18 aides not enough for me, I hope to appoint more – Gombe councillor - Punch Newspapers

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Gombe Councillor

1/16/2022 9:10:00 AM

18 aides not enough for me, I hope to appoint more – Gombe councillor - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

CHIMA AZUBUIKEI am Honourable Yusuf Yahaya, also known as Agali. I am the councillor representing Bajoga East Ward under the Funakaye Local Government Area of Gombe State. I am also the Chairman of Councillors’ Forum, Gombe State. I’m married to two wives with nine children – five males and four females.

You are also an undergraduate. What course are you studying?Yes, I didn’t get admission early. I only gained admission between 2006 and 2007 and then I experienced another delay due to lecturers’ strike and the coronavirus pandemic.What motivated you to join politics?

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When he has nothing in his head , how will not looking for million aides. Haaa This guy has 18 aides and still demands for more? Bros who are the enemies after you gan gan... I'll advise u appoint spiritual aides as well... 🤐🤐🤐🤐 Olurops This is ludicrous. When they say a herd of cattles I understand now😂

Spendthrift Wahala dey oo. 18 not enough as Councillor?! Na village go do you? Then when you become Governor, a whole village and a continent as President? This kinda orientation is not just warpped but worrisome! And be paying them with the money you're generating from your backyard or what resources...

See this youth ooo Nibo lo ti r'owo oya fun won? It can only happen in Gombe. Lifeless Councillor.

18 political parties to participate in February 5 LG poll - KESIECEighteen political parties have indicated interest to participate in the February 5, 2022, local government election in Kebbi State. Alhaji Mustapha Usman

All your focus is on how to Shere Nigeria money with your people is alright That's the way if feels he can render help to helpless people. Shebi na national budget.... And later,this one would wanna be Nigeria president, that means you would have 1M aides. How much is the Councillor's salary and allowances?

Just ordinary councilor.... how will this country be better? As long as you get to pay them from your pocket, it's all good. Go ahead and create employment. He should get 2005 HIV join. Imagine the insensitivity of this guy,18 aids not enough for u, what have done for ur ward? That's because you require a lot of assistance with your decision making, intelligence and conduct. If only those who elected this saw it coming ...

18 parties to participate in Kebbi LG poll“18 political parties have indicated interest to participate in the forthcoming local government council poll as they have all fielded candidates ...' We know two.. the remaining sixteen should support either of the two because it's a waste of time and money buying the presidential tickets.. though my statement is only for the presidential ticket.

This people are the real liability on this country, God bless Nigeria ! God forbid na so Nigeria money take dey finish so and it shows that this man don't have head mumu people go vote am From a local government councillor. Things we see in this northern Nigeria eh 🙄 How much does he pay them. From what source and what are the herculean job of the councillor that demands aides.

Very soon, you'll see him in NASS as Rep Member! If this one come become president nko make the whole soldier for Nigeria go follow ham A future ‘youth leader’ of tomorrow? 🙄 Aboki na Aboki cow na cow just imagine quota system councillor only you 18 aides, shaa una see where our money they go It's alrght.

And we are talking of tinubu when all the tomatoes are bad. They all the same just pick the one you can manage and move on. The younger ones are grooming to be like the old ones already. Shame!!! A MUST WATCH: LISTEN TO WHAT OBI CUBANA SAYS ABOUT THE DRUG RUMORS AND HOW HE IS GOING TO HELP THE PURE WATER GUY WHO SHARES MONEY TO PRISONERS 👇👇

No b juju bdis 😂

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Power drunk politicians. I wonder he’s going to do when he becomes the governor or even president. This one go dey waka ontop people head Until we start generating revenue in the North and drop the dependence of oil money from Abuja and the South, we will never know what it means to develop our self. A Councillor talking about aides. Shame

Baba needs all the help he can get 😂😂😊 Haaaa I don't know the salary of a councilor that he his having 12 aides and he even needs more, what kind of duty is he discharging. This kind of people are not meant to be in politics a swear Indeed. Employ all your family if u like as long as u pay them what u agree with them. Bloody political jobber.

Nigeria aka zoo = Very Dangerous Diversity. Many many werey wa nle

Gombe community decries continued killings, urges FG to interveneTal Community in Billiri Local Government Area of Gombe State on Friday decried continued killings of residents totalling 13, urging the Federal Government to interve Okay ooo Stop fake news...Gombe is a very peaceful state and there is nothing like killing in Home. I am presently in Gombe and the state is as calm as the ocean. Gombe people are urged to go about their normal businesses without any fear. “d alleged killings were based on farmers/herders clash” said Gombe Govt. “How would any sensible & responsive government call that a mere “clash”? said a spokesman of d 13 people killed in community. Ethnic cleansing from Zamfara to Katsina to Gombe to Kaduna by Fulani herders

Good, appoint more o baadellijames Always wasteful This man na pacman he want pack our money using aide People should not judge him based on number of sides until they know the purpose of those aides I hope he'll be paying them from his pocket My application is rightly on the way, Mr Councilor 🙏 With face like power bank why not use the whole state as aide

🤣🤣🤣 Misplacement of priority. How much are you paid for been a councilor? Since you want to gather all community members to be your advisers. That's how you end up squandering state resources without tangible development.

Gombe legion appeals for support for widows, familiesGombe State Chapter of Nigerian Legion has appealed to the state government for support for widows of fallen heroes who were killed

Animal in power…. Councilor abi kin ni? So if you become chairman nko, werey 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If your sex life is suffering, you should know that you're not alone. Use Revive capsules: *Effective for premature ejaculation *Helps with strong & hard erection *Improves libido *Prolongs sexual act *Relieves waist pain *Promotes stamina 📞/DM/WhatsApp on 08170147831 to order

Him think say Aide and Football team A foolish Councillor if i may say so. Werey who's gonna pay their wages? Definitely not the taxpayer. This is problem with dat backward nation. Watin e won use dem do? Who then takes care of their welfare? If this one become governor? With which resources, God we need restructuring in this country like oxygen

What a wasteful being

Fire claims 28 lives in GombeTwenty-eight persons died in fire disasters in Gombe State, while 699 lives were saved by the state’s fire service in 2021. This was contained in data May their soul rest in peace armyodourz this Government is full of calamity may their souls rest in peace🙏 May their soul rest 🛌 with the lord 😭😭😭

Werey 😂 What is your revenue. Are you really ok Wow 😃😃 When you are empty upstairs, you need an aide for every single thing. Especially when they are being paid for by someone else. Shame on this crop of useless politicians. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Naija na cruise sha How many will be enough na. See your face like a allmustafa oneness

Another banger from the cow region Do it more no job, pls. And you fund them with allocation from the southwest and south-South region abi? wonderful

How much does he want to pay them? And are you paying them with tax payers money or your own money? Shén gbó wéyréy Ordinary councilor A Councillor 🚶🚶🚶

Published 16 January 2022 The councillor representing Bajoga East Ward under the Funakaye Local Government Area of Gombe State, Yusuf Yahaya, defends his recent appointment of 18 aides in this interview with CHIMA AZUBUIKE Please introduce yourself. I am Honourable Yusuf Yahaya, also known as Agali. I am the councillor representing Bajoga East Ward under the Funakaye Local Government Area of Gombe State. I am also the Chairman of Councillors’ Forum, Gombe State. I’m married to two wives with nine children – five males and four females. How old are you? I am 40 years old. You are also an undergraduate. What course are you studying? I am actually in my final year, 500 Level, in the Department of Sociology, University of Maiduguri. It appears that it took you long to get university admission. Yes, I didn’t get admission early. I only gained admission between 2006 and 2007 and then I experienced another delay due to lecturers’ strike and the coronavirus pandemic. When did you join politics? I joined politics in 1999. At the time, a lot of persons considered me too young and irrelevant but the core politicians reckoned with me. What motivated you to join politics? It was my desire to contribute to the development of my people. I was not satisfied with our level of representation but as you know, I couldn’t just get up and fly; I needed to start from somewhere by supporting, assisting and mobilising people for the collective good. You were in the Peoples Democratic Party before leaving to join the All Progressives Congress. What informed your movement? I was appointed as a Special Adviser to the Gombe State Governor between 2011 and 2015 during the first term of former governor Ibrahim Dankwambo. In 2015, when he came in for second term, I was reappointed. But as an adviser to the governor there were so many things I considered wrong and when I advised the governor he would not agree to change. That was why I changed my party from the Peoples Democratic Party to the All Progressives Congress. Is there any difference between the PDP and the APC? I joined the APC on August 2, 2018 and there are major differences. When the party promises, the candidate delivers. In matters like education, electricity, health, water supply, and security, they have done tremendously well within the state and at the Federal Governme nt level. As a councillor, can you name some of your achievements in office? When I became a councillor in 2020, the first thing I did was to sponsor about 40 students for both western and Islamic education. I’m expected to cater for them; pay their school fees, provide them with school uniform, reading materials, etc. I started that in December 2020 and I also did that in 2021 by providing them with many school items, including Quran for those in Islamic studies. The classes for western education range from Primary Three to Six, Junior Secondary One to Senior Secondary Three. You can go and confirm what I am saying. In appreciation of my effort, I was awarded the Best Councillor in Funakaye Local Government Area of Gombe State. I’m also hearing on the grapevine that efforts are already being made to present me with another award as the Best Councillor in the whole of Gombe State. This shows the level of support I have got. I usually buy food items, such as rice, maize, sugar, flour, spaghetti and noodles and distribute to my people to cushion the effect of the economy on them. Many times, my people bring medical bills to me either at the local government office or in my house to help them settle. Read Also Why I appointed 18 aides - Gombe councillor You were recently in the news for appointing 18 aides. Don’t you think that’s too many for a councillor? I did that to make my work easier, aside from the fact that it was a way of creating jobs for my people. The appointments were geared towards spreading my reach to my constituents knowing full well that I can’t always be there. In fact, the number is small and I plan that it will increase as I move forward in my political aspiration. I joined politics not to make money but to reach out to the greater majority, and make positive contributions by serving my people. How much do you pay your aides? I have not taken the final decision but I have a rough estimate of what each of them will earn. For instance, my (two) Personal Assistants should receive N5,000 each; the (15) Special Assistants and (one) Principal Private Secretary should earn between N8,000 and N10,000 each. With effect from February they will start receiving their salaries. How do you hope to fund such expenses? Sincerely speaking, our salary is good compared to some of our colleagues in the neighbouring states like Adamawa, Yola, and Bauchi. Our salary is up to N200,000. If you add our allowances, it will be up to a quarter of a million, that is N250,000. I look forward to using about N101,000 for the payment of salaries. Recall that I’m also a businessman, so there is nothing to worry about, I will pay them. However, the Councillors Ministry for Local Government is expected to take care of our office to give us personal salary, unfortunately they have yet to implement it. So, we are appealing to them to do the needful. Whatever we are doing now is just temporary. I don’t know if I will contest for the House of Assembly in the future. What kind of business are you involved in? I’m a GSM seller. Selling phones has always been my normal business even before I became a politician. When I ventured into politics in 1999 there was no phone. It was early 2000 that (former President Olusegun) Obasanjo introduced mobile phones. So, prior to that time, I was involved in several other businesses, like selling cold water, soft drinks, kunu and sugarcane from childhood. I also sold fish, chicken and textiles. Aside appointment of 18 aides, sponsorship of 40 students, what else have you done? I have undertaken road rehabilitation. There are some roads that I spent N170,000 to repair. I did that because for more than 13 years whenever rain fell no motorcycle could gain access into the ward not to talk of vehicles. The people were always stranded but that is not the case now, there is free flow of traffic during rainfall and in other seasons. How often do you visit your ward, since you are in the Gombe metropolis now? Exactly the reason for the appointment of the Special Assistants on Political Matters, Empowerment and Orphans, Legal and Security Matters, Protocol, Women Affairs, and Personal Assistant on Islamic and Christian Religious Affairs, as well as Personal Assistant on Public Complaint and Personal Assistant on the Physically-Challenged. They are expected to stand in for me when the need arises. The ones they can resolve they can go ahead to settle and the ones that require my input I can get involved. Is the state governor aware of your appointments and what is the feedback? The governor has not called me yet but some of his cabinet members said they were impressed with my efforts. Recently, some people went to the radio station to urge the governor to help me so that I can do more. This effort will go a long way to market our great party, the APC and the second term ambition of the governor and other elected officials, including councillors. Copyright PUNCH. All rights reserved. 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