Madden 23 Problems Push Fans To The Breaking Point

5/10/2022 11:42:00 PM

Madden 23 problems push fans to the breaking point:

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Madden 23 problems push fans to the breaking point:

Players complain about being plagued by ridiculous interceptions and lost progress

. The October patch doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it’s expected to be a big one. “We are aware of several issues that players have reported within Franchise mode and our team is working as quickly as possible to resolve these issues,” an EA community manager

last week. “Continuing with our commitment to live service, our next Title Update focuses on player feedback from the launch-window ofMadden NFL 23But it’s clear there’s a big contingent ofMaddenplayers who simply want more transparency and frankness about the current state of the game. Few seem to dispute that

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But they still buy it. The game is shit every year and people buy it every year. They deserve this. Madden has been trash for over a decade now Thank god this is such an isolated issue in gaming Didn’t you post this the other day, we get it the game sucks _JimmyNuetron I cannot believe we’re 2 months in and franchise mode still has game breaking bugs Wtf are they doing at EA?

I gave up on it already Zirksee fixmaddenfranchise Travis Kelce talking to the coach after completing that week's challenge in franchise. The jersey is glitched with the E extended all the way around the jersey. Had 3 cut scenes with DK Metcalf and not one time was his name on the jersey. I'm playing the trial.

Madden should do away with mut and go back to the chat , challenge rooms

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MaddenNFLDirect Wasn't there a petition for EA to release NFL exclusivity a year or two ago? maddenrefund EASPORTS_MUT MaddenNFLDirect EAMaddenNFL Get your act together. EA's madden has been trash for the last 20 years. Let 2K back in the game. Im sorry, but there’s tooooo many trash as players that spend so much money to play effortless football. MFs don’t throw high balls or lowballs, they don’t call secondary reads correctly, they don’t make adjustments. There’s your answer. This game is so much better compared to ly

EASPORTS_MUT EAMaddenNFL_MCS MaddenNFLDirect EAMaddenNFL Haven't been able to play solos or championship mode for 2 days now EAMaddenNFL ClintOldenburg DeuceDouglas madden23 I want my money back. You lied. Yea this madden is broke. I stopped playing Mut H2H draft cause I don’t ever receive my midfield packs when I win 4 games. I even messaged EA about it and they never helped me.

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'But it's definitely a step in the right direction...' Already drifting back to The Show Can't play solos, franchise keeps kicking me out. You can't even play the damn game. It’s for payed players now 😂 The PC version of the game. Madden 23 is fine to me Madden should only be released every two years. Call of Duty became Trash with all the Yearly releases as well.

Yo dude said there are too many interceptions. Nah he tripping if I click on and your blind read come near it should be picked. I know that guy in the article misses madden 22 escape artist and interceptions always being dropped. EA should never listen to casuals about gameplay. Really my only problem with it is the non stop blitzes that can’t be stopped but every other game is a fine normal game for me

I'm tired of my defender holding up field goal signs when trying to intercept.

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Ea should be embarrassed. Shit been out 3 months and cant even play franchise. We PAID for this game! The hell is this Just wait until the Madden 24 beta. Gamers will feel happy and included and hit the internet to tell us how incredible the game is (honeymoon phase), then it'll release and the same problems as previous years will still be there. Wash, rinse, repeat.

That’s because the game is ASS. Literly only content creators are crying about this. 90% of players don’t care. Need to get the NFL nflcommish NFLPA attention. EASPORTS is an embarrassment to sports gaming period EAMaddenNFL MaddenNFLDirect EASPORTS_MUT EAMaddenNFL_MCS EAPlay ClintOldenburg Packstrike This game sucks and I hope y'all finally open your eyes and do something about it. Usually not a good sign when you can't find one single person to say something good abt your game

Madden 23 is just bad. It’s embarrassing at this point. And it’s only this bad because of all the MUT players who pour money into it year in year out. That motivates EA to do the bare F-ing minimum bignorth It deleted my whole madden… They need to fix wr and db’s running into each other during routes, makes the Qb throw a interception, and defense side, making the receiver open. Idk how it works like that but omg it’s so fucking annoying

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Zirksee Madden owes me about a million coins and about 5 players never received them Zirksee The only problem this madden has is freeze glitches and rewards not being collected gameplay is A1 Why don’t they make it easier to get the number 1 overall pick in the fantasy drafts. It literally takes me 3 hours… and the, since it’s a dynamic draft… I may not get the players I want and start all over again!

Those wanting the NFL to give the game rights to someone else other than EA will be waiting. Before the season EA and the NFL signed a new 5 year deal making EA the exclusive gaming manufacturer for the NFL. The real problems are the bugs with every single content drop and the missing rewards. Even modes that have been around FOREVER are buggy. MUT is awful this year.

Mut is the problem almost every program they have put out has messed up packstrike About time! These games are so repetitive All of madden problems can be traced back to ultimate team. If ultimate team didn’t exist, we’d have better games today. Ultimate teams have ruined online sports games and made it so developers don’t ever have to improve sports titles anymore

Zirksee Shoutout all the YouTubers who weren’t mentioned that really got the ball rolling on this. Big name that comes to mind is Zirksee he really has held it down still to this point 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Zirksee Great article on maddens current state. A lot of the gameplay is some of the best since I started playing Madden consistently (M20), but still definitely some kinks in gameplay I wish was focused on. But EA is destroying this game by themselves. I can't value my time playing this Zirksee Zirksee I just read that lmao

This is definitely my last year buying. I let people talk me into it but it’s a rap for me. NFL nflcommish. Stop the exclusive license! Ea just wiped out my account. I wasnt getting my ea play discount so they said make another account with the same email. I did. Link it. Lost everything and then they hung up. Chatted again and they said there is nothing they can do... EA are you kidding me.. lost $$$$ in paks

Thanks for the shout and the visibility on this. It’s far from polished LitRomneyPhD Papaswag34 Petition in bio.

I pray that when NCAA come out madden numbers drop at a historic record 🙏🏽 REFUNDS! EAMaddenNFL EASPORTS_MUT EASPORTS FIXMADDENFRANCHISE NFLDROPEA FUCKEA EASPORTS_MUT hope y’all saw this EA. FendlerTweets Scomo843 Zirksee SwiftYouTube_ UPANDADAM11 I loved madden as a kid , madden 12 was the last decent one in my book. Stopped playing on madden 19 I believe, the product is just trash and yet people still buy it knowing its trash. I know the market isn't much competition due to the licensing but the NFL needs to do something

And the nfl does nothing about it. EAMaddenNFL should be ashamed of themselves and should have the exclusive rights stripped Mut and franchise problems are warranted complaints. Too many interceptions though lmao I throw it on the corner route when he breaks and it gets picked off hahaha sounds like a bunch of bots to me

Would be really nice to have another football game out there right about now. 😢 NFL2K i thought that was chris farley for a sec

“EA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.” That’s the problem, this company collects checks and shuns the community. It’s going to take a hard maddenstrike to get through to them. Get Good is all I’m gonna say. I have no issues winning in madden. By far the best gameplay the franchise has had. I have 3 Super Bowls so far in 23 and going to win more. Vick is 🔥🎃

Has anyone gotten a refund this late into the release? Nhl always makes sick games but EA puts no effort and doesnt evn bring the game to pc. What’s hilarious is one review says too many ints. Learn to read defenses and not throw into coverage. This is the most realistic playing madden made. Dudes that can’t win without escape Artist are suffering 😂😂😂

Blame the NFL not EA, EA has been a shi**y company for years. NFL has to open up that license. EAMaddenNFL EASPORTS_MUT ClintOldenburg Most polished version ever...🤔 Zirksee I think I’m done with sports games in general they only care about money not making a fun game **Pushes MUT PLAYERS to the breaking point*** Real fans of NFL BEEN stopped playing this game… NFLDropEA MaddeN23

EAMaddenNFL MaddenNFLDirect will this get you to want to fix the game? Shits trash af every year smh The issues started in madden 20 and only got worse from there TheActualCC Zirksee y'all got Kotaku talking about packstrike Yeah I’m all the way over it with this madden 23 tournament they make the dumbest rules!

Everyone in the Madden community needs to retweet this 2.2m followers nfl EAMaddenNFL ClintOldenburg Maybe this article will help us Zirksee Like and retweet

article featuring WheelzFL EricRayweather fendler iowaopoly and more Gutfoxx Appreciate you bringing attn to the nightmare that is Madden 23. At this point, all I want is for other developers to at least have the OPTION of making an NFL simulation style video game. If the NFL NFLPA cared about their fans, they’d void their exclusive contract w/ EA

Thanks for writing, this is a big story NFL NFLPA Please for the love of God DO NOT renew the license with EA! We are sick of paying for a game that does not deliver and are filled with problems Facts I ain’t buying it next year.. multi millionaire dollar company that doesn’t care about the customers only their monetary gain

(Former?) Madden streamer here, they've also been literally falsely advertising a mode that they haven't updated once this year. It's a not P2W mode and the reason myself and others bought back in. I thought actual false advertising was a line they wouldn't cross. Was wrong. Stopped buying Madden years ago. There’s really not much of an incentive for EA to do better if people continue to purchase the game every year.

Who needs Madden when we have VR football on PSVR. I'm glad I skipped it this year. Besides, I'm having even more fun just playing this PSVR NFL game. No different than COD the problem is EA sports are all rigged every last one of them The gameplay director Clint Oldenburg said that this is their 'Most Polished Version In a Long Time'. SO folks, this is the best it'll get.

I’ll be honest, haven’t really played the game, only reason I bought it was to honor Madden. Copy paste football 20_ _. Just add a new number each year. I've only played a few games, seeems fine. same old same old. What is the big game breaking glitch and issues everyone is bitching about? you all know what you're signing up for each year. lol *the same exact thing with a roster update*

Unfortunately it’s the only football game fans have, and EA is a scum bag company for screwing us I pumped the brakes on it. No sale here.

It’s crap every year. Just stop buying it. If only they gave next gen to pc and stop being lazy NO GUYS TRUST ME 24 WILL BE A GREAT GAME But they still keep buying madden every year And they will buy the same crap game next year

to save the game .Read More source: NST Famed Malaysian actor, Zul Ariffin was fined RM30,000 after pleading guilty in the Sessions Court in Sepang today, to the charge of uploading content of a discordant nature on social media last March.for the latest news you need to know.for the latest news you need to know.

The October patch doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it’s expected to be a big one. “We are aware of several issues that players have reported within Franchise mode and our team is working as quickly as possible to resolve these issues,” an EA community manager last week. These charges were filed in accordance with Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. “Continuing with our commitment to live service, our next Title Update focuses on player feedback from the launch-window of Madden NFL 23 But it’s clear there’s a big contingent of Madden players who simply want more transparency and frankness about the current state of the game. Maddison struck either side of a superb finish from Harvey Barnes and Patson Daka netted in the second half as Leicester won for the first time this season at the eighth attempt. Few seem to dispute that Madden 23 makes a number of improvements to the series’ overall gameplay, but the ongoing glitches are threatening to overshadow any bright spots.10am in a black Toyota Vellfire clad in a dark grey suit and a face mask, accompanied by a lawyer and a friend. “Both of these things are true,” . The White House declined to comment.