17 political parties in Delta endorse Atiku for president - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

9/20/2021 5:15:00 AM

17 political parties in Delta endorse Atiku for president - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

20 September 2021LEADERS of 17 political parties and civil society groups in Delta State on Sunday endorsed former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, to run for President come 2023.The endorsement is coming on the heels of demands by governors of the 17 southern states for a president of southern extraction.

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A coalition of Atiku Support Groups Initiative which announced the endorsement argued that ethnicity or political affiliation should not be the determining factor in who becomes president in 2023.Director General of the ‘CASGI ATIKU 2023, Mr. Obinna Okorie, said this during the inauguration of the group in Asaba.

Okorie said, “Today’s Nigeria has witnessed the highest level of insecurity, unemployment, youth restiveness and acute borrowing with unproductivity, which have endangered our great nation.“CASGI ATIKU 2023 PROJECT’ as a pan Nigerian project cuts across ethnicity, political party affiliations and other subterranean considerations. headtopics.com

“The PDP to give His Excellency Atiku Abubakar, the presidential ticket come 2023 reason being that, Atiku Abubakar is the most placed to lead PDP back to power considering his last performance and his demonstrability of wealth creation and economy building.”

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The north wants to rub sand on the faces of southerners...... No election Voting Atiku is a vote for the continuation of the Buhari/Fulani dynasty. Hungry people God forbid Nah today dem start 🙄🙄🙄 endorsement isonu 👅 He's just birds of same feather...he's not difference from useless previous and present president. I don't think he can lead Nigeria to qnywhere. Nigerians does not need PDP nor APC to govern us anymore because both parties has put Nigeria back ward

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2023: 17 political parties in Delta endorse Atiku for president | Daily TrustDespite growing agitation by the political class, especially SGF, for a shift in presidential power to the South, leaders of 17 political parties and other civil society groups have endorsed Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, ahead of 2023 Presidency. They are Hungary fool looking for what to eat. They have collected their share of the national cake Abi oooo. Man must work 😋😋

Lies & Propaganda What a country Another fulani man Follow back same old fools and we are expecting new results right we are the problem not the politicians Una don start Same people that loot our funds without being arrested . Nothing will change. Never, Power moves South Southern Nigeria hmmmm Smh. Na so Buhari try try try we think say him get anything to offer, now see where he has brought us, now how we take know say dis man no go worse, We just need new set of politicians in Nigeria we no wan repeat any of Una again, all of una don fail us

How Delta monarch's convoy survived cultist attack -Palace - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Cultist again 😡😡😡

This is shameful, we don't need old corrupt politicians and their cronies anymore. I thought Southern governors insisted on southern presidency.. Haha. These political BS don start. FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanu FreeNnamdiKanu HE DID NOTHING TO THE EVIL GOVERNMENT OF MBuhari

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My delta people you are not ready to come our of poverty Cursed people in cursed political parties are cursed slaves

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The problem with another Fulani leader is that the sense of entitlement of his people will continue in all spheres of national life as we have it now; Nigeria needs a clean break, and Nigerians need a new lease of life - perception is everything! You should have added paid 17 political parties in Delta endorsed Atiku. Since they are mad. Suffer no dey tire them?

Lie lie My candid advice, atiku should forget about presidency in 2023. Nigeria is not a fulani republic. Fulani herdsmen & Miyetti Allah are daily questioning the existence of Nigeria through their murderous acts. Instead of north in 2023, then we should go separate ways. Rubbish, This Delta peoples they dont even know were they stand, if is not IPOB Nnamdi Kanu, Fulanis would've taking over there Land, l dont think they reason at all. Now they are talking about voting for Northners, What about them. Dont they go to school?

Can’t someone tell this man to go and sit down ? Those parties are jokers This is concocted by punch. Believe this at your own peril Make them do the election vote am for the 17 parties. If this guy at this age and state of his life is still longing after making president, spending so much money, rather than identifying or mentoring someone smarter/younger, then we're royally effed as a country.

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All of them dey ment South south and south east are in the anus of northern fulani pdp nothing they can do. They're not ashamed of themselves. They and their generations will remain slaves forever and ever. In their sheep brains, rulers must always come from the north no matter how bad they've messed up the country. They're all cursed slaves forever and ever, they and their generations

A Southerner for President 2023. Atiku please go and rest. You and those 17 people in Delta State are a huge part of the Nigeria problem. E no go better for the political parties The briefcase polical parties. Atiku is not from south west , so he has already lost ✌️ Una Dey ment, how many parties remain?

Are they all mad FYI, those parties do not represent Nigerians.

Cultists, Hoodlums Attack Monarch, Ngozi-Iweala’s Brother In Delta | Sahara ReportersThe monarch and the entourage were said to have been waylaid while departing from Otulu Ogwashi-Uku where they had gone to offer prayers with their people. Lol no be cultist people dey glorify yesterday? Dem say na brotherhood, brotherhood wey dey eliminate person life 🙅

Thunder where are you? This is the problem, Sabos Which Delta? How many functional political parties do we have in Delta? Voting for atiku is also the same as MBuhari going for 3rd term! It's hightime we vote for a new person with a new political party. Rather vote a stone than vote any Northern candidate! It is that serious!

Short sighted group of individuals that see beyond person pocket enrichment. Delta as they call them re problem to themselves Why not, after all he's a southerner... 😂 😂 😂 You’re all sick Let's watch and see. Where and how does this 'endorse' juxtaposed with Gov Akeredolu's declaration of 'no Northern candidate'.

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This guy should go and rest. This baffles me a lot, tackling one Fulani and supporting another Fulani,hatred is killing all these people...😆😆😆😆🤭🤭 Kolomentalittiiii Is Nigeria the government of fulani to the fulani why all this old school system please your time has gone. Those political parties are looking for trouble not good government. Enough of all these nonsense. All we want is YorubaNationNow BiafraNationNow ReferendumNow

You mean 17 people ? Is our lives a joke to this people? Ahn ahn Hell Fire Aluta continua!His alma matar! If only we could recycle all our bottles like this,and stop the waste.This is me speaking both literally and figuratively! They have started again

2023: Northern Elders Take On Southern Governors, Reject Power Shift Atiku go home .every Fulani must not rule nigeria . Which Delta? Nonsense Names of the 17 useless political parties? Online political party abi swot_saz But the problem be say Nigeria will be on fire b4 2023 everywhere go be boom boom doom💣💣💣

We need to see the letter of endorsements as proof and also to direct psychoanalysis on them all Not this time after 8 inglorious years of Buhari. Power should move to the south. atiku support a candidate from the South Salves of Fulani. Shame on une! Big lie. Which political party? Atiku ur time don pass. Okowa or Wike for President

Its the turn of the South, PERIOD If the south cant rule, why should the south be funding the North? Fake news punch news because no election is Biafra land till our leader His Excellency mazi Nnamdi kanu is released and Biafrans has no business with the zoo country Nigerian Suffer no dey tire some people oooo

17 political parties 😅😅😅. Political parties will soon we more than the people going to vote How can a country that can't provide ordinary 24 hour's electric power supply since 1960 get better? No good roads,no quality education,no jobs, insecurity everywhere, no good hospitals etc. A country that every elections, all the tribe will be dragging who to provide president.

What is this! Money has touch places Madness the same set of people to come an continue the rubbish an we want to see a change Nigeria big jokers