and would give thanks to the Lord of Lord’s for how the president served.

2023: Tinubu will stop APC lawmakers from dumping party - ShettimaA former Borno State governor, Kashim Shettima has said the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has nipped How?.. it's actually their choice to leave the party Please ask him to come clean on his certificateless issues

Nigeria has been in trouble for ages. Did you not support buhari in 2015. And with all the Propaganda against Jonathan, what did it brings. Why should anyone listen to you now. P What I'm sure is that anybody supporting Tinubu or atiku is in for what he or she will gain and the second reason is tribal aspect but Peter obi is the man for all and competent enough than the other two but they won't accept the fact and I hope everyone sees this too ✌️

UchePOkoye Tinubu and Atiku are part of the problem of Nigeria. They can never be a solution. PeterIsBetter Meaning?! Without anybody saying it, we already know. The northern elders forum is only saying what we know Tinubu and Atiku have so many baggages So some northerners want Nigeria to work and look beyond party affiliations?

Mmnnn, Nigeria want to trade devils that they know for angels that they don’t know This picture be like Muslim council of Nigeria meeting. How e take be Northern elders? No be Ango Abdullahi be their leader? This picture no follow jare. And to put this straight, Northern leaders don't have the sight into the future, so they should speak for themselves, please.

Go put am there naw.😂 osu

2023: I'll give you a good running mate - Gbajabiamila tells TinubuThe Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has promised to help the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), This guys are jokers.

If Tinubu sit down and listen to himself for 5mins, he will vote for Peter Obi.. Tinubu and Atiku belong to the heartless political mafia group that has milked Nigeria dry. They will not withstand the forthcoming political tsunami called Peter Obi Movement. It will uproot corruption, insecurity, economic hardship, and other evils besieging Nigeria.

Oh oh oh...which other problems is Nigeria going to experience than what we are in now.There is no other situation greater than what you are making Nigerians going thru now. Biafrans wants Biafra not presidency. Obi is the way!!! Another Fake News from Sahara Reporters E ma wa okay las las Has naija not been in enough problem for about 7 yrs now and who's even doing anything about it?

I glad the north understands we are in trouble, I pray our votes count. No time to waste time.make una quickly obediently and kwankwanciously link the two party,take back Nigeria future and lock the gate,give the key to a mad man to hold so dat when Apc and pdp members want to migrate, the mad man will nowhere to be found.Eweee

The only thing I can do for Tinubu is to be his Agbado plug 😀

APC south-south leaders: We'll make sure Tinubu succeeds Buhari in 2023 | TheCableLeaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the south-south say they will ensure victory for Bola Tinubu, the party’s candidate, in the 2023 election. Victor Giadom, APC national vice-chairman, officialABAT The kind of lies you tell a Nigerian woman cos you know she loves money too much😂🤣😂😂🤣make I enter I will take care of you O’ babyyyyyyy😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 officialABAT People deceiving this MAN officialABAT He won't succeed IJN; a candidate with fake name, fake education, fake certificate and fake Health

Lol. After saying saraki was the messiah few months ago Northern elders should support our candidate, Peter Obi,he is the one we believe in. He is very energetic,articulate, informative and well travelled. Leave those people jor! I think they're just seeking for attention. Don't worry, by the time Atiku and Tinubu has paid visit to them, you'll hear them speak again from the other side of their mouth. On the other hand, if they are for real, then, I think there's hope for d country

The north Especially. KenirexJ Fake news So who should be President before Nigeria will be peaceful? You cannot shortchange elections with propaganda Nigerians are wiser than you think they will vote their choice candidates not minding your lies. SaharaReporters again. You don't no what's happening in your back yard but get info on what is happening from affair.

Are you sure na them talk am Yes because it will be at the verge of division. ...But now, Nigeria is not problem?

2023: IGP told to arrest TinubuAs the 2023 elections draw near, a civil rights organization. Center for Reform and Public Advocacy (CRPA), on Saturday asked the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Usman Alkali Baba, to arrest Bola Tinubu, presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). PoliticsNGR I dare IGP Father to go ahead. PoliticsNGR Gan gan 😂😂😂 PoliticsNGR Please I hope this is true 🤞🏽

Let us be OBIdient in this country so that we will not suffer for another 8years again destydam2012 No matter who becomes the president, Nigeria will still remain in trouble. Let’s not cap it, the problem can’t be solved by anyone except a collective effort. No matter who becomes the president there will always be saboteurs and uprising from the other end.

So so true! That we want peter obi PeterObi4President Nigeria is always in trouble Just be obedient Is there any more trouble left than the worst we are facing in this administration?Tinubu will win and killing innocent people and bloodshed will be dealt with. Tinubu is coming for revenge Atiku is coming to loot 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Nigeria will be hot 2023 😂 😂 😂 Let's keep watching them.

Sahara REMADNESS stop spending false news If the elders like make them gather for moon you see this country go move to youder by his mercy enough of all this Just do this on that day. Vote for human not objects like broom or umbrella

2023 presidency: I’m still searching for my running mate - Tinubu declaresThe presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said he is still searching for his running mate ahead of the 2023 werey 😂 Funny 😆 people

To cash out no be play How true is this story? He is certainly not the peoples favorite. Will against all odds become the president then will surprise us as president as the people will be joyful and would give thanks to the Lord of Lord’s for how the president served. Yes o we need a better Nigeria, we need Peter Obi as president.

Lier's Sensible elders.God bless them I really thank God for letting some people eye to be opening this time around, please God let is continue to be opening every single days Amen. May Allah bless them. Triber sentiment is as bad as poison This same northern leaders are the wicked kabals running Nigeria Progressive Nations gives their Youths, free computers & modern Phones to be tech acquainted & aid them in learning whilst, in Nigeria, Sharia inclined Efcc, confiscates computers & phones of Youths, as suspected internet fraudsters. Irony.. Retweet widely to stop the abuse.

Then you guys should support Mr Peter Obi to rescue the obviously dieing country. You guys should keep believing sahara's report until the Northerners play una 11:59 politics na dat time una eyes go clear,we have plenty of months to election day and you guys are already jubulating🤣 Are these fellows confused, or perhaps they think we are still stupid?

Is anyone thinking what I am thinking? If you don't gerit forgerabourit... Indeed more so that we are witnessing a repeat of negative history on certificate saga !! It reminds us of the same issue with disappearance of the certificate of GMD in 2015 that even the Nigeria Army where he served as military head of state could not provide at the time.

Na them they fear, because they'll loose grip of the people they have held down for a long time when prosperity comes! Don't go to campaign ground seeking for: 1. Money 2. Palliatives 3. Fake promises Think about ur future: Ur Children, Ur unborn Children, Another 8years of suffering nd smiling: No electricity No good road Unemployment zero Dollar rate to naria Asuu strike Vote 🗳 Right ✅️ .

As elders what are doing about it That’s their own opinion and it’s not fact.

The criminals and enemies of Nigeria are the once imposing Tinubu and Atiku on Nigerians, one thing they should know is that they will be a country called Nigeria before they will president to rule it.Elders speak out and match your words with action, APC/PDP have ruined Nigeria. 😹😹😹 We allow them to secede, parasites dey buga

Nobody is even talking about Sowore, he can't even promote himself..so pathetic. Better you realize early than not. Set awon wehre👀 This is exactly how Nigerian politicians think and talk behind closed doors . However , this evidently unintelligent misfit clearly didn’t get the memo that such talk are for behind - the scenes. Vote then All out . New faces , fresh start at all levels, if y’all are serious.

This thing is very easy ooh.. It's a big sign for restructuring this country.. Regional government Atiku to govern the north Bat to govern the Southwest Peter Obi to govern the south Shikena..! We know this.. the fight we have at hand is preventing them from vote buying.. I hope Nigerians unite to fight against this monsters who enjoy seeing us poor, even hiding COVID-19 food is enough to kick them out.

Say the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Sahara, is Sanusi Lamido Sanusi still an Emir in '22? All what I no is Nigeria zoom country can't work again again again again even self go to America and Obama to Nigeria to be a president of apa yan country he can not work again any country that kill innocent soul drop dere blood of floor can not work again again in Jesus Allah

😂😂😂😂 Heaven will not fall if one of them becomes president. IFB Time of writing is over we want to assemble millions of youth across the nation to hits the streets. Enough of all these weak corrupt senile who are using our educational budget to take care of their health in Europe A Cameroonian? Wow Everybody dey para. Ilujobgo at an all time low.

I am amazed to know that Nigerians are not actually tribalistic. It could just have been religiously motivated interests by politicians that has done the damage. We all honestly desire a better country regardless of the tribe of the leader. As long as he performs we are happy

For real Did they really say that... Because una see say Obi no get competition, una come de say all these make it be like say una de support am. We sabi una very well. OBI-dient for the president 🦅 NORTHERN ELDERS, WHAT YOU HAVE SAID IS INDUBITABLE TRUTH. He are greatest trouble makers more than Tinubu and Atiku

Your heading is very misleading... One ordinarily will jump into conclusions at the sight of your heading... The APC and PDP, are the most corrupt political parties in Africa and they put country in this mess it is in today. Voting for either of them is voting for more corruption and suffering. Enough of these criminals, we need a better Nigeria. Vote 4 d Labour Party vote 4 Peter Obi.

This is honestly speaking ___precy_ Carry your lies away abeg enemy of human progress, fake and false media organization

Those folks supporting BAT are the answers to the questions bothering Nigeria degradation and poor government. This is a country where few people don't mind swapping their posterity and legacy at the expense of quick money and corruption. Sadly. Beware of the trojan horse . Thank God say una don day understand this thing for north

lifeofolajago No words 🤣 No And you think they don’t know who’s who... they know!! This violence sha🤤 'Why I'm i expecting more, when half of APC were PDP before' MI_Abaga just finish talk on top this two parties... All na fake out 😏 Every1 knows the truth including his supporters.BAT just want power, it's just a kind of fantasy to finish up his political career.He will be worse that anybody u can think of cus his boys will be running Nigeria, he won't even energy to work. Mc Olumolo go get like 20plots 4 Abj

Northern elders that didn't vote buhari? Or the ones that hate everything good against North? Don't come here and be posting rubbish Obi will never become our president I can swear renoomokri and BashirAhmaad what do you ask think asking respectfully 😒😒 northern elders? Do the needful then... Then do the needful as elders. 'Nitori agba ki wa loja, ki ori omo tuntun wo' - Yoruba proverbs.

True This is politics like how tinubu is going to be a problem they should tell us please Pure fake news by unreliable reporters called Sahara Reporters very well known as a blackmailing online media reporter A leopard never change his spots, and old men don't change their tactics, so stop deceiving yourselves that APC and/or PDP would solve the Nigerian problem, insecurity, corruption and high level poverty. Shame to clueless Leaders and aimless governance.

Religious Takia.whats going on in Niger Republic? PDP knows about it in collabo with INEC.Approved by British.

Because their preferred candidate did not win primary election. We have more pressing issues bothering the north but they are silent about it. Vote for Mr Peter Obi all of you from the Northerners Po final Kwankwaso his the best Let’s not deceive ourselves….the 3 presidential candidates can’t make d country better….we just pray that anyone who win won’t make the country worse.

Instead of Tinubu to bring out a youth from Yoruba land since wants power to evolve around him he decided to fool him self and Yoruba people choi This is why you are nowhere to be found in politics, too much lies and fake news Give this monkeys stomach infrastructure and they will sing a different tune

Believe at your own risk pikaso_me save this

OfficialAPCNg and OfficialPDPNig are both bstards and failed pol parties they kip giving us sub standard controversial and hugely incompetent fellows as candidates but come 2023 we the people are going 2 shock dem. We will let dem know dis time dat it is about us nd not dem. Any youths supporting these old and bad wagons who hv notin 2 offer are d Nigeria enemies and may not b in their right senses. They possibly hv Mental Issues. Notin like support ur own and leave odas to support dir own. Who are d others? Youth Get sense. Foolishness is nt good 4u

Scam! Scam! Scam! Sahara Reporters are not genuine. They are fake and they spread false info. Don't take them serious. We are unshakable, we ain't losing focus and hope. It's PO2023 Youths wake up wake up, collect ur (country) wake up. Oya Gbera! Gbera O! You asshole Nigeria isn’t save before do you think we are afraid of trouble 👿 we be facing over yeas

Kwankwaso and PO is the answer 💯 😂 Davidsonbomi This people already know that either tinubu or Atiku becoming president will forfeit their national God fatherism and crazy dominant cabal system , all the illegal oil blocks and insurgency issue will be put to check .. I can categorically say it that there is no sane person who after 8 years of Buhari would vote Tinubu as a president of this country. Unfortunately, they are the fools that attacked Buhari on age, health, and certificates. Now they wants to eat Agbado.

Wonderful, So They Even Know, Nigeria Will Fall From Fry Pan to 🔥

Get your PVC it's important, let does who want to enslave their self go ahead and do so. Them go talk am for front , go back collect money. Why una no talk am before primaries? Tinubu just want to use Yoruba as a bridge to power. The way he used Yoruba for Buhari's winning. And we are still falling for that game. Immediately, Tinubu finished with Yoruba, he will SIDELINE them. He is a cabal. He has nothing to offer anybody. It is all a CODED MOVE.

We have lost too many friends and brothers from north, East to south to west. E don do! Nigerians are not anybodies slaves. We all have rights that was trampled on. Let this Tinubu's people continue to wail. Give them till end of 2023, even if Tinubu wins, wait for their pains and cries on social media. All these political fight is on macro level. Take our Country back from the hands of bandits.

All those who think, they are wise and powerful will seeing themselves as a foolish people. And our families. Security issues on ground. A leader that will help manage our resources. Not a leader that puts personal ambitions and himself before the Country. A leader that will provide quality of life to his citizens. That is what we are campaigning for.

Obidients. Please, don't stay and argue on social media. Some of us are fixed and rigid in our ways. Tinubu doesn't know them, and will never know them when he comes to power. Obidients, we are thinking on macro -level. About governmental policies that will affect me and you. We self know Useless paper with fake news

They said vote Mr. Peter Obi Abi na eye dey pain me ni Please let's be honest , the best candidate is PeterObi 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Obidient is d way firstladyship come and see this SavvyRinu needs to see this. _screenshoter Even as that, I don't still trust North, fear North ooo. They can do anything for power, so let give Obi our block vote.

Tribalism has never been experienced in the history of this nation like it is now.......this is so sad, a big shame to our leaders who are supposed to unite us but are doing the opposite through their actions and off course the youths are already affected by same.

Na now them won wake up😂 This once need money again. Lies Who will now become the President? If PYO was in APC and Adereke in PDP, who will vote for and why? Please, look beyond region, culture, ethic.... Seek for better Nigeria for our children's children... They might debunk this news Before FRIDAY Let just wait and see

The Governor said a party without a councillor has nothing to offer. That is LP They are playing APC script. Divided opposition is a win for APC. The youths of Nigeria are not going to allow that Which trouble won pass this one way Buhari put us ..we don stong

Tribal sentiments will damage Nigeria. One day we will all be wise, whether Nigeria exists or not. Some will never do the right thing, no matter how damaged the economy is. This Nigeria is for all of us. If we destroy it, I hope we have another country to run to. We know... Those who are pretending they don't know are the enemies of this country and it's progress thereof

Sure Ok, una don dy get sense small small Na now Una know? Tinubu will Agborofied the whole country and sell the all Abuja land with his name like Lagos, and Atiku will sell off the remaining Nigeria properties. Divide the country now before is too late,wested generation Wisdom is profitable to direct... now the obvious truth is out, let's join hands and build a new Nigeria.. PeterObi the game changer vote Official_LPN I'm vying for the best head, hope you do same

Obi all the way Revolution loading...

Nigeria is already a dumpster They don't need to say this isn't reasonable Nigeria both agenda it just about our. Incom and resources IT IS CALLED TAKIYA Fake news, all your information isn’t legit go away If this is true, then they are aligning together for Kwankwaso not Obi High time i stop following this stupid site

Hmmm...Sahara reporters and lie....When did the body said so! Why did you take delight in peddling lies and rumour.. Nawa ooo This is because OBIdient is better than Sacrifice. We move ✊ Nigerians will miss MBuhari. If atiku Or officialABAT becomes president. Both Atiku and Tinubu are desperate politicians

The one we dey now na wetin Infact Nigeria will be finished!

Obi president 223 Na wetin we dey tell them, they no wan hear. Deceivers,Lairs, Manipulators and Old Trickster everywhere in zoo Nigeria,but the time is late now. Nobody and Notting ever can fix Nigeria. Referendum now for Biafrans to decide their FUTURE. Disintegrate Nigeria now and save innocent lives.

Who dey check am Please tellllllll them ooooooooooo, Nigeria must do the right thing this time around. Peter obi is the best option Wait, they will drop another one soon. So they know Eweyyyyy Obi is the only qualified person to take over the leadership of this country

I wish you people will go for the truth. This Sahara rubbish need to be tamed The best is Yoruba Nation and Biafra Nation, if Tinubu can not be be Nigeria president. itssonjosh Looks like they will be backing Kwankwaso. chima_udeh I genuinely want to understand what BAT fans see in him and believe. Shehusky Let them just throw their support behind Peter Obi with their Full chest.

nigeria is already in trouble without them, what is left FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow Takiya

I prefer watching the footage where they said so. No one knows when Sahara reporters are saying the truth anymore 🥹😤 pikaso_me screenshot this People don dey wise up sha. ❤❤❤ I bet you he will become it has been programme. nigerians Read the hand writing on the Wall.why did PDP gave Atitu the ticket? why did obi left PDP to labour party that's unpopular in the North? why did the ticket left South south as planed? it's just political caculations.

Lol! In 2015, our Northern optimists had a dream of an impending boom & public peace. We listened but got more than bargained for. Now they're anticipating a more tragic consequences if we turn a deaf ear. All this are just words to those Gullible Nigerians that would believe anything said by this set of People called Northern Elders 🙄

Okay If they really said this, then it shows they are with the common masses and they know what's best for this country I will like them to endorse Peter Obi too Dem go soon Atikulate

Are they trying to tell us that they are OBident, because I OBidently don't trust them. Everybody have right to his or her own opinion, that is their own view. They should allow Nigerians to make their own decision. Tinubu will be President Hahaha them nor wan president way nor be boy boy 🤩 we watching let me see how 😤

Osho eating one of the agbado from tinubu farm. As in en🤔 Atiku is the next president of nigeria 🇳🇬, insha Allah So what do they want us to do with their half done info. To get excited and give them a round of applause? Hell nah! They just let us hear what they want us to hear. We know what they always want, and they would do just anything to get it. Pls stay OBIdient fam❤️💯

Love this!!! It's Crystal clear; suffer don tire us This are selfish Interest elders they never consulted the federal government over the insecurity and inflation of the nation never and now they have the veto to decide for Nigerians.

Ask the present governor create an industrial animation On a very serious note, this is the only way our their Nation could be saved. When you don't care whose ox is gored . Ma shaa Allah . Am glad my elders have start seeing d light . Clap 👏 And you believe them? They will ever support atiku. What a truthful elder saw while sitting, a child cannot see while standing. Prof. Ango has given us what he saw. It is now left for us to do the right thing.

Before Maitatsine mayhem the Kano people had witnessed a gruesome riot which claimed the lives of Dr Bala Muhd and many others while several government properties were destroyed. The socalled NEF cannot claim ignorance of fact, because they were die-hard followers of the then NPN “For your information my dear “Elders and Leaders”, you cannot achieve a peaceful negotiation when you bring a pen and a paper to the negotiating table while your counterpart brought ................. to the table.

Stop speaking on our behalf and stop misrepresenting our interest This news clear sooooo

What is the Meaning of that? And who do you think can step on the tail of a VIPER? They will not hear for those still campaigning for this two men May God open our eye to see the danger ⚠️ coming if any of this two men become President of Nigeria 🇳🇬 …They may not like you for saying the truth but u have spoken well Votecompetency

Obi is the way Wayo people .. Fulani and there yeye chess game politics !! Vote for peter obi and una no go be in trouble OBEDIENT we move 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 Good news!!! 📢📣📢📣📢 Are you struggling financially? Here comes an opportunity for you to breakaway from unnecessary poverty. Watch this video and thank me later. Goodluck to those who believe.👇👇👇

Buhari government don open their eyes. Now they can see clearly This is a man who initially selected Bala Mohammed as the best candidate. Anyway, the truth is that, he is only stating his own personal opinion. The real northern elders don't comment on political issues. So he is on his own. Sahara with lies

I still don't believe them but I think d Obidient fever is catching up on them 😂😂😂 kaptain_stephen Atiku will become President and Nigeria won’t be in trouble. 😏😏😏 We know already our elders that’s why we urge you people to speak to the youths, fathers and mothers in Northern region to get their pvc and vote 🗳 for Peter Obi for better Nigeria 🇳🇬

We all know thats why we aint getting foolish this time rather Obedient and whether they like it or not our votes most count I think PeterObi should seize this momentum and organize a meeting with NEF, Southern & Middle belt leaders with the aim of sorting out VP issue with Kwankwaso's NNPP or be advised on any other Northerner of means before the time doyinokupe Chude__ Jack_ng01 firstladyship

Are you sure this is true Cause I haven’t read in history where the northerners are in support of an Igbo man. I hope Sahara Reporters are spreading the right info? They should save there breath abeg😒 Bigger trouble if Atiku Becomes president. God forbid. Most of the people following this tinubu doesn't know the name of the sickness because they didn't go to school. Agberos up and down

It's one Nigeria, okay! Y'all no need to be tribal

Even the northern elders knows PO is what Nigeria needs at this moment! APC and PDP has failed woefully and still failing by fielding two worse candidates in the persons of two world renowned criminals! They’re only coming to borrow more and loot more nothing else You have said it all and we will remain OBIdient to the core🤔🤔💪🏿💪🏿👊🏿👊🏿👏🏼👏🏼

Forget their ranting. We know where they stand. Soon all of them and their boys in APC will start moving to PDP. They can never repent of ethnic politics. Based on my intellectual capacity and my vast knowledge, tactically and tentatively, right from the beginning of times especially in the light of Ecclesiastes evolution, I have come to a concrete, definite and profound conclusion that I actually have nothing to say. Thank you

Lol So, Sowore should be elected abi The answer Fake .. as long as it's only Sahara with this news, it's fake ! What else,Nigeria is in mess already but the question is can we left our personal and tribal egos and queue up in rebuilding this nation. We have seen that all the regional, tribal & religious sentiments are major thorn in the Nigeria flesh of development, can we do away it?

Nigeria is already in trouble! Who says Obi doesn't have endorsement? I wonder what this is? Please let's forget about tribe and religion and join hands to salvage Nigeria. PeterObiForPresident2023

Thank God, the Northern Elders can see what the youths are seeing too. It will be disaster! Nigeria has been in trouble for the past 50 years and counting . Y'all know this confirm? Scam You nailed it. Elders should talk to the people in the bush to stop their mission. Aswear plz let put head together and be obidient

They have never supported a winning candidate before though. Hence, their outburst should be ignored. I had expected them to congregate to discuss the way forward in nibbling insecurity in the bud, but no. just_iyz Fake news Nigeria need referendum not election, Only break up will solve the problem

Chude__ UchePOkoye Omo imagine someone worst than Buhari. God abeg🤲 Now you are talking Thank God Nigerians are wise Nigerians have wake up from their prolonged slumber Truth is finally unveiled Everyone is advocating for a good governance. These guys sef are not stable.......which one una belong to sef

People really do not understand what’s going on in the country. Nigeria is very close to collapsing. We are the only nation with the highest inflation rate that’s not at war Globally.(only ourselves) When you study how sri lanka economy fell, it’s like reading our story. I Can't believe this is coming from NEF

Nigeria was not in Trouble when Buhari was to assemble power ba? dejustice_ Thank God you guys are aware of what coming if the wrong person is elected Your name suppose to be Omo ale… anyone supporting Tinubu is a big mugu. Why will you support an 84 years old man with Parkinson’s disease

I tell y’all. Should atiku or officialABAT becomes president, y’all will beg MBuhari to comeback. PeterObi4President PeterObi2023 PeterObi Da Peter obi a matsayin shugaban Najeriya, arewa za ta zauna lafiya, za a tabbatar da tsaro ga kowa da kowa. Two criminals wanted by FBI ChibykC Even the northern elders knows who's right to lead

_screenshoter _screenshoter 📌 Una never see anything sheby u people say the youths are the lazy one and can never produce or become president, its like they have started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel Increase the velocity please 🤝 Big trouble indeed. We are put between the devil and deep blue sea.

The pressure is gradually building. 8 months still to go. Nigeria will be saved. But Nigeria is in what now? Vote Peter Obi What changed? RICKTINZ Is this not the same thing we have been saying since? SATURN ABEG HELP US PUNISH ALL THIS EVIL CREATURES WAY SAY WE NO GO SEE LIGHT. That's not in doubt. rosie_martinee We like trouble 😂😂

Them dey find breakings oh Don’t listen to old people who call themselves elders, they’re one & the same We should polarize btw Youth against Old or else dem go still use enticing words to trick you youths You will thank us later cos it’s not party or individual but age group Emma_dudge What's heavier in you guys mouth that you can't say it out and vividly that Nigeria should disintegrate? beat around de bush,as if you are interested in the truth of an Igbo man ruling.Megida to allow iyanmiri to rule him?something is wrong somewhere! It's easy to manipulate obi.

MaduabuchiPhil6 Everybody knows that but the kind of people we are makes us don’t care Where's that Bobo Chicago sef? Dy can never be our president Fact big trouble Pl go and mobilize your people and rescue Nigeria from that eminent collapse by voting for Peter Obi come 2023 They don't need to say this to any reasonable Nigerian, both agendas is just our resources.

Atiku will become the president and nothing will happen Game over Is not by talk they should act

Obi and Sowore should have come up with a merger if the mean changes for our dear Nigeria This is making me happy. Glad common sense prevaily in Nigeria democratic development. Keep deceiving yourselves.... If PO wins Nigeria will burn. Fulani don't want Igbo presidency... Hausa may like PO to win, Yoruba may also like him to be there but Fulani will never allow that to happen..

Them dey disguise hrhsanusi is a great man, any day. He should have been made president and not Buhari, but our funny leaders prefer corruption in high places. You are loved, your majesty. You are loved. PO_GrassRoots This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nigerians, use your heads PeterObi4President

Fake news Make en be say dis na true I love northern politics

kachimaglobal I'm not even excited yet! It's to know if they have any influence on their communities and if their talks hold water They're part of the pipo who created this mess. Na everybody day suffer now, nobody safe again KWANKWASO ALL THE WAY WORLD NEWS AGGREGATOR a is global news filtering group, we post details as they come and open the forum for discussion on politics, religion, education, entertainment, employment, security and many more. JOIN US HERE ON TELEGRAM:

Telling us the obvious You can say that again! Atiku, Tinubu fail fail failure. Instead with this Jihadist Terrorist pampering BokoHaram in extrajudicial killing Youth is hell Nigeria always in trouble.. They are supposed to be the kingmakers and not the king itself. They should retire and rest it's time for young ones.

They might be saying all this for Peter Obi or kwankwaso sake! I don't trust this elders who say something in the morning but deny it later in d evening.

It's part of the game. Na mumu go dey believe dem Shut up😂😂😂 For me it's hard to trust these elders both Northern and Southern under whose watch Nigeria became so divided between religion and tribe. And the greed in them that have not allowed them pave way for younger generations, rather they have been rotating themselves. I DISTRUST THEM

HE Engr. Dr Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso is Great leader that's his unquestionably integrity makes his supreme quality for ideology that makes his success possible while in and out of office and has the intention to use same ideology to succeed all Nigerians come 2023 as our president.. Wetin come bring this one for northern elders?

Fake news, Sowore with no political structures will never be Nigeria president, Keep shouting on social media. Hmmmmmmm This one that sowore is carrying news against Tinubu, Batttousaiii what is happening Let them better back Peter Obi for a better governance They better support Petet Obi and Kwankwaso it's not too late. Because we the southern youths are for Peter obi and Peter Obi only.

TheNationNews Chude__ See this too Tell them Taqiya! Only god can relate 😜 Sure,thank God Sultan of Sokoto is a reasonable man. No reasonable human will behave in such way of this gvt, tinubu in lagos.nd PDP behave. KennethNnamdiA2 Peter Obi is coming ✊ So what are you doing about it to stop it from happening

They know who they want to vote for. Adopt Osinbajo as president and kwankwaso as VP under the NNPP party.

Chude__ Abi We will go for Kwankwaso!!! 🔴🔴🔴👀 We know, that’s why we’re campaigning for Peter Obi. We don’t want more trouble abeg. Make Una no kill us for nigeria Is this playing? Then start talking to your wards. Take the Obi gospel to the mosques. I’m happy people are speaking the truth PeterObi4President2023

Please take this information with a pinch of salt due where it's coming from, na beg I de ooo So is better you should endorse KWANKWASO

Exchange your gifts cards here Hopefully they are saying this with all truthfulness and not raising the stakes high so that their bribe money will be high too. All I see here is scope. If they did say this, trust me they’ll do the opposite 🤣🤣 PeterObi4President2023 It's like the smoke don hit everybody,finally they waking up that's if this news is authentic

😂😂😂 We need to rescue Nigeria. This is not the time to play ethnic politics. 'It's easy to criticize someone; it's more difficult to recognize oneself.'

Cc Clemsakin71 RBiakpara feyiwonder These are Nigeria Worst Night Mares. These are the Problems. Everybody knows the truth but it will only set this failed country free They are deceiving Nigerians Is this for real Baba shut up... Waiting you gain if the man wey no fit stand for 30sec become your president.. Old man wey no get plan for you. Think very well before you vote

It's cus of their selfish interest We are in the 21st century now we're our focus should should be credibility, if they have anyone better they should forward it This Is a Confirmed Pour - ( TRUTH ) , LOUDER...

We’ve always been in trouble Atiku, Tinubu regardless 😏😏😏 THATS really Amazing Nigeria is already in fry pan, It will go from there to fire 🔥 if Tinubu or Atiku becomes the President. They should all get-out by the way, They never had interest of the cou try at heart. I want to trust these elders... mehn I can't fit

That's why we NEED Kwankwaso and PO When a known terrorist starts defending & supporting Tinubu then Nigerians should know that they are in for another 4years or 8years of terrorist govt.The only way to prevent another terrorist government is to vote competent candidate over religion&tribe. Nigerians deserves beta

Ok terrorist ppl don talk oooo😫😒😒 Tinubu will become the president. Nigeria won't be in trouble.. I’m that case they’ll are OBEDIENT 🚨🚨🙌🏽 Don’t vote pdp and apc