Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Wash hands and wipe down shopping, warns health group

Supermarkets are high-risk sites of infection for Covid-19 because of a disregard of hygiene standards, a group of health, environmental and development professionals has claimed.

01/04/2020 09:55:00

Irish Global Health Network guidelines suggest that because of the capacity of the virus to live on surfaces, shopping trolleys, baskets, pin pads, they and other regularly touched items should be sanitised after each use

Supermarkets are high-risk sites of infection for Covid-19 because of a disregard of hygiene standards, a group of health, environmental and development professionals has claimed.

 "Supermarkets are exercising caution with standards improving in recent days, the inconsistency in upholding standards is worrying," the statement added. The guidelines set out a number of protocols to help the public protect themselves before, during and after shopping to help reduce the incidence of the highly infectious disease.

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 The guidelines are set out in a four-page booklet: "A quick guide to safe shopping during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic." Guidelines include using the non-dominant hand to pick up goods which subsequently reduces the cross contamination risk from touching of the mouth, nose or eyes; making contactless payments and avoiding contact with surfaces of any kind.

 The guidelines state that because the "Coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces" that shoppers should "wipe the outside of all canned/hard surface pack goods (tetra packs) with a paper towel/warm soapy water" or "alternatively leave non-perishable foods in a safe place for 72-hours".

 The guidelines also suggest that because of the capacity of the virus to live on surfaces, shopping trolleys, baskets, pin pads, they and other regularly touched items should be sanitised after each use. Environmental Health Specialist and Irish Global Health Network Spokesperson, Niall Roche said: "We know that the virus can survive on hard surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours. It can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Supermarkets should adhere to the same guidance and practices that are being exercised in healthcare facilities, particularly for vulnerable shoppers."

ReadSafe shopping guidelines in fullLatest coronavirus stories Mr Roche told RTÉ's Morning Ireland: "One of the purposes of these guidelines is not to create anxiety in the general public. But, it is to give us very simple, practical, non-technical guidance about what we can practically do to minimise our risk to ourselves as individuals. What we can do to minimise the risk for other shoppers and also, critically, to minimise the risk to those front line staff who are working in these shops.

 "A quick guide to safe shopping during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic" was published by the Irish Global Health Network in partnership with the Environmental Health Association of Ireland and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in the UK.

The Irish Global Health Network is an independent network of health and development professional from different backgrounds, sectors and disciplines who are concerned with health inequities and issues that impact on the health and development of populations at a global level.

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 It has also called for more detailed guidance, comprehensive practice by supermarkets and oversight by relevant authorities to ensure both staff and the public are protected. "The lack of clear controls on the numbers of people entering the store, the exposure of baked goods and fresh produce, along with the lack of facilities for hand washing are posing a severe threat to shoppers," it added.

 Retail Ireland says supermarkets have made enormous efforts to make shopping safer for their customers and staff. "Social distancing measures are being enforced across the sector with limits on the amounts of people are entering the store," said Arnold Dillon, Director of Retail Ireland.

"A whole new range of signs and floor markings to encourage customers to keep the two metre distancing. At checkouts stores have installed Perspex screens. Retailers have increased the frequency of their cleaning of the stores, of the trolleys, baskets and also of chip and pin terminals," Mr Dillon told Morning Ireland.

"Retailers are continuing to follow the advice of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland who have advised that there is no evidence to date of Covid-19 transmission through food", Mr Dillon told Morning Ireland.Dylan H Morris, a graduate student in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University in the United States, told Morning Ireland that wiping down shopping is a decision based on peoples' personal view of risk.

 "I would encourage people to do whatever makes them feel most comfortable," said Mr Morris. "It is a question of risk reduction. None of us can eliminate all the risk in our lives. If you have been out in public and you wash your hands. Or, if you have unwrapped something that was recently touched by someone else then wash your hands again. It will reduce risk a bit," said Mr Morris.

 Mr Morris’s research on how long Covid-19 can potentially live on surfaces - including steel, plastic, copper and cardboard - was published in the New England Journal of Science. It says the virus that causes Covid-19 remains for several hours to days on surfaces and in aerosols.

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So stop squeezing every peach in lidl you bastards. Supermarkets have a bottle of hand sanitiser at the entrances. Use some of that to wipe down your trolley or basket handle. If we take care of that bit, the shops can handle the rest. How the blazes are supermarkets still allowed to sell unwrapped breads and croissants which are exposed in baskets at risk of droplets, not to mention muck savages who use their hands to select their baked product.

This is very frustrating. The main point, (that obviously everyone should be wiping their shopping down with anti viral) is missing from the headline. RTE said the opposite a few days ago. It’s common sense. How many people could have coughed on your packet of biscuits in a week? Meanwhile the Gardai continue to spread the virus far and wide.

Aldamir Bring your own alcohol wipes too Irish Global Health Network should tell men to cocoon because more than twice the number of men are dying thsn women Also wipe you credit card after using at the till But on every article you release on this you’re saying you need to generally be in the vicinity of someone for 15 mins to contract it, now your saying this, if that’s the case everyone must have it

Is this true. Did you confirm it with the CMO. I’m cocooned. Looks like, having waited 2 weeks for a delivery of food from the supermarket, I’ll have to wait up to 3 days more before I can touch it. ignore this tweet its an april fools prank

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Warning of coronavirus risks over careless handling of shoppingEnvironmental health experts describe supermarkets as ‘high-risk sites of infection’ Really hard to see how the draconian methods describing the handling of groceries can be justified on a risk basis considering no cases have been identified in which this type of transmission was implicated. Coronavirustruth I'll tell you IT , you really are out with the sensationalist articles today. Stop with the scaremongering.-' However the group says no reported cases of Covid-19 have been linked to contaminated food and the main risk to shoppers is coming into contact with an infected person' There’s shops that are handling this well, spraying down card machines, trolly & basket handles, discouraging customers from touching anything unless they’re going to buy, wearing gloves etc.. then there’s my local Aldi where they don’t seem to know wtf everyone’s worried about!

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