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Black Lives Matter, George Floyd

'We can't just pause our emotions': Protest organiser not deterred by calls to stop event due to Covid-19

A series of demonstrations are expected to take place across the country on Saturday.

04/06/2020 08:00:00

'We can't just pause our emotions': Protest organiser not deterred by calls to stop event due to Covid-19

A series of demonstrations are expected to take place across the country on Saturday.

A series of demonstrations are expected to take place in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Sligo and Leitrim on Saturday.They are being organised by MASI, Migrants and Ethnic minorities for Reproductive Justice and Black Pride Ireland as a show of solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests in the US and to call for an end to Direct Provision.

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However, there has been criticism of a similar protest in Dublin on Monday, when thousands of people took to the streets to voice their anger at the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in the US.Gardaí are investigating a potential breach of Covid-19 regulations relating to the protest, while Minister for Health Simon Harris and Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan have both suggested that such protests should not currently be taking place.

Lucky Kambole of the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI) says protesters could not delay their response to racism.“We’re doing this to express a message of peace and say ‘no’ to racism,” he told“This is an opportunity now because it’s happening now. Not next week, not next month; it’s happening now. We can’t just pause our emotions.”

Kambole stressed that organisers did not take the issue of Covid-19 lightly, and called on all those attending the protests to maintain social distancing and to wear a face mask.The demonstrations will be the latest in a series of protests that have taken place around the world as people decry years of deaths of black people at police hands.

Related Read 03.06.20 Lengthy pause from Trudeau as he's asked about use of tear gas on US protestersTwo smaller protests took place outside the US embassy and the US ambassador’s residence in Dublin on Sunday.Kambole explained that events in the US are being felt by people of colour around the world, and that the problems are not unique to that country.

“You don’t have to be in America to feel that pain. We feel that pain here,” he said.“We are saying we cannot keep quiet and ignore it. People always say that there’s no racism in Ireland. But if you live in Ireland, you come across racism now and then.

“The thing is that here, racism is swept under the carpet so that people don’t see it.”He added that those calling for the protests not to go ahead because of Covid-19 were not those who are affected by racism.#Open journalism No news is bad news Support The Journal Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you

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Support us nowThis Saturday’s demonstration in Dublin will take place at the US Embassy at 3pm. Read more: »

What if the guy was white,Chinese,pink ,blue or invisible ...Oh no 😠no one would demonstrate, Arrest the leaders, charge them under covid19 emergency laws. And charge them for membership of an illegal terrorist organization Yes you can pause your emotions, it's called being an adult. This is completely wrong. We have been locked up for weeks trying to control the virus. It’s not acceptable for people to just ignore all that and do whatever they want. Think of all those who have died of Covid 19. We don’t want a second wave of the disease

Like sheep off a cliff... This should not go ahead. Don't they care about the healthcare workers? The families who couldn't give their loved ones a proper funeral? The students who couldn't do their Leaving Cert? The celebrations people have had to miss out on? The people who have lost their jobs? This should not go ahead. There are more ways we can stand against the racism without putting all lives at risk by a mass gathering during a global pandemic. What will the sacrifices we've made for 3 months mean if this leads to a 2nd wave? Totally irresponsible

Does Lucky have a deportation order against him? Immigration agents should have 20 buses ready to bring illegals to the airport. Minneapolis might suit them better. Brainwashed millennial gobshites I’ll just leave this here so everyone can see the ethnicities involved in the death. What selfish spoilt brats. How dare they, while Irish people are still in lockdown. Disgusting

I’m waiting for Irish Cabbages to start this sh!t. If Floyd had pains in his limbs was it from assault are was it because he was badly infected by the virus, and was a threat to the police officers and others standing by filming the incident and what has the autopsy have to say about cause of death? I have seen the video of Floyd being held down but that is all there is the question I have is what happened for such an action to happen, why were they called to him in the first place, did he have the virus could he have spread it to more people if the action was not taken?

Gardai should be checking social media and prosecute anybody that entices people to gather in large groups and break the current laws How about pause your outrage. keyboardMasiWarriors There will be a 2nd wave of infection in Ireland as the country reopens. Same in every country. The determination to march during a pandemic is going to let the bigots win. They will be blamed for that wave as they look to scapegoat. How does that help the cause.

Arrest the organiser They will set us back a phase for sure if they continue. I understand the reasons for protesting but please not during a pandemic. Protest on social media LeoVaradkar SimonHarrisTD if this march is allowed proceed forget your 5 phases..EVERYONE will just start normal life immediately..checkpoints all over city on Sat and stop this madness!

suspend buses, trains and taxis for the day, close all shops. If they get sick from covid they have to pay for there own health care. Anyone posting on social media and promoting this must be arrested for public endangerment including TDs dublinprotest LeoVaradkar The cause is supported by almost everyone but for christ sake find another way to voice it in the short term. When the time is right arrange a march in every village town and city in country.

Should not be allowed to ahead absolute disgrace if it does and a slap in the face for our front line workers You know what pauses your emotions? Death. If this March goes ahead then this group will have proven itself an enemy to the cause it claims to stand for. No one will focus on the message but will instead be outraged by the breach of covid regulations.

masi_asylum please grow up. Everyone is on lockdown for a reason. Use your head, when the virus spiked last time CharlieFlanagan locked refugees behind gates to die. Protests like this will only result in more cases & the same thing happening again. engagethebrain Such small minded people latching on to an American cause now is not the time for people to endanger this nation and possibly spread covid.the Americans never got out to protest in solidarity with us on water charges the bail out of the banks some people r desperate to be yanks

Inability to pause emotions? There must be a term for that in the lexicons of psychiatry. And be honest. This is about direct provision, not the supposed racism of the nasty Irish people. How about the emotions of the rest of us who have been on lockdown for the last couple of months? How about the emotions of people who gave lost jobs but thought at least it was worth it to stop this virus spreading? How about the emotions of people with relatives in care homes?

Tell it to the people who died alone. The people who couldn't attend funerals Or viral infections If this goes ahead, every single business, hairdresser, pub, restaurant, school, crèche, GAA Club, Church, airport, buses, should all open immediately. Ireland is watching carefully LeoVaradkar SimonHarrisTD GardaTraffic gardainfo and will not be taken for fools. Stop it!!

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